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“Iranian engineers have designed and manufactured an advanced noiseless assault rifle, which can be used in surprise attacks the Fars News Agency reported on Sunday,” reports. “The lightweight, 8 mm, and magazine fed rifle has an electromagnetically operated projecting system, which does not need explosive powder for shooting bullets. The rifle uses 8-mm steel bullets. Its rate of fire is 30 rounds per minute and its velocity is 330 meters per second. According to the report, the rifle can be used by bodyguards and guards who are posted in oil refineries and other vulnerable facilities.”

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  1. So it is an electric rifle? I mean, really? Go green huh?

    Railgun jumped to mind as a similar magnetic operating principle. Very interesting. I guess extra batteries and bullets are all you need in the future. I’ll keep my gunpowder powered fossils, thank you.

  2. All I have to say to Iran is pics or it didn’t happen. Also even if it is real I would hardly consider a weapon with a cyclic rate of 30 rounds a minute to be an “assault rifle”

  3. Iran has a long and storied history of pathetic mil tech design.this is the same country that though their “assault” boats would strike fear in the eyes of their western enemies. Some of the most recent examples: their ” stealth flying boats” (made of wood for christsake, that sprays engine exhaust directly at their pilots while operating these death traps). those and their squadrons of f-5 (exported to them in the 70’s) and their indigenous knockoff called Sa’eqeh fighter. These fools obviously know how to waste money with the best of them. one of these crashed recently, displaying the fine craftsmanship of the Iranian government.

    • dude. the first link jumps to an article about how a certain vaginal gel may help prevent HIV. DOH!!. And clicking on the second link sends me to a “page not found (error code 404)” message.

  4. I can see a bunch of guys running around with these rifles with extension cords plugged into a wall socket. Probably takes 460v 3 phase power from an industral power supply such as a nuclear reactor.

  5. Iranian engineers are nothing but a bunch of worthless con artists, so you can’t believe anything these fools are trying to sell.

  6. It is all a simple translation error. The gun does exists in a new video game developed by unemployed Persian software engineers.

  7. So, uh, exactly how many super silent surprise attacks does the average Iranian oil refinery guard execute per year?

  8. 330 m/s? Subsonic. I doubt it would even hurt much through the most ordinary body armor. Of course, there wouldn’t be much loss of energy because practically, you’d have to be fairly close to your target.

  9. Steel projectiles hitting steel pipes, connectors, catwalks, etc. Doesn’t that sound to you like there’s still potential for the creation of a spark?

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