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RandRTargets modified Saiga shotgun is $3,298 complete. To see it in action, head over to American Rifleman, where they don’t believe in sharing YouTubery but they are  partial to a little AC/DC. As you watch it, please remember this line: “Are you displeased to see me or is that a 20-round shotgun magazine in your gun?” Make the jump to find out what you get for your money . . .

#1. Completely disassemble the shotgun,

#2. RandRTargets machines/welds the following;

Weld/fill in holes in the receiver and mill new slots for the safety, magazine release and stock adapter
Weld/fill in the original gas ports in the barrel
Mill in new gas ports for a shortened gas system
Shorten the gas system and polish/fit
Mill gas ports for the compensator
Ream the forcing cone for more uniform shot and less felt recoil
Cut barrel so there are no threads on the exterior end
Cut and thread barrel to accept Remington chokes
Cut bolt and bolt carrier to accept a loaded magazine without holding the bolt back
Polish and smooth action

#3. Install and fit the following RandRTargets custom made Saiga parts;

RandRTargets AR 15 Stock Adaptor
RandRTargets Trigger Guard / Grip Adaptor
RandRTargets Magazine Well
RandRTargets Magazine Release (left side of SG for a RH shooter)
RandRTargets 2″ X 11” Vented Handguard
RandRTargets Double Shotgun Barrel Compensator ( Approved by original designer, JP Rifles )
RandRTargets Scope Base

#4. Install/fit the following parts;

Veltor collapsible stock
Ergo Grip
Burris Fast fire sight
Briley Improved choke
Tapco trigger, straighten the trigger and perform a trigger job
Ceramic coating of barrel and frame
Fitted Surefire magazine

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