Ohio Gov John Kasich Stand Your Ground Veto Threat
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There are two bills currently moving through the Ohio legislature that Buckeye gun owners are watching closely. House Bill 228 would relieve lawful gun owners of the duty to retreat in a life-or-death situation. Gun owners would have the right to defend themselves, up to and including the use of lethal force, anywhere they have a legal right to be.

Opponents of allowing armed citizens to defend themselves in a grocery store, at a gas station or as they change a tire by the side of the road love to claim that “stand your ground” laws are really licenses to murder. And everyone’s favorite mom, Shannon Watts, isn’t above playing the race card in her attempts to drum up opposition to the bill.

But the bill has plenty of backing in the legislature. House Speaker Ryan Smith says HB 228 should come to a vote in the Ohio House next week.

The legislation, House Bill 228, would also shift the burden of proof in self-defense cases from the defense to the prosecution (Ohio is the only state to have such a rule) and would allow residents or groups to challenge local gun-control ordinances in court, among other changes.

Smith, a Gallia County Republican, said he feels “comfortable in saying there’s a lot of support for that bill.”

A lot of support, except for in the governor’s mansion. Governor John Kasich isn’t on board with Ohioans exercising their right to armed self defense wherever they may legally be and he’s threatened to veto HB 228.

But Smith said he believes House Republicans would have the 60 votes required to override Kasich’s veto.

That’s the good news. Kasich, however, has gotten on the “common sense gun safety” bandwagon and is supporting HB 585. In addition to expanding what constitutes a prohibited person to all felons and making more disabled people ineligible for gun ownership, HB 585 would enact a so-called “red flag” law that would allow friends and relatives petition a court to remove an individual’s firearms…sans due process protections.

Which, if either of these bill will become law seems to be a toss-up at this point. HB 228 looks to be a lock to make it to the Governor’s desk. The question then will become whether the Republican-dominated House has the votes to override Kasich’s promised veto. Let’s hope so.


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    • I like how that loser hung in the race with less than 3% for months after it was clearly a Trump vs Cruz race. Then even hung around for a few days after Cruz threw in the towel. Dudes such trash.

      • Not only was it clear that it was a Trump-Cruz race but Kasich was mathematically disqualified from being able to receive enough votes to become the candidate… yet he still stuck around for a month. I am convinced his only motive was sabotage however little damage he may be able to do.

        Him vetoing this bill is just him showing his true intentions as the RINO he is. He isn’t running for re-election, so he will do what he can to hurt the respectful denizens of the great state of Ohio.

    • I love how they claim more whites kill blacks when more blacks kill blacks than all the other races combined.

    • The idiotic POS is too dumb to even read the leaves. Or thinks being a pansy is going to get Shannon into bed with him.

      Twit doesn’t realize that he has NO future in the New Republican Party, that the swamp creature will rise with him at the head. Peacefully. Too much pot

  1. Text ? To forward this bill ? I see a number to text to stop it so to be fair. At any rate I hope HB228 becomes law.

  2. Burden of proof on the defendant. Wow. That’s grade A totalitarianism right there. I think FL recently did away with such a law as well, if I’m not mistaken.

  3. Seriously though, I’d say over 3/4 of high ranking GOP politicians are either overtly or closet anti gun. Interestingly, or predictably, since Trump took office and has only hurt the 2nd amendment, the GOP is not afraid to just be openly anti gun. Florida, Vermont, Ohio, etc, etc. TTAG predicted that HPA and reciprocity would be law by now over a year ago. I laughed, but a lot of people bought it. People will even buy it again for this year’s election. But again, the GOP isn’t afraid of gun owners anymore. We have no options and they know we won’t vote Democrat. So, we’re boxed in. I for one will refuse to vote “lesser of two evils”. Suck it.

    • I never wanted to be a Democrat or a Republican and the Libertarian party is a farce.

      I don’t know why Americans still stick to a two party system when it’s clear there is at least 2 different groups within each party. As long as this system retains its power the people will be fooled every election.

      As long as I been alive, I have never liked the Republicans nor trusted them. They are a bunch of fake Christians and fake 2nd Amendment supporters. They have a public persona they use to get votes from people who hate Democrats/Communists. If they could switch to being a Democrat/Socialist and win, they would not hesitate. It would be much more natural for them to toss their Bible and Pocket Constitution into the fire than pretend they read it.

      I at least have a tiny amount of respect for the Democrats because at least they are in your face about what they really want. I rather a racist be open about it than closeted — at least I know what I am working with.

      • CZ, in most cases it’s pretty easy. Most of them have prior politics behind them. You do have to spend a little time looking up their voting record. Most voter won’t take the time or effort to do that. The first thing I do is just that. If they don’t have a voting record, it’s a little harder, but with 24 hour news, it can still be done. I refuse to vote for any demonrat. There hasn’t been a non commie demonrat forever. Yea, they stick together like super glue, where the RINO’s will stab you in the back first chance it gets. I knew Trump was not a fan of MSR’s. I saw an interview he did many, many years ago where he said he was pro gun, but “not so much on assault weapons”.

        This is one of the cases where there was no voting record. We did have a lot of his public statements. He did have a concealed weapons permit. That was a positive thing. When you say you will not vote for the lesser of two evils. In this case, you either had killery, rabidly anti gun or you had Trump, pro gun but probably anti MSR’s. If you don’t vote for Trump, that’s one half of a vote for killery. Seems like a simple choice to me.

        • Marty why do all you dumb axx Republicans claim someone is gonna take our guns. (Never said and never will be said) by any American or anyone in America. Why do republicans like to lie so much, They even do it to each other, Then pretend they don’t know the other is lying to them about the most simplest bs and then you’ll ask that same liar to stand with you while you both talk sht about eachothers families (calling them welfare hookers junkies, etc all knowing Men, Real Men don’t talk sht about other behind their backs) they say it to their face, Then you’ll act as if you both are gun toting saints when most the bums (those always needing something from someone) I know personally are Republicans, lol wtf and talk about being mentally challenged, You’d have to be just to be able to sit and come up with all those fkd up conspiracies theories you guys pass amongst yourselves. Ignorance blocks you from knowing that most Dems agree with Republican conservatives but you guys like to think one or the others is completely different and meanwhile they aren’t smart enough to realize why gov wants you that way in the first place 🤦‍♂️.

        • Truth? You really had to stretch to come up with that one. And you talk about lies. The biggest one you libs come up with is “common sense gun control”. You don’t have to search very long to find numerous statements of total gun bans except for military and law enforcement. Just look so far back as yesterday in Toronto. The mayor called for total firearm ban after their mass shooting. Here in the US, after everyone of the recent mass shootings, you libs have called for the elimination of the 2A. Since you obviously just came out from under your rock and haven’t seen or heard this, why don’t you just crawl back under your rock with your fellow snowflakes?

      • “I at least have a tiny amount of respect for the Democrats“.

        Yeah, you lost all credibility with that statement. And they’re the polar opposite of everything you then go on about. There’s nothing more two faced and shifty then a democratic politician. Name one instance where a democrat has stuck to a solid conviction for more then an election cycle. Oh wait, there is, actually one thing they’re all solid on..

        And that’s Gun Control.

        • ““I at least have a tiny amount of respect for the Democrats“.

          Yeah, you lost all credibility with that statement.”

          Did you even bother to read what he said?

          “I at least have a tiny amount of respect for the Democrats because at least they are in your face about what they really want.”

          They are OPEN to being gun-grabbbers. Unlike some Republicans, who will do it on the sly.

          Try reading for comprehension, sometime, New Continental Army…

        • Oh har har, how snarky you are. No, you re read my comment, and get back to me.

      • The “two party” system persists because our electoral system can’t realistically support more than two at a time. With very few exceptions, nearly every election is awarded to the person who gets the plurality of votes.

        Let’s suppose that we had five political parties, all with roughly the same support, spread across the political spectrum. As long as they stay independent, then they all have a chance to be in power after any given election. Suppose, however, that two of the parties figure out they’re next to each other on the spectrum, and if they join, they’ll get more votes. Even if a few of their voters defect, the new conjoined party will dominate the new landscape. That might lead some in the other parties to re-evaluate their differences and decide to conglomerate. Now maybe we have three parties, two of them with around 35% support each, and the third with 30%. Because it’s a plurality, every election, goes to one of the first two parties, and the third party starts to wither. It gets harder and harder to find supporters, and people defect to whichever of the other two parties is “close enough” or they stop bothering with the third party.

        I’m not saying that’s exactly how it happened, but that’s the dynamic that drives it.

      • Why do we stick with a two party system, it’s called a monarchy. They’re one in the same god cop bad cop, play one against the other both working for the same end goal. To compete with China we import immigrants from impoverished countries who are willing to work for lower wages then what 3rd generation Americans won’t do.Then Trumps working on the Space Force which is going to start another Arms race which will lead to the poor and Social Security recipients loosing even more benefits until they die from lack of medical assistance or starve to death, resort to crime and are gotten rid of, the middle class will be taxed into poverty. The banks will loan more money to agriculture, then the bubble will burst, foreign investors will bail out the banks through Cargill which is already inundated with foreign investors.There’s a reason this gun ban/ restrictions is going so strong. I believe it’s the beginning of New World Order. With the technological surveillance we have now open revolt is useless. Are only hope is law enforcement and the military upholding their oaths to the Constitution and I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. The military will be fighting so many wars here and there they will not be able to be pulled in and the police force is becoming jack booted storm troopers callused to the population after being shot at by the criminals that have been created and the so called law abiders whom condemn them for the jobs they dob now. Game Over, Embrace the Pain Mortal

      • As long as I been alive, I have never liked the Republicans nor trusted them. They are a bunch of fake Christians and fake 2nd Amendment supporters.

        What a bunch of nonsense. There is no such thing as some specific criteria to be “Christian” and your asserting you are some kind of arbiter of what is and who are “fake” Christians is just bizarre given the huge variety of both organized and individuals Christians beliefs.

        As far as Democrats and Republicans on gun control, there is not only a clear difference there is a more and more of a distinct difference. virtually all democrats oppose the Heller decision, meaning they want to ban law abiding, background checked and even trained people from even keeping a revolver at home.

        You do realize there are national platforms right? there is a huge gulf in party platforms.

        On top of that judging what a politician in a purple state, district or town can and can’t do. There are Republicans in districts where GOP registration and voting is 10, 20, even 30 points ahead of Democrats. They can advocate ending all gun control. And there are elected officials in districts that are dead even who are in a different position and where if a democrat could be elected .

        Kasich is a known outlier on all issues. On gun control he has been moving to the right:
        Gun policy[edit]
        While in the U.S. House of Representatives, Kasich had a mixed record on gun policy.[180] He was one of 215 Representatives to vote for the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which became law in 1994, but voted against the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (“Brady Bill”), which established current background check laws.[180]
        As governor, Kasich shifted to more pro-gun positions.[180] In 2011, he signed one bill permitting concealed handguns in bars and another making it easier for people with misdemeanor drug convictions to purchase guns.[180] In 2012, Kasich signed a bill allowing gun owners to transport weapons with loaded magazines in their vehicles and expanding concealed carry permit reciprocity.[180] In December 2014, Kasich signed legislation that reduced the numbers of hours of training required to obtain a concealed carry permit and eliminated the training requirement for permit renewals.[180]

        • I realize this is getting way off track here, but your comment: ‘ There is no such thing as some specific criteria to be “Christian” ‘ is not correct. The founder of Christianity established the criteria to be a disciple. Obviously there are LOTS of different interpretations amongst His adherents (and their critics), but my point is there are specific criteria. It’s not like being a fan of a sports team and you can just claim it…..well you can, but Jesus addressed that too (Matt 7:21)

          Back to the main point- Kasich is a complete jack-ass.

  4. Yeah, Shannon, the law does refer to killing someone as justified or unjustified homicide. When you kill someone they will use the evidence to determine which was the case. When you say less infringements on guns creates more gun homicides are you referring to justified or unjustified? Who in their right mind would be against child kidnappers being shot dead while trying to kidnap a little kid to rape and murder?

    So there is no license to kill for “civilians,” the government gives those to military and police. You can’t disarm the people then blame the police for being police. Either you have a militarized police state or an armed populace that retains their human right to protect life, liberty and property. The corporate media tells us that the police are the biggest threat to black lives and they will get away with whatever they do to black people.

    Shannon, are you saying you want cops to have all the power? The same cops that kill all those poor black human beings? Do you want more cops and less privately owned guns? I hope your answers don’t make you come off as a well-off white woman that lives in a nice neighborhood with her privilege children.

      • I haven’t had a TV since 9/11/01. That’s when I realized the corporate media exist to manipulate the populace. It was disgustingly obvious to the point I decided to never watch TV or listen to radio talk shows again.

        “I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors. He who reads nothing will still learn the great facts, and the details are all false.” –Thomas Jefferson

        “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day.” –Thomas Jefferson

        • Then where are you getting the false impression the cops are going around murdering all the Black Americans other than the so called media? Since it’s not the truth, where else could it come from. Fact is, the police get into many more shootings with White suspects, than with Blacks.

          But you’re right, I don’t watch any television news, as a mater of fact, when in season, I watch exactly 2 shows a week, both on Friday night just to appease my wife and daughter. One is Hawaii Five O and and the other, Blue Bloods, but I must admit they are both entertaining. That’s it. I have been to exactly one movie theater in 15 years, and that was a 3-D children’s movie with my wife and daughter. I do listen to XM radio on the Patriot channel. Hannity, Levin, Breitbart and NRA radio.

      • I was just pointing out the fact that Shannon wants only cops to have guns. The very same highly trained cops that Democrats say are murdering innocent black people. People like Shannon have the idea that non government workers shouldn’t have guns yet they also think the police force should be abolished.

        • Sorry, somehow I missed the Shannon comments, and I thought maybe you were being factious, but didn’t know for sure. I usually just delete the anti police comments as most are either out of ignorance or stupidity.

  5. Instead of a “stand your ground’ law, how about a “put’em in the ground” law.

    What would Shannon Warts have to say about that?

      • I think she has had one too many face lifts. Do you think she can even close her eyes at night? I just don’t understand why she gets re-elected; she is a complete dingbat! I am now starting to wonder when she will be forced out as minority leader in the House, but I do understand why she clings so desperately to the seat (power corrupting and all that. It’s her “Precious.”)

  6. I’m ashamed I actually supported him in 2015 when he announced. As time passed it became clear he didn’t have the balls to go against the democrats and Don looked better every week.

  7. Ohio should have purged this cancer in the 90s. The Kasich tumor is exactly why I’m voting Nelson this year, so there’s no Scott tumor.

    • You are cutting off your nose to spite your face.
      Nelson will help turn the SCOTUS leftist, permanently.

      We will lose our gun rights and look like Australia. We will also lose our economy as thousands of frivolous lawsuits against US business are upheld and the companies looted. Every occupant of the nation will be allowed to vote, even illegals.
      It will be Sayonara USA.

  8. Mainstream repubs are so monumentally out of touch with America, they just need to go home and watch jeopardy, eat apple sauce, and let the non-addle brained run the country.

  9. Hope and Change Ohio. We all hope you make a change with Kasich. I liked him for a time but I liked Disco for a time. Times Change!

  10. Personally being the Constitutionalist I am, any law passed for or against firearms is not applaud by me. That right was already established in the bill of rights. CCW, OC was passed/ banned by—–. No that is a permission slip, I do not need a permission slip.

  11. More Alternate Facts from Mrs Watts.

    SYG laws have been proven to disproportionately benefit blacks, who are more aggressively charged with criminal offences by prosecutors, even in what would otherwise be clearcut defensive shootings.

  12. As an Ohioan, I used to not hate this d-bag. Somewhere during the primary process, this guy just lost his mind. He snapped and took a hard left turn. This RINO asshat is punking the people that put him in office.

  13. I find her line of reasoning to be both utterly insulting and a red herring. I want the ability to be able to defend myself from whoever attacks me. I don’t care if they are white or black or pink. To suggest that gun owners just want to be able to shoot African Americans is completely inaccurate. I consider Americans of all race and stamp to be my brothers and sisters, and I do not regard my ethnicity as anything special.

    Moreover, African Americans clearly have the most to gain by stand your ground laws, given that they are several times more likely to be the victims of violent crime than white people are.

    If I were a cynic I might suggest that this is just another case of Democrats asserting that only they know what’s best for African Americans, and anyone who says otherwise is therefore racist. Despicable.

  14. If Kasich vetos the bill, then start the recall petition for Kasich, just like we did with that other traitor to the State of Ohio and the Republic John Boehner.

  15. Let him VETO it, it will be on his permanent record, should he try again for POTUS,
    the facts will follow him.

  16. Why not level the playing field, the armed criminals don’t have any problems with carrying and using a firearm in a crime?

    Opponents of allowing armed citizens to defend themselves in a grocery store, at a gas station or as they change a tire by the side of the road love to claim that “stand your ground” laws are really licenses to murder.


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