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I’m no Bronie, (I probably would have gone Smurf or even Barney before MLP) but you have to admire the craftsmanship, right? Not to mention the total fangirl dedication displayed by Erin Palette of Lurking Rhythmically who commissioned this objet d’art from Michael’s Custom Holsters. We can only shudder with anticipation as we await her next project.  [h/t]

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  1. Hello Kitty artwork on a Barrett Light 50? Painting of Bun-bun (killer lop-eared rabbit with a switchblade in Sluggy Freelance cartoons) on the glacis slope of your M-1A Abrams?

    • I just don’t care one way or the other. Here’s an analogy: do you know what a collar stay is? It’s a rigid piece of plastic or metal that slips inside the underside of a non-button-down collar to keep it from curling. Literally no one other than you will ever see your collar stays and you’ll only see them when you slip them into your collar. Yet they’re fashion items. You can spend over $100 on rhodium-plated collar stay sets that will do the exact same job as the $19 brass sets. Of course, you could just use the free plastic sets that Nordstroms gives away, but the brass sets are actually more rigid, so there is an actual benefit to buying the brass set. But looks has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      That’s what an IWB holster is. It’s spends most of its life 100% hidden by your cover garment, and even if it’s exposed, it’s in your pants where 80-95% of it is covered anyway. So what’s the point of obsessing about pretty for an item like that? I just need a holster to do the job of keeping the gun securely on my hip.

    • Hmm, tried to reply earlier, but my comment apparently disappeared into the ether.

      My main point was that IWB holsters are like collar stays. Do you know what those are? They’re these little strips of metal or plastic that slip into the underside of a non-button-down collar of a dress shirt to keep it from curling. They will be seen by literally no one but you, and then only when you’re putting them into your shirt collar. Yet they’re fashion items. You can spend over $100 on rhodium-plated collar stay sets that do the exact same job as the $20 brass sets. Of course, you can also use the plastic sets you can get for free from Nordstroms, but the brass ones are actually better because they’re more rigid, so they actually do a better job. But worrying about the appearance of an item that no one will ever see is just silly.

      And that’s how I feel about holsters, especially IWB holsters. They spend most of their time 100% concealed by your cover garment, and even if they happen to be exposed, they’re in-the-waistband holsters, so that means they’re 80-95% covered. So who gives a rip about how they look. Even OWB holsters are going to be covered up most of the time.

      In other words, I don’t care what my holster looks like. I care that it holds my gun securely on my hip so it’s there if I ever need it.

        • Never mind. The “no-edit” strikes again.

          No. Why would I waste time with any design at all? I went for a basic hybrid style holster from Theis Holsters. Comfortable, secure, does the job, it was a little less than the Crossbreed, and the delivery time was weeks less. Basic horsehide and black kydex is fine for me.

        • Carlos, I checked out the Theis you linked me to, I’m an IWB type guy, full conceal, but I just cant do metal clips! I know! I’ve tried, Ive found what works for me is leather straps with snaps.
          I guess it all just comes back to what works for each person really.
          I read your story on the soft leather setting that glock off, I didnt see any reinforcement on his leather holster…but like you said… you can get cheap leather and you can get cheap kydex and really ive found you get what you pay for in the gun world.
          Yes sorry replying to my own msg but it is in reply to your latest message to me.
          and yes Brony=Bronie my bad, I dont really uh, get that whole mess…

    • Hi, Carlos. I’m new to this venue, so maybe I’ve missed something. But here we’ve got a one paragraph post about a decorated holster to which you’ve posted _five_ paragraphs of objections to decoration. I’m wondering… Why? What do you care how others choose to spend their money? Personally, I tend towards utilitarian and plain, but that’s because I’m both broke and boring. Since people have been decorating slings, holsters, sheathes, baldrics, and scabbards for thousands of years, I suspect I’m in the minority.

      I could see raising objections to a decoration that you think detracts from actual functionality, but why worry about something that, as you point out yourself, you aren’t even going to see?

      • your not missing much, we were going back and forth on kydex holsters, him for kydex, me for leather and it just kindve rolled over into this thread. Carlos is a good guy, and he has a good point. It’s my fault its here and not on the other thread.

      • Yeah, like Brigo said, it’s a continuation of an earlier discussion. I have really nothing to say one way or another about this holster in particular. I don’t object to decorations on holsters, they’re just not a consideration for me. I think they’re a bit of a waste of time, but I normally wouldn’t say anything about it, but it came up, twice, so here we are.

        Anyway, after you’re done making your holsters look pretty:

        Deumer Sterling Silver Collar Stay Set

        Crafted from the same company in Germany that makes the crest for every Porsche motorcar, the Deumer Silversmiths Sterling Silver Collar Stay Set comes in two widths, 55 mm and 63 mm, and comes with a small leather case.

        Rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing and with soft round edges, these collar stays are without question appropriate for the distinguished professional.


        • Carlos-
          If you are interested we could do a leather v.s. kydex review, if Winthrop does an IWB for your EDC, I checked and Theis does one for my 229- I’ll send you a Winthrop, you send me a Theis and we meet here oh say, next month?
          Interested? [email protected]
          Offer is open to Tyler Kee as well, but only one of you please, not spending $55 x 2 here.

        • I’m not in the market for a new holster, so I’ll pass. I have have what works for me, and I know that it’ll work, and how it’ll work, when I need it. After a certain point, gear gets to be a distraction from what’s important.

  2. Have a gun.

    If gold plating it, or slapping stickers on it, or making a silly holster for it, or whatever makes it a little easier to go to the trouble to strap up, I’m for it. Do what you want to do. But have a gun.

  3. Yes, Luna is dual-wielding TAR-21s. A larger picture may be found here.

    And I want to point out that the holster can also be used OWB by running a gun belt through the loops, which is why the design is so far down — I didn’t want the picture obscured by the belt. That way I can open carry at home, the range, etc, but tuck into my pants for concealed carry when out and about.

    Michael does excellent work. I was incredibly picky and demanding and he delivered on all counts. I encourage everyone to buy a holster from him.

  4. I bought my wife a pink glitter holster from the same guy and she loves it. Made a great b-day gift and made all the girls at her office mad because there husbands wouldn’t buy them something like it.


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