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“My hand is on it, the bolt is open, it was safety checked,” Christopher Duffy tells WTNH after a picture of his six-month daughter “holding” a rifle went viral, causing consternation amongst the Unarmed Ignorami. Clearly, the baby’s hands were nowhere near the trigger. Nor were anyone else’s. So what, exactly, was the problem? The picture was taken at a gun store in Connecticut, a state where the anti-gun culture is strong (and three of its cities made the top ten for America’s most dangerous urban areas). After the “controversy” erupted, Woodbridge Firearms removed the image from its Facebook Page. Needless to say, TTAG will be launching a contest soon for readers to send us images of their kids and guns. Watch this space.

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  1. In a world where emotions trump logic and everyone is easily offended by the smallest obscure item, I could not see this knee jerk must guilt the parents because I have nothing better to do reaction going any other way — especially in CT

    • When I see this picture; I am completely and utterly proud to be an American.
      The one country; no exception, not even Switzerland is as free as we are.
      The definition through all of history of a free person versus peasant, peon or slave are those free to KABA and those that can’t. By that definition; over 6 billion people live in the darkness of oppression, tyranny, servitude and outright slavery.

      G-d Bless America.

    • Wait wait wait. Hold on just a second. Where is this extreme “unacceptable” behavior when MDA makes propaganda posters with children holding guns? Hypocritical doesn’t even begin to describe this.

      • You git on outta here with you and your fancy facts and book learnin! We don’t cotton to your kind round these parts. /s/

        Everyone has conveniently forgotten those pictures.

    • Hi Paul, why in your opinion? It does appear at first glance, that you are a victim of social media propaganda. The fact that so many people fall for the NEWS 8 – abc non-news story is a crying shame. The Dad / photographer seems a reasonable man who loves and cares for his daughter. He is not being irresponsible in any way, for example he is not demeaning her, not giving her beer to drink and not making her do something unsafe for a photo opportunity. I hope later her father teaches her firearms safety, to drive a car correctly and to be a good citizen. If he continues to maintain a strong loving bond with his daughter and his wife; then this young girl will grown into a wonderful young women. Well done that man! Kind regards, Greg

      • Sarcasm is lost on the internet, the smiley face should have given it away. Also, check out his website.

  2. This is the wrong way to poke the anti-constitutional bear/ show of your guns/ expose the next generation: whatever his motive he’s “do’in it wrong”.

  3. We recently toured the Coast Guard facility here in Seattle. In the dark recesses of a building their fast insertion team trains and keeps all of their equipment. Every kid on the tour had a blast taking their turn holding an M4 and getting their picture taken. Others stood at the front of the Safeboat and pretended to take out pirates with the .50 mounted on the bow.

    I need to get these photos up on Facebook in support of this guy.


    • Thats different. Those are state owned weapons used to enforce the states will and those kids are glorifying the awesomness of the state when they play “army”.

      This guy in CT is one of the filthy unwashed plebes and has no business being around any gun.

      • “…This guy in CT is one of the filthy unwashed plebes and has no business being around any gun. …”

        Huh? So let me get this straight. You listen/watch a two minute video snip-it and that’s enough to make judgement on someone’s ability to have their rights taken away from them?

        Oh, and I guess we don’t need pointed out that you’ve just showcased “Liberal tactics 101”. If you don’t agree with someone, immediately resort to nasty name calling.

  4. All the a-holes who are outraged and gnashing their teeth because of this picture would be laughing hysterically and sharing the photo on their own Facebook and Twitter feeds if the baby was holding a beer instead of a rifle.

  5. God forbid we start the children learning about firearms and firearms safety at an early age. You can expect submissions from me as well.

  6. From the headline, I was expecting something involving one of those 230-month-old “babies” they’re fond of using for “gun violence” studies.

  7. Well of course the hoplophobes would freak out seeing something like this. To them guns are like Freddy Kreuger, unstoppable killing machines fueled by the blood of innocents. They fail to realize that this firearm is an inert hunk of metal plastic and glass without any ammunition.

    • But…but….but you could really pinch yourself in an exposed double action hammer….

      Really, when I first started shooting I asked my first instructor for the complete idiot’s version in case I had any wrong pre-conceived ideas. His first words:

      “This is wood and steel. You can’t hurt it. It can’t hurt you.”

      • To be sure, it’s not like there’s no conceivable way it could hurt you. But without ammo it’s not particularly more dangerous than any other poorly designed club.

    • “…this firearm is an inert hunk of metal plastic and glass without any ammunition.”

      That would make it a “car.”

    • Both are projections of the sick mind of the overly emotional anti crowd. And I don’t just include anti-gun in that, just people who live to be anti-something.

  8. The mini kid must have spotted something a long way off. You can see his right hand making an adjustment on the elevation turret on the scope.

  9. That would never happen in Illinois.
    Here, the gun shops make you show them your FOID card before they let you handle firearms.
    Not sure why. Maybe they just don’t want to waste time with people who can’t buy?

  10. A lot to do about NOTHING! I’d be more worried about my kids sitting on some store Santas lap. Is that old fart sick, what’s going on under that red outfit? Is he a perv?
    The weapon is under control, the child has no clue as to anything so it’s needs right then concerning the weapon are moot, as such, any revulsion towards the image is pure idiocy by those with no functioning brain.
    Any argument is pointless as it would be like having a discussion with Bloombergs Mothers Against Guns group of busy-body no brains hens.

    • Judging from a couple of comments above, the Demanding Moms aren’t the only ones soiling their panties over this photo.

      What concerns me the most is that Dad drove the kid to the gun store in a car. A CAR! Now that was downright dangerous.

  11. Hey now you wouldn’t want a cartridge flying into the chamber from somewhere and then the wind closing the bolt somehow with the baby then proceeding to pick up the rifle aim it at someone and pull the trigger. This is completely unacceptable!! /end emotional and illogical sarcasm.

    • No, it’s possible! An alien species may cause a live round to materialize into the chamber by some futuristic matter scrambling device and the infant might run with that weapon to some nursery at some hospital and do some horrific act! Then we could have legislation to prevent babies from handling assault weapons because there was this one time……………………………………pfffft

  12. I certainly do not object to seeing pictures of kids with guns. ‘Merica. But could this particular project be counterproductive to our cause? If our target audience is the fencesitters, would them seeing such pictures help or hurt? Just something to consider. I don’t have the answer.

    • If the so-called “fence sitters” might wet their underoos over a picture, then they’re not fence sitters. They are idiots.

    • Honestly, it’s like not having customers who are a royal pain in the ass. Tell them to get lost! The people who have to stuff a Medicated Tucks in their fissure over the picture don’t really matter anyway. Who really cares what they think say or do.
      It’s like pandering to the Anti Gun Mother Hens. Who cares?? Don’t pander to them. Treat them like the morons they are.

  13. Just because your “offended” doesn’t make you right. The ignorance of these anti gun people is amazing. Worry about raising your own time out generation whiner. These are the same nit wits that send a kid home from school for biting a pop tart into the shape of a gun.

  14. Anti-gun says kids are accidentally shooting themselves all the time! +response, ok lets start firearm safety training early and reinforce yearly for all school kids…like D.A.R.E.=hysteria?

  15. Gun = pure evil. Baby = pure good. When pure good and evil touch the universe is supposed to implode. Baby + gun =//= universal implosion, therefore public outcry because of shattered delusions.

    The simplified formula is gun + anything = pure evil. We just can’t see it because we are associated with guns, therefore we are corrupted beyond saving. Corrupting a baby is simply wrong and abhorrent.

    It’s hard to take them seriously when the shocking punchline is always “but it’s a gun”. It’s hard to repeat “so what” so many times.

    Here’s a gem of a conversation I had before. “A baby or small child should not be in the same house as a gun because guns are dangerous.” “Knives are dangerous too and shouldn’t be in the hands of small children, but which do you think kids get their hands on more often? Should knives be removed from homes with small children”. Cue silence.

    • Gun = pure evil. Baby = pure good.

      Having been around both, I think you have things bass ackwards.

      If I don’t feed my guns they just stand around, quietly. None of my guns ever urped white goo onto my shoulder. And none of my guns ended up smelling like Bayonne, New Jersey if I didn’t clean them every two hours.

      • And, you don’t have to pay for guns over and over again…

        Yep, over and over again… for 18 damn years. So, one day, you can watch the gun piss its future away on some pipe dream of opening his own business as a “Christmas tree decorator”, whatever the hell that is, with his life partner, Javier.

        So, then you freakin’ come home from your shitty ass job, where your dick of a boss gives O’Brian’s fat ass the promotion he’s been promising you for 3 years… And so, you come home and the place is cleaned out, and I mean cleaned out, everything, gone. Except some note saying your whore of wife cleaned out the house and the bank account then ran off with her aerobic instructor…

        So now, you’re alone in this big empty house with nothing, and I mean nothing, she took everything.

        She even took the ice cube trays, what kind of a sick bitch takes the ice cube trays?

        So, you go to… Wait, what was I taking about?

  16. A picture of a baby with a safe gun, no problem. Now pose the same age child next to the family dog or cat and there is a much greater chance for harm, but for some reason that does not make for a news story.

  17. Got a few pictures ready for the contest. Heck, dig one out from the civil war where drummer boys posed with muskets. That will get them going.

  18. Made a purchase there a couple weeks ago, first time using them. The owner was very friendly and down to earth, chatted for quite a while. They just ran a month of donating 10% of every purchase to the CCDL. I highly reccomend them!

  19. Yeah, one snooty facebook friend will have child services and the police kicking your door in. Remember what happened to that guy Sean Moore in NJ

    • Certainly! Obamacare recognizes that kids up to 26 need mommy and daddy’s medical insurance as they’re not at that stage in life where they have that responsibility of their own. 😉

  20. So, it is not okay for the anti-2A to use kids to get their message across, but it is okay for the pro-2A to do it. Seriously, WTF? I would never ever use my kids to get a message across. 1st…respect their privacy. 2nd…I do not want images of my kids splattered all over the net for some pedophile to look at. 3rd…I can convey a message without having to use my kids.


    Everyone knows the baby should be allowed choice. You know… OD, FDE, pink, purple, blue… some good ‘ol woodland camo. This poor baby was obviously not allowed a chance to pick.

  22. I have a picture like that of my niece when she was a couple weeks old with the Cricket Rifle I bought her the day she was born. It has a pink laminate stock and came with a pink case. She just turned 5, might be time to take her to the range with it this year.

  23. My 10 and 11 year old girls have been bugging me up the wall to let them start their own youtube gun channel and while I applaud them for their desire the ramifications and privacy concerns still keep me on the fence and BS like this does not weaken my concerns. Its a freaking baby with a an unloaded rifle… might as well go up in arms over a kid with a picture of a golf club.

  24. “Beer, hammer, baseball bat, bow, car keys, chain, bull whip, and more,”…all incipidly “cuuuuute”. But why? Its just dumb. Like faceyspacybook. IMHO.

  25. Sure, all the uproar over Daddy putting a rifle in his infant’s hands but nothing over the mother putting a foot long dildo in the kid’s hands for the next photo….

  26. everyone is even missing the most important point about this picture. even if the rifle was loaded, bolt closed, and ready to fire, the #2 rule is still in play. the barrel is pointed somewhere else and not at the baby.


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