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Pizza, Pop Tarts, pencils. All have resulted in kids being unceremoniously tossed from their schools when used in a menacing (read: gun-like) fashion. But this is different. The latest culprit is…an actual gun! Well, a Lego gun that’s approximately the size of a quarter. But a Palmer, Massachusetts six-year-old ruthlessly brought one onto a school bus and, as tells it, the little urchin sparked a panic! “[The driver] said he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized.” Of course they were. And once the un-named tike finally got to school, the first grader was given detention and forced to write letters of apology to all those involved. Thankfully, the local SWAT team wasn’t called and no one was injured by the menacing weapon of war. Zero tolerance is so much easier than actually engaging the thought process and making a judgement call. Which no doubt suits principal Haley just fine.

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    • ok – they are in SW MA near Springfield, as in home to S&W. REALLY LADY???? Who do you think pays the taxes that fund your hairspray and fake tan??

    • Plastic smile and her nose is too big, any bigger and they would have to register it as an assault weapon!

      • with a……

        ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This is BY DESIGN, not by idiocy, as some of you believe. Though idiocy’s in it.

        This is about potentially criminalizing anything and everything that suits their evil little purposes. Why do you think so many schools and prisons look so much alike? The near future holds this for our children: PRISON. THE MILITARY. OR BOTH.

        We need to jump off their ship and let them sink. The less we have to participate in their society, the more of us that refuse, the sooner they’ll sink for lack of funding. We need to get together and find more ways to opt out of the society Jacqueline and folks like here envision for us. There are ways. We need to agree upon them.

        • I agree its by design, but I think it has more to do with teaching children to fear guns. Did not Eric Holder tell us that the goal is to “brainwash” people into thinking guns are evil?

    • Very milfy. As far as principles go. If she was my principle I woulda gotten sent there over and over. The first time to plant the seed. The subsequent times would be to water the flower. It’s only a matter of time

      • As far as principles go, I’m sticking with “she can go f*ck herself.”

        As far as principals go, I wouldn’t care if she looked like Audrey Hepburn crossed with Scarlett Johannsen and divided by Marilyn Monroe; being a control-freak with a crippling case of nanny-state idiocy is an instant deal breaker for me in any scenario.

        • Ahh I was wondering if I got that right. And fair enough man. Fair enough. But I think your 13 year old self would be in my side because a 13 year old kid has one thing on his mind. Puntang. And teachers? Probably twice as enticing. Let alone a pubescent boy doesn’t give two shits about the moral views of someone he’s trying to get in. That comes from wisdom, which most young folks lack.

        • Are you a 13-year-old boy, dude? I kind of hope so, because then you’d have a good reason both to make excuses for this dime-store fascist harpy -who’s a four at best, I might add- and for not knowing how to spell “poontang.”

          In the fight for individual liberties and gun rights, there’s only one head you need to be thinking with, and it ain’t the little bald one.

        • You are looking way too far into what I said. If I messed up on principal than I think it’s safe to say that my spelling sucks. Go get butthurt at someone who wasnt joking. If it helps at all I had a bunch a different smiley faces starting from the beginning slowly working their way to the “O” face. It was all a joke

        • I’m standing with you, Lucas D. It’s time to be MEN, not children. Time to put away childish things, as such fantasies are. I mean, REALLY. If you’re still fantasizing about TEACHERS, you might need …

          Must. NOT. SAY. It….

        • William. With all the crap we’ve all been goin through I feel these stories are exactly where the comic relief should come into play. I’d say we all need it.

    • Right you are, as it also had a BAYONET!!!!!! I don’t understand how they released this tiny demon back into society without SOMETHING BEING DONE. Sar/

  1. The story I read (can’t find it now) said that the kid who first saw the (toy) gun and yelled about it on the bus (exact content of the yell was unspecified) was also made to write letters of apology.

    • If that’s the case than at least the lady wasnt only going after the 2A that day. She was also going after the first. But at least the kid with the Lego gun was within his rights. Sounds like the kid caused panic like yelling fire at a movie theater

      • If enough opt out, there’ll be insufficient tax support. There barely is already. Wonder what they’ll try to tax next? AIR? SUNSHINE?

        Don’t laugh; be sure it’s been bantied about. They just haven’t figured out how.

        Or is the word, “bandied”?

      • After reading the mission statement of the school, I think they should start NRA training classes for the kids. Teach them about guns, then no one would panic from a lego.

        I would also ask for a letter of apology from the teacher to the student for having a stupid reaction.

  2. …yet another officious twit lacking the capacity of independent thought. Makes home-schooling all the more attractive.

  3. “[The driver] said he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized.”

    Traumatized by what, the tiny piece of plastic or the overreaction of their fellow classmates and/or adults?

    • “the overreaction of their fellow classmates and/or adults?”

      This, kids at that age look to adults for ques on what is and is not OK and tend to react to what adults say/do in emotional situations.

  4. There are too many women administrators and teachers in our schools.

    When three out of four teachers are women, there are some serious issues that need to be addressed. This is the kind of imbalance that affirmative action laws were meant to fix, RIGHT? (lol no)

    Among full-time and part-time public school teachers in 2007–08, some 76 percent of public school teachers were female, 44 percent were under age 40, and 52 percent had a master’s or higher degree.

    • That is because especially with male teachers and younger kids they are assumed to be up to no good. My wife is a teacher and at her school(Daycare-K) male teachers cannot escort children into the bathroom PERIOD, be the student male or female. Female teachers can escort children of either gender into the bathroom.
      Male teachers are also forbidden from changing diapers of any gendered child. Female teacher can change both. That is the world we live in, a man involved in sort of activity with a child that is not his own is assumed to be doing wrong.

      You hit on a good point though, in general women tend to be more emotional, tend to crave acceptance of a group more often and frankly more “liberal” than men. That is why our schools have become so sissified on focused on the “feelings” of children and making sure “everyone is comfortable and fits in”

    • You’re being a bit sexist there. My wife is a teacher, and she also has an LTC-A (Mass conceal carry permit). Of course she has to leave her protection at home when she goes to her gun free utopian work place. Nonetheless, she’s as bent over these stupid stories we keep hearing as any of us are.

      Meanwhile I’ve met some male teachers that make Barbara Feinstein look like a conservative. It’s more the type of personality that tends to go into education, and expecially those that set the rules and curriculum.

    • Well, what’s the problem? Could it be that it’s run by women, and made unappealing as a choice for manly men? What do you think? My grandson’s elementary school seems to be over 90% women. Come to think of it, I’ve only seen ONE male teacher, and he’s a PE teacher or something.

      Just got the skinny: there’s THREE male teachers. In a school of like 600 kids…

  5. Why oh why, in every picture of these types of alarmist people, do they seem to be exuding this “look how much good I’m doing! Does everybody know how good and righteous I am yet!?”

    Reminds me of those people who brag endlessly about all the charity work they do. Kinda ruins the whole thing.

    • Matthew 6:1-4 (NIV)

      1“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

      2“So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 3But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

      • Thank you for posting that!

        I was thinking the exact same thing as all to ooften they are doing exactly what the pharasees & saducees were doing & for the exact same reason.

        “You polish the outside of the Pot, but inside it is a stinky cauldron of filth.”

  6. Sh!t like this makes me want to vomit. Kids traumatized by an action figure sized toy gun? Not unless they are taking cues from the adults. What a spectacularly messed up generation they are trying to raise.

      • THIS. Opt out, or be swallowed by the whale.

        To what degree everyone can back away from this madness, we should do. This is madness. True madness. On purpose madness, the worst sort…

    • This is why I will either homeschool my children or send them to a quality private school. Coming from someone married to a teacher trust me, the public education system in this country sucks. Increasingly you cannot find a public school even in rural areas not overrun with leftist activist anti everything we like teachers.

        • My wife is one of the good ones. Very pro gun, very like minded in her politics and other world views. Most of her co-workers not so much.

          She loves her job though, she loves teaching and taking care of children god bless her for it.

          Its amazing through even in lesson plans for Kindergarten aged children the leftist crap just shoved in there, I started reading one of her lesson plans about 2 years ago and had to stop it was that bad.

        • It’s very telling that a large number of the public school teachers I met during my time with the school district were sending their kids to private schools. I never kept a tally but in over 20 years I would say that at least 70-80% of the teachers got their kids into private schools.

    • Perhaps this will teach the children to have “zero tolerance” for the BS attitudes of the adults that are supposed to be teaching them a balanced set of morals and the ability to think for themselves.

      The zero tolerance mentality is bass-ackwards. If a kid can get into just as much trouble with a lego gun, pizza, or pop-tart well then heck why NOT bring a real gun to school some day?

      • I allow my kids teachers to teach them a balance of nothing except that which is mostly in the books. The perspectives of my children are of no ones business but my own.

  7. I can’t stop laughing…..

    …all the way to Hell I will laugh… ’cause that’s where this country is going….

    …suddenly, Idiocracy looks like a best case scenario.

  8. School officials, liberal pantywaists, titty babies and busybodies that they usually are, simply follow with their zero tolerance the same decision calculus that concealed carriers do.

    They know that, statistically, the chances of a spree shooting occurring at their particular school today, tomorrow, or even at any time during their career, is extremely remote at best. Yet, the catastrophic outcome of such an event is such that even when discounted by its extreme unlikelihood, it’s still a sufficiently compelling prospect to justify day-to-day persecution of any and all firearm-related incidents; phantasmal or otherwise. That’s the same justification for concealed carry, not to mention home carry, I’ve heard many times from firearms owners out there and even on here.

    After all, principals get paid the same no matter how many kids are punished for pop tart pistols. However, kids gunned down by a crazy person where school officials disregarded even the most tenuous and ludicrous of precursors? Well, that’s going on their permanent record, to be sure.

    So we can all sneer and snicker at their decisions and wonder who’s really running the asylum; but in the end, they’re operating on a very similar decision calculus as firearms owners in general and concealed carriers in particular. It’s probably less useful to deride and dismiss the schools’ policies, than it would be to recognize them for what they are, understand them, and then craft effective political approaches based on that knowledge to counter such asinine policies.

    In other words: how about a little less harrumphing from afar, and a little more civil involvement on the ground?

    • It is not the same “decision based calculus.” A concealed carry holder takes a great deal of personal responsibility for his or her own protection. The liberal pantywaist school administrator will tell you to wait for the police or to throw textbooks. These are vastly different decisions, with vastly different mindsets. Personal responsibility versus lemming mentality.

      Here are other ridiculous things I’d don’t need at this very moment – until I need them – and may save my life or the life of someone else:

      -The spare tire in my trunk – all of my tires are good
      -The first aid kit in my trunk – I’m very healthy for the time being
      -Fire extinguisher – not necessary because my house isn’t on fire
      -Glock 23 – no one is breaking in
      -Survival kit – I’m not lost

      In an emergency, I’ll help myself or others until more help arrives. The unprepared will not have that capability.

      As far as “not needing” the above items – I’ve used fire extinguishers, survival kits, first aid kits, spare tires, and guns. Let me tell you something, I’m damn glad that I’ve had them.

      • @ Jonathan; Over-reacting to a complete falsity of threat is NOT the same as being prepared for an eventuality of even remote possibility of a Threat.

        Your argument is no more stimulating than watching paint dry in a dark room.

        • Gtfoxy? Yours was the weakest response in itself; but nevertheless the most edifying for being such a good example of what’s bad. First, your response itself.
          You take the time out of your presumably busy schedule to reply, but by spending equal time insulting me with a hackneyed phrase as in addressing my argument, you fail both in refuting my argument and credibly dismissing it as unworthy.

          Within your garbled syntax, you use the word “eventuality” to characterize a violent attack upon you. If you regard a violent physical attack upon your person as an “eventuality”, in general terms, and not because you personally are engaged in a violent and/or criminal lifestyle, then you either don’t know what that word means or you are paranoid. I can’t debate you if you’re ignorant of common words’ meanings, or if you have a mental condition that grossly distorts your view of reality. Benefit of the doubt: I’ll assume you just misspoke.

          It is indeed an overreaction to the legos as a stand alone incident; but that’s not the totality of the decision making. The principal’s thinking is that this will be documented and if that kid turns violent while on her watch, this will come back to haunt her when accusations and cries of “Why didn’t you see this coming?” arise. What you see as an isolated incident, and which very likely was not only an isolated, but an utterly innocuous incident, she views as a potential precursor to something sinister. Or, at least a data point which, a posteriori, could be looked upon as a missed opportunity. The fact is that while numerous attacks on schools have been committed by obvious psychos, others have been committed by less those with less obvious intentions. And that’s before even addressing the cases of students, including elementary schoolers, who have brought guns to school and considered them not particularly dangerous, or possibly even toys.

          So your so-called response, while feckless in itself, does highlight a few links in the lineup of shortcomings which beset Second Amendment supporters. There’s that angry insularity, conformity of thought and stunning absence of introspection. The proof? The most controversial comment I made was essentially that people respond to incentives. Yet your response couldn’t even acknowledge the possibility of that being true, or consider the possibility that effecting change relies on adjusting incentives. I bet not more than 10% of the people on here can even name ONE member of their local school board; but here they opine with righteous indignation and the illusion of knowledge. Good grief.

      • Accur? The specifics of the decision in question may differ, but the calculus is indeed the same: take action now against an extremely remote possibility, only because the consequence of being unprepared for catastrophic. I’ll even go one further and concede that being murdered carries an infinite cost, as no amount of money can reverse the event and make you whole. So of course any probability of such an event, realistic but bordering on the infinitesimal one, is something to be guarded against because the discounted value of the downside is still, well, extremely high or even still infinite.

        The examples you cite are pure immaterial straw men as the perils they’re intended to counter are not anywhere near comparable to murder, in either probability of occurrence nor in certainty of being catastrophic. Flat tires are common place and, to the extent that a spare tire is a ready, rarely more than an inconvenience. As for the “not needing” portion of YOUR reply, you don’t get to place items in quotes like that unless you’re actually responding to, well, those exact words in my post. Put another way, you don’t get to make up points that nobody ever made, then argue against them. Mistake? Lie? I don’t know. Probably just the result of a hyperventilating, overwrought, under thought response. Nice try, though. Next!

        • Nice try, indeed. If you don’t want to be unprepared in an emergency, that is your right. I’ve pulled a lot of people with your personality type out of harms way. Go ahead and be as much of a pu$$y as you want to be – or perhaps use your marvelously developed brain to see the costs of being unprepared in the midst of Sandy Hook, Aurora, or a host of other violent confrontations. You’ve already convinced yourself of your intellectual superiority without any practical knowledge of violent confrontations. Warriors will step over you as you quiver in the corner.

          As to my “straw man” argument, consider this: when the going gets rough, people call men with guns. Those with common sense already have them.

    • The difference is, if I were to carry concealed, my gun would not be the solution to EVERY problem (and would in fact be a last resort). Someone flips me the bird, I flip it back. Someone gets up in my face, I do what I can to defuse the situation non-violently. Someone pulls a knife or a gun, well, that’s why I’d be carrying.

      These educators dole out the same punishments regardless of the “crime”. Pizza looks like a gun – suspension. Called someone a bad name – suspension. Pulled Suzy’s hair on the playground – suspension. etc. etc. etc…

      • Mark? Every school district has a multi-tiered punishment protocol and no school automatically doles out suspension as the one and only solution to each and every transgression. The proof? Let’s look at HISD’s Code of Conduct: major city, major school district.
        It reveals multiple levels of infractions and their corresponding levels of punishment. Your fumbled facts reduce your attempted reductio ad absurdum counter to, well, just something absurd on your part. Your response is asinine, but better luck next time.

    • Hmm, not quite. It’s more akin to a CHL holder shooting random people that he thinks might become a future threat to him since waiting for an actual threat is so boring.

    • Very good. But what is a “titty baby”? It’s a disturbing phrase, and I hope it doesn’t mean what I think it does.

      • William, it may have different meanings in different regions; but growing up in Texas it has meant someone who whines and cries to get their way, as a nursing baby might. It’s one of the more effective taunts in the course of growing up, in that it can actually harnesses peer pressure to positive effect.

        It can also be said of someone far too old to behave in that manner. Given that perpetual acquiescence, such people continue as adults to complain incessantly and tend to make poor decisions for resorting to childish tactics.

        I’m not sure what you thought it may have meant, though. Should I be afraid to ask?

  9. Hit the school phone lines and let the principle know that her actions are ridiculous. The phone number is (413) 283-4300. Use a little of your time and voice to let the principle know how ridiculous her actions were. A heavy textbook or a sharpened pencil is more dangerous than that tiny toy.

    I’ve attempted 3 unsuccessful phone calls – so perhaps their lines are already busy.

  10. Well, there is a happy ending to this story that was left out from the above article…

    The superintendent reviewed the bus cam footage and found the “claims” unfounded and the student was allowed back in school with no punishment.

    • Which claims? The one against the kid with the Lego charm or the one against the little suckup who ratted him out?

      • Well… to ME, a “happy ending” would be that Jacqueline, or whoever the hell she is, being tossed out on the searing PAVEMENT.

  11. I can’t wait to have this conversation with my eldest in a couple of years:

    “Yes, guns are perfectly fine as long as they are used safely and with Mom or Dad. But if you ever breathe a word about it at school, all holy hell will rain down on all of us.

    • I took my older one target-shooting for the first time when she was seven, and I made it a point to tell her that she could talk about it with her classmates. If every gun owner starts acting like guns are barely legitimate, they will become exactly that.

  12. This is how they will do it. By using the Pavlov’s Dog trick. One small child at a time they will create the Borg that they want.

    And we wonder why our children cannot compete in the Global Economy

  13. Really, we ought to just divide the country in two and get it over with. People that think this way are beyond help.

    • Exactly. The east and west coasts seem to think they’re elevated above the rest of us inferior, flyover-country rubes, so let’s just carve up two new borders, have them set up their own federal governments, and let them ruin their own backyards however they wish without their arrogant superiority complex and paradoxical blind trust in Big Government affecting the rest of America.

      Oh, and instant amnesty for any refugees from these new socialist hellholes, but instant deportation back if they get caught doing stupid crap like what everyone’s new favorite MILF in the headline did.

      • Yeah. Two WHAT? The divide is philosophical, not geographical. There’s no way to divide it. None that don’t involve bloodshed, I think.

        • Uh…. I don’t think they will shed much blood. Bering that they don’t approve of guns and all. We’d probably be all set.

  14. Hey , Get your kids out of public (government)schools, YESTERDAY . We need to save America, and our kids… America needs REAL man and woman.. not brain washed out , dupes. Even home school kids score in the top 10 % in collage … NEED I SAY MORE…

  15. I am SO glad my kids are well into adulthood. All 3 former Marines, (even my daughter)
    Tho if I could have a do over, I would home school.

  16. Considering the actual traumatic things a child can go through, I’m actually rather ticked off by the driver calling this traumatic. Legos are entertaining, and an adult wetting his pants over Legos is hilarious. Using the word “traumatic” in this case cheapens the word and the seriously bad shit it describes

  17. The pattern on her jacket looks like ……..OMG! GUN SHOT WOUNDS! Somebody get the SWAT team! Get me a lawyer! Get me a therapist and a ghost writer! My eyes are permanently damaged! How could they let such filth into a school? Hurry, I need lots of money to get over this!

  18. When I was a young lad I brought a whole fighter plane complete with missiles to school. It was a Decepticon Transformer toy. (No, it wasn’t Star Scream. I can’t remember which one.)

    Imagine the uproar if that happened today. They’d probably lock down the whole town and call in the National Guard.

    • Hell, when I was in high school a classmate of mine brought a J-frame revolver to speech class for his demonstrative speech “How to Clean a Revolver”. He had to take it to the principal’s office first and promise not to load it. I’m not all that old either – this was in the late Eighties.

      That’s right folks; a real live Smith & Wesson model 36 in a high school in a medium sized city right here in the U.S. of A. and not one person died or got expelled.

  19. No one can convince me there isn’t a concerted effort, on orders from the Dept of Education, to every indoctrination center (ah, public school) in the land to make it quite clear (indoctrinate) to students, especially boys, that ANYTHING firearms related on school property is bad and is going to result in punishment, embarassment, suspension, expulsion and all around no-fun. Brain wash the little ones to view all things firearms as not good.

  20. ***How much ‘awaiting Moderation’ are you going to wait on- I could copy paste and add the comment to the other sites with a note about ‘awaiting moderation’- Thanks for posting whatever you have allowed through- I guess it’s pointless to consider there still be ‘any’ that do their own thought process ND WHO AND WHAT they are allowed to post- I don’t work for anyone and don’t take orders from anyone especially when they conceal and cover truths or other’s honest foresight and opinion, kind of like how things are done in a Marxist Government where the men are spineless and the women fuc their way to the top or bottom, neither that impresses me

  21. I dunno… A 0.003 caliber projectile with a muzzle velocity of maybe 50 FPS might irritate an eye…

  22. What a crock… Charlton Heston’s quote comes to mind..“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.”…


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