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Former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)
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It’s hard to keep up with the nicknames floating around for former Vice President Joe Biden. President Trump, who’s managed to tag his political opponents with all manner of extremely sticky monikers (think Low Energy Jeb Bush, Little Marco Rubio, Elizabeth, “Pocahontas” Warren and Crooked Hillary Clinton) has referred to Uncle Joe a few different ways. We’ve heard both Crazy Joe and Sleepy/Creepy Joe.

The pride of Delaware, however, will forever be known to readers of these pages as Shotgun Joe Biden. That dates all the way back to the post-Sandy Hook gun control push.

If you’ll remember, President Obama did gun owners a huge favor by putting Biden in charge of the effort to pass universal background checks and an assault weapons ban. The Veep’s sage advice to Americans who wanted to be able to protect themselves: no one needs a machine gun or 30 rounds of ammunition. In short, “Buy a shotgun.”


Joe even went so far as to take a position in a long-running home defense debate. He opined — based on his decades of firearms experience — that for most people, shotguns were a better choice as a home defense weapon than semi-automatic rifle as they’re easier to aim and a better deterrent.

That’s another question for a different day. In the mean time, we’ll simply note that now, six years later, Joe’s back out on the campaign trail and talking guns again.

His latest pronouncement: in order to do something about “gun violence,” we need smart guns!  As he told the Washington Examiner this week . . .

“For example, one of the things we worked on early on, and I worked on with folks out in Silicon Valley, we should be able to make a weapon that, in fact, you can only, if you can buy it, can only be fired with James Bond kind of stuff, if it has your print on it. You’re the only one that can pull the trigger,” Biden said. “That’s within our capacity to do that.”

This isn’t a new thing for Joe. Not at all. He’s been telling Americans to buy smart guns for years now.

Let’s dial the Wayback Machine to January of 2016 . . .

There’s only one problem, Joe. As we said back then, there are no smart guns to buy.

Why is that? Well, as we explained . . .

(D)on’t bundle the family into the Grand Caravan and head for your local gun store just yet. They don’t have any (smart guns) for sale.

The President (Obama) loves to blame Wayne LaPierre for that, but as the People of the Gun know, the reason you can’t buy a so-called smart gun isn’t the insidious influence of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. No, the blame for the dearth of “smart guns” lies with the dedicated public servants who run the deep blue state of New Jersey.

America’s armpit has a poison pill law on the books that mandates that once a smart gun is available for sale somewhere in the US, all guns sold in the Garden State MUST have the technology. America’s gun owners have demonstrated their disapproval of this state of affairs by refusing to patronize any store that triggers the law.

They don’t object to smart guns per se, they just don’t want to force that on their brethren in New Jersey. President Obama, Uncle Joe and the rest of the agitprop generators in DC should blame — not the National Rifle Association — but people like Loretta Weinberg and her fellow travelers for this.

None of that, of course, will matter at all to Slow Joe (another nickname!). He’s riding comfortably at the top of the polls right now with a 30+ point lead for the Democrat nomination. Floating genius ideas like selling James Bond-style smart guns makes for great sound bites that media mega-minds like Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon will eat right up.

So we we can ignore Joe’s call to buy smart guns as part of our patriotic duty. As long as New Jersey is standing in the biometric schoolhouse door, we’re not likely to see one available any time soon.

Instead, we’ll keep an eye on Joe and his fellow candidates as they kick around Senator Spartacus’s national gun licensing proposal, because the race to the bottom in advocating ever-more Second Amendment restrictions is what passes now for “bold leadership.” Or something.


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  1. Joe Biden admitted that the “Second Amendment exists” but stressed during a speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday (14 May 2019) that it does not say everyone is “entitled” to own a gun.

    That’s from AWR Hawkins over at Breitbart.


    A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    ….shall not be infringed.

    Definition of that to the positive: Guaranteed, entitled, certain.


    Y’all g’wan ‘n keep gittin’-r-done like that JB. Like shootin’ barrels in a fish, or somethin’ on that line.


    And it needs to be said: The typical Democrats know exactly what they’re doing. Nudge. Change the narrative. Executing ‘the big lie’ hour after hour, day after day. They’re not dumb, stupid, etc. They’re on a mission.

  2. Joe Biden will go the way of Jeb Bush. Hmmm, maybe Biden should change his logo to “Joe!”

    But at least Biden once acknowledged that someone should buy a shotgun. What other Democrat running for president would consider saying ANYTHING positive about gun ownership?

      • Harris has announced her “no brainer” solution to gun violence. Ban the importation of “assault rifles” by executive order.

        Great soundbite but didn’t the last time this was tried it resulted in the following: no change in crime or murder rates, made the importation of accessories impossible (AUG magazines?), and some manufacturers started local production (FN, H&K, Beretta, etc).

        Stupidity is doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result.

        No brainer indeed.

        • Importation of so called semiautomatic “assault rifles” is already banned. They are not sporty enough. And yes, it was by executive order. By George Bush (the elder one).

        • she mouths a lot of silly stuff…i’m already beginning to dislike her…touch of hilliary there…

  3. Right after Sandy Hook, when I started my daily reading of TTAG, Biden used the words “civilian disarmament” in an interview, so not much to see here.

  4. Why would anybody want Joe for president? He can’t remember what he had for breakfast,,, his ex boss won’t even endorse his run for office,,,

    • You know, the election, at least the serious part is just about one year out. He still has time to grow what hair he has left into a man bun. What are the chances he’ll do so?

  5. What absolutely convinced me that Joe Biden should never be put in charge of anything was the “use a shotgun and shoot through the kitchen door” remark he made a while back. What if someone actually took his advice and fired blindly into the kitchen? Suppose it was your son or daughter that had snuck out on a date and were trying to sneak back into the house with someone that you didn’t approve of? Total lack of common sense in a president is NOT a good thing.

  6. We need smart people, Joe, something you have no personal relationship to. Show me an electronic device that works 100% of the time, will ya Joe? Such does not exist! Guns are tested 5,000 shots to as much as 25,000 shots for potential malfunction. I’d bet a smart gun wouldn’t get thru 1,000. That isn’t good enough.

  7. Although retired, I occasionally work as a Consulting Engineer and had access to a report that included information from several companies that are experimenting with smart gun technology. It included a section on modes of failure.

    Biometrics i.e. fingerprint or palm readers, can fail if your hands are sweaty or dirty, such as just working in garden or on a car or just eating a piece of fruit were the juices run a bit, even hand creams and sanitizers, fail if you are wearing gloves (winter, driving, therapeutic), recent hand injury the list went on.

    RF-id. this list was shorter but distance, clothing and jewelry were major factors in their discussions. Heavy winter clothing could result in inconsistent signals, requiring the signal source to be closer, not always possible. (On a personal note, I worked for a company that was beta testing RF id bracelets for computer password entry. I needed it replaced every 1 to 2 weeks due to operational failure. I have this issue with all electronics that have continuous or long term contact with my skin I have not worn watch since my teens. These were sealed silicon bands with non-replaceable batteries. After 4 or 5 they decided I could enter my password manually.)

    The locking mechanism can be disabled by magnets or dropping or sudden shock making firearm usable by anybody. It also can be caused to fail in the same manner making firearm unusable by anybody. Which result occurs appeared to be random. Although the papers did not mention it would not recoil be a sudden shock?

  8. The Leftists are trapped like rats on a sinking ship.

    The hard-Leftists like AOC control easily half of the Party who will vote, and they will not accept someone like ‘Joe’ as their candidate. The somewhat-rational half of the party are horrified at the thought of a hard-Leftist being the nominee and loosing to Trump in 2020.

    If you thought 2016 was a wild election, you ain’t seen nothing like the way 2020 is gonna turn out. 😉

    And as a *bonus*, have you seen this? is ‘circling the drain’ and about to go bankrupt.

    Buh-bye, now, fuckwits…

  9. Have a friend who is a Snow bird ( Summers in his home stated of Delaware and winters in his wife home state of Florida. He relayed the story that his oldest Granddaughter was buying a gun. Typical liberal question was ” What for “. When she stated for protection another typical liberal question ” From what ” . I tried to no avail to explain why I carry . It was like talking to a rock.

  10. I object to “smart” guns for the same reason I object to “smart” phones. If they (gov, big tech) like the idea it can’t be good. Smart phones, hooked to the ‘net, are a leash on your movement. You must assume you are always being monitored. Same as the idea, back in the ’80s of “smart” cars with an interdiction switch that cops could use to “kill” a vehicle. Don’t know if this is still a thing or not, but I wouldn’t buy that either.
    Back in my youte, we chanted “F..K the MAN” I still apply this today.
    My life, my money, my choice. F..K the MAN!
    PS joe biden is a senile old ass with delusions of adequacy.

  11. Has anyone besides me seen him in videos with his hands all over young girls?? While you all make jokes about his idiotic shotgun message you are avoiding his obvious child molestor tendencies which may be full-blown and victims may be out there. Where is our celebrated FBI or DOJ besides on the case of Russian involved something or other bullshit? If the man had touched my daughter in the manner I saw in videos he would not be running for office but his for his life.
    Silence on a subject is tacitly approving or allowing the action. That also would indicate far bigger problems in government than the threat of nuclear war or the end of the world in 12 years.
    You all are aware of youtube and videos are you not? Now ignorance cannot be an excuse ever again.

  12. Sure let’s vet smartguns by making them standard, mandatory issue for the NYPD and CPD first. They’ll be the testbed, and we’ll see what the cops think.

  13. I met “Bonehead Biden” back in 1976 in Scranton Pa. I was attending the University there, and he was stumping for some local candidate. A friend of ours snuck us in to the rally (because NOTHING exciting happens on Monday nights in Scranton Pa). Joe was on stage blathering on mindlessly about something or other, and I asked my friend, “Who the hell is that idiot?” He told me it was Joe Biden, Delaware’s “favorite son”. I remember thinking that Delaware sets the bar pretty low for such things. Imagine my shock and horror when he wound up being the V.P. I will say this, he was the best life insurance policy Obama could have asked for.

  14. After all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies have switched to ‘smart gun’ technology, then we can talk.

    Let the cops be the proving ground. Their lives and livelihood depend on the ability to defend and apprehend. If they are comfortable with the technology, and demonstrably so, then I’ll consider it.

  15. Joe Biden (born 11/20/1942) will be 78 on inauguration day and 82 by the end of his first term, if he wins.
    Anyone over age 65 on inauguration day should not be allowed to run for President, period!
    There is a lower age limit (35) to run for President, but there also needs to be an upper age limit (65), because age kills brain cells, the older someone is the more likely they are to get Alzheimer’s disease (senility), and once a President is in office, it’s virtually impossible to remove them no matter how obviously senile or deranged they become. (Case in point: Mister Covfefe, who has even forgotten the words to the National Anthem, as you can see if you watch him at a ballgame during the National Anthem).

    On second thought,, they should ban any candidate who will be over 65 by the time their first four-year term ends, which means anyone who is 61 or older on inauguration day should be barred from running for President.


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