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Remember Ronald Reagan’s killer app in his debate with Jimmy Carter? “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” It was perfect politics: reducing huge amounts of statistical analysis to one easily digestible calculation. I reckon the average American takes the same yes/no approach to gun control. “Do you think Americans should be able to own and carry a gun?” All the stupid ideas mooted by gun grabbers—from “bullet button bans” to micro-stamping—are background noise to Joe and Jane Public. To cut through the clatter and gain ground, gun grabbers must make Americans uncomfortable with guns . . .

It’s not that hard, really. The firearms-related ignorance of urban voters, created by politicians who [rightly] consider gun ownership a threat to their power, creates a fertile ground for the antis’ “guns suck” message. Chicken or the egg? No matter. It is what it is.

If America trained its children in firearms basics as a matter of course, things would be different. Until and unless these brainwashed knee-jerk anti-gun voters receive some direct positive experience with—or at least understanding of—firearms they will be susceptible to the arguments (such as they are) from those who would abridge their Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.

When it comes to gun ownership, familiarity breeds consent—depending on the same factors Dr. Timothy Leary identified for people who drop acid. Whether or not you have a “good trip” or a “bad trip” depends on set and setting: here and how you take the drug/encounter a gun.

Needless to say, the mainstream media aids and abets the gun-ignorant public’s hopolophobia by constantly setting guns in the context of bad things happening to good people. If the press would stop their incessant drumbeat on “negative” gun violence, reporting on any incident where a bad guy pulls a trigger in public, it’s doubtful gun control advocates would have a proverbial pot to piss in.

Can’t happen. If it bleeds it leads. That’s simple human nature. Besides, there’s an underlying unquestioning sympathy for America’s disarmed minority communities “afflicted by gun violence” amongst the white liberals who control the mainstream media. Their condescension creates an anti-gun meme: something must be done!

We do our part by showing our viewers gun crime. Here’s someone who wants to “solve” the problem. If there wasn’t this “need” the spokesfolk for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and their ilk would be very lonely people. Pro gun control pols probably wouldn’t even exist.

Fortunately, the bloody coverage cut both ways. For The People of the Gun, news reports of gun violence strengthen their gun-clinging tendencies. Lest we forget, gun sales surge after every widely reported spree killing. Truth be told, gun control advocates gain ground.

All of which leaves me wondering how may Americans share the Huffington Post’s Pavolian response to the words “machine gun”? Does the fact that a killer used a “machine gun” (a.k.a., an “assault weapon”) really push their pro-gun control bullet button? What if it’s not a killer? What if it’s members of the Asheville NC Tea Party?

On Sept. 29, the Asheville Tea Party is hosting a “Machine Gun Social” at an indoor arms range in Brevard, North Carolina.

According to the event’s flyer, attendees can give $25 for a 30-round magazine on a 9mm submachine gun of their choice — an HK MP5, an Israeli UZI or a Swedish I. Guests can spend $35 for 30 rounds on an AK47, while the most ambitious of Tea Party patriots can drop $50 for 30 rounds on an M16.

Although the Tea Party’s existence makes left wing pundits apoplectic, again, I bet the man in the street has no strong feelings about the org on way or the other. If voters had the time or interest to fully consider the Tea Party’s goals, chances are they’d support its platform of fiscal responsibility.

Hence the HuffPo’s frantic and incessant attempt to portray the Tea Party as proto-domestic terrorists. For the left-leaning gun grabbers, the Party’s Machine Gun Socials are a gift. So much so, scribe Cole Strangler [sic] falls all over himself to paint a picture of Tea Party supporter as gun-crazed extremists.

This isn’t the first time that Tea Party-affiliated groups or campaigns have held this type of fundraiser. In February 2010, Republican House candidate Tim D’Annunzio had a fundraiser that offered a barbecue dinner and a semi-automatic machine gun magazine at a Fayetteville, N.C. shooting range.

Those of us who follow such things (or care about factuality) will know that the term “semi-automatic machine gun magazine” has no meaning. Those who don’t . . . won’t care. While they may—I repeat may—feel revulsion at the concept, they’ll know that it’s not a gathering of terrorists. After all, it has the word “Social” in it.

In that sense, the HuffPo’s report actually helps gun control advocates. You mean you can fire a machine gun legally? For fun? It’s not the best possible way to normalize firearms for the firearms ignorant, but it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

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  1. the more shrill and hysterical they shriek and wring their hands the sillier they look. level headed folks, even non gun people can see that they have no real point to make. are you better off now than four years ago can just as easily translate into do you feel safer with or without a gun.

    • As simple as that question is, it is incredibly profound and I have never really heard anyone pose that question for that purpose — to win over citizens who are not gun rights proponents.

      I am thinking that should be the mantra of gun rights activists. Perhaps we could expand it to include another simple, powerful truth:

      “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. So, do you feel safer with or without a gun?”

  2. “Does the fact that a killer used a “machine gun” (a.k.a., an “assault weapon”) really push their pro-gun control bullet button?”

    — I don’t think so in an absolute sense. Many previously anti-gun liberals are becoming increasingly open about basic self-defense gun ownership (though many still with reservations about high-capacity or .50 cal sniper rifles, etc). Increasing numbers of liberals are buying guns out of concern for crime, social instability, etc. They also see the violent results in places with tight gun restriction ie Chicago and Washington DC. The irrational claims of the extremist gun controllers are not meeting the growing known facts. The Internet is the modern era Gutenberg Printing Press.

  3. At the next Social Democrat fundraiser, attendees will have the opportunity to confront an actual, armed bad guy by using harsh language. Survivors will be expected to make a large contribution.

    It should be very exciting.

  4. Balancing making the trek and giving money to people I disagree with a fair bit versus firing full autos…

  5. OMG! OMG! This article was a trip through nostalgia. I grew up watching <The Dukes of Hazzard, and I did that growing within hollerin’ distance of Asheville. The man in the video is running to represent the area where my grandparents lived. I’m here at my computer grinning over memories of my home state.

    O.K., so for everyone else–I’d have to bring $160 with me to that fundraiser, since I’d want to shoot every one of the named guns. Nah, I’d just round it up to $200 for a second go on something.

    Surely, someone has come up with “Take a newbie to the range” day or month. I invite anyone who wants to try out my armory whenever the opportunity arises. Guns are fun. Give someone the chance to feel that, and the person will be friendlier to us.

    • Take my friends out all the time 🙂 They usually have a blast… Sometimes they complain about their shoulders… Lol

  6. The TEA PARTY wont be doing much in the way of “defending America” other than shooting from their Hover-Round’s…

  7. By “gun control advocate” do you mean someone who advocates for gun control? Confused by the text…

  8. “All of which leaves me wondering how may Americans share the Huffington Post’s Pavolian response to the words ‘machine gun?'”

    Quite a few of them, actually, because they don’t know better. That’s why so many of us end up educating our friends/relatives/others we come in contact with about the difference between “assault rifle,” “assault weapon,” “machine gun,” etc. I personally have spoken with people who were frothy-mouthed about “machine guns,” and by the end of the conversation, during which they’d received a nickel’s worth of education, they’ve turned back into thinking, rational human beings. It’s human (animal?) nature to overreact to the “scary things.” Just like whitetail deer. The flag flies, and everyone reacts without thinking. It’s what keeps us alive. Education can help overcome the panic response.

    Oh, and like Tray said: Pavlovian, not Pavolian.

  9. i’ve heard this said before and i’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. i don’t care where you lie on the political spectrum, if you shoot a machine gun you’ll have a big shit eating grin on your face. you can’t help yourself.

    • Definitely leaning towards an emphatic yes until I actually get to fire full auto, and then it’s a definite yes. 😀

  10. Uhm not sure why this made the news, oh yeah they freak out about guns in any manner period!
    Actually I remember a co-worker. She was not really for or against guns, and went to Nevada i.e. Vegas for her birthday. Her wonderful husband enrolled them in a practical shooting course with a chance to fire a fully automatic rifle in the end.
    She was turned off, it was like I don’t like to shoot guns, geez what a great gift my husband got me!
    Upon her return she was so jazzed up about the experience she had already plumped down the cash at her local LGS for a pistol of her very own! It goes to show you that once you remove the FUD, and actually teach folks what a gun really is, their entire view changes.
    Now of course not everyone will change, but I think the vast majority of folks who are neither here nor there could be changed. I think most folks only see the news and the continual stream of headlines about gun violence. So of course thinking they are rational, they will vote for any gun control thinking that simply solves the issue now doesn’t it.
    Well except it doesn’t. Unless they are taking the time to educate themselves, and realize that criminals don’t care about gun laws or any law for that matter, the laws they vote for only effect law abiding citizens.
    This is similar to the 50 BMG ban here in CA. Seriously?? Like thugs are running through our streets with 30 lbs sniper rifles? In fact i don’t even know if there has been a documented crime using a weapon of that caliber or size. I am sure there has but certainly not any spree killings. Yet here in CA those are just bad, they look scary, so gee we need to ban it.

  11. Thanks for the posts. This is the second time we are doing our Machine Gun Social. It is to raise money for our iCaucus endorsed candidates who are getting no help from the establishment party. (Wow. What a surprise.) We are 17 tea parties across the state who got these folks over the finish line through 2 primaries. We now have to get them through the Nov election. Hope to see you on Sept 29th! and We meet weekly. Check us out. Thank you!

  12. In addition, here is another gun fact that gun control advocates can not argue against: In the 20th century,170 million people have been annihilated by their own governments AFTER BEING DISARMED.

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