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Dear Santa,

I’ve been real good this year. I pulled Suzie’s hair and made mom angry but felt very bad and I gave her my last piece of strawberry gum. It’s the bestest and she was happy. I didn’t tug on Ms. Brady’s hat any more in church and I do my homework every night.

Uncle Hickok is doing real well and showed me his super cool three-inch S&W 65 this summer.

It’s the bestest, and fits in my waistband real nice. It balanced real well too, way better than a four-inch, and was just perfect with .357. Mr. Steven Kamp really likes them too.

I’d really like to have one to protect myself from the naughty kids.

I’ve been saving all my pennies but am very sad. Smith doesn’t make three-inch magnums any more and haven’t for a real long time. Other than their ugly fat L-frames with the big fat underlug. Nobody else makes cool three-inch K-frames neither.

I’m also sad because Diane and Mikey B. are real bullies. They’ve been picking on me and drilled a big hole to put a lock in my revolvers. But daddy says real men lock their guns in safes. I like my daddy.

So Santa, would you grant my Christmas wish? You don’t have to bring me nothin’, and I’ll share my wish with all my buddies.

Please send one of your magic elves to Smith & Wesson to make a special revolver for me and my friends. I want a three-inch 65 with durable fixed rear sights, a replaceable front blade, no lock, a factory-bobbed hammer, and their new stronger forcing cone with the ball-detent. I’d also be super happy with a one-piece bull barrel instead of their ugly weird noodle-sleeve.

My friends probably have or want these too. They’ll post stories below.

Thanks Santa!

Matt Matteson

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  1. Cute but ugh. They already have X-mas trees for sale at Home Depot, they’ve been on display for weeks and it’s not even Halloween yet.

    FFS can’t I just scare the shit out of a bunch of kids before we start talking about Christmas? (I give the kids candy after giving them nightmares. I’m not a total dick.)

  2. Dear Matt,

    I’ve checked my naughty and nice list and you make the latter, but there won’t be a Christmas delivery this year as globalists have conspired to pre-empt Christian Holiday’s in favor of mushlims delicate sensibilities. I can’t risk my deer bacon on even a .00041 second stop on your roof if some camel-lover’s going to be painting me on short final with a 9K38 Igla.

    When your grown up a little (if you make it) you can take care of that sh_t for me, and maybe I’ll get the elves to scrape up a good example of the S&W you’re hunting. That is, if the 5th column anti-gun (D) have left you any, they’ll need a push-back too. And you’re going to go after the rest of the liberal_progressive_communist (D) World, because the U.N. has labeled your country one of its “States”

    Good luck and GOD bless.


  3. I’d love it if they did away with the internal lock. If I had the cash I’d snap up newly made no lock 4 inch barrel model 66 in a heartbeat.

    • Pilates Porter? Is that a woman who caries heavy loads up mountains while wearing yoga pants?

      But a turbine Pilatus Porters on floats would be cool…

      • Yeah, yeah it was late, sue me.

        You read my mind, though –

        A PC-6 on floats is just what I’d like. Living in Florida I’ve developed a fondness for ‘skinny-water’ fishing and a Porter on floats would let me hit the western Bahamas with ease.

        Every year, I ask Santa for one. None yet, and I even offered to lend a hand on the X-mas Eve deliveries he does…


  4. As the owner of a 3 inch 66-1 I can appreciate the sentiment. It is a great all around gun. I have a 2.5 too so I obviously need a 4 and 6 inch to round the collection out.

    • I also like a 3″ barreled revolver (I like the 2″,4″,6″ as well). Sadly, I don’t have a nice S&W .357 in 3″, but at least I have a .38 Rossi model 68 in 3″, which kind of fills the size niche for me. It is nice to have something to fill the spot between my 642 and 4″ Security Six.

  5. Yeah, they really need to work on their multi piece barrels. I got a great deal online for a 69 last year and the barrel shroud had a good 1/4 inch of play from side to side. Not canted mind, sloppy. Of course Smith just replaced it immediately,but still. There is no way that revolver should have made it out the door.

  6. I have a 3 inch rossi 357. Technically they don’t exist, but academy sells them on occasion. You should check it out. I got it for super cheap.

    While were on the subject, why don’t you just buy a Ruger GP100 and bob the hammer?

  7. There is something about a revolver with a three inch barrel that just looks right. Less than three inches and the barrel looks too short. Longer than three inches and the barrel looks too long. (All this coming from someone who owns a revolver with a 6 inch barrel!)

    At any rate I would be extremely interested in a j-frame revolver with a three inch barrel. Does anyone make such a contraption these days?

    • Smith & Wesson makes the very, very nice J-frame Model 60 in a three- inch target-sighted version with a full underlug barrel. It may look clunky on the 686, but on the 3″ J it’s near-perfect.
      The Ruger 3″ is nice… but the 60 is a sweetheart and the solution for the small-handed person who simply must have a revolver.
      The tough part is the price. I see one at the range we instruct at for $680. Yikes.

      • Yikes is right. That’s big money for a M60, but that’s the way it is nowadays.

        However, if those numbers don’t make your knees weak, the negligible up-charge for the Performance Center version (178013) shouldn’t bother you; and, IMHO is well worth it.

        But, it’s NOT a K-frame. (And it has that unsightly lock as well.) Neither is the 3 inch 686. (Nor my 3 inch Wiley Clapp GP-100, which I selected over the 686 since it has Novak cuts and changing to Tritium sights was trivial.)

        Three inch K-frames are as cool as handguns get. Matt can add my name to his letter to Santa.

  8. Smith mod 19 6 inch barrel was my first pistol . My father bought it for 50 dollars old guy gave him all dies and pile of cases and bullets. When turned 18 local sheriff deputy gave me smith 19 with 4 inch barrel the only handguns I ownthat will not sell

  9. I bought a well used 3″ 65 a couple months ago. After a little bead blasting I put a black & gray Hogue G10 grip on it and threw it into a Bianchi Cyclone holster. It’s one of the nicest pieces in my collection/arsenal. I don’t know why they don’t build more revolvers with a 3″ barrel length. It really strikes a good balance between carrying and shooting.

  10. I’m in if they build it. They could 38+p with an aluminum frame and a stainless frame for the 357. Don’t trust the scandium from what I’ve seen from friends guns.

    No lock and a real barrel. I don’t need a bobbed hammer since I carry in a thumbsnap holster.

    I’d be just as happy if ruger would build a 2.5-3 inch 6 shot LCR in 38 and 357.

    Cmon Ruger and S&W ….. We’re waiting.

  11. On Christmas Day 1984, my wife and I celebrated our second Christmas together. I opened a gift she handed to me and inside was a brand new model 65 with a 3 inch barrel. She had seen me looking at one at the local gun shop about six months earlier. The four inch duty gun was a pain to carry off-duty. Later I was transferred to the Detective Division. I carried the gun for years and I still have it. And the new S&W’s don’t hold a candle to the older guns.

  12. I saw something similar at a gun show – a 3″ 64. Wood grips. I don’t care for the bobbed hammer.

    And a big NO on the shrouded barrel.

    Yep – it’s an awesome old school carry weapon

  13. *Stroking my 686 and whispering quietly to it* Don’t listen to the bad man that called you ugly. Daddy loves your full figured barrel. Shhh shhh, it’s ok….

  14. I love my Smith & Wessons, 3inch 65, .38spl 649, .38spl 640, .38spl 60, .22mag 650,
    I do not understand why S&W changes or discontinues their guns that become popular.
    They have become very good at it.
    Often they claim they do not sell enough of them to make it worth the effort.
    Yet we all know how much money the above discontinued models can command.
    I blame much of it on being located back East, labor unions, ect…
    I am glad I have the ones I do.

    • Of all the .38 caliber (.357 is actually more accurate) rounds out there, the .357 Mag isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

      While all the Wunder-9’s are thumping their chests about this, that or some other bit of intellectual onanism, the .357 Mag with 158’s is laying them out, with top-of-the-chart penetration and performance.

  15. I’ve been searching for just that gun online. The old ones keep getting more expensive. I would buy a new one in a second.

  16. Smith should offer a variety of three-inch wheelguns. A revised model 12 in .38 SPCL, the model 13/65 as discussed, and an 8 shot 627. I’d be on board for three inch models 12 and 627.

    One can hope!


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