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Pardoned Doper Turned Shooter Wields .20 Rifle [Not Shown]


“Calhoun County Sheriff Greg Pollan told an argument quickly escalated into a fatal gunfight between Wayne Therman Harris and Chris McGonagill in Calhoun City, Miss. The shooting took place just outside McGonagill’s home, where he, Harris, and three other men were having a barbecue before things got heated between the two friends. Harris, who received a full pardon from Barbour for the sale of marijuana, was shot twice in the leg. McGonagill was shot seven times and died during surgery at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, around 12:30 a.m. Friday morning.” The fact that Mississippi’s gov pardoned the shooter isn’t as shocking as the revelation at the bottom of the story: “Officers are checking to see if the two men had licenses for the weapons involved, a .20 mm rifle and .9 mm pistol.” We’ve been reporting on criminals toting .9mms for a while, but the .20mm long gun is a new and worrying development. The two together? Small guns. Big story.



  1. avatar savaze says:

    What’s up with the .9mm and .20mm guns? They shooting needles?

    1. avatar matt says:

      I have a 2mm Berloque pistol. And that sure is a nice Lahti L39 pictured.

      1. avatar JustAJ says:

        On first read, I thought you said Burlesque pistol. I was thinking of how sexy that gun would be…

    2. avatar 16V says:

      .20 mm is a great pin gun…

      1. avatar APBTFan says:

        I loved my .20mm till that roach I shot gave me the finger and laughed.

  2. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    I think that’s 20mm not .20mm. .2mm=.007874 inches, 20mm=.7874 inches.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      That’s the point. The person who wrote the article didn’t know any better.

      Garrett Tenney is part of the Junior Reporter program at Fox News. Get more information on the Junior Reporters Program here.

      1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

        1. avatar Matt in FL says:

          The funny part is, after further review, it turned out to be .22 LR. From .22 LR to .20 mm… I think it was an exercise in “How many things can you get wrong in 5 characters or less.”

  3. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Why can’t these criminals find a new “tool” to do their misdeeds? We all know it is not the guns, but maybe if these guys would just start beating each other to death with tree limbs gun owners wouldn’t get such a bad rep.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      If that were the case, you wouldn’t hear about it on the news. Lots of people get stabbed and beaten everyday. Somehow, those casese never get reported. But if a firearm goes off anywhere but a gun range or hunter’s tree stand, it’s 24/7 coverage.

      It’s almost like the media has some sort of agenda they’re pushing…

      1. avatar William says:

        NAW. That’s crazy talk.

  4. avatar Lance says:

    Wonder what make of a Assault cannon a 20mm rifle is LOL!

  5. avatar wa_2a says:

    There is NO EARTHLY REASON to own a 20mm assault cannon! There is no sporting use, and while I support the second amendment I think Americans agree we need to keep assault cannons off of the streets. Just think. It could have had mega jumbo clips, or even *gasp* a shoulder thing that goes up!


    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      I think you’re not as funny as you think you are.

      1. avatar wa_2a says:

        I accept that.



    2. avatar Michael says:

      I totally read that in a British accent.

      1. avatar Derek says:

        I read that as a breathless shout.

  6. avatar Thomas Paine says:

    i was researching some case law and precedents in PA this weekend. I was pretty surprised when about a third of the firearms cases said something like .380 revolver or .40mm handgun or .9mm. I even saw one that said .30 caliber shotgun. And these were the official docket summaries.

    Educate to liberate.

  7. avatar Wmc85 says:

    Was it a .204 ruger? Any other ideas what it really was?

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      A couple other stories (not written by a Fox News Junior Journalist in middle school) listed the weapons used as a 9mm and a .22 rifle.

      (Source 1)
      (Source 2)

  8. avatar blinkypete says:

    20mm rifles are NFA, 10 or so feet long, cost a couple grand a foot and spit hundred dollar bills. I’m with Matt, this must have been a misprint.

    1. avatar blinkypete says:

      Also, I give exactly no fucks about this guy selling some weed. Gun rights advocates need to recognize that prohibition never works.

  9. avatar William says:

    Shouldn’t he strap himself to a tree before he shoots that? Looks like the recoil would endanger the county his back is facing.

  10. avatar okto says:
    Perhaps .9mm bullet is their new covert phrase.

  11. avatar Bill F says:

    Didn’t one of the other Barbour pardonees commit rape, again, shortly after his release? I know a few of them quickly made the news within weeks of getting their pass.
    One way to keep guns out of felons hands, at least for a predictable period of time, would be to let criminals serve out their sentences. Otherwise, what’s the point of a jury system?

  12. avatar Bob says:

    Not only does this “Junior Reporter” know nothing about guns, he seems to know nothing about the metric system or simple fractional numbers. I mean a .2 mm bullet is just ridiculous, if you think about it for half a second.

    It’s time to fire that junior reporter.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      It’s probably something like an internship or class credit thing, so the work quality you get is directly proportional to what you pay for it.

  13. avatar Jeff in MS says:

    FYI, no weapons license or registration is required in MS, unless it’s a federal license for a machine gun, etc., or a CCW license. So, either the reporter got that wrong too, or the officers are idiots checking for licenses that don’t exist.

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