Asya Branch Miss USA
Miss Mississippi Asya Branch, discusses her impressions of being a child of an incarcerated parent during a discussion on criminal justice reform, at the Mississippi Summit on Criminal Justice Reform in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018. The meeting was put on by a coalition of groups that favor changes to reduce harshness in the criminal justice system. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)
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The questions asked of beauty pageant finalists — and particularly the answers they come up with on the fly — have always been particularly lulz-worthy. So you can imagine what happened last night when the Miss USA contestant who would go on to win the whole thing had to do thirty second on the randomly selected topic of…gun control.

Here it is Asya Branch’s response:

Wait! That’s actually not too bad.

Universal availability of gun safety training? Absolutely. Why not? Let’s go back to the bygone days when basic gun safety was taught in many schools. Think of the lives that would be saved by teaching kids how to safely handle a gun and what to do if they come across one.

We’re going to differ with her pretty strenuously on the requirement that people “pass training and safety courses before they’re allowed to purchase a gun and before receiving a permit.” The Bill of Rights sets out no prerequisites for exercising any of the enumerated rights and gun ownership should be treated no differently.

Then she added this:

I think it’s important that we not ban guns, because obviously people will find a way to get what they want anyways, but I think it’s our Second Amendment right, and we just need more safety surrounding that.

We can get on board with that. Not perfect, but all in all, not a bad performance.

Some media invertebrates have, of course, come down on her, not only for her pro-gun stance, but also because she once dared to sing the national anthem at a Trump rally in Mississippi. She also attended a White House meeting with the dreaded orange man to discuss criminal justice reform (her father has been in prison for more than half her life).

Miss Missippi Asya Branch watches as President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Landers Center Arena, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018, in Southaven, Miss. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

So what we have here is a Southern girl who knows how to shoot and safely handle a gun. She also supports the right to keep and bear arms. We’ll agree to disagree on the whole training prerequisite and permitting thing, but on the whole, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

All hail Miss USA. Long may she reign.


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    • Not falling for the “compromise” b.s.. As a Black Woman she should have let the dumbbell audience know that Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. She should have told how the democRat Party used the KKK to disarm and terrorize Black Americans. She should have explained how Gun Control is a racist and nazi based agenda that has no place whatsoever in America.
      Slavery. Segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gas Chambers. Concentration Camps, Gun Control. All go hand in hand.

  1. 😂😂 You get em Miss Branch! My God, whatever shall they do! Can’t have “those people” thinking for themselves, 90% of the vote isn’t enough! I can only imagine the sputtering and stammering that went on.

  2. Calling her “pro-gun” may be a stretch. Let’s just say that she’s not anti-gun and let it go at that. Besides, it won’t be long until she issues an apology for hurting anybody’s feelings and a clarification that completely negates what she said in the first place.

    • Honest to God, my first thought was “Holy fuck who is that?! She’s gorgeous!” Which upon further reflection, may indicate she’s moderately attractive, lol.

    • I totally agree!

      She reminds me of former Ms America Vanessa Williams.
      I confess that it would actually please me if Aysa like Vanessa had posed for some nude photos that were then publicized. However; Vanessa was also stripped of her title. I don’t know why. I examined the photos very carefully. I thought Vanessa looked fantastic. I said the same thing about the nude photos of FLOTUS Trump. Vanessa is also an excellent singer.

      While I have reservations about the requirement for safety training to buy a gun, I have no problem with universal gun safety education. I took hunters safety was a kid as a prerequisite to get a hunting license. I took marksmanship classes at my highschool in the basement shooting range. I would also like to see judges compelled to take classes on gun safety and firearms technology before being allowed to adjudicate gun related criminal cases. Then again, Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles is allegedly a hunter and “respnnbonsible gun owner who favors reasonable gun control” yet he is to stupid to understand that a 12 gauge shotgun is a deadly weapon with a potential lethal range of one mile. (Look it up TactiCoolFools). It pleases me very much that Judge Wiles’ philandering wife, S Amanda Marshall, recently published a guest editorial in my local paper advocating for drug decriminalization in which she reveals that she and Judge Wiles’ putative progeny were compelled to seek drug treatment in another state. Interestingly, Ms Marshall wasnt too busy having sex with her subordinates to aggressively prosecute drug traffickers and invoke civil forfeiture when she was the US Attorney for the State of Oregon. Certainly adds credibility to the suspicion that judge Wiles was guilty of AUII, Adjudicating Under the Influence of Intoxicants.

  3. Too bad the irony of hammering Miss America over supporting an individuals right will be entirely lost on the cancel mob and about 70 million Americans. Give or take a few hundred thousand glitches and corpses.

  4. “pass training and safety courses before they’re allowed to purchase a gun and before receiving a permit.”

    Thats just mamby pamby Leftard Bravo Sierra,that exists no where in the 2 nd. amendment, it was said to ease tender Leftard delusions,however un constitutional it maybe.

    • Well – there is the “well regulated militia” bit. That phrase doesn’t mean what demtards claim it does, but it does hint at proper training. I mean, if half or more of your militia doesn’t know which end of the boom stick says “boom”, you can’t claim to be “well regulated” by any stretch of the imagination.

      We can compromise with progressive-tards on this. Institute basic firearms training in every high school in America, make it a requirement to graduate, and we’re all good to go.

  5. Yes, should be in the schools. I remember my daughter coming home from elementary school after a visit from Eddie Eagle, “Stop. Don’t Touch. Leave the Area. Call an Adult.”
    She’s 30 now and still remembers and taught to her kids.
    Of course, when I was in school, we’d go duck hunting before class and most trucks had a shotgun.

  6. Between internet porn, the me2 movement with winesteen, and all the insanity of 2020 I might have thought the cancel culture made it go away. I forgot this was even a thing. I’m surprised the liberals haven’t sued it to oblivion.

  7. It’s not an accident that a black woman from a former slave state supports teaching guns to children. And the first constitutional carry state in the former confederacy. She knows her states history. It would not surprise me that she has read:

    We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement Paperback – August 22, 2014

    I read this book as well. She is way ahead of most in the “gun community”, when it comes to supporting 2A education, in the public school system.

  8. The NRA has a good beginner training class, that cost about $60.00 in my neck of the woods. I see no problem with safety training for anyone, who wants a gun, drive a car ,skydive or white water rafting. All these things have one thing in common, people die doing these things, many every year.

    • We would need a safety certification for just about every activity know to human beings if we went down that route.

      There comes a time when you just have to let people piss on the electric fence and see what happens.

  9. Don’t know the lady, beauty pageants never made much sense to me. Sandra Bullock did have some good fun with them in a movie or two tho, so there is that.

    Outstanding early training for youngsters!


    Yes, this should be mandatory for all little kids in all schools. Right along with not running with scissors, not playing with matches or climbing on ladders to catch butterflies or whatever. Teach little kids about RISK and managing those risks in ways that young minds can understand. Not to build fear, but to build their understanding, awareness and confidence in themselves. Not unlike when long ago in Cub Scouts, I could get an official BSA Hand Axe for Christmas but could not use it at campouts until I earned my Boy Scout Merit Badge in Woodcraft. Owned that axes for two years before I was of age and got my merit badge. Hell, I had NRA Hunter Safety in the bag and could carry my .22 before I was allowed to carry my axe unsupervised!

    Teach kids well and you give them what they need to be safe and enjoy some of life’s better things.

    You know…

    Faster horses,
    Older whiskey,
    Younger women (or men, as the case may be),
    More money!!!

    Besides, training could close the loop on the “Well regulated militia” portion of the Second Amendment. We have not had that for generations, and the lack of it has cost us plenty. A militia should be a State organization, top-down and bottom up. Routine muster, regular drill schedule. Who here wouldn’t be delighted to perform their duty of citizenship?

    • enuf says: “Who here wouldn’t be delighted to perform their duty of citizenship?”

      Well – like some of the other guys here, I’m well past militia age. And, I ain’t doing any 10 mile forced march. But if they need some old bastard to give the children a pep talk, or teach them how to spit shine their dress shoes/boots, or tie a tie – yeah, I’d go hang around with them once a month. I could even teach them how to curse like a sailor!

      • While we may no longer may be able ruck march several miles, we have our uses. BRM, land navigation with a compass and map, logistical training, field craft and so many more things are within our wheelhouses from practical experience to teach.

        And at the end of the day, we can tell them about how awful war really is, how we would rather sweat in training to avoid bleeding in battle, and them tell the horror stories when we laugh at the most dark and depraved actions of man.

        • Could tell them of the bodies of men, women and children we’ve put into body bags because they were stupid or merely unlucky. Could talk about spending two hours scrubbing the blood out of the back of an ambulance after a especially grisly vehicle versus bicycle head-on collision. Of course there was that hungry black bear and the 16 year old girl in her tent in the youth camp. Or encounter a car thief, working a crime scene as the official photographer was hours away and I happen to be there full kit and had experience working with the state cop’s helo crew, they wanted aerial shots of the scene before all the mess was removed.

          Yeah, there’s value in us old farts talking with young farts.

          And yes, land navigation without the use of elections is an excellent place to begin.

    • The traditional militia mustering and training usually consisted of meetings in the town square after church to practice marksmanship, loading and reloading muskets, and maybe a bit of close order drill. The womanfolk would support the militiamen by baking goodies and looking cute. This was usually followed up with the tapping of a barrel of beer or a keg of whiskey. Once well lubricated with alcohol, the regulation of the well regulated militia would culminate with copulations.

  10. She isn’t pro-2A. She’s not calling for providing training because it’s useful in general. She demanded that as a condition of receiving a permit. FAIL. What other constitutional, civil or human right is universally subject to training and government permits?

    She’s another 2A….but….. type. Aka: liar.

  11. Ehhh…she did fine. Obviously if she sang for and engaged with DJT she’s not a rabid leftard. BTW Miss USA is straight on beauty thing unlike Miss America where you need “talent”. Didn’t watch(or was even aware)this was on but whut do you rabid gun nuts expect her to say? Oh yeah BREAKING:Winthrop Harbor,ILL gunshop easily broken into and 40 guns quickly & efficiently stolen. They fled to nearby Wisconsin(because the border is quite porous what with young Kyle given a gat by a 19year old he worked with). It appears the store only had a glass door to smash. Duh…

  12. Need more like her. As was mentioned, we can agree to disagree on the training requirement. Bottom line is that an intelligent, attractive young black woman is a great ambassador for the 2A crowd. She can come shooting with me anytime.

    • Honestly do not understand this part. High heels and all made up? Do this part of the show at the beach! Sunny day,! Having fun in the waves! Maybe some beach volley ball! Form teams among the contestants!

      Seriously, this part, indoors on a stage? Just don’t see the value of it, compared to what it ought to be …

      • Oh come on, you’re not really confused here are you? It’s an excuse to show some skin so girls can dream about being her, and guys can dream about being with her. And yes, girls really do that even though they won’t admit it. Source: spending a lot of time around girls. By the way, the pretty ones are the worst. It’s an envy and competition thing.

  13. Need more like her. As was mentioned, we can agree to disagree on the training requirement. Bottom line is that an intelligent, attractive young black woman is a great ambassador for the 2A crowd. She can come shooting with me anytime.


  14. She is stating her opinion. I have to agree with that. Any tool should have some instructions and a safe way to operate it. Anyone unfamiliar with said tool should be aware of the instructions. That is basic safety. While I can not force anyone to learn, I am stating that people that operate equipment that could hurt themselves or others should read and understand the instructions.
    Pick up an unfamiliar pistol and expect it to have a mag safety, or a safety that works(or think the decocker is a safety), and you could have a problem.
    Irresponsible use of a firearm is on the shooter/owner, do yourself a favor and read(or ask someone else to go over it with you if you don’t understand what is written).
    That is my opinion – I am not trying to make a law, I think you should use common sense.


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