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As I stood up to get off the light rail this morning, I noticed this article over someone’s shoulder:

DC officer carjacked – more to the story

A District of Columbia police officer whose service weapon was stolen during what he said was a carjacking on his way home from work later admitted to detectives that he gave one of the suspects a ride for money, according to court records.

Charging documents show that city detectives pressed Carey on his story, and he later admitted that he had agreed to give the woman a ride to Greenmount Ave. and East 27th Street in exchange for $10.

His service weapon, a Glock G19, has not been recovered.

Curiouser and curiouser . . .

Translation of the story: He was robbed by a prostitute. Made a lame excuse to cover it up, and now he is making a second lame excuse.

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  1. Officer Carey, leave your badge and service gun with your sergeant after you've filled out your dismissal papers in HR.

    Oh, wait. That's right. You can't turn in the gun! It's tucked in some pimp's belt right about now.

  2. There's always a story behind the story. Well dine Donal for having more journalistic instincts than most "professional" journalists.

    TTAG will always take a second look at a story, and assume "there's more to it than that." 'Cause nine times out of nine and a half, there is.


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