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“Patrons who walked into Ade’s Gun Shop on Saturday saw something they might not have expected when shopping for firearms or jewelry,” reports. “Amid 12-gauge shotguns, AK-47 assault rifles and even Dirty Harry’s favorite – a .44 –caliber Magnum revolver, six teenage girls and two of their mothers packed lunches into neatly folded brown bags.” Wait for it . . . “On the last day of every month since Dec. 31 last year, Emily Atkinson and Tracy Lopez have led a small team of high school students who deliver bagged lunches to homeless people hanging out around the Santa Ana Civic Center.” That’s it for the gun angle. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or cheer.

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  1. Well good for the store owners for letting them use the space. If patrons want to volunteer or donate I am sure that is ok too. People doing good deeds should be praised. Regardless of the location.

  2. Shame on these parents. Letting those kids get close to those degenerate, dirty ‘things’. One might reach out and touch one of those young ladies and convince her to become a ‘gunzloonz’. Next thing you know, those young ladies might become sport shooters, maybe even shoot on yhe Olympic team.

  3. How long before some leftist pols want to ban this because “the nutritional content of the bagged lunches cannot be verified.”

  4. “Oh sure, fatten up the homeless while the gun store hunters are waiting for the homeless season to open.” Clever. 😉

    Honestly, though, any good deed is good, indeed!

  5. Uh oh, here comes California’s Children & Family Services SWAT Team to protect and separate those innocent children from those dirty phallic-shaped long-barreled objects their irresponsible mothers are letting them be exposed too.

  6. Er, do the bags have the California lead warning labels? If the lunches are packed in a building with lead ammo……..

    Gotta protect the homeless regardless.


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