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Floridian Phillip Evans writes [via]:

Dear Senator Steube,

We see the writing on the wall, that once again we are getting lip service but no action on open carry. SB 646 is the “consolation prize“.

But no, that won’t pacify us.

We know you tried. If there is anything else you can do, respectfully, now would be the time.

We want to see movement on SB 644 and we want to see a companion bill in the House – with NO watered down language.

If open carry fails AGAIN this year Florida, there will be PROVOCATIVE protests at large public events on public property, where we will openly carry enclosed gun-shaped holsters that hide our firearms, but that do not hide the FACT we are lawfully and peacefully armed.

Our actions will be meant to show the stupidity of state law prohibiting the open exercise of our rights, and to get our message out that we demand the LIBERTY of our choice in how we carry our personal self-defense firearms.

There will be groups of us at Fairs, Festivals, and other large events. Once we gain lawful entry we will discreetly switch to our protest method of carry, whereby it will be plain that we are armed, but our guns will be covered by a fabric sock that clearly shows its outline, or they will be carried in a fully enclosed holster in plain view.

We Have Had Enough Janet Reno Gun Infringement. She Is Dead, And Her Legacy Should Die Also. This nonsense has been going on since 1987.

This protest plan is going out on Facebook and Internet Gun Rights Forums.

Our rights will be honored, or we will do our best to bring embarrassment to the Florida Legislature. This is our BOSTON TEA PARTY!!!

Warmest regards,

Phillip Evans

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  1. Welcomed, but too soft. The demand is “liberty to carry” as citizens please. Should be the demand that the second amendment of the US Constitution be honored and implemented as it says, “….shall not be infringed.” The letter should also declare that Florida gun owners will “primary” the senator.

  2. Why should Florida Senator Steube or any other Florida Senators care? They pay no personal penalty one way or another.

    If you and I prohibit another person from exercising his/her rights, you and I go to prison. If a Senator does it in connection with their office, the worst that can possibly happen is they lose the next election. That has to change.

  3. Senator Steube is the one that has introduced all the Pro Gun Bills.

    IT IS SENATOR ANITERE FLORES & SENATOR RENE GARCIA killing Open Carry and Campus Carry in Florida this legislative session.

    He can’t submit any more bills for this legislative session. But he plans on getting every pro gun bill voted one. And yes, true Open Carry is one of them.

    SB 646 was going to be used to test the waters in the Judiciary Committee and it was sunk even before it was read during the debate for SB 616 (Court Gun Check In).

    He’s fighting the good fight.

    Mr. Evans, you should direct your letter and anger to Sen. Flores and Sen. Garcia.

  4. Agreed. Sen. Steube is our ally. Flores (who is term limited) and Garcia (who is not) are the true enemies to our freedom

    • How do you know this? Sorry, but my belief is that the entire political process is scripted ahead of time with the desired outcome scripted by the Republican leadership. Flores, Steube, Negron are only playing their part. When us gun folk can contribute more dollars than the tourism lobby, the script will change.

        • All for public consumption Bob. Let me know when you are in on the leadership/lobbyist dinners where the food, liquor and cash are flowing.

      • I’m sorry, I don’t have a tin-foil hat like you do. Obviously, if he is the senator that submitted (as far as I know) ALL of the pro-gun bills for the senate, then it’s a fair assumption he is on our side. I do share your concerns when it comes to the Republican leadership, as they may be behind the move with Flores and Garcia. The leadership should be held as accountable as those two clowns.

  5. Going after Stube is beyond stupid. He’s in our corner. It’s Sen Flores who killed out chances. Of course she’s term limited out so she doesn’t care.

    • Yeah. Gotta love term limits.

      What would you do if you had a job that you knew was temporary?
      1) Be lazy and not work too hard.
      2) Prostitute yourself in exchange for favors from influential people down the road.
      3) Stop giving a $h!t about the people who got you that job and just do whatever pleases your capricious whim.
      4) All of the above.

      You want term limits? Be careful what you wish for.

  6. We see the writing on the wall, that
    we are getting lip service
    We know you tried. If there
    We want to see movement
    we will openly carry enclosed gun-shaped
    we are lawfully and peacefully armed.
    we gain lawful entry we will discreetly switch to our
    We Have Had Enough Janet Reno Gun Infringement…”

    A lot of “we” in that message. Does this one guy have a mouse in his pocket?

    • Hannibal, you sound like you’ve had the same experience I have, of showing up at a massive demonstration of “we”, after flying across the country to be there, and discovering you were near the only part of “we” there, everybody else was mouth.

  7. It’s actually Senate Leader Negron he should go after. That guy named Flores as his second in command. He could 1)remove her from that committee and appoint a pro-gun person 2) put the bill directly to a floor vote.

    • You mean Senate President Joe Negron. He can advance this bill to the floor and chooses not to. But back in December 2015, Senator Negron was interviewed by Tia Mitchell and he sidelined every gun question possible.

      Negron is setting himself up for a post Senate Job much like Former Senator and current FSU President John Thrasher. Thrasher makes over $500K a year as FSU’s President. Negron has been campaigning on a “We must increase Public University Spending” kick for the last year.

      There’s a reason why, he can get the job and retire rich.

  8. The thing about this is, it’s not Steube’s fault right now.

    I’ll happily participate in those demonstrations if/when they come, but he’s not the one holding these bills up. It’s the other committee members. He’s with us, but he doesn’t have a majority of the votes.

    What we need is for the Senate President to pull the bill out for a floor vote.

  9. Also, I’ve been practicing my voodoo skills. OoooOooooOOOOOoooo!

    Or was it Voodoo Glow Skulls? Nevermind, OOOoooOooooooOOoooOOOOOOo!

    • “Also, I’ve been practicing my voodoo skills. OoooOooooOOOOOoooo!”

      Boy, are you ever wrong. That incantation is one that will eventually come back and attack you, as well.

      This is the correct incantation:
      Ooo wee oo a’ a’ ting tang walla walla bing bang

      Vaporizes your enemy.

  10. Why don’t you save all the hot and and protest/demonstrations for something more in line to get the attention of the state government. Start a petition to get the fact on the ballot. Get a well written proposal, then get enough signature to get it on the next election ballot.

  11. Is something preventing TTAG from coordinating with Unified Sportsmen of Florida and Florida Carry and NRA-ILA?

  12. Senator Steube is the only one I know who is truly in our corner. I trust him the most. My frustration had reached a point where I just wanted to spill my guts to the best friend I know in the Florida Legislature, to see if there might be anything at all uncovered that he might press them on.

    I know he’s fighting the good fight. If anything I wrote implied otherwise, then my sincerest apologies to Senator Steube and everyone else on our side.

    I just hate to see a repeat of last year when another backstabbing traitor (Flores) stops the process.

    Senate President Joe Negron has the authority to snatch the bills out of committee and put them straight to the Senate floor. I hope he does the right thing and rescues the bills, if he wants to provide real leadership in restoring our liberty.

  13. To me it seems pointless. I don’t understand why it is so important to display your weapon. It can only escalate certain situations. And strips you of the element of surprise should you need to draw your weapon. It will create fear among those who oppose guns anyway. Having said all that, I am a supporter of the right to carry. And I don’t think anyone can disagree that there are too many kooks that are getting guns that should not be.

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