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David Crane over at reports that owners of MP-5, Uzi, Colt and other fixed-barrel systems can now attach a Falken Industries M-Series Lightweight Titanium Silencers/Sound Suppressors with Monolithic Baffle System. Falken’s Prez tells TTAG (below) that these babies won’t reliably cycle most tilting barrel pistols, so Glock and SIG style pistols can pound sand (loudly). Or buy a less-exotic Falken suppressor designed for the task. More good news! As an ATF-classified Special Occupational Taxpayer, the company’s not Falken around. They can provide LEOs, security companies and “qualified individuals” with all that cool NFA stuff (e.g., sound suppressors). I wonder if they can help you jump the queue for a tax stamp . . .

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  1. this site is killing my soul. i live in ca and i see all these nifty, practical toys that i can’t have because of the nanny state i live in.

    • Don’t worry, I live in a practically free state, and can’t have these either. But due to monetary inability, not legal prohibitions.
      I really want silencers to go mainstream so the price drops and the tax goes away, as they have it in most European countries I believe, and without blood in the streets

  2. I’m with JWM…sad to be in CA when I see this kind of stuff. I just bought another tactical throw pillow though…those are legal here at least.

    • Jason,
      Thanks for your comment. Our suppressors do not spark. Our systems perform very well in reducing both sound and visible flash. With the precision fit of our direct thread mount system, as long as you have a barrel made by a top-tier manufacturer, or it was at least threaded by a competent gunsmith, you will be fine. To date, we have not had ANY issues with baffle strikes or end-cap strikes.

      Thomas R. Walsh
      Falken Industries

  3. Hi Guys ! I am Thomas R. Walsh, Senior Vice President of Falken, and the one in the video and article above.

    I’d like to thank Robert and all of the guys from TTAG for giving us the opportunity to showcase our new products to a whole new group of customers. We have received such a great amount of feedback and support from people in the military, law enforcement, and civilian commercial communities. Everyone has been so very nice and wonderful.

    Just a small point of clarification…we are not doing suppressors for pistols, only fixed-barrel systems at this time. We do also offer our suppressors for pistol calibered weapon systems, but since our suppressors do not utilize a L.I.D. (booster) system, they will not reliably cycle most tilting barrel pistols such as a Glock, Sig Sauer, S&W, HK, etc…Therefore, they are only intended for fixed-barrel carbines and submachineguns such as MP-5, Uzi, Colt SMG, MAC, etc…

    However, our rifle caliber suppressors is where we have had the greatest interest. The first batch of our 5.56 and .30 caliber systems have almost completely sold out, and we will soon begin production of our next batch. We welcome feedback and comments from our customers regarding their performance and we will continue to make improvements to our designs as we go forward.

    We are currently developing a quick-detach mount for our suppressors, at the request of a certain government customer, but the direct thread-mount we currently use will always be the safest and most secure mounting platform that there is. Besides, if you can shoot your gun suppressed, why would you not? Put it on and leave it on, I say!

    If anyone has any questions, please shoot me an email at [email protected] and I would be happy to reply back with one of our catalogs / white papers with more information.

    Thanks again.
    Thomas R. Walsh
    Falken Industries
    Manassas, VA

  4. I know many PPL that suffer from advanced Tinnitus that have given up shooting that would love to mount a sound modulator as a means of continuing their favorite pass time

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