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I keep a set of active ear protectors near my home defense long guns. I know it’s seems a bit ridiculous. Why would I take the time to put on the cans before communing with my higher firepower? Self-preservation. The sound of a shotgun or modern home defense sporting rifle discharging inside a dwelling is instantly, mind-blowingly deafening. According to, firing a 12-gauge with an 18″ barrel generates a blast that clocks in at 161 db. An .223 AR is only slightly less sonically lethal at 152 db. Physical pain begins at 125 db. A jet engine a full throttle 100′ away racks up 140 db. Better permanently deaf than dead? How about neither? And if I’m taking the time to put on cans, why not take five seconds and slip on a bullet resistant vest? A vest that already has [another] pistol, spare ammo, cell phone and flashlight in situ? Or, as the US PALM ad copy says . . .

No longer are you scrambling to find all the essentials to defend yourself and your family in the middle of the night. In under 5 seconds you have your firearm, spare magazines, flashlight, cell phone, etc. AND front  ballistic protection from handgun threats! This product provides level IIIA soft armor protection in the front panel with pouches and pockets designed for your specific firearm.

Five different models are available to suit your personal needs [c. $200]. A second soft armor panel for the rear panel is available as an accessory for additional protection.

The Defender also functions as a plate carrier designed to hold rifle protection plates in both the front and rear if desired by the end user. The Defender provides exceptional utility in an all day comfortable package at an incredibly economic price. Defenders are made in the USA!

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  1. The coverage area seems awfully small, but OTOH I love the price point and the III-A rating. As long as you were facing your threat, this could make a lethal engagement much more survivable. As a bonus, it doesn’t *look* like body armor; it just looks like another ‘tacticool’ holster/magazine carrier vest. You could wear this at your local shooting quarry or 3-gun match without looking too paranoid, not that paranoia is always bad.

  2. I think this is a really interesting idea.

    For years now, when I travel, I’ve always kept a pair of pants with wallet, keys, and tactical knife ready to go by my bed, along with a pair of shoes. I keep my phone and tactical light on the nightstand, by my glasses. I figure, if a house fire happens in the middle of the night, I don’t wanna be running around looking for critical stuff. This vest would be easy to incorporate into this plan – add a handgun and ear protection, and you’ve got what amounts to an instant go-bag ready thing to slap on and be ready for almost anything.

    This is going on my wish list.

  3. My pants are always “preloaded” with wallet, keys, pen, small flashlight and a few other odds and ends.
    Basically, in order to lose those items, I’d have to somehow lose my pants.

    • Not as difficult a thing to do as many have suggested to me.
      But then, I am horrible at that, what with all those unfortunate boating accident.
      An arsenal at the bottom of the lake, if you will?


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