Obscure Object of Desire: Alaskan Co-Pilot

While we were at the Wild West Guns party last night, the fine folks behind the counter busted out this little beauty and we could NOT stop staring at it and fondling it. The gun, not the girl. What you’re looking at is a modified Marlin 1895 Guide Gun that they have hand crafted into the finest lever gun that I have ever seen. It now sports a chamber for the .457 WWG Magnum cartridge, a round that pushes a 350gr bullet 2100 feet per second, and can chamber and fire a .45/70 Government cartridge (for “cheap” plinking) as well as a .410 shotgun cartridge. But wait, there’s more…

The gun comes with all of the wonderful features Chris posted about on his Marlin rescue gun — fantastic single stage trigger, gigantic loop on the lever — but it also comes with amazing peep sights with a fiber optic front sight as well as a rail for a scout scope. And on this rifle that makes it PERFECT.

But wait, there’s more!

This gun is designed to break apart for easy transport and storage, making it almost half as long as the fully assembled rifle. And because the scope is mounted on the barrel itself there’s no shift in the zero whatsoever.


This rifle comes in a BEAUTIFUL presentation case, included at no extra charge.

What would you pay for something like this? $2,000? $3,000? Well, for this special blog-based offer all this can be yours for the low low price of $800 (price of 1895 guide gun not included in $800).

I… I want one. Bad. Hogs would tremble in fear when they see me with this on the ranch.


  1. avatar Joe nobody says:

    Love at first sight.

  2. avatar Charles says:

    That’s pretty dad-gum cool. And a real thumper, too. I love all these lever guns, thanks for posting them.

  3. avatar John Elliott says:

    The perfect back-up gun!

  4. avatar Pyrotek85 says:

    I think that’s ‘tactical’ enough to add functionality without looking weird or tacky. Very well done IMO. I wonder what the effective range is.

  5. avatar joe says:

    I have the Guide Gun-and since I live in New England,I guess 45-70 is adequate :)),BUT it really is a nice firearm.I too love those lever actions(and single action revolvers).

  6. avatar Mark says:

    More about the booth girl.
    Height? age? weight?(yeah right) J/K not really, feeling bipolar today.

    that is one sweet little lever action. really!

  7. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    My checkbook hates every post about Wild West Guns. Buy all their products!

  8. avatar Zealot says:

    Does the fact that is .45 cal. and will chamber and shoot a .410 shotshell mean it will do likewise with a .45 Long Colt?

  9. avatar Bryan says:

    I love guns but, the girl is hotter than any gun I know of.

    1. avatar James says:

      I see a pair of really thick glasses in your future.

  10. avatar Koop says:

    I believe Col. Jeff Cooper would approve. He liked the original Co-Pilot, so the added functionality probably wouldn’t hurt.

  11. avatar bontai Joe says:

    You guys have showcased a bunch of lever guns from the show, but this one just may be the best of the bunch as far as versatility, looks and sight options.

  12. avatar Sutton says:

    Thanks for clarifying that you couldn’t stop fondling the girl. I know you guys are tired and drinking a lot down there, but come on, have a little respect, for yourselves if not others.

  13. avatar Blake says:

    Generally, I am not a lever gun guy. (Savage Model 99 excepted)

    I can now add another exception.

  14. avatar Sean Guerin says:

    Beautiful! The second to last paragraph confuses me though, do you have to send them your own 1895? Or do they sell the already customized gun?

  15. avatar 101abn says:

    Next time I have $800, or so. Love to have that rifle.( Just got it, send your 1895, $800 for customize). Is that correct?? I was temporarily dazed by the photo of the rifle…………

  16. I’m loveing my Wild West Guide Gun! It’s a modified 1895GS that shoots like a bolt gun at 100 yards.

  17. avatar drew says:

    I have a “normal” guide gun and while it will fire .410 shells, the rifling makes the shot pattern completely worthless. Like, at 21′ the pattern has a ~2′ hole in the middle of it.

    While the Co-Pilot is a pretty slick gun, the WW gun that I drool over is the Marlin 39a they do the same treatment too. I love that gun but the 24″ factory barrel seems so excessive for a .22lr and the straight stocked “Mountie” versions sell for far to much to be a realistic kicking around gun.

  18. avatar 702Shooter says:

    I already have the girl, now I need the Co-Pilot.

  19. That looks to be a really handy brush gun.

  20. avatar Dan says:

    The takedown feature is worth it alone for me. Don’t care about the other chamberings. Wish more manufacturers would make takedown models.

  21. avatar darlene hutchens says:

    i hope to one day be lucky enough to make the copilot part of my family. no one in this area has one and if just for advertising the copilot i would love to show this gun off. i have been lucky enough to go the the gun shows but nothing has caught my eye as the first time i saw the copilot gun

  22. avatar K farris says:

    Send gun I’ll demo it in Alaska…and do write up. Even trade Rentlek

  23. avatar Ed Puett says:

    This is a great pack rifle. I would love to add to my packing equipment.

  24. avatar Sam Lahn says:

    Sign me up..love that gun

  25. avatar mike chudy says:

    wold like to by one compleat,dose any one have onefor sale,i am a gun dealer in salamanca,new york.14779 thank Mike gun,pawn& repair 716-945-5565

  26. avatar P hance says:

    Want to order the gun

  27. avatar jim stevens says:

    where can I buy one for 800.00.

  28. avatar Mike Devrick says:

    I’m in Florida …..help! how can I get one of these. Was just about to purchase a Henry 45 70 but now have the IWANTITIS for this gun in the 457 magnum. Would be great for HOGS of which we have an abundance.

  29. avatar Chris Harrison says:

    Please help my confused butt…what exactly are they selling for $800??

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