Oregon background check magazine limit bills
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On March 4th, legislation was introduced to allow local governments and other entities to ban the carrying of firearms in public buildings and to ban firearm magazines with a capacity greater than ten. This comes less than a week after legislation was introduced to ban many commonly owned semi-automatic firearms used by countless gun owners for target shooting, hunting, and self-defense. Please click here to contact your state legislators and urge them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 925 and House Bill 3265.

oregon gun-free zone bill SB 925
Oregon Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick, D-Portland (AP Photo/Timothy J. Gonzalez)

Senate Bill 925, sponsored by Senator Ginny Burdick (D-18), would allow local governments, universities, and certain airports to adopt ordinances or regulations prohibiting concealed handgun licensees from carrying firearms in public buildings.

So called “gun-free zones” are simply arbitrary boundaries where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless while nothing is done to hinder criminals who simply ignore such boundaries. Disarming law-abiding citizens will not improve public safety.

oregon hb 3265 magazine capacity limit
Rep. Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland (AP Photo/Chad Garland)

House Bill 3265, sponsored by Representative Mitch Greenlick (D-33), would ban the possession of firearm magazines with a capacity greater than ten rounds of ammunition, encompassing most standard capacity magazines commonly used by law-abiding citizens, such as with handguns popular for self-defense. There would be no grandfathering provision.

Individuals would have 180 days to convert the magazine to no greater than ten rounds of capacity, transfer them out of state, destroy them, or surrender them to law-enforcement. In addition, there would be a one-size-fits-all requirement for how these banned magazines must be reported if lost or stolen, further victimizing gun owners who have suffered a loss or theft of their property.


This article originally appeared at nraila.org and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Send a letter, email, or phone them and you’ll be on their list.
    If they are willing to take your rights and property what else will they do.

      • The effect is to reduce gun ownership, gun carry and normalcy. If they also get to arrest you for “going covert” thereby showing that ‘good guys with guns” are actually bad guys that is another bonus. these laws need to be fought tooth and nail

  2. Banned magazines must be reported lost or stolen? Why? It isn’t as if they have serial numbers on them. They are entirely fungible. And it isn’t as if the popo knows you have any of them int he first place.

  3. I’ve expanded my “liberal free zone” from the immediate area around my house to my entire property, all 160 acres…

    • Hmmm… Sounds to me I need to get away from The Peoples Republik of Madison and get some range time in on your 160 acres….

  4. Do the same thing I do when I see one of those gun free zone stickers. Ignore it as I walk in.

    • Do it while open carrying.

      In some states signs have no weight. Ignore them and they can ask you to leave, then have you trespassed if you refuse.

      When it becomes law, such as Texas and I assume Oregon next, you will most likely be cited.

      Gun owners arent going to win by being passive. People are going to have to start deciding to openly violate these laws, at risk of life and livelihood, or the rights will be lost. At least until/if SCOTUS squashes the infringements.

      I’m not willing to lose or put my hard earned property into hiding because people who dont believe in this Country got elected by idiots.

      • openly violating?…ok,..if you want to…I prefer to be discreet but in defiance, nonetheless…

        • How has that worked out for California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Washington, or Colorado residents? My main motivator anymore is that these people are becoming as bold as the British. They WILL come take your firearms before due process, our forefathers fought and died over this. We seem to be too self important to stand up as they did…until now, at least myself.

          You are still violating the law by discreetly breaking it, you just arent letting the idiots know that their laws arent going to be followed.

          I’m not saying onesies and twosies, we really need large numbers of gun owners to do this. Singly we will never prevail. In my opinion, our state laws have crossed the line, and I will be taking up many of our sheriffs on their pledges not to enforce them.

        • Btw, how do I discreetly allow people who havent been background checked borrow my weapons to shoot, how do I use my banned rifle and magazines to hunt, how do I practice with my high capacity pistol? This is why I dont believe in discretion. Even at that they arent taking your property, if like many, just prohibiting the free use of tens of thousands of dollars of your own property. They do us no good buried underground.

  5. Is it just a coincidence that the capitol building in Oregon looks like it belongs in Soviet Stalingrad?

  6. Oregon has been officially Californicated. I don”t live there. Never will. Prefer the warmth of the southeast with my rain. Still very sad. And again, preaching to the confirmed, OR is one of 6 or so states that should be split. The Portland-Eugene axis and the outlying parts of the state no longer have anything in common. See also NY, CA, FL, IL, WA.

    • that “state-splitting” is much more likely to happen than the silly talk about a civil war…

  7. Why do you people vote for these “Tassle Loafer tyrants!” How about BANNING Representatives who act like THIS !!!
    Have you folks NOT see places like NY, Massachusetts, NJ, MD. , CA. , etc….Do NOT wind up like any of US !!!!! You’ll never see your “RIGHTS” again !!!!

    • Does Oregon have a recall statute. Violating their oaths would be a goon reason for a recall. Maybe a civil suit.

  8. Governor Brown(shirt) probably can’t wait to turn good people into insta felons by signing this law if it passes. The leftys hate anyone who challenges their sacred ideology. I won’t be moving back to Oregon when I retire. You might win this year, but eventually the California transplants will out vote the natives as has been the trend for the last 30 years. I was a 5th generation Oregonian and will end up living somewhere that actually doesn’t hate individual rights.

  9. D Y I have. I open carried in Florida before CCW was legal. Of course, that was in Liberty County during hunting season. Like Jeff Cooper said, “That was the past. They do things differently there.” Except they don’t. Go to Liberty County, Florida today. No one will bat an eye if you have a handgun on your hip. Great place to grow up.

    • When I was a kid I rode my bike every where with my shotgun, or .22. When I was 17-18 I walked around with my Colt SAA New Frontier .22. After the army in ’83 it was a Ruger MK1 5 1/2″ bull barrel .22, or a 6″ stainless Python, or a 7 1/2″ Super Blackhawk. No one blinked. They still don’t.

      • Cause those are wheel guns (well not the MK1) but their not nearly as dangerous as the black evil semiautos all the bad guys use in the movies. Dirty harry and John Wayne were good guys.

        • Widdler, not really. You have to understand this place. I used to carry a 1911 openly. Almost everyone carried a handgun openly. I remember my Dad sent me to Buck Holland’s. service station to borrow an 1 1/2″ wrench. Mr . Buck was waiting on a woman. You could hear the gas pump “ding” every time the pump delivered a gallon of gas. A VW micro-bus pulled up. The driver got out and as he walked past Mr. Buck he said, “Filler up ol’ man.” Did I say he was a hippie? Mr. Buck said, “I ain’t got no gas.” Ding went the ladies pump. The hippie tuurned around and threatened to kick Mr. Buck’s ass. Mr. Buck pulled the S&W model 10 from his back pocket, thumbed cocked the hammer and said, “I told you I ain’t got no gas.” Twelves years old, I thought to myself, “I’m going to watch this man die.” Instead I borrowed a wrench. Liberty County is not a lot different today. My parents are 90 years old. I spend most of my time taking care of them. When they’re gone I’m going back.

  10. Not to ignore the article in general but…

    Ginny Burdick… Is that the British version of Whisky Dick?

  11. These gun control idiots are just like drug addicts, the more they get, the more they want. Fools.

    • their excesses invite a court challenge…eventually the SCOTUS will have to confront some of this..

  12. Required reporting of stolen firearms is a means of feeding the trial lawyers. If your stolen gun is used in a crime, it will be all your fault and not the perp’s. Get sued and go to prison. Many people will eventually start drilling out the serial numbers of their firearms. Many more other people will start making their own firearms/AOWs..

    • The need to tie you to the SN. That’s harder than you think for many guns and neigh near impossible for old guns before the 4473

    • “Many people will eventually start drilling out the serial numbers of their firearms.”

      Not advisable, it’s a federal crime…

        • Tyranny is already law and has been for quite some time. That’s why I don’t call for the enforcement of existing gun laws and I no longer use the “law abiding” qualifier. Given enough time, none of us will be “law abiding.” My metric is simple. Are they committing an actual crime? If not, then I don’t care if they are armed.

          Shall not be infringed means exactly that.

      • I don’t think the antis really care if it ends in actual prison time just as long as it disqualifies the person from possessing a firearm under the present infringement.

      • they don’t need the jail time…just getting you to plead guilty to what is now a felony denies you you’re gun rights…it’s all part of their overall plan…so rule #1…don’t get caught!

  13. Dumb whore hasn’t yet learned that there is NO SUCH THING as a gun free zone??

      • sounds like you are one of the asses that just has some throwaway attack on the NRA for nothing. Just stop.

        • Nope and nope.

          I am a jackass but the rest of your post is incorrect and I shall not comply. I will continue to shout the truth from the rooftops. The NRA is an enemy in the gates.

  14. This is what happens when the same politicians have been in office for 30yr, can’t wait for the people too turn on them… It’s only the college city’s that think this way, The I-5 corridor runs the state of ore, wash , & calif…

  15. Same type of legislation we are seeing proposed in Illinois. DNC must be working overtime coordinating this with the Democratic controlled states. They are in a hurry to get these past before the 2020 elections.

  16. I just saw recently, i believe here on TTAG, that 98.2% of mass shootings have taken place in “Gun Free Zones”.

    I sooo wish they would make a simple change in law. If a government, private business, etc, wants to establish a “Gun Free Zone”, fine. They should be fully legally responsible for your protection. Period, the end.

    Until they do that, You should not be able to declare yourself a gun free zone.

    • “If a government, private business, etc, wants to establish a “Gun Free Zone”, fine. They should be fully legally responsible for your protection”

      I’ve been advocating that for years. If one is deprived the use of arms, then the host is responsible for their reasonable protection. Judge Nap spoke about this, I believe, when he discussed the notion of public accommodation. When a business invites the public in, they really should not be able to lawfully disarm them. But, if they do then they must provide reasonable protection for the safety of that individual.

      It should be no different in any guardian situation, including prison or any other detention, before and after verdict. If government is going to lock me up in close proximity to dangerous individuals and deprive me of the best means to defend myself, then government is responsible for my reasonable safety.

  17. A wealthy old gentleman was attending a party when he met this attractive, much younger woman. The pair spoke for a while and he asked if she would have sex with him. She very indignantly replied, “No, and how could you ask such a question!” Undeterred, he said, “I am very wealthy. Will you have sex with me for a million dollars?” She thought for only a moment and said, “Sure. For a million dollars I will.” He then asked, “Will you have sex with me for one dollar?” Immediately, she shot back, “Certainly not! What kind of woman do you think I am?” To this, the wealthy old gentleman retorted, “Madam, we’ve already established what you are. Now we are merely negotiating price.”

    NRA, it’s already well established what you are. Now the left is merely negotiating price.

    Shall not be infringed.

  18. Hey all

    I’m an Oregonian and I was hoping that I could post a link to a rally being held at the state capitol on March 23. It’s being organized by Radian Weapons and Noveske Rifleworks, both well known companies based in Oregon. We need to start somewhere and gun owners are going to have to fight this nonsense politically if we’re going stop it.

    If you’re in the area and feel like coming out and letting your voices be heard, we’d love to see you there. I hope TTAG will let me post this link. I don’t represent Radian or Noveske, I’m just a 2A supporter that reads this board once a day.


  19. civil war 2.0 will look more like The troubles than CW 1.0 or Yugoslavia. Tyranny has already taken root, the patriot act and secret courts etc are proof of that, so just roll with it and don’t comply, dont get all whirled up in a hissy fit the elites have workingvhard on this for a while. Elections will not save you, the courts will not save you, the police and military will not save you. There is still time to get ready, so do it. Dont get mad, get ready. These laws are unenforceable, how many cops will be reluctant to fallow orders if they know their asses are legit in danger if they try to confiscate arms? If they know they’ll face massive retribution. Outside of the obvious violence, there are many ways the like minded individuals can make life a living hell for these tyrants, so stop getting mad and get ready, and do protest and organize, the protests can be a good primer, a first step in being free, protesting will flood your body with the feeling of freedom, because you are saying FUCK YOU right to their faces, if you aren’t willing to protest as a first step how are you going to organize actual attacks when the time comes? So you people in Oregon get off your asses and get to this rally

  20. For those saying Democrats and Republicans are the “same” I suggest you look at the last 250 co-sponsorship tallies, committee votes and full votes in the state legislatures and US congress. We have gone from about 80:20 twenty years ago, to over 95:5 ratio of partisanship. Never before have Democrats been so uniformly pressing gun control with so little GOP support, and never before have Republicans legislators been fighting against more gun control as uniformly with virtually no Democrats standing for the 2A.

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