Oklahoma capitol constitutional carry
© Caleb Long, CC BY-SA 2.5, Wikimedia Commons
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Oklahoma capitol constitutional carry
© Caleb Long, CC BY-SA 2.5, Wikimedia Commons

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin vetoed a constitutional carry bill that reached her desk last year. She said she killed the bill because constitutional carry removed the ability of law enforcement officers to distinguish between people carrying guns who had been trained and those who haven’t. No, really, she said that.

But Fallin is no longer governor. That job’s now held by Kevin Stitt. When asked during the campaign what he would do if the same bill got to his desk, he told news9.com

“I would sign it. I am a constitutional conservative. I support the first amendment, the second amendment and I think the best defense for a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun,” said Stitt.

He may just get that chance. As the Tulsa World reports . . .

Legislation removing all licensing and training requirements for handguns moved through the Oklahoma House of Representatives Wednesday afternoon.

Billed as constitutional carry, House Bill 2597 doesn’t change where guns are allowed or, for the most part, who can carry them. It passed 70-30, with all 24 Democrats and a handful of Republicans in opposition.

A bill has been introduced in the Oklahoma Senate as well, but has yet to get a committee hearing. Here’s hoping that Governor Stitt gets to make up for Fallin’s shortsightedness and allows Oklahoma to join the club of states that fully support Second Amendment rights.

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    • If Kentucky were to go unrestricted/permitless carry, that would possibly set the spark to get more of the Southern states and Midwestern states to do the same. I don’t see why states like Indiana, Tennessee, and Alabama haven’t done so yet, but I figure as more neighboring states adopt constitutional carry, they’ll fall in line.

      After Missouri changed, the fear old White politicians have of Black men carrying guns equating to the sky falling should be antiquated thinking. That’s largely why I think the Deep South and Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas haven’t had a strong push to get constitutional carry done.

      • In the case of Texas, it’s 100% on the former speaker of the House, a RINO-squish who would never let it come to the floor.

        Good news, he’s now retired.

        Bad news, his replacement is cut from the same cloth: elected by a coalition of Dems and squishy GOPe types.

        Why the Texas GOP won’t just grow a pair and elect a speaker from their caucus (and punish any legislator who won’t vote for the party’s choice) is beyond me. Perhaps JWT (who is very knowledgeable on the inside-baseball of Texas politics) can enlighten us.

        • No, I’m certain we’ll get constitutional carry in the near future. How do I know this? Because I just plonked down the cash to renew my LTC. Kind of like how I spent $140 to get my LTC, and then a short time later, they dropped the application fee to $40.

        • Sounds like the good ‘ole boy corruption exists in Texas state legislature just as it does up here in the Northeast.

          That $40 should be $0 for re-application, but gov’t has to have its money. The issue with Texas is the population is so high having probably close to 700,000 people paying the fee, which equals out to 28 Million dollars at $40 a pop.

          Move that to NH, VT, ME, the Dakotas, Idaho… a lot less people so less money to make off the fees. This needs to be the talking point that the state is pulling in many millions of dollars on the backs of those exercising a right and last I checked, rights aren’t to be taxed.

  1. What happens when a state goes constitutional carry?

    1. Blood on the streets, murders at every corner, dogs and cats living together, Ancient Aliens!
    2. Absolutely nothing, except people get their rights back from the state.

    • Obviously blood in the streets! I mean look at what happened when they passed constitutional carry in Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, and Baltimore. Blood runs in the streets on a nightly basis. If only they had stricter gun laws they may be able to save some lives……….

    • 3. People arrested for singing Kumbaya in public! Girl Scouts hauled away in handcuffs!
      4. Chihuahuas being fed to pitbulls as their owners watch in horror!
      5. Squirrels made extinct by teenage boys with .22’s !
      6. Aaahhhaaaiiieeeeeeee!!!!!

    • i was in AZ when we went constitutional carry in 2010. i can attest my home became riverfront property, where the river was the blood of innocents

      a big smelly on hot days, but quaint otherwise

      • Dang… I’ve been packing for years in WA state — which is still very concealed-carry friendly, recent “assault weapon” insanity notwithstanding — and have never seen a single one of these rivers of blood or nightly shootouts over parking spaces. Now that the progbots have taken over, I’ll never get to. Some states have all the luck.

        • It’s going to be getting less concealed carry friendly here in the coming years, unless the state starts electing gun friendly politicians. Yeah…

  2. Eff reciprocity,we already have it in the form of the 2 nd amendment,the several states that ignore the 2 nd.,thru force of law,the 14 th. amendment need to honor the entirety of the Constitution.

    The state I reside in,has since 1791 and before,had as the founders intended Constitutional carry.

  3. For those that don’t know….Dopey Mary did allow (by law – Effective: 11/01/2017) individuals to carry, in Oklahoma with no permit, if their home (residence) state also allows for carry without a permit.
    Of course that still left out her own residents of Oklahoma, many that voted her dopey ass into office in the first place.




  4. I used to do hurdles in track, got a couple ribbons for it and a medal, broke the district’s record. I hope Oklahoma does better then me in State tho, that was a fail. Owww my knee


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