“Save-A-Lot opened Thursday, becoming [Atlantic City’s] first supermarket in six years,”  pressofatlanticcity.com reports, “and its first ever protected by armed security guards. At least two gun-carrying guards will work at all times inside the discount grocer now operating in Renaissance Plaza at Atlantic and Kentucky avenues.” Longtime local and casino cashier Mara Swain is down with that. “Atlantic City’s not the safest place, and then with the liquor store right there, you have a lot of people hanging around, asking for change. And it’s kind of a violent area, so while you’re in the store you’re a little more safe.” Question: how did private security gets guns in a state that spits on the Second Amendment? “In compliance with state and local laws, Save-A-Lot security workers are off-duty or retired law-enforcement personnel.” Figures.


  1. Armed guards are a pretty normal sight here. Not sure who would get their panties in a twist over this.

  2. “In compliance with state and local laws, Save-A-Lot security workers are off-duty or retired law-enforcement personnel.”
    Yeah, took about 0.025 seconds to figure that out.

    The protected class.

  3. Armed cops pull security duty at big box stores all over NJ, so not sure what the fuss is about.

    As long as you can prove that you need a gun for work (security, armored trucks etc) you can get a carry permit (I believe you can carry on duty only anyway, but I may be wrong). Anybody else who wants a ccw permit should just move to a different state. Much easier.

    • It’s not anti LEO. It’s anti stupid. What makes an off-duty/retired cop better than me? Training? Plenty of cops mishandle weapons all the time.

      What a clever politician could come up with for NJ is a bill that would allow active/guard/reserve/retired military to carry. That would open the aperture a little bit more, and eventually, we could have actual freedom in the state. (It’ll never happen. People would be afraid of Rambo, PTSD, etc)

      • Not to mention the fact that an ON duty cop should be dealing with crime in the area without being paid $50/hr by a private company.

      • I have been around Veterans all my life and they are OK. Dad was a Staff Sergeant and Uncles were Officers in WWII. Had lots of friends who were in Vietnam. Turn them loose as security guards.

  4. I have no idea what they are talking about, in NJ the following is required to be an armed security guard unless AC has its own laws:

    I laughed my butt off reading this….I am sure you will all feel safer after reading this too.

    “The Security Officer Registration Act requires holding an armed security guard license and this includes 24 hours of education at a New Jersey state certified training center. This training prepares the applicant to work in different industries, which can include interaction with police departments, fire departments and other official agencies. The education training will include:
    •Report writing
    •First aid training
    •Prevention and deterrence
    •New Jersey critical infrastructure awareness
    •Terrorism awareness
    •Use of force policy according to New Jersey Attorney General
    •Firearms training, marksmanship and target training

    The armed security guard will also train in firearms for forty-seven hours; this training will include seven hours of education on the use of force. The applicant will qualify during weapons training at the range to obtain the New Jersey armed security guard license. Weapon training will include teaching the applicant use of force methods and detention of criminals.

    The required training prepares the applicant to handle situations that can arise when working in the security sector. The armed security guard in New Jersey will find their function is to deter or defuse situations while dealing with the public in a safe manner. The armed security guard will find employment in several industries including:
    •The banking and finance industry
    •Art galleries
    •Retail stores and malls
    •Apartments and hotels
    •Government buildings and properties
    •Industrial and nuclear plants
    •Private security
    •Armored vehicles

    The New Jersey armed security guard will find employment in other industries that require the protection of the armed guard, which can include schools, colleges and private industries”

    • I’ve gained a whole new level of respect for mall security. Which isn’t saying much, since my previous level of respect was almost nonexistent.

  5. To the couple people who aren’t getting it, no one has a problem with the armed security, they have a problem with the fact that only retired LEO are allowed to Constitutionally defend themselves in the gutter known as NJ. As a former NJ subject, I witnessed the insanity first-hand and it was one of the many reasons that sent me over to PA. Go study up on NJ gun laws and when you’re done vomiting, read this again.

    If anyone seriously can’t see the problem that retired LEO are treated as some kind of “better” class, and are the only ones allowed to defend themselves in NJ, then that’s a problem. Pro-equality, not anti-LEO.

  6. A little off topic, many years ago I did a few years as an armed security officer. What an experience. What ticked me off the most, was that I was making at best $5.45/hr (as a Supervisor!) but off duty cops were moonlighting for cash under the table at around $20/hr. They were making far more than I was on my full time job, and MY TAXES WERE PROVIDING THEM THE TOOLS TO BEAT ME AT IT! Plus all they did was sit around, drink free coffee and jawjack with the clerks, while us lowly security officers were actually expected to do our work. At least in SC LEOs were barred from doing off duty security unless working for a security company.

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