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When I was a student at Penn State, the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania was a glorious wonderland where the nanny-state anti-gun legislation of my native New York didn’t apply. That may still be the case, but the pearl-clutching fetishistic fear of firearms seems to have invaded the state’s news organizations, even in rural Pennsylvania.

Case in point: the Lehigh Valley Live article ‘Gun sales approved for business that stores ‘thousands’ of firearms’ treats the issue as someone wanted to build a nuclear waste treatment plant between an orphanage and a water treatment facility.

Elite Tactical Academy got permission Monday to sell guns from its Easton storage facility.

David Kotz told the city planning commission earlier this month he stores about 300 guns belonging to his clients inside a vault at 624 Lehigh Drive.

He doesn’t plan to sell many guns but wanted permission to sell ones stored by his clients, primarily ones that are abandoned.

He’s only been open about five months and expects to store significantly more guns as his business grows.

“It’s hard to anticipate, but it could be several thousand,” he told the planning commission Aug. 9.

It isn’t clear how “about 300” became “thousands” in the article’s title. In most parts of the country, this license wouldn’t even be worth a mention let alone its own article. Yet here we are.

For whom is Elite Tactical storing so many guns? Mainly people who are otherwise unable to own them. People like New Yorkers who want to own a non-neutered modern sporting rifle. Or those going through a nasty divorce who don’t want to see their expensive firearms turned into firewood.

And why does this storage facility want to sell guns? Sometimes the gun owners don’t pay their rent or can no longer legally own firearms and need to dispose of them. Reasonable, right?

Nevertheless this is somehow newsworthy for the Lehigh Valley Live folks. The site’s commentators, though, seem to have a good bead on the situation.


Nicely done.

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    • “It’s called “inventory”. The basis of a retail business.”

      Inventory is something you sell.

      That company’s business is storing property, along the lines of a “You Keep The Key’ storage locker business…

      • And when those who “keep the key” fail to pay the rent, the locker contents are sold.
        The storage place’s business is renting storage space. But they sell anyway.
        Strange how that works.

  1. The gradual migration of folks into the Lehigh Valley area who commute to NYC for work might add some context to this article. You have folks with the NYC metro mindset coming into an area where the locals wouldn’t think twice about such news (other than wondering why people wouldn’t want to store firearms inside their homes). In the long term, the concern is similar to what happens when Californians migrate outside the Golden State and end up ruining a good thing by not learning from their home state’s mistakes.

    • When THOSE californians leave the state they aren’t called “California migrants”… they are tentacles. Thats why people here on TTAG shouldn’t encourage gun owners behind the wall to migrate out of here. The fewer of us that are here the faster this place slips in to oblivion and the more of THOSE Californians will seek refuge in your states. We need strong gun owners to stay here and spread our way of thinking. Its not a losing battle by any means. At the end of the day we’re the people with the guns.

  2. It also sounds like the adjacent orphanage will be tapped for cheap physical labor, but I could be reading it wrong and it’s actually a story about nothing

  3. Well, clutch my pearls!

    George O. would be so proud of the way the left has divorced all meaning from the word-like noises they make with their mouths and the gibberish they produce with their word processors.

  4. Oh my God! Thousands of “bullets” will be stored there too! Imagine the horrific disaster if those bullets manage to find cases, primers, and powder.

  5. Is it April 1st? It’s not really a store,it ain’t a range and it appears everything is locked up😆

    • Let’s not panic yet. Our state legislature is majority Republican, and it’s not even close. Even Lehigh County (where I live, incidentally, nice to see some hometown news here) only just went for Hillary this last election, and by just a few percentage points. And law enforcement in the Valley is decidedly right-wing. The County Sheriff, a good guy who teaches the Morals and Ethics class at the Allentown Police Academy (good class too), is a Republican.

  6. The Left is obsessed with “arsenals” apparently unaware that having dozens of guns means nothing unless you have dozens of trigger fingers.

  7. Guardiano has it right.

    I’m from ’round there – kinda. They move out to the wilds because it’s different, then gripe about how it’s not the same. Now there are water mains — “town water” — where my mother lives. No longer a choice. Even if they let you drill your own well, you have to hook up. In the weather over the last few years we got some nice examples of the trade-off. Your water keeps flowing even when you screw up. But it stops when they screw up.

    Manhattan Institute had a piece a few years back by a city migrant to rural Maine, who actually thought the autonomy / collective action thing through. Net: if you’re physically stacked on top of each other, there’s more stuff you *can*, and perhaps *must* do together. While when you’re scattered by miles, geometry imposes some kinds of autonomy and immunity. I know I was delighted when I was able to move to apartments with thicker walls. (Really, isn’t this one of the objections to the “excess” of stand-alone houses: the autonomy. No, you don’t have to hear my — er — woodworking, any more than I want to hear yours.)

    Culturally, I haven’t yet taught a transplant to know by ear what’s target practice or taking dear vs. human tribes fronting off. It freaked me out the first time when a string of gunfire in the distance actually made me twitch. “That ain’t right.” I freaked because imports dumping a territory-enforcer at the opposition sound way different than a shot for the larder. It’s weird having to think, sometimes, “I hope they didn’t get a hit.”

    The thing is, if you can’t tell the difference, or the other difference, all the bangs in the distance sound like people abusing people. In a place where there’s no hunting or target practice, guns are *only* for what they let you do to people. If there’s never need or right to protect yourself, every bang is abuse.

    I don’t get people moving to get closer to the land, then staying inside, landscaping their homes with whitetail bait n complaining when bambi goes to the salad bar, and crabbing when anyone else does something to use the land in its wild state. They’re fine with parking lots & strip malls. They even exert great effort to make “parks” as manicured as a French formal garden, while complaining about all the hunters,fishers, boaters, even wild-crafters who go off into woods left wild.

    I suppose I shouln’t be surprised. Anti-gun folk are confused about many things.

  8. Thank you for the article – just seeing it today! I am the owner of Elite Tactical Academy and now, Elite Tactical Armory. We do store firearms for a variety of reasons – from divorce and other domestic issues to certain firearms not being allowed in the client’s state of residency. Snowbirds, military deployments, family emergencies etc. Feel free to reach out to us on our website at or [email protected]


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