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Are you living under the totalitarian thumb of onerous gun control laws in your city or state? Are local laws keeping you from carrying what you really want? Have the inanities spouted by the anti-2A crowd made Springbank more appealing than your Springfield? Well if you’re going to tote your hooch, you might as well do it stealthily, right? Who really wants to share that golden goodness anyway? Now, thanks to Chris D’Adamo it’s easy . . .

You can lug some Laphroaig in a comfy, form-fitting Kydex inside-the-waistband rig. Why didn’t Crossbreed think of this? We don’t know if moseying down Madison with a few drams of Macallan on your hip will violate the spirit of Mayor Mike’s Big Gulp fatwa or not, but you have to know that it’ll be on the Big Apple verboten list tout de suite as soon has he finds out about it. So you’ll want to get yours soon.

You can secure one at D’Adamo’s Etsy store (stainless flask included) for the low low price of $45. Just be sure to raise a toast to TTAG with your first swig, OK?


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  1. If only the flask itself could be heavily-armored glass or crystal; metal flasks can change the aroma/taste of liquors, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re drinking Old Overcoat from a tin cup under a bridge.

  2. Cute, but why people (alcoholics) need to walk around with booze is beyond me…oh wait (alcoholics)…

    I love my booze when I’m out in the wilderness on hunts but I sure don’t want/need it when I’m actually out looking for a rack. I can leave a bottle back at camp. No booze holster needed, thank you.

    I also sure the hell won’t be hunting with someone that needs to holster their booze with them.

      • I don’t drink hard liquor like that…I’ll just buy a $9 beer or two at the park ;). If I want the occasional scotch/whiskey, it’s in my back yard with a stogie. I guess people out there just drink a lot more than I do…

        • No beer at our college football games. We gotta sneak flasks or do wothout. Tough call, as getting caught on the way in means confiscation and ejection,

  3. just courious why are we talking about carring booze on a gun site? any far lefty will have a field day with this…

    • Screw the far-lefties. If they don’t have any facts to have a field day with, they just make em up. Placation doesn’t work.

      • ok let me reword it guns and the selling of containers that hold booze don’t mix and should not be on the same site

        • Fair enough. I personally find the story interesting and enjoy the fact that RF stretches the boundary of his gun blog. Just wish he’d bring back more babes with guns.

        • Check for embedded links to babes. Bonus points if you can tell me the common link between them. Well, the one Im thinking about.

  4. Guns and alcohol do not go together or mix. The reason for carrying a gun is supposedly for self-defense out there in danger land. There are plenty of non-firearm gun carry subjects for self-defense to write about: knives, first aid kits, stun guns, pepper spray, etc.

  5. If it wasn’t $45 I’d buy one just for the lulz. Unless it’s a very large flask (like 16+ oz) I can’t imagine that’d be more comfortable than a pocket. I’ve got an 8oz that’s fine in a pants pocket in jeans and a 12oz that’s pretty much unnoticeable in a cargo pants pocket.

        • Agree Ralph, but seems like a lot more mindless government-enslaved sheeple around these days.

      • “I have a feeling that if booze were banned today the sheeple would meekly go along with it.”

        It’s hard to find anyone who wants to imprison pot smokers, yet it’s not an issue anyone really cares about. None of this will change until voters reclaim their duty as Americans to jealously guard their personal freedom. There’s no such thing as “that other guy’s freedom,” there’s only the individual freedom we all share… or don’t share, as the case may be.

      • Doubt it, being a Wisconsinite, something tells me the people here would riot the second the idea of banning booze even pops up.


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