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“It was a rally organized by gun-control supporters, but by the end, it looked more like an NRA rally.” Now there’s a lead you don’t read everyday. Suffice it to say, the mainstream media’s been a little gun-shy about reporting the fact that MAIG rallies are less well attended (by its supporters) than a Pee Wee Herman Christian film festival. OK, so felt obliged to lead the next part of their lead with a leading quote: “‘As a gun owner, I’m a responsible person and I think it’s responsible to ask to have all gun owners have a background check,’ said Blanche Luczyk. ‘It’s just common sense.  Any responsible person who is willing to take the ownership of a gun should be willing to have that background check.'” But still, money shot! “About 50 guns-rights supporters were on hand, some with rifles over their shoulders and others with handguns in hip holsters.” Which was about 40 more attendees than MAIG’s audience (excluding speakers).

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  1. You know, the NRA should do a bus tour. Bring along some of their popular speakers *ahem* Colion Noir *cough cough* and blow these MAIG “rallies” out of the water.

  2. This would be pretty simple to accomplish over most of this country; they make a big noise, but their turnouts are typically minuscule. They’re easily outnumbered by determined gun owners.

    And, as you can see here, IT MAKES THE NEWS.

  3. Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a misnomer. Liberals are great at this name play.

    More correctly the group is MAAG (Mayors Against All Guns).

    Here are some of the criminal behaviors of MAAG:

    Coaldale, Pa. Mayor faces pornography charges
    The Times News, Carbon County, N.Y., September 9, 2011
    The Mayor of Coaldale, Richard Corkery is in jail following a violation of his bail conditions stemming from charges by Carbon County prosecutors that he downloaded child pornography.

    Brownsville Mayor has third DWI arrest
    The Monitor, McAllen, Texas, May 11, 2010
    The Brownsville Herald, Brownsville, Texas, Jun. 21, 2011–.html
    Mayor Pat M. Ahumeda Jr. was arrested after police pulled him over for driving erratically and he refused to take a breathalyzer. The mayor plead guilty to reckless driving and was sentenced to two years’ probation. Ahumeda was arrested for DWI in 1987 and 2003.

    Monticello, N.Y. Mayor pleads guilty to counterfeiting
    The Times Herald-Record, Middletown, N.Y., Jun. 10, 2010
    The Sullivan County Democrat, Callicoon, N.Y., Apr. 19, 2011
    Mayor Gordon Jenkins plead guilty to five counts of trademark counterfeiting after he and his wife were caught selling knockoff Nikes to undercover police at the store the couple own. A search of their home also turned up marijuana.

    Mayor of Tamarac, Fla. turns herself in
    The Florida Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., March 9, 2011
    Mayor Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco faces charges of bribery and official misconduct stemming from dealings with two unscrupulous developers.

    Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez sentenced to three years in prison
    The Hartford Courant, Sept. 15, 2010
    Mayor Eddie Perez has been sentenced to three years in prison and three years of probation after being convicted on five felony corruption charges, including extortio

    Embattled Racine mayor resigns
    The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, March 3, 2010
    Mayor of Racine, Wis. and member of Mayors against Illegal Guns Gary Becker resigned after facing charges in an internet sex sting. Becker was later convicted and received a three year prison term.

    White Plains, NY: After arrest, mayor denies injuring wife, March 1, 2010
    Mayor Adam Bradley was arrested for third degree misdemeanor assault. Wife Fumiko Bradley acquired a temporary protective order against him. The mayor was sentenced to three years probation.

    Inglewood mayor resigns before pleading guilty to misdemeanor conflict of interest charge
    The L.A. Times, Jan. 25, 2010
    Mayor of Inglewood resigns ahead of pleading guilty to conflict of interest charges. He also faced charges of embezzlement.

    Baltimore Mayor resigns after pleading guilty to stealing from the poor
    The Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 6, 2010
    Mayor of Baltimore, Md. Sheila Dixon and member of Mayors against Illegal Guns was indicted on theft and perjury charges. Dixon was ultimately convicted of taking from a program intended to help disadvantaged children. Dixon had to resign as part of her plea deal.

    Larry Langford found guilty on all 60 counts
    The Birmingham News, Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 28, 2009
    Larry Langford, Birmingham’s mayor and a former Jefferson County commissioner, has been found guilty in his federal bribery trial.

    Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick sentenced to four months
    CNN, Oct. 28, 2008
    Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to four months in prison after pleading to two felony charges of obstruction of justice. In addition, the mayor pled to a charge of assaulting a police officer.

    New Jersey Mayor and wife sentenced for extortion
    The Jersey Journal, Oct. 3, 2008
    Mayor David Delle Donna, 49, of Guttenberg, was sentenced to four years, 3 months for tax evasion and the extortion of a local business owner.

    Mayor with a past has a future in prison
    The New York Times, Aug. 22, 2008
    When a federal judge sentenced former Mayor Samuel Rivera to 21 months in federal prison on Aug. 15, an era ended in this tattered city of nearly 70,000, leaving many here debating Mr. Rivera’s tumultuous past and wondering what is to come.

    Will Wynn pleads guilty to assault
    The Austin Chronicle, Mar. 3, 2008
    Mayor Will Wynn formally pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor assault charge Tuesday, stemming from a 2006 incident where he physically ejected purported party crasher Luke Johnson from his Downtown condo; in a signed statement, Johnson described the “contact as offensive and provocative.”

    The Mayor of Jersey City is convicted over a scuffle
    The New York Times, Jun. 6, 2007
    A municipal court judge in this shore town found the mayor of Jersey City guilty of obstructing justice and resisting arrest in a clash with a police officer a little more than a year ago, leading the mayor’s wife, Maureen, to hiss, “It’s a disgrace.”
    The mayor, Jerramiah T. Healy, said in a news conference after the verdict that he had no intention of resigning his office, and would most likely appeal the decision, rendered by a municipal court judge, John G. Colannino, who ordered Mayor Healy to pay $828 in fees and fines and then imposed a stay of 20 days.

    A Bloomberg anti-gun mayor is charged with carrying weapon
    New York Sun, Nov. 22, 2006
    The mayor of Jackson, Miss., Frank Melton—who, according to news reports, carries firearms at all times and has a reputation for being tough on crime—pleaded no contest to carrying a concealed gun on the campus of Mississippi College School of Law. He also pleaded guilty to carrying a gun into a church and into a park, also illegal under state law. The first was reduced from a felony charge to a misdemeanor; the latter two were misdemeanors.

  4. Where did MAIG find that dipsh1t who claimed that she’s a gun owner and that we should all bow down submit to anal probing background checks? I wonder if MAIG post an ad in Variety for an androgynous, gray haired bimbo, or if she volunteered.

    • Apparently it’s ok to be an old fat white guy, but not an old fat white gal here. Well, it’s useful to know the rules here at TTAG.

      • juliesa, she’s the enemy of my rights. More importantly she’s the enemy of my kids and my grandkids rights. It’s okay to insult and demonize the enemy in war.

      • @juliesa, where did you get the white fat stuff? I never mentioned her color or weight. Were you were reading what you wanted to read and not what I actually wrote? Maybe your comment was more about you than me.

      • I would say we are far more mild here with what we say compared to any anti-gun blog, comments section or editorial. They usually call for just outright killing of gun owners, cause we’re like a disease apparently.
        We don’t need any trolls here crapping all over the blog wasting valuable space, so just leave if you can’t add anything productive.

  5. We had officially 93 gun rights supporters by my count, and I like to be accurate about these things
    They had six.
    After the rally, one of their six stayed to chat with me, and I think I turned her around to our side
    They came with six and left with five
    She wants me to teach her how to shoot, and I have a 32 minute audio recording of our conversation that I am trying to get posted on line, but tiny pic won’t accept such a big file, and I don’t have a you tube account
    BIG THANKS to the NRA and BFA!

  6. Weeelll…

    If MAIG ever shows its ugly puss in these here parts I’ll show up carrying.

    ‘Bout as likely as flyin’ hippos, though. Really muscular green ones. With glasses.

    • MAIG won’t bother showing up here. They already won, and there’s no open carry, a 7-round (in practice 10-round) mag limit etc. etc. etc. Soon there will be background checks on ammo assuming that doesn’t get shot down for being an unenforceable clusterf–k.

      VT is looking nicer and nicer every day.

  7. Any responsible person who is willing to take the ownership of a gun should be willing to have that background check.’”
    Why can’t we do a background check on the president?

  8. Ohio is a state that has, or once had, I haven’t checked recently, a law that said you
    could carry a concealed weapon to protect stuff you were carrying that was $500 or
    more in value,(i.e. gold, jewelry, valuable things) but not for protecting your own life.
    Ironically, $500 is exactly 10% of the cash bail if you’re arrested for improper carry.

  9. Way to go Ohio! Told you guys that garbage wouldn’t fly in the Buckeye State. If they only managed 6 people in Columbus they’d have to somehow have negative numbers down here where I’m at.

    To all those still behind enemy lines, this is why location matters.

    To Outfang, that law was informally known as the ‘Prudent Man’ defense to unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon. What it stated was (among other things) that if your ‘business’ required such activities as were likely to make you a target then you could use that argument in your defense.

    Since we went licensed conceal carry I’m not even sure the defense would be allowed or why anyone would try to use it (it basically never worked as a defense anyway, or as my lawyer used to say, don’t get caught). Now a class, a few shots on a range and you get a permit, or if you’re in a hurry and have cause you can skip that and get a temporary emergency permit to carry.


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