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“A 76-year-old woman was injured and her purse stolen by two teenagers Sunday morning while in the north vestibule at St. Cecilia’s Cathedral,” the caption under this YouTube video informs. This is hardly the first violent attack in or near a church. Why would it be? Thugs know that elderly people attend church. Click here for Man charged with aggravated rape, robbery of 81-year-old near Mid-South church. Click here for 78-year-old volunteer attacked outside Grass Valley church. Click here for 89-year-old woman robbed at Fayetteville church, police say. And, of course, there’s . . .

the especially heinous Charleston Church Shooting. While that massacre wasn’t in the exact same category, the fact that churches are a “gun free” zone doesn’t seem to have escaped criminals’ and crazies’ attention. Nor the attention of their intended victims. Which is why the Rocky Mount United Methodist Church in Jemison, Alabama has set-up its own gun range on previously unused church property. A trend that’s spread throughout the Bible Belt and beyond. says h-h-h-hold it! “When churches go armed, it normalises and sanctifies violence.” As if these thugs need an excuse.

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  1. If you’ve gotten yourself in a position to be sucker punched a gun ain’t likely to be of much use to you.

    Gun free zones need an armed responder on site to deal with these situations. Somebody whose only reason for being there is to scope out and hopefully prevent these events from happening in the first place.

    • Or….if she were armed with a gun, she would have practiced better situational awareness, as is a common side effect of carrying, and she wouldn’t have been in a position to get sucker punched in the first place and wouldn’t have provided an easy target.

    • A Rifleman’s Prayer

      Dear God, my Father, through Thy Son
      Hear the prayer of a warrior son.

      Give my eyes a vision keen
      To see the thing that must be seen.

      A steady hand I ask of Thee
      The feel of wind on land or sea.

      Let me not ever careless be
      Of life or limb or liberty.

      For Justice sake a quiet heart
      And grace and strength to do my part.

      To God and Country, Home and Corps
      Let me be faithful evermore.


      • Warrior’s prayer:

        Blessed be the Lord my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.
        Make me fast and accurate.
        Let my aim be true, and my hand faster than those who wish to harm mine and me.
        Let not my last thought be”If only I had my gun”, and Lord if today is the day you are to call me home.
        Let me die in a pile of brass.

        • Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women. – Conan the Barbarian

  2. Disgusting punks. Y’know, I’ve always said that I refuse to get involved in other people’s problems, but for that brace of bastards I would make an exception.

    • Ralph,

      I respect the sentiment of many people (yourself included apparently) who say that they will not stick their neck out to help other people who foolishly chose to be unprepared for a violent attack. I often feel the same way. Having said that, I will not hesitate to assist a child, elderly person, or young mom with baby in tow who is the victim of a violent assault. For those three classes of people, it is effectively impossible for them to possess and deploy a firearm for self-defense.

      Caveat: a young mom with a baby in tow could potentially be armed for self-defense. Of course it would be next to impossible to deploy that firearm while nursing or even just holding a baby. For those reasons alone, I am inclined to help a young mom who comes under attack.

      • I hear you loud and clear. However, I don’t want to be like the cop who intervenes in a family dispute who then gets attacked (physically or legally) by the woman he was trying to help.

      • I’m curious – for the children and elderly, you make no distinction for gender. But, you would only assist a young mother with child. Why not a young father with child? He may not be nursing, but he is as likely as she is to be carrying the infant. If they are using a carrier or she still has stitches from a c-section (as my sister did recently), more likely due to the added weight and strain.

        Also, I assume that the young is more to indicate that they child is likely young. I have seen grandparents or middle-aged parents holding infants. I’ve even held infants for others while it and about.

  3. Did the first punk grab her purse? It’s hard to tell if that was just a shove or if he actually took something. In either case the 2nd one comes up and punches her?!?! What. The. Fuck.

    I don’t know if I could’ve recaptured enough youth to run those punks down, but if I had I would’ve done my best to distill the 18 years worth of discipine they should’ve gotten into one epic ass beating.

    • They may make good honey snatchers , everyone has a talent , Right ? That woman probably didn’t need that purse anyway and her husband probably didn’t earn what they had on his own , It’s just another way of providing government assistance . They seemed to work pretty hard for that pair of eyeglasses , the Humana card , the sugar pill and heart pill and the $12.54 in that purse . Probably didn’t even get a cell phone .
      When they dig through her purse and come up nil do you think they will think to themselves , we could have killed that old lady for this . NO

    • No I hope that they rob the wrong guy and instead of going down he whips that ass good, making that punk squeal like a stuck pig. And I hope it’s on video.

      That said I’d like to spit beach nut in that dudes eye!

  4. These two pieces of detritus deserve a special kind of vengeance. Feet first, Fargo-style would would be reasonable.

  5. “”Behold I cast you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents, but innocent as doves.”

    This poor old lady forgot to be wiser than the serpents she just met, which means having the best snake killing gun there is, to protect her dovish existence.

    Whenever my family has to go to Omaha, we have to carry guns in case of black on white violence. As a Christian I should not have to view all blacks as threats, and then be happily surprised that they are one of the good ones, just like with cops.

    These continued hate crimes, States of Emergencies being declared, along with many other reasons is why other races prejudge blacks as being a violent and a destructive race. This is why we cross the street, this is why we avoid you, this is why we assume you are stealing or generally up to no good. I don’t suspect you will ever change, so how in the world can you expect us to change our attitude towards you.

    Let me guess they attempted to murder this old lady because of the Southern Cross, or was Jesus just being a racist when he said all lives matter.

    • Wise as serpents would mean to avoid a dangerous situation, but our government deems determined to trap us in such anyway.

    • Seems to be a pretty silly comment on a web sight that is designed to inform people about how we need to protect our freedoms .
      Questions for Mark N.
      Would you want a God that CONTROLLED every aspect of your life ?
      Would you want a God that protected you from everyone bad , everything bad, including yourself ?
      Would you like a God that acted like Obama on steroids ?
      Would you want to live in a world where you could eat the stones under your feet ?
      Wouldn’t you rather have a God that allows you to make mistakes and permits bad things to happen to you ?
      God could polish off everyone if He chose to be this proactive .
      Our flittering life in the here and now is about service to others and the choices we make now determine the promotion we receive in the next realm .
      I don’t mean to be judgmental Markus , but I felt it just needed said .
      I am no saint and need constant realignment myself . ……………God bless !

        • “Just askin’ for a little more quality control, that’s all”

          We have the greatest gift we could have from a Benevolent God: Free Will.

          It’s the model of ‘personal liberty’ the Founders were trying to encapsulate in the new government they were forming. Each man has his liberty; his choice. Each man has his own sovereign will.

          With liberty comes great responsibility. Sin is common to man – all mankind. So, the quality control failure here is man’s failure, not God’s.

          The alternative is no Free Will, and we would then be nothing but playthings for a higher intelligence.

          I’m a Christian, and I believe that gift of Free Will is perhaps the greatest of gifts, second only to very life itself.

          Bottom line: this happened because those individuals chose to do it. God did not “make” them do it nor did God “prevent” them from doing it. If God had intervened, that intervention would have absolved them of the responsibility for the choices they made as the outcome was then out of their hands.

        • Exactly what JR said: mankind has free will. Evil people have been abusing free will since the beginning of people.

  6. Successful crimes like this just encourage the thugs to repeat them. One day they will try that shit on the wrong old lady and wind up ventilated. I fail to shed a tear. This is why I never believe the claims “He was just turning his life around!” or “He was a good boy, he dint doonuffin”

  7. Are you ‘effing kidding me?!?! These little scumbags need to be strung up!! They wonder why they’re targeted by the cops? They wonder why their “good kids” are getting shot by the popo?

    They deserve nothing less!

  8. Try that at my church, and half the congregation will draw on you. Our church hosted a CHL class not long ago. I took part, and would have my CHL over two months ago if the website wasn’t worse than

    1- I accidentally started an instructor application, tried to go back and select a normal application, and the website won’t let you because once you start one application, you can’t start another. After several phone calls and support tickets to various customer service numbers, I finally had to wait 4 weeks for the old application to time out so I could start a new one.

    2- Once I started a new one, and went all the way through the process I submitted the application only for the website to give me an error saying that it couldn’t process my credit card. It told me to check to make sure that my card was correct, contact my bank/card company to see if they blocked it, or to try again later. It did this a few dozen times over the next two days, until I discovered that it charged my credit card the 1st time I tried to submit the application, but it didn’t process anything. I tried calling around to confirm this issue and to see if I could get a refund. Several support tickets were filled and I never got a call back. Finally, on the last time I called they said that they couldn’t process a refund, that I’d have to submit a credit card statement to them, and wait 6 weeks for a refund. In the mean time I was advised not to resubmit the application again until I got everything sorted out. I thought about typing it up and sharing with TTAG, but whatever. Suffice it to say, the problem is still on-going. /end-off-topic-rant.

    • @Joelt1: What bunch of idiots. Ask them who does their IT work. Whoever it is needs to be fired. Then they need to go find someone who knows what in the Hell they are doing. The taxpayers are paying for this sub-standard work. Unbelievable incompetence from a government organization. Who would have believed that (/sarc off) ?

  9. The second “teen” punches the woman in the face when she is clearly not a threat. I have to ask, was it done out of vindictiveness or hate?

    I suspect we won’t see this video on the huffpo or wapo. I just checked and the story isn’t on huffpo or wapo.

  10. Churches are a “gun free zone”? Not to me. The (few) times I have attended mass recently (well, distantly) i’ve been packing because I don’t trust ISIS or AQ or others to have the decency to not attack services. I disn’t see any signs saying not to do so. And concealed means concealed.

  11. Look, scavengers and bottom feeders ALWAYS go for the easiest targets. When you see someone cold-cock an old lady, you know they are the bottom-dwelling scum-suckers of humanity.

    I don’t endorse police brutality. Well, sometimes, maybe, under special circumstances. This fits the criteria of being worthy of a vigorous wood shampoo and a comprehensive “tune up”.

  12. “When churches go armed, it normalises and sanctifies violence.” —

    I am so sick and tired of churches condemning righteous use of violent force to defend innocent life.

    Can we all (believers anyway) agree that God would not approve of us jumping off of a tall building? And why do we agree on that? Because life is a gift from God and exceedingly precious. To throw it away is wrong. So, if it is wrong to throw you life away by jumping off of a tall building, it is equally wrong to throw your life away by doing nothing and letting a violent criminal beat/kill you.

    But don’t take my word for it. Look in the Bible. From Exodus 22:2

    If a thief is caught breaking in at night and is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed …

    In this verse the Bible clearly condones use of violent force. ‘Nuff said.

    • I will further add that mothers and fathers have an obvious obligation to protect their children and to provide for their children. A mother or father who is incapacitated or dead can neither protect nor provide for their children. For this reason alone God sanctifies violence in defense of innocent life. Does God want violence? No. Does God understand that it is sometimes necessary and allow it? Yes.

      Or how about this angle: what is the 6th commandment of the 10 Commandments? You shall not murder. And what is murder? It is preemptively killing someone for selfish gain. If an attacker forces you to use violent force to defend yourself and your attacker dies from the resulting injuries, you have not murdered your attacker. You have killed your attacker, but you have not murdered them. The fact that it is possible to kill someone without murdering them illustrates that God allows the use of violent force to defend innocent life from attackers.

      • Absolutely correct .
        Differs from the people of a state killing another human for the crime of murder after they have been JUDGED guilty of the crime by people who have no wood in the fire .
        If you are attacking me or my family , or my neighbor or neighborhood and I see you doing it God not only permits my decision to stop you , but would condemn me if I do nothing .

    • Yeah, I’m getting tired of the false equating of being armed to actual violence too.

  13. at the end of their days when they stand in front of god…i don’t think they will be allowed in his hood

  14. Lord JESUS-bring back chain gangs and public executions. Were they 2 of Barry’s Boys??? As if I needed another reason to be pizzed…no this wouldn’t happen in my Baptist church in NW Indiana-armed cops,armed security and plenty of armed CC folks too. “You can DIE Joey”…

  15. This is a horrible crime. Having said that, it goes to show that one is never safe, not even in a church.

  16. The White woman was asking for it. Take that white pribbleiges! Them boys, they ain’ do nuffins.

  17. Their are plenty of black Christians that would literally kill these evil individuals if they got their hands on them.

  18. Studies have shown that the older people get, the more trusting they get. We need to do more to protect our senior citizens. We can’t really expect an 86 year old woman with no reflexes to start packing. Let’s face it, the hood-rats look at a lone Caucasians as prey, especially if they are frail. So if you see an old woman in a church by herself, and you are in an area rife with hood-rats, take the time to loiter around. You presence alone could be all the deterrent to these cowards.

  19. Two liberal mantras on display simultaneously: “black lives matter (cuz whites don’t)” and redistribution of wealth. The only thing missing is a white cop shooting them as they exit the church so we can hear the MSM tell us how they were the victims of racism.

  20. This is going to sound strange, but in an alternate universe, I was imagining this lady turning suddenly and drawing a kukhri, and removing the second guy’s arm, blood squirting all over like a bad samurai flick..

  21. I don’t want to hear anything else about #BlackLivesMatter until #Character is developed among some Black youth! I resist to say all because that would be stereotyping!

  22. “When churches go armed, it normalises and sanctifies violence.”

    Self-defense violence _is_ sanctified and always has been.

  23. “When churches go armed, it normalises and sanctifies violence.” —

    Seems to me God once said that if you don’t defend the defenseless, you’re as guilty as the murderer. Now, just how are we going to defend the defenseless without violence of some sort?

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