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This video isn’t anti-gun. In fact, it shows NRA members and their children in a positive light. We see responsible parents who taught well-behaved children about gun safety – as the NRA does with its media-ignored Eddy the Eagle program. In fact, the report is so positive about kids and gun safety (at the recent NRA meeting in Indianapolis) the film-makers had to make their inability to gain access to a Youth Day event look like a gun lobby conspiracy. And just in case that didn’t leave viewers’ preconceptions intact, the producers put an unattributed, context-free stat about “children” and firearms-related fatalities at the end. Still, ha!

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  1. Stuff wasn’t this cool when I was a kid, but I’m glad there are some parents out there teaching solid values to their children.

    • Got that right. Didn’ get to travel more than a couple hours from home. I took my 12yr and 14yr 8hr each way. They had a GREAT time though didn’t like so much music at the Sat night rally. Older on wanted to hear Beck *as at 2012 meeting.

      Had to drag them out of the RollsRoyce priced air rifle range. Perhaps NRA could create a .22 range (name it the Unicorn Room).

    • Probably the same reason the media isn’t invited into many of the classes and venues at a trade show. While the main floor at SHOT was open to media, the classes were not. Proprietary information, protect identities, and stop distractions.

      • … and … don’t some or many of the classes charge a fee to attend? I have no idea just a guess.

    • I imagine because they didn’t need any Everytown pin heads running around trying to cause problems. It’s probably a pretty good idea too.

    • Well that and I could easily see a school district expelling a kid just because he or she was seen at the convention. Wouldn’t be the first time a kid had been tossed out of school for something that didn’t even happen a school.

  2. Hmm lets see. I was given my first firearm at age 8, a .22 lever action Marlin. My first pistol at age 18. Many of my cousins were treated the same, I have around 35 cousins. We have never shot anyone since at an early age we were taught gun safety.

    I have now begun teaching my five year old the same gun safety.

    In fact the kids that are exposed to guns by their parents are probably better off in life since they have parents that are taking an active role in their lives. A parent that takes a kid shooting is a parent that cares, not an absentee parent.

    Finally, the stat at the end is without context. Yes US kids may be more susceptible to injury with a firearm, but the US also has a much higher per capita ownership of guns than the rest of the world. There are bound to be more accidents. Still, the number and rate of accidents are statistically small and dropping. MSNBC better find a better place to grind their axe.

    • A child is 9 times more likely to die of a firearms accident in the US.

      Ok. For the sake of them I will just take that at face value.

      In the US, a child is also very unlikely to be…
      Kidnapped to be a soldier.
      Murdered in a genocide.
      Die of diseases that have the ability to be all but eradicated.
      …I’m sure this could be a very very long list.

      • I’m pretty sure there are plenty of “developed countries” (which they don’t bother to define or qualify) where children are much more likely to die from a firearm – or any of dozens of other ways for that matter. Perhaps they only care about accidental deaths, not the intentional ones?

      • I was very involved in the “pit bull hysteria” for a while.

        More kids are killed by accidentally locking themselves in refrigerators, having heavy furniture fall on them (TVs, dressers, etc) and being stung by swarms of bees than are killed by dog maulings (no matter the breed.)

        However it is notable that the anti-pit-bull fanatics never let little tidbits like that get in their way of screeching about the epidemic of blood thirsty pit bulls killing children.

        Bottom line women who want to whip up hysteria are going to invent facts, circumstances and twist data to suit their pet peeve.

      • Or to be kidnapped and sold into bondage (slavery) by radical Mohammaden terrorists who are protected for years by the actions of Obuma administration.

  3. Great to see families together, whether it’s guns and a NRA convention, or just out in the park playing ball. Start ’em young!

  4. The quote at the end:

    “American kids are nine times more likely to die of accidental shootings than in any other developed nation.”

    What they fail to mention is the microscopic number of children who die from accidental shootings in the US each year:

    62 accidental shooting deaths in 2010, out of almost 75 million children in the US. And the number has been declining. For any other product or industry, this would be hailed as a massive success and a model to follow. But, GUNS!

    For fun, compare child shooting stats to child drowning stats sometime.

  5. I am amazed that MSNBC aired this report at all, particularly without anything more anti NRA/guns/gunowners than their “statistic” at the end. Truly “wonders never cease”.

  6. More Stupid idiots of the press who know less about guns than the NRA kids and who put out unsubstantiated[made up by liberals] facts to try and put a negative swing on the NRA and firearms. Here is fact: if you don’t know about or know how to use firearms ,than you are simply a FOOL! Does that about sum up the press?

  7. Wonder what the accidental shooting of children in the Muslim world is, especially at weddings? Are there any Muslim countries that are considered to be developed?
    Don’t need any safety rules in a Muslim country, everything is Gods will

  8. I liked the scene with the two women playing their violins. It added a sense of classical elegance to the show.

  9. That bimbo announcing the video has that same Wattsian professional-victim whine in her voice. It kind of makes me want to throw up. For the children.

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