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Now that President Obama has used executive orders to appear like he’s doing something about “gun violence,” Oregon’s Governor plans to follow suit. When? What? Not specified. Why? Because guns! Suffice it to say, Oregon’s “universal background check” law was all the civilian disarmament advocates wanted. You know…at the time. Until it passed. And then they wanted — and still want — more. Who saw that one coming?

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      • Great link, led me to another where it looks like in Oregon this governor can’t enact gun control laws through executive privilege.

        • “…in Oregon this governor can’t enact gun control laws through executive privilege.”

          You probably meant “executive action”. But there is nothing to prevent her from ordering anything she wants. If the state apparatus executes those orders, the effect is real. All the time it takes to overturn her actions means the orders remain in effect.

          What we seem to always miss is that in this day and age, the social compact regarding rule of law has been trash-canned. The dirty little secret of living under a constitution (or any other legal compact not imposed by dictators/monarchy) is that everyone consents to operate “by the rules”.

          Once a government executive decides to ignore the compact, nothing stands is the way of rule by despot, at least for the short term. But “short term” doesn’t buy much because the tactic of the enemy is to double-down, never relent, never retreat. Once the attempt is made to evade political/legal customs and norms, it becomes simply the first building block; more will follow. The strategy is to grind down the opposition (us) until normal people just get tired of constantly fighting. They come at us from 360 degrees. Can’t say it has not been effective.

        • Sam I Am,

          You and I may have butted heads on a topic or two in the past (which can be a good thing in the long run, of course), but let me say now that this was a very good point.

          “Consent of the governed” is such an important part of the system we have. The consent “we” give to BE governed is based on thinking we understand the terms of the agreement. I think you are correct; we are not “consenting” to what we THINK we are consenting to (that pols will play fair, the rules are the same for everyone, justice is blind, elections matter…etc, take your pick).

          The rules have changed / are changing, but we’ve been mostly blind to it.

          • Long ago, when I was first studying law, the thought came to me that our entire government structure was a house of cards. If the time came when someone figured out there is not penalty for not playing by the rules, we were doomed. It was about the same time I realized that the “commerce clause” could be used to void the entire constitution whenever it was convenient.

        • @JR_in_NC, “consent of the governed” is a meaningless platitude if consent cannot be peacefully revoked.

        • Sam I Am, that is one of the best comments I’ve ever read here (your comment above about operating by the rules). Actually both of your comments here. Thanks for posting those.

        • “If the time came when someone figured out there is not penalty for not playing by the rules, we were doomed.”

          What appears to be dooming our experiment in a Constitutional Republic is the penalty for playing by the rules. That is to say, one part of the political spectrum recognizes the rule of law and the Constitution and for the most part attempts to live and govern by those rules. The opposite side of the spectrum recognizes this tendency of their opposition and sees it as a weakness on which they can capitalize (an odd terminology for a bunch of socialists). They then go to work seeing how they can bind us in knots by forcing us to live by the rules we have enacted while they in turn use every possible legal loophole and trick to subvert the intent of the rules.

          It is not dissimilar to a professional wrestling match where the “good guy(s)’ follow the rules while the “bad guys(s)” use every possible ruse to distract the referee while they pound the crap out of the guy who is trying to fight fair. Is it any wonder so many people love pro wrestling, even though they may not consciously understand why it appeals to them on a deeper psychological level?

        • “@JR_in_NC, “consent of the governed” is a meaningless platitude if consent cannot be peacefully revoked.”

          Perhaps something like this has already been said, but I think a big part of the problem we are in now, and is getting worse, is that a huge segment of our population does not even understand the premise that they CAN refuse “consent” to being governed.

          Our elections (supposedly one method of peaceful deny-of-consent) have become a sham of what they are supposed to be…Exhibit A: all the “lesser of two evils” in election threads.

          • Thanks for the link.

            While the rebellion is notable, the take away is the the “forces for good” ended-up doing what they always do: problem solved, back to business as usual. That the veterans and allies could not establish a viable, long term alternative to the usual suspects is indicative of how our nation deals with problems: quick fix, go home.

            The aftermath of all our major wars since 1812 has been one example after another of “fixing the problem”, then going back to the way of life we suspended while warring. Americans are not good at long term solutions (even in private industry).

            The lesson should be that if a government is thrown off, there better be a viable path forward. Our own revolution was different in that the new form of government was being worked at by great thinkers while the war unfolded. Today, there is little thinking about what follows a restoration.

            It is fun to claim that we need to “get back to founding principles”, but sustaining the republic as designed has already proven problematic. We shouldn’t settle for repeating the past.

        • @ Sam I Am’s OP – Very insightful and well put. I submit that a monopoly of force makes this inevitable, however.

          • “I submit that a monopoly of force makes this inevitable, however.”

            Nothing in the founder’s writings indicate even a hint at the sort of internal standing army we have.

      • Same here. If I wasn’t saving for vacation, I’d be buying a couple just to spite her from Wisconsin.

    • Here in New York, it’s called “message of necessity”. Our mob boss, er, I mean Governor, Andrew Cuomo used it for his “SAFE Act” to pass through without any of the usual procedures to pass law.

  1. I laughed a lot at that video. Thanks for that.

    She wants gun control – has no idea what specifics. Just more gun control.

    • She was never elected. She just took the place of the other corrupt liberal governor that was forced to quit.

  2. Oregon is beautiful. Would love to live there. That right there is why I don’t. Portland, the hippy, burnout, hipster crowd that has difficulty with critical thinking skills ruins what would otherwise be a great place to live. In other words, they’ve been Kalifornicated.

    • ” In other words, they’ve been Kalifornicated.”

      It wasn’t that long ago the lowest form of scum in Oregon and Washington state was to be a California transplant.

      Real, visceral *hatred*…

      • Aye I moved to WA from CA 25 years ago and the first thing the neighbors told my dad to do was toss those California plates. Even back then it was to late. Lived in Oregon too after my discharge and Oregon was already well on the way to californicated.

        Better build a wall

      • I lived in Colorado for years. Same situation re. “Californication.” The hard-left Californians would move to CO to “escape” the problems in their home state, oblivious to the fact that THEY were the cause, and then act stunned when the same issues started cropping up in their new home.

    • Born here, probably die here. Too damn many Kommiefornians and other various and sundry tree huggers without brains have moved here and muddied the gene pool of what used to be a working state. I could go on for hours about the ludicrous ways these people find to destroy working wage jobs, our education system, our property rights, our water rights, our gun rights. It’s a religion with them, it has to be because there is no logic whatsoever behind any of it, just “feelings”. And of course they’re always so much smarter than us dumb hicks that work for a living and actually are in daily contact with the things they’re trying to “protect” from us. I’m praying that this November we put an end to this lunacy and throw about 80% of the Democrats out. Nothing against Democrats per se, but the current majority party and unelected governor are hell bent on destroying what little is left of Oregon in the name of saving the planet from the people that live here.

      • “Born here, probably die here.”

        Dude, I’m sorry, I didn’t know.

        Here, listen to Brother Bluto, he has good advice…

    • Believe it or not, Oregon’s gun laws aren’t that restrictive compared to a lot of states. Plus they have a lot of BLM land here for free shooting. There are no magazine limits, no AWB, no “approved gun list” (ahem, CA), people with a CHL can carry nearly everywhere (schools, churches, hospitals, city facilities, police stations, bars, non secure areas of airports; basically anywhere that isn’t a court or federal building). How many states allow nearly that much freedom for those with CHLs? There is no scary black rifle registration either. Open carry is legal, although those without CHLs have to be careful; because the law does allow local municipalities to prevent carrying a loaded gun openly (the laws however don’t apply to those with CHLs). Signs don’t carry the force of law either. They do have universal background checks now (as of 2015), even though is it mostly unenforceable, and many sheriffs have come out saying they won’t enforce it.

      I’d rather be able to carry my gun 99.9% of the places I go and have to undergo universal background checks for private sales, than to be limited to where I can carry and not have universal background checks.

      • Unless you are visiting. Then you have to play the “Is open carry OK here?” game. Even if this location is legal, is this police force one that will hassle/arrest me anyway?

        Last trip to OR to visit family I prepped by cruised the OC forums trying to figure out where was safe and where wasn’t. The whole mess is questionable enough that I decided legal OC wasn’t an option and selected another one.

  3. Heard this on TV. If Hilloraly gets elected, she is going to abolish the 2A, shes bragging about it. The whole Bill of Rights has gone to hell. Im sure the president swears to uphold the constitution. WTF is going on?

  4. Don’t vote for women governors. None of them, Dem or Repub have good 2A track records.

  5. The creeping cruds continue to ooze out from CA. Maybe Trump can force a return to honoring civil rights in CA at federal gun point.

    • Begins? What isolation chamber have you been in ? They’ve been after our guns and other civil rights for generations.

      In spite of glitches like this we’ve been winning this fight. Constitutional carry seems to be a thing in more and more states.

      Record numbers of guns sold and a lot of those to noobs. We will see constituiional carry nationwide inside of 10 years.

      • You all thought everything would come out of DC, that it would be big and bold and brassy. The invention of using local political power to get the national job done was noted, but DC was the focus of anger. What you didn’t see coming is the executive order twist. No messy hearings, no messy voter initiatives, no warning. This tactic is even better than Gov. Cuomo’s valiant effort to mandate gun safety in New York.

        • Gun safety is no where’s as big an issue as pilot and aircraft safety. It’s way past time we ground all private pilots and their aircraft. Why should I have to live in fear of a cessna landing on me everytime I walk across an open space?

          And airlines? A suicidal co pilot brought an entire airliner full of innocent victims down.

          You’re focused on the wrong boogeyman. The real fear is in the sky. Time to fire some e mails off to my reps.

  6. In case anybody didn’ get the hint, yet, this is why govt authority in general, and executive in particular should be subject to citizens’ approval.

    It’s bizarre. The “state uber alles” folks keep doing this. Do they not get that every time they do something that looks like “overreach”, they make the case for less unilateral authority, stronger scrutiny, and more explicit approval by the proles.

    People remember. Incompletely, inconsistently, occasionally. But they do remember. And despite attempts to make it otherwise, the interwebz is kinda forever.

    • Your whole post made some good points, but this one

      “People remember. Incompletely, inconsistently, occasionally. But they do remember. And despite attempts to make it otherwise, the interwebz is kinda forever.”

      is interesting to expand on just a bit.

      Yes, people’s memories can be short and incomplete. Except, perhaps, when they are under survival stress. It’s easy to have a short memory on stuff like this when one is fat and happy.

      What about when economic and other external pressures mount? If the economy does not start a serious rebound soon, people’s memories on stuff like this might be longer than the Dems / Proggies would like to think.

      People are tooling up in the US at a rate faster than ever before (to my knowledge..someone correct me if I’m wrong), especially first-time gun owners. There’s a reason why. Or, maybe several reasons why. But, buried in there somewhere is that people are tooling up for the first time because they think they just might need a gun.

  7. When rights are trampled and the rule of law is suspended you get “Irish democracy “. How’s that universal background check law working out in Oregon? From what I hear most folks are ignoring it and the criminals don’t care anyway. It’s all BS and theater. The good governor can do as she pleases and try to get away with whatever she can , but by smiting the law abiding with useless and ineffective laws she will only make us stronger and more determined. It’s like they don’t understand the law of unintended consequences or the fundamental nature of the majority of the American people.

    • People that think they’re more clever than the rest of us often don’t see the need to hide what they’re doing. They make it very apparent that they’re either not terribly sharp, or they’re just plain evil.

      • “People that think they’re more clever than the rest of us often don’t see the need to hide what they’re doing.”

        Perhaps what is really going on is the statists/leftists/liberals/demoncrat party believe we are too stupid to notice, or too oblivious to care. Not sure we have proved them wrong.

  8. FWIW, she was not elected. The previous governor, a dem, quit because of his and his girlfriends corrupt behavior. So she was appointed due to being next in line.
    Gov. Brown is married to a guy and openly bi-sexual. So apparently, vows or promises mean nothing to her. Like defending the constitution for instance.

    I read yesterday that folks from San Francisco are driving the housing market bonkers up here. So the result will be that this state, that I used to love, will turn irrevocably dark blue as those from California will want this state to be just like what they left behind.

    As we now have UBC’s, (that a lot of us ignore), I fear that the republican minority will slowly wither and die in the legislature giving us more and more draconian anti-gun laws.

    • You make some very good points and ‘troubling hard-to-stomach’ food for thought so to speak to be sure…The dilemma facing millions of Americans supportive of The United States as spelled out in the most important political (really human rights) documents in all of history, namely, the Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights (preceded of course by our brilliantly written Declaration of Independence) is that our opponents which represent the complete antithesis of the aforementioned are growing demographically in numbers FAR exceeding ours (specifically, the Left’s birth rates are exploding and, conversely, conservative birth rates are rapidly declining relatively speaking). Obviously, this results in a major problem for any Republican POTUS Candidate to win the Whit House anymore as 50% of the populace is already in the bag for ANY Democrat POTUS Candidate ruining meaning the only conceivable way a Republican POTUS gets elected is by somehow winning over EVERY SINGLE “Independent Vote” as well as converting a significant percentage of Dem Voters over to the Republican side.

      Now, miracles can happen and I believe in ‘Divine Intervention’ but if we cannot find a way withing our Country as a “whole” to preserve our “God Given Constitutional Rights” as in the Second Amendment than we may have to take the late great Founding Father Thomas Jefferson at his word when he stated:

      “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.”

      • Why use so many words.

        A simple “I will kill you if you try to take my guns” works.

        At what point will patriot groups have enough of this and start taking the tyrants out.

        My prediction, it starts this year (2016).

        • Because “I will kill you if you try to take my guns”, only means “I will die in a confrontation with 200 agents armed with sniper rifles, mraps and attack helicopters.” “And then, when I’m done, they’ll move on to my neighbor. And then his…..” A million serial fights. Each, 200+ to 1. Each, 200 Apaches to 1 Glock.

          There probably are enough gun owners and Constitution supporters in the US to “win” an all out confrontation. IF both sides followed an optimal, or at least not ridiculously sub optimal, strategy. After all, the Mexican Cartels, much fever in numbers and with much less popular support, seem to be doing OK on that front, vs “their” government.

          But no amount of “millions of gun owners” with “cold, dead hands”, will make a lick of difference, if each one sits at home waiting for a knock on his personal door. While ignoring weeks to months to years to decades, of knocks on the doors of all those the news media will inevitably call “domestic abusers”, “drug dealers”, “conspiracy theorists”, “terrorists” and whatnot.

          • “…the Mexican Cartels, …. seem to be doing OK on that front, vs “their” government.”

            Like, dude. The Cartels are the government down there.

        • Ruby Ridge. The recent Oregon “occupation” of Federal property, in away Branch Davidian. This government knows exzactly what us”patriots” will do, If it isnt in my backyard , nothing, and when it is in my backyard, nothing. Together we stand, divided we fall. God bless Randy Weaver.

        • “Like, dude. The Cartels are the government down there.”

          Were the Mexicans only so lucky! Get rid of the Big Cartel in Mexico City, and there would be no cartel with the reach to enforce the nonsensical gun laws that prevent regular Joses from doing onto the other Cartels what they as free men ought to be doing.

          The situation down there is fundamentally the same as almost everywhere, including here. The Big Junta running interference for smaller ones, so that they can claim the little people need them to be “protected” from “criminals.”

          What the smaller Cartels have succeeded in doing in Mexico, more so than anyone have here or many other places, is to impose more of their will, even when that conflicts with the will of Big Dog in the Capital. And the means by which they did, and continue to do, so; is one which would likely work for the “millions of gun owners” you tend to hear about in this country as well. OTOH, if each Mexican Cartel member sat at home and waited in silence for a visit from Mexico City, none of them would be more than a gaggle of cold dead hands by now.

    • >> Gov. Brown is married to a guy and openly bi-sexual. So apparently, vows or promises mean nothing to her.

      Just FYI, some people have this thing called an “open marriage” – consensually (so no vow or promise is broken).

      • Then why even bother getting married?

        No vow or promise? I always thought that was a big part of marriage.

        • For most people, marriage is a mutual commitment that goes way beyond sex. It stands to reason that for some people, then, sex is simply not an important part of that equation. The rest is still there, and is still applicable. So there are vows and promises, just not about sex.

  9. Outstanding editing even if none were necessary for those like us that recognize a ruse when we see it…This Gal makes me nauseous.

  10. It’s a lot to do about nothing. Washington Gov. Inslee did the same thing in January. What it did do was, (1) Improve the way the state gathers data about gun violence, (2) Determine if state agencies are effectively enforcing that idiotic I-594 background check law, approved in 2014, which has not resulted in one single prosecution. (3) Create a suicide prevention plan, because as we all know, 2/3s of all gun deaths are suicide.
    In the final analysis, it makes for marginally interesting conjecture which likely will accomplish little if anything.

    • I would not agree,
      maybe as sharp a bowling ball.

      Or to put it another way
      Either She is as sharp as a bag of hair,
      or as dumb as one.


  11. The fight isn’t just in CA, DC, or Oregon. It’s everywhere. I wish more gun owners were involved. I spent time and money opposing Oregon’s UBC law, and sign virtually every petition the FPC, Calguns and the NRA sends my way.

  12. I’m just gonna sink down to Neanderthal levels here.

    Get fucked Ms. Brown.
    Get out of my state while you’re at it.

  13. As a displaced Oregonian I am sad to see nut jobs like her in power. I love the state of Oregon. It’s a beautiful place and had everything you could want. From lakes, rivers, the beach, desert, forests and fairly mild weather. I should let them know that if they continue on their current path, that I will keep my six figure income out of the state when I retire. Unfortunately, too many authoritarians and leftists are moving to Oregon, especially Portland. We have been a blue state for a long time, but the Democrats when I was growing up were more conservative and were democrats because of the unions. Actually, a lot of those Democrats I knew growing up have become Republicans in the last 20 years due to the shift of the part to the extreme left.

  14. I moved to Arizona two years ago because of the rise of Liberal Fascism in Oregon. It is a shame to see what is happening in Oregon where I grew up. Indigenous Oregonians are fleeing, many small businesses are shutting down, California liberals are moving in, and the entire state is practically being converted to a California province. Oregonians used to be an independent, hardy group, but now, I do not even recognize it. After a few loose ends are tied up in a few weeks, I will not have any ties to the state, and I could not be happier.

  15. When the executive branch acts beyond and contemptuously of the constitutional limits of its authority, it can spur stirrings in some within the electorate to act beyond and contemptuously of their constitutional limits to remove individuals from office.

    A constitutional republic, like society in general, or even just the morning commute on the local freeways, depends upon certain assumptions of fair dealing. People are willing to tolerate deviations from propriety, or even legality, for the sake of preserving the peace. After all, many times, enforcing fair dealing is much more costly than enduring the minor transgressions.

    The problem is human greed and lust for power. Minor transgressions, left unchecked, tend to embolden the transgressors next time to snatch a bit more, sneak a tad farther, and impose a skosh harder. Over reach is as inevitable and the counteraction it provokes. Now, the proportionality of that blow back is the wild card. It could be meek, measured, or immoderate.

    True, this is Oregon we’re talking about. What could happen in a fourth rate state like Oregon? Yawn. Probably nothing, but who knows? Still, once you start playing “Let’s Make a Crooked Deal”, it can quickly devolve into a race to the bottom. You never really know what surprises lie behind any given door until you open it.

    At the national level, however, it’s something to consider before electing a “Dealmaker-in-Chief.”

  16. I have had a dose Kommiefornication migrants to Indiana and they mostly bring their stupid politics with them, and expect you and your state to change to their whims. Some are okay, but too many are liberal zombies.

    • We see that crap seeping into Texas, too. The California refugees mostly settle in Austin, so I don’t have to deal with them in day to day life. However, they do vote, so their stupidity manifests itself there.

      I just don’t understand how seemingly intelligent, educated people can be so mind numbingly stupid and incapable of connecting the dots. They see all the utter chaos and insanity that is California. They know all the policies they’ve voted for over the last 40 year. Yet, they have zero concept of cause and effect.

      They flee that crapfest of California, oblivious as to what caused that, then set up house in Texas and others and proceed to replicate the policies whose effects they just fled. It’ll be different this time, they think, if they think at all.

      They should all just be lined up against a wall, and given a stern talking to.

  17. The funny thing is – she talks about how they need more gun safety and how she was disappointed that the “gun safety bill” was stalled. When asked about what legislation she was pursuing – she wanted legislation that kept criminals and mentally ill from buying guns. What does that have to do with “Gun safety?” I mean – this isn’t about safety. It is about controlling access. It’s gun control. It’s the same gift wrapped turd in different packaging. Typical democratic party lies.

    • You have to understand terms as the enemy defines them, not as we like them.

      Gun Safety – guns, bad; no guns good.
      Gun Safety – guns are inherently unsafe; no guns equals public safety

      And there is one thing the anti-gun people have that we cannot refute: if there were zero guns available to anyone (even gangs and criminals), there would be no “gun violence”.

      The battle is about emotions and feeling self-satisfied (everyone wants to feel important), not about law, logic or common sense.

      • My battle is preservation of the Constitution, a free America, a government for the people of the people, and democracy. Ive got quite a job on my hands, blisters abound.

      • And there is one thing the anti-gun people have that we cannot refute: if there were zero guns available to anyone (even gangs and criminals), there would be no “gun violence”.

        Sam, this is easily refutable.

        1). Guns exist and cannot be uninvented. The only way to get all guns out of circulation is to enact North Korea methodologies – which are worst than having guns in circulation.

        2). Guns are easily made – especially full auto SMGs. Guns today are even 3D printed. Receivers especially are easily printed. This technology will only improve.

        3). They have purposely focused on “gun” violence rather than other forms. Gun violence does not exist in a vacuum. Even if you could theoretically eliminate all guns. Violence in other forms would soar. They should focus on the source of the violence – not the tool or method used. Anything else is to sacrifice freedom, choice, and options of good people for inefficient/ineffective means.

        • “Guns exist and cannot be uninvented.”

          The irrefutable remains: IF, if there were no guns there would be no “gun violence”. Gotta think the way they do, not the way we like. The ideal is, “no guns”. You work forward from there, not backward from now.

          So, if “no guns” is the ideal, what is the next best thing ?
          – remove as many guns as you can
          – remove as many guns as you can from people who may “go off” and hurt you
          – remove as many guns as you can from people who might accidentally shoot you
          – remove as many guns as you can from law-abiding people because they represent a greater pool of potential “accidents” and “going crazy”
          – forget about guns in the hands of gangs and criminals because “I don’t go to those places, so I don’t worry about what they might do.” Or, “I am a good person and I avoid bad people and I live in a nice neighborhood so it is very unlikely a criminal or gang member will find and hurt me. But, a neighbor might shoot me accidentally, or if they get angry.”

          We have to fight the battle the enemy wants (emotional), we don’t get to fight the battle we wish (RTKBA is absolute). If we were winning the battle, we wouldn’t have the courts pretty much arrayed against us. “Shall not be infringed” has never won a gun rights case.

  18. also… Sam I Am… permission to “steal” your comments from this thread to espouse to those around me? They really were quite eloquent.

  19. As an Oregonian and manager of a gun store there are many misconceptions about the situation of our state. While yes the Portland and Eugene metro area are in fact dark blue the rest of state are conservative. Our gun rights enjoy many protections, just look at how our conceal carry laws work. As far as SB941 requiring universal background checks I probably only run one to two a month on average, even law enforcement doesn’t care. It was enacted by our legislature after several politicians lied during their reelection, it wouldn’t suprise me if they get replaced. You all can write off Oregon if you like, but I was raised here and will die here. I still believe in the self suffecient pioneering spirit in the vast majority of true Oregonians can save our state, this election will either reafirm my beliefs or screw us just as much as the rest of the country.

    • Are there enough votes in the rest of Oregon to offset the major cities (which are almost always full blue)? If not, Oregon is a lost cause, regardless of the rural area character.

  20. I find it amusing that so many people already decry the “abuse of executive power”, even though they haven’t actually seen how that power will be used, beyond a very vaguely worded statement. To remind, not all executive power is abuse – if executive had no power whatsoever, there wouldn’t be a point in having an executive. An example of a valid use of executive power towards the goals that she specified would be to hire more people running background checks, or to order the department doing so to pay attention to specific databases (e.g. on mental health).

  21. And thus she illustrates quite clearly the fact that Democratic socialism has as its goal, Socialism. The elimination of democratic process. Liberals only like democracy (mob rule) when the voters can be fooled into doing their bidding. When the democrats republic process does not get them what they want they choose unilateral (dictatorial) executive action and force taxpayers to waste money having the court overrule the dick-tater. But since Oregon in in the 9th circuit, she knows any case will go to SCOTUS because the 9th very rarely sides with the US Constitution.

  22. You have to ask yourself what type of law enforcement professional would consent to enforce this overreach of authority. They all took a vow to support and protect the Constitution of the United States. Do we trust the Oregon State Police to honor that vow or should we ready ourselves for confrontation? A confrontation of a well armed citizenry standing against this tyranny. Will the county sheriff’s band together to stand with the citizenry? Or will they cave to the liberal politicians that see tyranny as a valid governmental tool. Local law enforcement will also need to take stock of its obligation to maintain integrity. Without honorable men and women in law enforcement tyranny will hold sway. I suspect the OSP will be more than willing to support the liberals. We will have to wait and see.

  23. Well a Obama clone! Who cares what the people think this is her state now. As she orders the murder of a peaceful protester in Burns Oregon. Oregon may have a bunch of liberal hippies but the gun owners out number then . Just go ahead and try. By the way I don’t remember anyone voting for you. That is right! Nobody did!

  24. This is from another state that now has legalized Recreational Marijuana.

    Limited amounts of recreational marijuana (flower and dry leaf products, plants, and seeds) are now available for purchase through medical marijuana dispensaries to adults 21 and older. The Oregon Health Authority has regulatory oversight of recreational marijuana sales through medical dispensaries.

    Recreational marijuana is now legal in Oregon. Adults 21 and older can legally possess and use recreational marijuana, but there are limits. It’s important to know what’s legal and what’s not.

    I guess it is better to Stoned than to be Safe and Free.

    • You’re implying that “stoned” and “free” are opposite. How can you be truly free if the state is prohibiting you from doing something to your own body?

  25. There is this thing…MORE powerful than a pen…when done right and in the’s called a VOTE…VOTE ANYONE OUT THAT WANTS TO INFRINGE ON OUR 2ND AMENDMENT THAT STATES..”SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON”….PERIOD…NO buts…..NO this…..NO that………PEOPLE-.DO NOT WAIVER…EVER…..ON YOUR RIGHTS!

  26. Fuck that anti gun piece of shit. The second rules. And the fucking antis better get used to it.

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