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Early Tuesday morning, a young man in Luther, Oklahoma, was about to jump into his truck to feed his cattle when he discovered a strange woman inside the vehicle. Holding her at gunpoint, he called the police, waited for them to arrive, and handed her over.

Unbeknownst to him, the teen was ending a chase that had involved multiple local law enforcement agencies, including Logan County, Oklahoma County, and Luther police. Following a string of car burglaries in Edmond, the police had finally been called soon enough to start pursuing the suspect. However, the chase was thwarted when the woman ditched the stolen car and ran off.

Fortunately, she picked a bad place to hide, and the pursuit finally ended with the help of the teenager. With a combination of luck, timing, and responsible gun ownership, a serial thief who had stolen from people in multiple counties was arrested at last. Kudos to the young man who found her for keeping his cool.

Here’s a brief newsreel via

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  1. Be very careful about using deadly force to detain somebody, unless you’re wearing a badge while you do it.

    Another guy tried to help the cops by holding a fugitive rape suspect at gunpoint.
    (and this is after the cops enlisted his help in attempting to capture the suspect)

    The rapist attacked him, and he shot the rapist.
    Persecuting attorneys took him to trial for murder, and got a lesser conviction for manslaughter, which he successfully appealed, but his life has been on hold for nearly five years now, and he still might be taken to trial again.

    • The outcome of such an action definitely depends on the state you’re in. That case happened in NY, where there is a “duty to retreat” and the courts tend to be very left-wing.

      • I rarely say ‘prosecuting attorney’, because so very few of them deserve it. It’s kind of a toss-up trying to decide whether the most foul group of people in this country are the prosecutors or the judges, partly because in my area, the vast majority of the judges used to be prosecutors and act like they still are.

        My other too-accurate ‘misnomer’ for them is ‘prostituting attorney’, used when their malfeasance doesn’t directly involve persecution of innocent taxpayers.

        If the cop haters ever take a close look at the lawyers who encourage some of the most egregious acts of LEOs, their heads might explode.

    • That case is horrible, even worse is the $500K bond while he appeals!

      What a joke. And the press play up what an “intellectual/spiritual family” the “statutory” rapist came from.

      Another lesson learned from this: Next time some LEO’s office asks for formal help in arresting someone, have the associated DA’s office issue a signed and witnessed blanket immunity, as well as total indemnification for all criminal and civil legal costs.

      Hell, print one up ahead of time and all they have to do is sign it, get it witnessed and notarized…

  2. The video says the teenager was feeding livestock. Makes me wonder the exact circumstance of the teen having a gun ready. Farm work is one of the few given exceptions to the (NRA Endorsed) GCA’s ban on those under 18 having a pistol, but a slung long gun is also possible (especially if the farm had recent incidents with a pest or predator). Might even have a real pro-2A hero who held the suspect with a black powder revolver.

    • GCA ’68 prohibitions are for purchase from an FFL, not possession. Unless limited by state or local law, a teen or tween could be gifted a pistol and ammo, could borrow them, could buy them from a private party, or could make them himself. Get you facts right when making your ad hominem attacks on the NRA.

    • OR, in rural areas nobody looks twice when a well known responsible teenager walks around with a holstered handgun. (Everyone is well known in a small town and feeding livestock sounds like responsible work to me.)

      In most small towns the law still wears a badge and is accountable to the voters. (He/she does have a guidebook for referencing when on duty.)

  3. Early in the morning, getting ready to feed cattle, teen girl in my pickup. “Well well lordy my god what do we got here.” First I’m going to teach you how to open gates, then cut string on bails, then we’re inoculating and castratiin the bull calves, then we’re patching fence,then we’re grinding feed, then we’re going home and your going to run me a bath and fix my super. Today was easy, get ready for tomorrow.


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