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So now that Osama Bin Laden is dead and gone, there are some questions that are unanswered, questions the American public (not to mention Congress and the ObamaNation) are keen to have answered. Number One With a Bullet on the question hit parade would be With Pakistan’s version of West Point just down the street from Bin Laden’s million dollar hideout/hacienda, how could none of Pakistan’s military know he was there? Clueless or Corrupt – take your pick.

Apparently, the willing suspension of disbelief doesn’t end there – a number of high-ranking Pakistani generals have homes up and down the street near Bin Laden’s digs. Ooops. Imagine what must have gone on when they heard the unmistakable sounds of a couple of Blackhawk helos coming in and landing at the Bin Laden’s place. If that’s not an “Oh S**t Moment,” I don’t know what one is.

I mean, it’s one thing for the Pakistanis to insist, “Hey, we don’t know where the guy is…he’s probably living in a cave on the border. Have you seen that terrain? Have you seen how many caves there are? We couldn’t find him if we wanted to!” Only it’s pretty obvious this morning to anybody but the most naive of blonde bimbos, the Pakistanis knew exactly where Bin Laden was. The whole time. For the last five or six years, anyway. And they were perfectly content, keeping us in the dark.

What are they teaching at this school? Incompetence 101? Second-year Graft and Corruption? Who’s the Dean of Studies…Sergeant Shultz?

Now the idea that Pakistan might hide Bin Laden wouldn’t be just completely beyond the pale – after all, you’ve got to figure their cooperation is somewhat under duress. They are, after all, a Muslim country, and a good bit of their population has no love lost for the U.S. of A., but it gets worse. We’ve been sending millions of dollars in foreign aid over there. According to the fine folks over at

Between 2002-2010, Pakistan received approximately 18 billion[8] in military and economic aid from the United States. In February 2010, the Obama administration requested an additional 3 billion in aid, for a total of 20.7 billion.[9]

Um…can you say “EPIC FAIL?” And it gets even worse than that. Of the nine billion dollars or so that we’ve slid their direction for the past ten years, earmarked for fighting the Taliban and Al Queda, Pakistan’s admitted they diverted most of it to help prepare the country for war with India. Swell.

Let’s get this straight, citizens: Pakistan’s been playing us. Period. End of story. And you’re gonna hear some tap dancin’ out of Hillary’s State Dept., no matter what comes out in the wash. The argument will go like this: “If we don’t keep giving Pakistan foreign aid, the country will fall to the Taliban and Al Queda, and we’ll have another mess on our hands.”


There are only two things these clowns understand: the projection of force and a willingness to be absolutely ruthless. Regardless of if he meant to or now, Obama suddenly looks to the Arab Street as if he grew a pair overnight. What he does next is critical.

If he stops all foreign aid to Pakistan immediately, it will not tilt that country towards radical Islam. It will get their attention. If he follows it up by stating that We reserve the right to track down, capture and/or kill ANY terrorist suspect, no matter where they may be in any country, hostile or friendly, and will consider any interference in this policy to be a hostile act against America, then, we’ll see Pakistan, Afghanistan, and all the other ‘stans’ over there line up like good little Third-world countries and do what we tell them to do.

What are the odds that Obama will do this (either publicly or privately)? I’d say the odds are about 10,000 to 1 against.

Obama got lucky. And he has an opportunity here to bitch-slap Pakistan into compliance, and get all the other little Third-worlders over there to toe the line. I hope he doesn’t blow this chance. It’s likely the only chance he’ll get.

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  1. I think Osama Emmanuel Golstein Bin Laden most likely has been dead for years. Once a rational person watches video of building 7 fall over and over again (among other things), that person usually begins to think the maybe a real 9-11 henchman lives in Wyoming, not Pakistan.

  2. It was a good place to hide.

    Bring him into the house in a car trunk. He never leaves the house. Access and information are limited. He’s in an area that won’t get troops searching all over for militants.

  3. Hello Brad,

    I am an avid reader of your blog and very happy about UBL s “porting away” and all. Good Riddance.
    However, being a Pakistani, I am extremely offended at your post. Really? you think so?
    UBL and Alqaida killed more of our civillians than any other nation’s. They bloody killed more of our armed forces than any other nation’s. We hate him as much as you do. The pictures you see of Pakistan are selective. Very selective in fact. the city that I live in (population of more than 20 mil) there is not one single person who would say that UBL ‘s fate should have been any different.

    I mean arguments can be exchanged all night but how can you look away the following facts:
    1. Pakistan has the most (both civil and military) casualties for the war on terror.
    2. Our cities and institutions have seen more targeted suicide bombings than even the hell hole called Afghanistan. You think the reason why the talibans hate us so much is because we were protecting UBL?
    3. Pakistan army has over 4 times the number of check posts built on the afghan border than the alliance it self. Go look it up. They are attacked almost everyday. Why do you think we are under attack from the jihadi’s?
    4. Army operations were conducted by Pakistan on three of its own cities. These took deployments for months and not just minutes.
    5. Multiple high profile ALqaeda and taliban lieutenants were apprehended and handed over to the US by the Pakistanis in teh recent months. Including 4 on the most wanted list.

    I hurts me to see that our cities are being bombed, security disrupted, the govt is almost bankrupt, the military is pushing the govt for more funding due to engagements on two borders now, people are killed every day just because the taliban say that we are with the US on the war on terror. While here you guys go, saying that we are protecting the same people who send 15 year olds to our cities to blow them selves up. I mean yes, you guys fund us but that doesnt mean that you forget what we have sacrificed and whose side we are on.
    Would have been much better if the US would just leave us alone.

    Get real.

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