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  1. Hmmm… is the message “This video has been removed by the user” meant to be the explanation on some level?

  2. try using this address for the video. It should work.

    youtube DOT com/watch?v=Fk-4maiu3hg

    Other wise just search

    USA Shooting Team – Keith Sanderson – NSSF Shooting Sportscast

    I think that is right

  3. Wow it’s so refined it almost doesn’t sound fun.

    I’d imagine 3-gun would make an exciting Olympic sport…

    • Refined, maybe. But it’s very, very hard to shoot any of the Olympic disciplines well. I compete in several (though not at an Olympic level), and they are a real challenge. The free pistol shooters will put 60 rounds into a group a size of a teacup – at 50 meters. Shooting with one hand.

      Good sport, if you like a real challenge. 🙂

  4. Fellers, the message yeer a-sendin’ the world here is, Yee-ha lookee, I jist got me a pistol! And having shot with quite a few of you, I can confirm that. Speak English and tell the truth: have you ever had the unmitigated balls to try it? Some people contrive and cultivate ignorance to cover up a fear of inadequacy (others, of course, come to it naturally). I’m sure that’s not true of any of y’all born-again pistoleros, no sirree. It just looks and sounds that way.

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