“I’ve decided I will not be defenseless again.” – one of Rick Ector’s Detroit firearms students.


  1. I am FB friends with the reporter and have been suggesting that she at least go out and shoot once. Glad to see she got with Rick. He appears often on that tv station as an advocate for responsible gun owners.

  2. Those were some very sharp ladies who really get it. The last one (with the cute dimples) really made me laugh, too.

  3. Good for them !!! With a positive piece like this, maybe it will encourage more men and women to follow their lead.

  4. Rick Ector has moved the ball forward about 15 yards with this CPL class and this press coverage. It’s not about paranoia, testosterone, or anti-government anger: it’s all about taking responsibility for your own safety and that of your family.

    Good on Mr. Ector, and good on the ladies who took the class.

  5. I really appreciated that story. It occurs to me that for these people, to quote Will Smith in Bad Boys, “Shit just got real.” These are people who just do not have time for hand-wringing, shrinking violet, criminal apologist liberal sensibilities about guns. They are too busy trying to save their own lives to get involved in a conversation about it.

  6. it’s all fun and games, girl power when its women… If its a bunch of men, its “Are these men terrorists? Is your community safe? some say yes, others might say no…”

    Eye roll….HUGE eye roll.

  7. When its women learning to shoot.. It’s “Women not wanting to be victims” when its a man learning to shoot it’s “Hes training to kill people”

    • I think it depends on the network broadcasting it. I applaud this network for letting them explain themselves instead of editing the piece to push their own anti – 2A agenda.

  8. I have nothing negative to say about this piece. Great story and I’m really impressed with the comments from the women. My favorite is the lady saying she isn’t telling anything! These gals are sharp and are taking responsibility for themselves. Personal accountability – what a unique concept in today’s USA.

  9. Wow! What a great piece that was! Those women brilliantly articulated their beliefs and rational for choosing to acknowledge their RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITY to protect themselves. Every single quote from those ladies flies in the face of the antis arguments that we are knuckle-dragging troglodytes / rednecks hell-bent on vigilantism.

    I especially loved the lady at the end who looked into the camera saying she wasn’t giving away her “secrets” and effectively warned all bad guys to BACK THE **** OFF. LOL! Beautiful!

  10. Typing too quickly… should have read “brilliantly articulated their beliefs and rationale.” Left off the “e.” 🙂

  11. I’m glad to see so many of the women and the firearms trainer interviewed, are black. It goes a long way to dispel the canard that gun owners are all “old, racist, white men.” The right to self protection is for everybody, and these women obviously understand that they have to take care of themselves if they want to be safe.


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