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“I was at work watching a Hickok45 video,” TTAG reader CR writes. “To my horror, this ad played. I’m sure hickok45 has no control over who YouTube lets advertise on his videos, I was just floored (though not surprised) they would stoop that low.” Hang on. Did NRA jefe Wayne LaPierre really say “We have nothing to fear but the absence of fear”? If so, oops. Also, it doesn’t make sense (the point on its inclusion?). So the video confuses viewers from the git-go. Otherwise, it all makes perfect sense. It signals Everytown for Civilian Disarmament’s appeal to Americans who would stick their fingers in their ears and say nanananana! to a range of deadly threats, hoping the government protects them from the list of lethal, credible threats. In other words, own goal.

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  1. Like/dislike buttons and comment section disabled, unsurprisingly. The whole video just comes off as awkward, despite the cute kids.

    +1 for watching Hickok45 at work tho

    • Come on now, this blog is RF’s work, isn’t it? Of course Hickock45’s site is under his job description, he’s not cheating anybody.

      • “TTAG reader CR writes”

        Reader CR passed this video to Robert — so CR was watching Hickock45 at work.

        • Hey, air traffic control is a boring job and even Hickock45 must be a relief!

      • Yeah, some anti-gun newbie goofed up and left comments open once. Predictably, her stupid video was shredded by pretty much everybody (it was that idiotic biz where the kid steals the gun from his mom and carries it to school to dump on the teacher’s desk). She learned, tho–took it down then reposted with the comments disabled.

    • If you look at the videos for Everytown for Gun Safety the ability to make comments has been blocked out for ALL of them.
      That is symbolic of their true wishes.
      Disarmed and Silenced.

      • Along with comments censored in real-time, and banning for any objections, no matter how mild.

        Anyone who believes social media is NOT gamed, need only read “Trust Me, I’m Lying”,

        Or the latest on Google monitoring youtube and gmail, or FakeBooks use of undertectable tags that follow the reader even when you leave. Even IF you delete your account…

      • Actually I wish to amend this.

        If you look at the videos for Everytown for Gun Safety the ability to make comments has been blocked out for ALL of them.
        That is symbolic of their true wishes for us gun rights owners: Disarmed, Silenced.

      • Watts comes from a professional public relations background – her last big gig was being a contracted shill for Monsanto. Typically, PR pros will disable and/or police all interactions through social channels. They turn a two way medium into a one-way broadcast facility so they can more effectively spread their propaganda.

  2. “We have nothing to fear but the absence of fear”? Enh, it’s not entirely wrong. If you’re not afraid of tigers a trip to the circus can end badly.

    • Yup, having no fear is actually a disorder and very dangerous. Fear is important for survival. However undue or irrational fear (paranoia) is also a problem. However, people so scared of adequate armed defense lean toward paranoia.

    • Could it be a reference to their contention that gun makers and the NRA capitalize on our fears by raking in the sales and membership bucks? In their minds, a lack of fear would translate to a lack of revenue for the gun industry (which is partly correct), so according to their warped minds, what the industry fears most is a lack of fear.

      Yes. Your mind has to be as twisted as theirs to wrap your brain around that logic.

  3. So wait… it’s OK for THEM to use kids in political ads?

    Just want to make sure my double-standard rules are up to date.

    • It’s not just OK, it’s doubly (standard) OK! You can not only use those kids, you can create *fear* in them by creating a cartoonishly villainous image of the NRA for them.

    • Yeah … basically, if you value guns, you don’t value the lives of your own kids. (I think that’s their message … they’ve actually said so.)

  4. Disabling comments is par for the course for these peckerwoods. You’ll find the same situation on all their videos.

    So much for a “conversation” on gun rights, huh?

  5. Why are you still using youtube? Every gun rights supporter should be making the switch to

  6. Everytown has 1k subscribers? That’s hilarious, vids of cats taken by grandmothers have bigger subscriber bases. I’m wondering if this is all some big tax write off for bloomberg. Terrible roi otherwise.

  7. Probably not gonna watch it, just the still looks stupid enough. Do these people seriously think they are converting anybody with this kind of stuff? On a related note–Looks like the would-be gun-grabbers are still in desperation mode–they are dragging out “the children” in force again. Just came from the Yahoo main page, one of the featured articles is something about how the NRA can’t deal with “child gun deaths”. The antis are just running around in circles, hoping the same junk that didn’t work last month will work next month.

  8. I like the part where they use a child to deliver the line about brainwashing your kids. The irony must have went right over their heads when they were making the video.

    I’m guessing they were taking a page out of the John Stewart playbook – taking quotes out of context to make people look stupid or crazy.

  9. This is why a site like is so damn necessary for our community. YouTube bans gun and weapon companies from advertising, yet they promote child exploiting anti-gun crap like this. I’d rather watch the same Geissele ad 15 times in a row knowing that those ad dollars are going to my favorite gun channels, then support one more YouTube pre-roll video. I’m done with YouTube.

  10. “Our of the mouth of babes”.

    They were talking about good reasons for carrying a gun.

    That’s funny, an antI -gun group inadvertently promoting reasons to carry a gun.

  11. Context is important. A good case can be made that people often enter into perilous situations because they are unafraid (I’d call it not being wary) when they should definitely be afraid. If we’re talking about people assuming, for instance, that calling 911 will save them from imminent, life threatening danger—something lots of anti-gun people naively assume to be true when, in fact, that isn’t at all likely to happen—then being fearful of people who tend to think they’re safe when they aren’t makes sense. Being surrounded by people who are clueless about the existence of real danger is not only a problem for them, it’s also a problem for the rest of us. I don’t know if this is what ‘ol Wayne had in mind, but it sure works for me.


    Oh wait, they’re giggling.

    Why are they saying the children are afraid then?

  13. You know, it occurs to me that as long as they feel like they have to disable comments on their videos, it’s a safe bet that our side is winning. It’s like they are conceding defeat from the outset, they know that the overwhelming majority of the people who actually look at their vid and care enough to comment will be against them.

  14. If they were advertising on hikock’s videos, they were wasting their ad dollars. They picked the least receptive demographic for that bs…

  15. As hickok said in his own video addressing this issue, people watching hickock’s videos are probably not on the fence about gun rights. Seeing anti gun ads on pro gun channels is a waste of the anti gunner’s money.

    • Yep. Be sure to watch the whole video when it comes on his channel. It ensures they pay for the ad and he gets paid by it. A two-fer!

  16. So now we have YouTube AND Pandora actively allowing anti gun ads, while totally disallowing pro gun or pro gun related ad’s. I am telling you, next thing on YouTube will be a ban on all videos containing “weapons”

    • That would go over about as well as banning M855 ammo. But it would be fun to watch them have to reverse their decision after the back lash.

  17. I am an NRA member, but not a Wayne LaPierre fan. I think making a video lampooning stuff he has said is like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s all too easy. That’s why I think he should move on.

    • Nothing wrong with Wayne. They would target the NRA spokesman no matter who they were.

      RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

      Don’t let them sway you from Wayne. He has been with the NRA since 1977. He was there when the NRA changed from FUDD to 2A defender and he helped make it happen. If they hate and criticize him with a passion – that means he is doing a good job.

    • Actually, since they are paying for these ads, and since Hickock45 gets paid when a full ad plays, it’s a two-fer. They’re losing their money to a pro-gun channel and pro-gun audience. I say watch this ad on his channel every time it comes on.

  18. “America is too strong to let our kids grow up in fear”

    BS. Fear is exactly what the Anti’s sell. Fear the gun owner! Fear open and concealed carriers! Fear the NRA! Look at this child! Everything they do is for exciting an emotional response.

    What a funny bunch. They’re swimming in their own crap and then complain about how we smell.

  19. The counter to this should be a video where adults parrot the anti gun talking points of children. “Guns are icky. Guns are mean. Only bad guys have guns. Why can’t we throw them all into the ocean? I wish the whole world could love each other and we would all live happily ever after!” And then, at the end, a hyper/super that states “aren’t WE supposed to be the ADULTS, here? Donate to NRA today and help protect our second amendment rights.”

  20. True Story ;

    I corrected Everytown on a Facebook post claiming a gun used “19mm” ammo (it was a 9mm). This warranted a ban from posting future comments, they kept the wrong info up. Complete idiots.

  21. I should get my wife to do a pro 2A video. When she was 20 her and a friend were car jacked. They were beaten, raped, and her friend was shot and killed, and my wife was shot and left for dead. (22lr) She spent a total of 4 months in the hospita. 3 the first time. Then went septic, and had to spend another month. My wife is not afraid of guns. She owns her own, and knows how to use them. She decided not to be or act like a victim. I wounder how they would like to see a victim of violent crime not be anti gun. Fight fire with fire.

    • They don’t care. Look at how unmoved Rep. Hudek in Colorado was even when victims testified against gun control. THEY. DO. NOT. CARE. and will pretend rather effectively that pro-gun victims do not exist.

      To anti-gunners, pro-gun victims deserve the same scorn and derision as gun owners.

  22. Oh! I hope they do Larry Pratt (GOA), John Lott, and Charles Heller (JPFO, AzCDL) next! Since it’s YouTube, how about doing Tim Harmsen (of Military Arms Channel)? I’m sure they won’t, he’s too level-headed. How about some Baby Burlesks-style “lil’ insurrectionism” from Baby James Yeager?

    Despite Everytown’s cherry-picking and access to to 24 years of LaPierre’s public statements as Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, I agree with every statement of LaPierre’s in this video. I think the Everytown people are crazy for thinking these statements are crazy. Crime, disasters, and violence are facts of life. We very much do need to fear a lack of fear: complacency and apathy of the American public is dangerous and allows the government to get away with infringing upon the exercise of our rights and other wrongdoing. A moderate, healthy skepticism of government is nothing less than a civic duty.

    That “and knockout gamers!” little girl is very cute and has great delivery of her lines. Too bad her parents allow her to be exploited for the purpose of anti-rights disarmament propaganda.

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