Pa Deuce: A Double Barreled Hand Cranked AR-15. Why Didn’t I Think of That? [VIDEO]


In the video below, Utah Auto Ordnance introduces the “PA Deuce.” Well re-introduces it; the double-barreled hand-cranked AR-15 thingie was on display at this year’s SHOT Show. According to its inventors, the 900 rounds per minute gun is “AMAZING!!!” I suppose that’s true. I sure wouldn’t have thought of it. For good reason? We report, you deride.

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  1. avatar Vhyrus says:

    You know what would be boss? Setup two belt fed guns designed to only feed every other round and have them share a belt. Basically a civie legal AA gun.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Civie legal?

      As long as one has the stamps and can afford to feed it, what’s stopping someone from plinking with AAA?

    2. avatar Snatchums says:

      That picture up top even looks a little bit like the business end of a ZU-23-2

  2. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    You have to wonder why this guy “produced” (if that’s the right word) this video? It’s virtually unwatchable and conveys little useful information about his product. Talk about not seeing the forest for all the trees . . .

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Garrison Hall,

      “It’s virtually unwatchable …”

      You beat me to it. More than that, I am convinced that video is honestly bad for your brain. And people wonder why so many people have problems with concentration or attention? This video shows us exactly why.

      1. avatar PeterK says:

        Personally. I think you understated it quite a bit. :p

        1. avatar CEO Utah Auto Ordnance says:

          Do you know my friends are exactly correct, at the time of this video came out the gentleman that we used for media was not very bright!! My partner and I Stan Burmood who created this beautiful masterpiece, and it does work wonderfully, and you are correct about the video I’m not going to go into any bashing of the gentleman that created the video, we asked him to change things several times but he thought he had
          Produced a masterpiece! I guess I could’ve sued them, but he is a very intelligent person, just not very good at taking direction! When we were filming this, at the end of it I noticed the same thing that you are speaking of, it does not show the gun being fired very much and concentrates on a lot of useless crap! So I agree with you! But guess what? We had a very tight budget that we were working with! But I tell you what we’re gonna make a new video, and we’re going to be building a website finally, but obviously I will say this you have never started up a corporation, when you start making guns, the initial cost is exorbitant, but the next one that you see come out on our website will be unbelievable and show you everything about the gun that I have talked about! Thank you very much for your comments they help us do better with our business!

          CEO Utah Auto Ordnance
          Brad E Hoopes

    2. avatar Azics says:

      @ Garrison Hall
      Exactly the comment I came here to post.

      900 rounds per minute: “Watch it being fired really slowly (when we actually decide to show it) while we try to induce a seizure with all these random flashes.”

    3. avatar Big Bill says:

      Personal opinion:
      The demographic this video is aimed at the the younger millennial, who grew up on FPSs and likes that particular style of music and thinks of himself as an operator.
      I most definitely do not fit in that particular demographic!

  3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Do NOT watch this video, unless you want to suffer a seizure or screw up your brain.

    I am sick and tired of people producing video with scene changes every second, rapid flashing and shifting of objects multiple times per second, and changing context every four seconds.

    This honestly and truly degrades brain function.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      Not to mention the obligatory hard rock sound track blasting through the entire thing!

      I clicked on it to see the hybrid ARs blast out 900 rounds per minute (out of 2 twenty round mags?) and all I got was a headache and an occasional pop-pop-pop before they cut to something entirely different.

      And aside from the crank that thing has exactly ZERO similarities to a Gatling gun.

      1. avatar Ing says:

        Just to spite you all, I watched the video anyway. Well, part of it. The visuals were every bit as bad as you said.

        The rest of it, I listened to, and the soundtrack, while fairly generic, was reasonably pleasant. Hard rock is a very good thing.

      2. avatar Hoopster says:

        You know what? Inept obtuse, useless douche bags like you, make me sick! You’re the type of person that sits around on your ass and never does anything with your life!!
        Then one day you wake up at 65 years old, and you realize that you’re just SOME LOW-LIFE old man who has never taking any chances in your life!! And then in about another 10 years you’re dead and gone and nobody ever remembers you for anything! Those who have never tried never win remember that! Before you start critiquing something you don’t know anything about!

        CEO Utah Auto Ordnance
        B E Hoopes

    2. avatar pieslapper says:

      But was there any lens flare?

    3. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

      Thanks for trying to warn me… I didn’t believe it, watched the video and got dumber. Not worth it at all.

  4. avatar little horn says:

    :eye roll:

  5. avatar Ironhead says:

    Neat range toy, but useless beyond that. If i have to lug a tripod around there better be a ma duece going on it.
    Not good for suppresion fire, not mobile unless mounted to a truck, and doing a double mag change? No thanks.
    And video gave me a headache.

  6. avatar Heartland Patriot says:

    So, the design of the AR platform doesn’t allow rapid barrel changes. Thus creating a rapid fire weapon out of two of them simply makes for an expensive throwaway firearm that really conveys no discernible advantages.

    Oh, and the video was terrible, too.

    1. Twin barrels means it takes twice as long to overheat. Nor is it meant for long, sustained fire.

      However, they’ve failed to impress me that it’s actually rapid or controllable.

  7. avatar Shire-man says:

    This video is the result of personal development being stunted right around age 16.
    Adults like that are tolerable for only a very short duration.

    1. avatar Manse Jolly says:


      spot on

  8. avatar Republic says:

    An AR 15 is an awful platform for sustained fire. See overheating issues… Oh and binary triggers do this better and cheaper… And more mobile… I suspect there is a reason this video tells you very little about the product. No thanks!

  9. avatar Ogre says:

    What would the NFA status of such a hand-cranked weapon be? I seem to remember that hand-cranked Gatling guns are not considered real machine guns and thus not included under the NFA, regardless of how many hundreds of rounds per minute they can put down range. Of course, this weapon would be crew-served just to keep loaded magazines in the ARs. Not being able to swap out barrels when they get overheated is a real disadvantage – maybe they’ll come out with a water-cooled version?

  10. avatar Tom of Toms says:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to do it myself, so I’m putting this out there for the world to make of it what they will…

    The world needs a set-up in this style, but with SAIGA-12s, and oriented upside down. Basically a 12-gauge portable AA gun. An ultimate snow-goose eliminator. The skies would never be the same.

    Bonus points for doing it with original A5 shotguns (converted to feed from box magazines, of course) so the recoiling-barrel-action is present.

    I’m waiting…

  11. avatar Mike Betts says:

    It’ll fire 900 rpm, hunh? I guess we’ll just have to take their word for it because they sure didn’t show it in that crappy video, did they?

  12. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    A quad Duce would be double the fun.

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      I was just looking for that link myself; thanks, buddy!

  13. avatar nick m says:

    I’m sorry,
    I just can’t imagine the inside of that truck without a picture of an attractive cousin tacked to the dashboard.

  14. avatar RockyMountain9 says:

    Looks like they had Mat Best and a number of other Utah-based tactical Instagram dweebs there (#blackriflecoffeecompany). Explains a lot about the IQ-lowering nature of the video.

  15. avatar Badwolf says:

    Karl Gast 1915

  16. avatar gunenthusiast says:

    Crank operated kits are old school. I remember seeing a dual ak47 kit at a local gunshow. Tripod and big handcrank wheel.

  17. avatar IdahoBoy says:

    I seem to remember the folks from Red Jacket built a dual AR setup, but with water cooled barrels. The incestuous pedophile presented it on TV.

  18. avatar Mark D says:

    This reeks of “Sons of Guns”. I am declaring Shenanigans. Someone hand me my broom.

  19. avatar Tom Collins says:

    The useless Hummer pick up was the first clue…

  20. avatar Dan the Man says:

    How retarded is their marketing guy? Why would you show rapid-fire device in slow motion???

  21. avatar Scoutino says:

    I don’t care about slow motion rapid fire much, but after watching the video I have strange urge to go offroading in a Hummer.
    Music was not bad, maybe just a bit bland.

    1. avatar Mike Betts says:

      The music? Meh! Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” beats any hard rock tune ever. Now I have a woody and want to watch “Apocalypse Now”, dammit!

  22. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    Sorry, I just couldn’t finish watching this video. My cliché filter got all clogged up With baseball-capped tactical ‘operators’, cargo pants, 4X4s, bad guitar music and big Jed Clampett beards.

    Does he ever actually hit anything with it?

    1. avatar Warren says:

      I think you win the Internets for today.

  23. avatar Robert Andolini says:

    As soon as I saw the hipster-douchbag beard I knew the video would be entirely worthless

  24. avatar haepghwwu4h says:

    Their web site has a link to a lightly better video. Not a lot of firing though.

    1. avatar achmed says:

      OMG the presenter on this is a doofus. It’s clint eastwood meets rambo. eyeroll

  25. avatar Gridlock says:

    Of all the things I hate in YouTube videos, fake film artifacts are high on the list. Film is handled carefully to prevent that sort of thing, and these morons are adding them on purpose.

  26. avatar singlestack says:

    I’ve gotten used to gun videos being utter crap but that was just retarded.

  27. avatar Paul Mixon says:

    To bad this was actually patented by someone else in Texas back in 2016 and sold to the public. It also was a much better design because it turned the ARs on their sides and allowed the user to mount any size magazine they wanted. GAT-15 Conversion Kit.

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