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A veterans group was forced to hold its annual Veterans’ Day observance at a fast food restaurant instead of the local high school because part of their ceremony involves a 21-gun salute. And no, this wan’t in Santa Fe, Boulder or Berkeley. This latest manifestation of hoplophobic pants-wetting took place in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. As Kaye Olsen of the Eau Claire Patriotic Council told, “It’s really hard to tell the veterans they’re not allowed to bring those rifles in. Which, the only purpose is, to honor our flag and our country and to teach the kids.” . . .


Of course, the Eau Claire school district blamed society for their zero-tolerance stupidity.

“We like to honor the veterans; we bring them in on a regular basis,” says Tim Libham, the Executive Director of Administration with the district. “There are just some conditions that we have to adhere to and the shooting of guns, even with blanks, is something we don’t feel is appropriate given society, and the concerns that we have and that the community has, on school premises.”

So after being turned away by the local government school system, the vets marched themselves over to a local Burger King where they no doubt terrorized patrons there with their violent salute to those who have served our country. How’s that for a ‘thank you for your service?’

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  1. The very people with the very weapons that gave this douche bag the right to be a douche bag are not welcome.

    • What the Marxist meant to say was:

      “We like to pretend to honor the veterans; we bring them in on a regular basis when it suits our agenda,” says Tim Libham, the Executive Director of Administration with the district.

      “There are just some conditions propaganda that we have to adhere to and the mere presence, let alone shooting of guns, even with blanks, is something we don’t feel is ever appropriate given our agenda for society, and the concerns that we the anointed ones have and that we seek to impose on the community has, both on and off school premises.”

  2. Why is it that the absolute stupidest people in the US all seem to become school administrators? How did we get to this point?

    • Our colleges are a charade. That’s a start. People are employed based on affirmative reasoning and a slip of paper. School districts just seam to adhere a little more… Dare I say, liberally.

    • Because the Ed.D degree is very easy to get, and gets people addressed as “Doctor” (eg, Jill Biden).

      There’s absolutely no shortage of highly credentialed idiots in education.

      • Sad but true. What you have described, as well as my mild / moderate allergies to bullsh!t, caused me to leave higher education. I just couldn’t abide paying liberal progressive professors to tell me how embarassed they are for the United States.

      • I am surrounded by people with doctorates where I work. Outside their area of study, they are often as dumb as rocks. They tend to be sheltered and have been sheltered most of their adult life. They live in a bubble, they very seldom leave that bubble, and all hey tend to know is their bubble.

        • Most of the PhDs I know are also woefully ignorant in their chosen field because they haven’t cracked a book since grad school.

    • My observation is that some teachers don’t enjoy being in the classroom. They get more education, play will with those in charge, then become school administrators.

    • Not until the re-enactors decide to call themselves Oath Keepers and start touching off ARs or SCARs or .50BMGs and run around with booney hats and hunting face paint.

  3. The school district and society made the right decision. Guns are dangerous, and we should honor the freedom won for us by veterans, who didn’t need guns to do it. Nor do they have the proper training to use guns effectively or safely. And it would just teach children that weapons are sometimes needed to defend our nation, and that sends the wrong message.

    “Bring in the logic probe!”

  4. But wait, I thought that only military and leo were properly trained to use weapons. Also, they are in uniform so what’s the problem.

    Oh, they represent something bigger than the state.

    • I gave a bunch of money to Scott Walker’s campaign. I’m very happy that he won. Those poor liberal progressives will just have to live with lower taxes, more freedom, and a balanced state budget.

    • There are 2 pools of Democrat voters in Wisconsin: urban Milwaukee, and The Derp Axis.

      You can see the Derp Axis by drawing a line between Madison and Minneapolis. That line of blue runs right through Eau Claire.

  5. Really????? Veterans turned away because they wanted to celebrate and salute the flag with rifles? Really???? Makes me want to just bash my head against a wall…… or maybe bash someone else’s head.

  6. I thought that the people calling 911 because they couldnt find their way out of a corn maze would have been the dumbest thing that I’ve heard today. I was wrong.

  7. Scared of Blanks? Are you Friggin kidding me? Do they still have those in race guns for track meets? They did when I was in school not too long ago. School administration needs to be hung out to dry on this one.

    “We like to honor the veterans…” Aparently Not.

      • So dose that mean those surplus starter pistols are available? I’m putting together a collection of flare guns pop guns water pistols pellet rifles etc to throw in a bag for the jackboots when they come knocking.

  8. Guns on school grounds isn’t an issue; psychopaths on school grounds are the issue – including the morons in school administration.

    I want my effing country back.

    • You and many others. Watch the closet patriots come out in mass if certain things like the arms trade treaty go into place.

      • Where exactly have these “closet patriots” been while the Bill of Rights has been shredded? The arms trade treaty is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back? Almost humorous.

        • Boiled frogs my friend. No need to belittle the truth. Many many Americans are about as fed up as they can be and a large nationwide jump in the wrong direction could be that straw. Since I assume you are a fud plant I’ll give you as much or as little knowledge as I can. Some people might go quietly into the good night… Some may not. Fact is that the water is the perfect temperature for many fencers to hop on in. Take a swim you will find the liberty to your liking. Don’t lose hope just yet comrade.

        • A fud plant? You better recheck your readings. If this board is any indication of the closet patriot movement, I assure you the battle was lost a long time ago. Most here are about as pro establishment as it comes, except when gun privileges come into the conversation. I do find it funny that this elusive patriot movement has put up with so much frog boiling, yet an arms treaty will be the catalyst springing them to life? Sure thing. If it makes you sleep better are night believing fairy tales, go for it.

        • Still fishing for my plans? Sorry but getting a meet me here at the time and we do this. Not going to happen. Some people have plans and some don’t. Fairy tails are just stories that could be true. Real people decide what stories meet reality.

        • @Chad, you couldn’t be misreading my posts more if you tried. I don’t give a shit what you’re doing, or what your fantasy tales are. You honestly sound a bit paranoid friend.

  9. I don’t get it, those rifles had those wooden shoulder thingy’s on them… I thought that meant they weren’t dangerous. Whats the big deal?

    This is truly embarrassing.

  10. Well, we all know how many tragic school shootings have been perpetrated by veterans’ honor guards, right?

  11. > And no, this wan’t in Santa Fe, Boulder or Berkeley.

    There’s a gun store right across the street from Boulder High School, on the north-west corner of 14th Street and Arapahoe Avenue.

    1707 14th St
    Boulder, Colorado 80302
    303-413-1052 (fax)

  12. Speaking of schools, re-enactors, guns, etc. …

    Some public schools are actually OK, and don’t freak out over kids with [pretend] guns. It probably depends on where you are and (in my experience) how much the parents are involved.

    For example, next Tuesday, my 5th-grader, along with about 100 others from two elementary schools, will be re-enacting either the Battle of Bennington or, if there’s still snow on the ground, the Battle of Trenton. (My money’s on Trenton, given expected temps for the next week.) On Monday they had their intro, yesterday they were outfitted, and Friday they get their “final training”. My boy will be a British officer – he’s probably toast.

    One of last year’s re-enactments by 10-year-olds, as reported by local NBC news:

    • > One of last year’s re-enactments by 10-year-olds, as reported by local NBC news:

      Osborne’s non-profit has been doing re-enactments with students since 1991. He says more than 100,000 students have gone through his program. He’s never had a major injury on the battlefield. None of his re-enactors have gone on to do something violent…at school.

      • …so let’s ban it before one of them inevitably dose…. What kind of mindset considers that to be something worthy to report on?

  13. Meanwhile at a suburban Minneapolis High School where my wife teaches, (not far from Eau Claire) they did a full on Veteran’s day assembly which included veterans from that school that served and a full 21 gun salute.

    A veteran who fought on Normandy beach was there. A former student and ex SEAL who was on the team that assasinated a top AL Qaida leader was there and gave a very moving speach that left few dry eyes in the house. Taps was played on a bugle by the band leader. My wife said it was an amazing program and a fantastic appreciation for those that have served.

    I wish this wasn’t at the bottom of the comments where few will read it.

  14. So the school’s position is basically “Screw you and the Bataan Death March you walked in on”, is that right? Nice. Real nice. Lovely message for the vets. Great lesson for the kids.

    Geez. How sad, pathetic, and bizarre for a nation’s living population to bookended by the Greatest Generation and the Wussified Generation. Talk about a whimper.

  15. So, here is a question. Is anyone keeping an historical record of who makes these kinds of decisions and the related details? Sure, we do not want any harm to come to them, for we are much better than them; but, it should follow them for the remainder of their lives so that future generations can learn from their mistakes.

    • Perish the thought that a school administrator should be required to actually exercise some judgment and then be held accountable for it. That’s why we have “zero tolerance” policies that they can wrap themselves in to avoid criticism.

        • @Jus, that’s a bullshit answer. Many parents do vote, and few like these policies. And try to recall that constitutional rights cannot be voted away. The courts are (allegedly) the portion of the government in the check and balance system to prevent unconstitutional laws from being mob-rule voted away

  16. When I was in high school, about 1970, in rural Nebraska I was in a one-act play that involved me shooting my “wife” on stage for reasons that now escape me. We borrowed one of the local American Legion’s Springfield ’03s and a handful of blanks for the rehearsals and final competition in a neighboring town.

    The dramatics competition was in a sort of concrete Quonset hut. When I let go that ought-six inside the concrete shell, the noise was like the crack of doom and got a profound audience reaction (mostly involving hitting the ceiling).

    The thing is, nobody gave a crap about the gun or the discharge, or ever questioned whether it was OK. I don’t remember how we came out in the competition.

    • Sorry but no, American gun control was invented by southerners. Texas at one point had a total ban on bearing ANY weapon and the current state constitution explicitly gives the government the power to regulate that right. Southerners brought us the NFA as a means of disarming immigrants and non whites. Southerners used gun control to disarm civil rights activists and are directly responsible for the current state of affairs regarding black Americas distaste for legally held firearms and the popularity of oppressive gun control throughout urban centers both north and south.

  17. Wow so much stupid. My uncle was a WW1 vet who got a 21gun salute at his funeral. Didn’t scare anyone. Home school people…

  18. All of these labels have one thing in common – commie , socialist , democrat = pussy ! Let others take care of you and your safety then screw them forever because you hate what they are , and you can’t face up to them as your liberators ! Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  19. It is truly sad that the majority of Americans have become PC wimps and live as scared sheep being spoon fed sound bites from mass media. This is no longer the country of my father and grand father! They fought in both world wars and I am glad that they did not live long enough to see the nation they fought for fade away into a socialist quagmire of entitled cowards.

  20. “How’s that for a ‘thank you for your service?’”

    Speaking as a vet, it’s pretty much what I have come to expect from the government – at any level.

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