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Jody Mitic is a city councilor in Ottawa, Canada. He’s also a former Canadian sniper — who lost both legs below the knee after a landmine explosion in Afghanistan — and a proud gun owner. So when Mr. Mitic took possession of a brace of SIG SAUER P320’s he posted a pic on his Twitter account [image after the jump]. In the PC paradise that is urban Canada, however, that’s a non-no. Especially as he tweeted his SIG fandom two days after Ottawa’s fifth homicide of 2016 [/sarc]. Ottawa Sun columnist Susan Sherring took the combat vet to task . . .

Just days after a shooting death on Jasmine Crescent, the third killing on that street in less than a year, Innes Coun. Jody Mitic was tweeting about buying guns.

(courtesy Twitter)

Perhaps not the most sensitive of timing . . .

Ottawa Police Services Board Chair Eli El-Chantiry hadn’t seen the tweet either.

“But one thing I know for sure, more guns never make anything safer,” said El-Chantiry, also the councillor for West Carleton-March.

“To be honest, I always say there are (some things) you need to make sure you don’t post on social media. Sure you can tell from my attitude what I think. It’s like I always tell people — not to put on social media when you’re going away.

“I don’t want to say anything, not about him as a colleague,” El-Chantiry said.

And then there’s a big, long sigh.

“Even if he bought it, it doesn’t mean he has to announce it — makes him more of a target, so why would he?”

With five homicides already in this year alone, El-Chantiry is fighting far bigger battles that questionable tweets.

But in all honesty, it would help if his colleagues shared the load of the city’s fight.

Mr. Mitic is defended himself thusly [via, full interview in video above]:

Mitic said he is a responsible gun owner who stores his guns in a secure place at home.

“It wasn’t an advert. It was to the tweet for people who follow me on Twitter and Instagram,” he said.

“I’m not brandishing my weapons at anyone. I’m not walking down the street with them and shooting at anybody. I take them to the range where it’s legal and transport them in a legally locked case.”

He added that he was in the military for 20 years, and does not believe he should have to hide the fact that he is a gun owner.

“Guns to me are like a hammer to a carpenter. It’s a tool of the trade,” he said.

The “trade” in question being something other than self-defense, as that’s not sufficient reason for a Canadian to own a gun. Or two, even.

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  1. As we have stated numerous times, people who are willing to throw one right under the bus are willing to throw all of them under the bus.

    The right to keep and bear self-defense arms is simply the proverbial canary in the coal mine of rights.

  2. “The “trade” in question being something other than self-defense, as that’s not sufficient reason for a Canadian to own a gun. Or two, even.”

    Ladies and gentlemen…. I give you the FUTURE!!

  3. “But one thing I know for sure, more guns never make anything safer,” said El-Chantiry
    Bring that up the next time the police want to upgrade or add guns.

    • Disband the military! Get rid of all armed security! There’s no point to any of it, apparently.

    • Or for that matter, keep the ones they have. If “more guns never makes anything safer”, and any guns is more than no guns, then by that logic all police (and military) everywhere should have no guns.

  4. It’s exactly that attitude–that “there are (some things) you need to make sure you don’t post on social media”–that has convinced me to post and share pics of guns, shooting, gun safety, etc. more openly.

    Look me in the eye when you try to shame me for enjoying recreational shooting.

    • I know many gun owners are afraid that making it publicly known they bring alot of risk to themselves, but this attitude also makes it hard to argue our case. Sure you can have a discussion or debate with a few people at a time, but its not really as far reaching as being publicly vocal about it.

      I am in no way criticising people for remaining silent. I have a wife and kids and don’t want them targeted or myself, but it is a disadvantage we are faced with.

    • Gun pics are scrutinized by the FBI, They look for serial numbers amoung other things. If I “had”any firearms I wouldnt post pics of them. …. this is funny. The other day my son and I were talking about gun ownership, I said “yeh it wont be long before your pellet gun is banned” he said ” probably true, they can have it, but they cant take my nail gun.”

  5. Well, I can see why a gunowner in Canada would be concerned about letting their ownership status be well known. After all, the cops haven’t been doing much about stopping the wave of breakins by criminals funding their party lifestyle, and the courts haven’t been doing their jobs, either. Best to not let them know that you have something valuable and useful for their trade.

    I picked up a flier from the local police the other day talking about reducing break-ins. It contained the usual stuff- lock your doors, etc. Perhaps we can move it up a notch to “make your house look like it has nothing worthwhile by deliberately ‘shabbifying’ the outside”, or maybe “prevent thefts by having nothing valuable”, or the more effective “prevent house break-ins by being homeless”.

  6. Would it have been better to wait three days?

    You can always find a nearby/recent shooting to stoke outrage. I even remember seeing articles decrying gun rights rallies “only 180 miles from Sandy Hook,” as if that mattered.

  7. Perhaps Susan Sherring should visit a combat zone and write an essay about how having a gun never made anyone safer.

  8. He could have just responded with “GFY” and saved himself whatever amount of time he spent to type his actual response.

  9. A nostril breath and nod while raising a glass to the man who told a scribbling whining wanker to f himself with his pen.

    My regards.

  10. This knee jerk reaction to such an innocent thing is typical of the Canadian way. I came up here 8 years ago from California and after spending this much time up here I can say without a doubt I am so done with this country. Everytime I hear or see an America say stupid shit like “well i’m just gonna move to Canada” I want to smack them in the face with a sledge hammer of reality. The general attitude when it comes to self defense is “well just call the cops”. Its generally accepted to put your personal safety and your family’s safety entirely in the hands of law enforcement and take no responsibility yourself. If you talk about the concept of self defense they will look at you like you have 3 heads. And this myth that Canada is some crime free paradise is absolute bullshit, I have personally experienced more crime here then I EVER did in SoCal. Even my Canadian (Newfoundlander) husband is done with it. He hates getting screwed every which way, never being able to get ahead and getting taxed to fucking death on everything and not getting much in return for it. Americans have no idea what the true reality is up here.

    We are moving to WA state soon and he is excited to get to experience freedoms and rights hes never had here in Canada. He grew up hunting from a young age but the restrictions they have on gun ownership make the effort painful and not really worth it. Now he already has his AR15 build picked out. He does not subscribe to the typical passive Canadian mentality and is intrigued by rights we have such as our 2nd Amendment. He is going to make a fine new addition to our country and I can’t wait to come back home and not be around so many miserable, passionless people.

    • Been there, done that. Spent 2 and a half miserable years in Vancouver BC.
      WA state will be a breath of fresh air to you, but the beware, the Bolshevik hordes have strength in numbers west of the Cascades.
      I hope the Trumpening results in a commie stampede for the Canadian border, I really do. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Truly, when it comes to Canadians and American Leftards, I can’t think of 2 groups of people who deserve each other more.

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