“Palin-impregnator” Levi Johnston Fondles Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight

You may remember ex-Playgirl model Levi Johnston as the man [not shown] who rose to fame as a “Palin-impregnator.” Well, that’s how gossip site tmz.com characterizes the now-aspiring Alaskan politician and TV-reality-star-to-be. As you’d expect from a man who must fill those dual roles, Mr. Johnston is busy making scripted appearances in kooky places with odd people who say bizarre things. “According to a source at Chimo Guns in Wasilla,  Alaska, [Johnston] rolled up with a camera crew and played like a politician, glad-handing everyone and taking advantage of the photo op . . .

Our source tells us, Levi — a loyal Chimo customer — also checked out a few guns — including a $2,000 Weatherby Ultra Lightweight hunting rifle — but ultimately didn’t buy anything.

We wonder if Johnston would prefer the 24″ or 26″ #1 contour (or modified #2 contour) fluted stainless steel barrel (blackened to reduce game-spooking glare) with recessed target crown (.583 for magnum and .547 for standard calibers). But that’s us.

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