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There’s a common belief among gun rights folks that “The Second Protects the First.” In other words, the Second Amendment (the individual right to keep and bear arms) is the best guarantee that we have that our voices will continue to be heard. At the rally in Charlottesville over a week ago protesters clashed in violent hand to hand combat and one deranged individual drove their car into a crowd of people, but despite the hand wringing of professional gun control activists the group of armed protesters arrived, made their point, and left without firing a shot. Despite the fact that legally armed protesters have never been an issue at protests in the past, the mayor of Charlottesville wants the ability to revoke the Second Amendment. Just in case.

From the Washington Post:

Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer (above) called on the Virginia state legislature on Friday to convene a special session to push for new laws that would give local governments power to decide the fates of their Confederate war memorials.

Signer, a Democrat, also asked that localities be able to suspend some gun laws after his city was besieged by violence during a white nationalist rally last weekend.

The suspension of the right of people to defend themselves against criminals and attackers has never caused any issues. Wait, this just in, I am corrected — the suspension of the right to own weapons has prefaced events such as the rise of Nazis in Germany, the rise of communism in China, and countless other atrocities across time.

Especially in this instance the facts don’t support the demand for power. Guns were indeed present, but they did not result in any injuries or deaths. It was good old fashioned blunt force trauma that caused the injuries and the chaos. Removing the Second Amendment rights of citizens will do nothing to prevent violence and will instead merely make them more likely to be victims.

Ask the Koreans in Los Angeles if suspending the Second Amendment during times of strife is a good idea.

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    • Are you willing to go down like that? Are you willing to give up your guns? Are you willing to give up your 2nd Amendment rights?

      I know I’m not. I lived a good life, I’m willing to give it up for a good cause.

      • “I came into this world kicking and screaming, covered in the blood of another. I’d like to leave this world, the same way, while fighting for my rights”.

        • My story is much the same
          “I came into this world kicking and screaming, covered in the blood of another then some dude I never met slapped me it was a very exhausting day I cried like a baby…… wait a minute I was a baby with a full on man beard. I’d like to leave this world, the same way, after achieving a massive body count (commiecrats must die) while fighting for my rights”.

      • Amen bro. Somethings are worth dying for. Ask all of those that gave their lives for this nation and our CONSTITUTION. I will not stand by and watch this country be destroyed by these commie bastards. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Many professors’ authority/justification generally only exist because of their monopoly on speech in the classroom. Much as police are *generally* less mindful of the importance of certain civil liberties, educators speak from a position that similarly depends on being granted a special status among those who would otherwise be their peers.

    • The First Amendment is already in serious jeopardy. All the extremists, KKK, White Supremacists, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc., without exception, only accept free speech for themselves and no methods are forbidden to silence anyone who dissents not limited to any kind of violence, threats, mob action, boycotts and any other attacks to remove any dissent.

      • You can’t put KKK/White Nationalists/etc in the same boat as Antifa/BLM/etc in this conversation, because only the second group has the full weight of the media/entertainment/academic apparatus and the DNC behind it. The first group has no public support at all.

        • “…only the second group has the full weight of the media/entertainment/academic apparatus and the DNC behind it. The first group has no public support at all.”

          *Only* if you let them…

        • I’m not a white nationalist or KKK member but I fully support the right they have to peacefully make an ass out of themselves. A lot of what KKK says is exactly what BLM is saying only about anyone who isn’t brown. I recognize the right of both sides to peacefully rant all they want. If any group rioted and threatened my personal space I also recognize my individual right to defend myself with deadly force.

        • “only the second group has the full weight of the media/entertainment/academic apparatus and the DNC behind it.”
          Wait, do you mean the DNC today, or the DNC sixty year ago? Because they definitely supported the Klan back then, just like they support the BLM today. The DNC has been in favor of suppressing civil liberties for at least a century at this point, ever since that preachy bastard Wilson came to power on a raft of bullshit lies.

        • The “first group”, does not even exist except as a paid/astroturf construction of Soros and his mob of misfit progs.

    • This will hopefully end with Trump calling the National Guard to overrule Governor McAuliffe like Orvul Faubus, and allow these evil white supremacists to protest in peace. Just like with Democrat Faubus denying the Little Rock 9 entry to their desegregated highschool, it is a clearly pointless grandstand certain to accomplish nothing but the political annihilation of those breathlessly pursuing it. Talk about an ironic-as-all-holy-hell repeat of Democrat civil-rights history; only this time, they all about lynchin’ crackers and wearing black hoods. No wonder they’re so damn desperate to forget it all & start ‘clean.’

      The funniest part of all of this, is that if the FBI were set after these antifa terrorists’ paymasters as they should be, the suspicious sudden proliferation of literal Nazis everywhere would evaporate as suddenly as it appeared.

      • Exactly, There used be a ‘saying’ that infantry soldiers in Nam wrote on their helmets that said, ‘Suppose they gave a war and nobody came? If the shit for brains politicians gave a permit for a protest outside in a ‘safe area’ for a certain time period only, and their city’s nit wit police department simply prevented all contact with opposition groups by ‘must comply designated protest areas’ like they did in subsequent protests in different cities, After a few hours it would be over.

        Remember, offensive and down right evil protests have going on throughout our nations history for a long time. Most of the time the media doesn’t even focus on it that much if there is no violence or damage. It’s always been part of our 1st/a culture. But intentionally ‘counter protesting for the purpose of enabling violence amounts to a criminal circumstance by conspiracy when funded by totalitarian billionairs. Follow the money and you’ll no who to blame and prosecute.

    • What they really want is the ability to declare Martial Law, on a citywide basis, at will. This is a dangerous path that these Liberal Terrorists™ are leading us down. A wholesale denial of rights, (and the threat of government enforcement), based solely on political ideology, will lead to the “People” exercising the only remedy remaining…..violence. Hopefully, if it comes to that, it will be disciplined and organized and performed by those that are trained.

    • This is the exact same thing Hitler and the Nazi’s were doing and these brainwashed socialist idiots are too stupid to realize it. Indoctrinated mental illness.

    • If this comes to pass, we ALL need to go to Charlottesville armed and make sure our rights are NEVER revoked…not once.
      I’m not calling for violence, I’m simply saying we cannot allow anyone at any level to step on any of our rights.

      • If it should come to pass, two outcomes are possible. One, he will be removed by FORCE! Two, a recall will be mandated and he will be removed peacefully and his actions revoked! The incoming in either case will be mandated that any such future actions like his predecessor will be met with severe repercussions!

      • Where have you been? We’ve been allowing all kinds of people at all levels to step on all of our rights for many decades now.

  1. Every dumbassocrat in every political office must be terminated and run out of town by ANY MEANS possible. The true threat to liberty and freedom originates with everyone of them! They do not stand for democracy or freedom in this country. They stand for police state control and anarchy! And until they are, we will never see peace on our streets again! We are headed for civil war unless they are completely removed.

  2. It will cause even more violence because one the THUGS find out you can’t defend yourself or your property you’re a TARGET of opportunity. A victim or dead. EFF that Mofo. I bet he stays protected. This crap pisses me off.

  3. Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer (Democrat) called on the Virginia state legislature on Friday to convene a special session to push for new laws…

    Democrats seek more power over individual rights. No surprise there.

    • It seems as though we are being overrun with Castrati. The Mayor being the latest example.

    • What are the odds the statehouse conveniently burns down at night due to ‘white nationalist’ arson?

  4. You can’t revoke the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

    And any title of ‘office’ will sunset in the U.S. long before the right recited in the 2nd Amendment.

    So pack up your sh_t and move home before you go attempting to ‘revoke’ anything.

  5. We the People Demand the right to Impeach Those who seek to destroy what they have sworn to uphold!!!!

  6. “Signer, a Democrat, also asked that localities be able to suspend some gun laws after his city was besieged by violence during a white nationalist rally last weekend.”

    There’s no need to go all the way back to the LA riots. We can see how well things worked out in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. That was in my opinion a better example of the suspension of Second Amendment rights when the citizens most needed the right to arms.
    Fortunately, my home state of Minnesota recently passed what was dubbed as the Katrina bill that specifically removed the ability of government to restrict Second Amendment rights during emergencies.
    Any idea whether Virginia passed one of these laws also? And to everyone else, this is a good example of why you should push to get a similar law passed in your home state.
    Emergencies used to justify the suspension of those pesky individual rights always seem to take longer to fix than regular emergencies.

    • “removed the ability of government to **LAWFULLY** restrict Second Amendment rights during emergencies.”
      Big difference.

  7. This happened in Russia during the 1917 revolution. When the communists first rode into Moscow, they asked all the retired soldiers living there to turn in their arms. The communists were outnumbered at that time and could have been defeated, but the civilians, being peaceable, turned in their arms. Then later more communist forces arrived and, facing no armed resistance, began rounding up and shooting everybody. Including most of the retired officers and soldiers.

  8. Another politician articulating his hatred of our Constitutional rights. Should be run out of office.

  9. Fortunately, this Signer BS won’t go anywhere in the Virginia House of Delegates. Sure, we have McClinton as governor, but the HoD is well-controlled by Republicans … so far!

  10. Seems to me this gun confiscation or anti-gun BS was tried after Katrina and went over like the proverbial fart in church. What’s clearly unconstitutional is suspending things in the bill of rights and such because you don’t happen to agree with it. Yeah, just try it.

    • He already suspended free association, issuing a blanket-denial to future protests of statue removals by these select white-supremacist and non-white-supremacist groups (right before announcing a number of artwork removals that now cannot be properly protested in public)

  11. The Charlottesville Mayor should be reminded that the Second Amendment was created to revoke him.

    • He very well may be, if fortune is not on our side. The 60’s were a dark, dark time that did not turn out well for gun rights in the least, despite all the ‘freedom being won.’

  12. Dear Mayor Signer. you want to be able to suspend constitutional rights.
    I want Jennifer Aniston to show up at my door cold, wet, naked, and scared.
    Now you know another person that will be disappointed.

  13. Because the government is “responsible” to protect the citizens it must be able to disarm them and will continue to be “responsible” until it can not protect them. At which point the government is not “responsible” for the protection of it’s citizens and the Supreme Court agrees.

    • “IF” the government or the states were truly able to protect it’s citizens as they have so vociferously claimed, then no citizen should be the victim of any violent crime by domestic criminals or terrorists! But as we have seen, that is NOT the truth! Lousiana claimed that by confiscating licensed to carry gunowners at gunpoint following super storm Sandy, the citizens were protected from violent crimes. The reality of it was that violent crime went up, the police were undermanned, their ability to protect anyone collapsed, and they shot and killed a licensed gun owner in her own rocking chair while trying to take her gun! If you believe the feds or state can protect you 24/7, than you’re a dead duck walking!

  14. At this point it should be obvious why the citizens of the original 13 States voted to deny the Federal Government the power to infringe on the right own and carry firearms between 1789 and 1791. The Fourteenth Amendment, which denies states, cities, and counties the power to infringe on the right to own and carry firearms was ratified by 28 States and certified in 1868. Apparently states did not trust themselves either.

    • It’s almost as though, as we descend further into a state of tyranny, these truths become increasingly self-evident…

  15. Since a car was the weapon, should he not be requesting the right to suspend drivers licenses.

    2 thoughts-

    1 He must be trying to shift focus from security measures that should have been taken or which he refused.
    2 The second amendment litteraly exists to counter this type of thought process.

    • 3- He fomented a violent riot in the hopes it could be used to justify the curtailment of civil liberties in advance of a cultural purge

      A) Leader of the Nazis was found to be in bed with Antifa/Occupy as recently as last November (guess which day)
      B) Nazis and Antifa were placed to surround the non-obnoxious protestors to distract/drown them out (it’s called a “white supremacist rally” to this day even though that was a tiny portion of the protest)
      C) Police were withdrawn only after all the chess pieces were in place and riled up after dark
      D) In the immediate aftermath, governor orders all future protests of this kind will be denied permitting (they were court-ordered to approve this one, remember?)
      E) Soon after announcing an end to protest permits, announced a number of statue/memorial removals that would have otherwise been a focal point for more rounds of protests
      F) The governor involved is Terry McAuliffe, who has been a mover-shaker in nation-level politics with the Clintons for decades. If anyone on Earth today is audacious & cunning enough to concoct a Reichstag Fire for his own political gain as he postures for a White House run, it is literally this man.

  16. Considering the causes of the three deaths in his town last week, shouldn’t Mayor McCheese here be less worried about gun control and more concerned about driver licensing and helicopter maintenance?

  17. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” This guy probably wanted chaos. It’s why there was minimal police presence to keep the peace. Now he wants to push his leftwing agenda even though guns had nothing to do with what happened in Charlottesville.

  18. its amazing to see history repeat it self when it comes to the second amendment. A democrat doesn’t like regular people who open carry guns. So he wants it made illegal to carry a gun.

    But as a democrat he supports gay marriage. He supports the Welfare Industrial complex. You don’t need a gun. He is already giving you everything you want and need.

    • It should also be said the mayor ordered the city police to stand down. Just as the governor ordered the national guard to stand down.

    • This time they’re wearing black masks & attacking people with white skin after dark

      ETA: The Klan actually targeted a ton of white people themselves, for supporting blacks. So in reality it’s just the wardrobe change only.

      • You are correct. The kkk was the “military wing” of the democrat party. Now Antifa is the military wing of the democrat party.

  19. Until “the Left’s” violent stormtroopers ie. AntiFa/BLM/Revolutionary Communists/La Raza et al receive equal attention by the Liberal Media we should refrain from smearing and criticizing “Nazis” and “White Supremacists”, anything less would be “discriminatory” and we CAN’T have THAT with “equality” and all can we?.

  20. It says “Suspend some gun laws”. What does that mean? There are alot of assumptions made but I sure don’t see any specifics spelled out by that statement…

  21. fortunately, VA’s governorship is one 4-year term position that ends this January.. and McAuliffe’s making the GOP candidate this fall look pretty good against his Dem opponent.

  22. Another anti-gun idiot heard from. Too bad he doesn’t realize that the 2nds Amendment protects the 1st Amendment. It gave him the freedom to order his police officers to stand aside so the leftist rioters from could do maximum damage that would give him a platform to screech from!


    • Way back in the early 1700s in this country, the mayor of a Dutch city tried disarming the people. They rewarded him for his efforts by hanging him! Should work for that mayor in SC also!

  24. White supremacist have every right to peacefully protest and state their position
    In the free marketplace of ideas very few people will embrace that position
    Those kinds of ideas are hateful and most people are repulsed
    The leftist Antifa also has every right to get a permit and protest peacefully
    Once they start to wear masks and attack people for just wanting to hear other ideas, then they’re criminals and should be arrested
    Using violence to prevent other people from speaking is Un-American
    I think the great majority of Americans would agree with these above statements

  25. This is the city where the black cab driver raped and killed two young women not that long ago. Definitely a place a defenseless woman might not like the idea of the cuck mayor revoking the 2nd amendment.

  26. So, Mayor McCheese there wants the discretionary authority to take guns away from the people who didn’t do violence, because of the gunless people who did. Just like making it harder for responsible folks to secure guns for home defense because of street crime by people already banned from having guns.

    Sadly, either of these will be effective at what they’re really after.

  27. Translation: He wants to suspend the Bill of Rights because it’s inconvenient. We have a word for men like that, Tyrant!

  28. To me, it is obvious that the mayor had an agenda that he was, and still is pushing. He told the police to stand down, effectively allowing the two opposing groups to clash with the hopes that some “gun violence” would occur so he could call for the ability to suspend gun rights. When no “gun violence” occurred, he decided to ignore that fact that not a single gunshot was fired and still call for the ability to suspend gun rights. That was his ultimate goal. Even though the only death and the majority of serious injuries were caused by a car, he didn’t call for the ability to suspend car privileges, he still went straight for the guns.

  29. If Mr. Signar gets this ability, who would be next? Jerry Brown? No politician has the right to overide the US Constitution! The current Democratic party is sooo much like the old WW2 Nazis and also Communism that it’s unbelievable! I also immagine that George Soros is behind this! Mr. Soros should have been tried and hung for war crimes as an SS Nazi in WW2.

  30. I believe the last time a Democrat ask to curb gun rights it csused a massacre of blacks and Republicans , a little something callledthe Camilla Georgia massacre of 1868.




  32. Might have been a better idea if the mayor pushed to have the police actually do their job and stop the nonsense when it started?
    Just saying.

  33. Holy crap they abolished the second amendment!
    Wait what do you mean they didn’t…… so they amended the 2nd?
    Oh so this guy is trying to commit Subversion and Sedition on top of many civil right violations.
    Got it.

  34. Being from New Orleans area, may I remind you that the “government” by way of police and Blackwater mercenaries forcibly removed, stole every firearm they could find. They attacked an old lady (3men) to take her 22 revolver. From people in their homes. They took family collections worth small fortunes and through them in piles like NAZI GERMANY. Don’t think they can’t and be ready because they will. I do and always will live on the woods for that reason alone now

  35. Will the idiot Governor also demand special laws to ban Dodge Chargers, Ryder Box Trucks, fuel trucks and fertilizer shipment?

  36. I’m 60 yrs old….I don’t want to see the country I love go down in flames. But if appears we are headed for some dark times. I would like to think I’m ready to do what might be necessary. I hope I don’t have to find out.

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