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“President Barack Obama is mounting a final-year push to make gun control part of his legacy despite Republican opposition and is expected to announce unilateral action soon,” reports. “He will join CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday for an exclusive one-hour live town hall on gun control at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, in hopes of mounting a final pitch to the public.” TTAG will live blog the Spinmeister-in-Chief’s “Guns in America” special. Suffice it to say, it’s gonna be ugly. And the Friday news dump on the Executive Orders uglier still. Here’s something new . . .

Gun control advocates are also anticipating that the administration will bolster regulations on the reporting of lost and stolen guns. Currently, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is only required to investigate a gun theft if 10 or more guns are stolen and one of them is used in a crime. The administration is expected to tighten those requirements by reducing the minimum number of guns stolen that would prompt an investigation, and potentially eliminating the requirement that one of the guns is used in a crime.

It’s another feel-good do-nothing measure – at least for now. Congress has consistently held the line on funding the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires). Even though it has a $2.1 billion annual budget, there’s no way the anti-gun rights agency could increase its manpower to implement this new mandate, should it occur.

On the Sunday news programs, all the Republican presidential candidates vowed to repeal any and all executive orders on gun control on their first day in office. Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, Carly Fiorina had the best bite:

It is delusional, dangerous, not to mention unconstitutional, for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to continue talking about climate change and gun control in the wake of a Paris terrorist attack, in the wake of a San Bernardino terrorist attack, instead of how we can defeat ISIS.

Their Democrat rivals are all on board, obviously. The question is, are the American people? And will the fact that the United States Constitution protects Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms affect any court decision on the legality of the President’s executive orders, should it come to that?

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    • This is a fake bone he’s throwing to his lefty base. Won’t change anything but he can thump his chest to the true believers and declare victory over the gun lobby.

      • This was how I felt 2 weeks ago, but as long as he is dragging this out, I am afraid he is trying to pack this EO with as much constitutional(unconstitutionally) work around as he can. So 2 things are probable.
        1) This is “look at me” fluff. Probably to keep NRA etc, focused away from AWB 2.0 in the house.

        2) This will be the biggest violation of the 2A ever attempted using EO.

        • If Obama really wants to rebuke the purveyors of gun violence, perhaps he’ll go back to France and have another Global Warming conference.

        • 1) It will be like so many other actions of his; sound and fury signifying nothing (due to fierce opposition)
          2) It will be the last thing his administration does. Even though Ryan’s new to the job, he’d be out on his ass faster than Cantor if he didn’t get on board with the open rebellion of republicans (and likely some democrats) that would be demanding the order be rescinded, under threat of rapid corrective legislation or even impeachment proceedings (contrary to popular belief, I suspect more dems would side with a serious push to depose than man than we suspect; 2/3rds in both houses would be easy if this order is a bald-faced gun grab)

          I am well aware Boehner already renounced the Republican’s impeachment tools, but they do still retain the right to use them, and that squishy drunken orange is no longer in charge. And that is why this executive order will impact a vanishingly tiny number of gun owners; that’s all the power of tyranny Obama can muster by his lonesome (you’d think a power-mad would be dictator would have figured that out by now?)

    • I have to say that the democrats are doing an extremely effective job of forcing our focus away from their numerous political failings by instead focusing on gun control. It’s a risky strategy considering how most of America is against them. That said it is one of the most polarizing topics out there, so they must really want to avoid every other actual hot button issue. I give them credit, however they have always been adept at framing the debate to their benefit.

  1. He stated it clearly – background checks. He’s looking to create a definitive national registry.

    • Gun show “loophole”, “in the business”. No registry, yet. A WaPo article I saw Friday mentioned a 50-sale annually threshold for being “in the business”. I’m with Dirk and ROHC, it’s gonna be fluff. I mean, really, telling ATF to “investigate” a marginally broader spectrum of gun thefts?

        • I think he’s idiotic enough to do that, but I don’t think his handlers will let him. BTW, this same article is also hinting that the official announcement of “executive actions” may be–wait for it–delayed by “unforeseen circumstances”.

        • @Larry–how epic would that be! I can’t see it myself, I don’t think Lynch has the intellectual or ethical firepower to see when something she would like is patently unconstitutional, nor the intestinal fortitude to say so to her patron’–but that would be great!

        • Just watch this idiot leave off the zero and make “in the business” mean >5 guns per year.

          In MA, “in the business” means >4 guns per year sold. You can buy as many as you can afford.

        • Somehow I had gotten the idea that it was 6 sales per calendar year–but apparently there is no set number, either in the statute or in the regs.

    • There is already a ‘registry’ of sorts. It’s collected via the internet which our government monitors. Do you visit gun sites? Do you purchase ammo or firearms online? If so, you are already in it. If you think that info doesn’t go somewhere in the government (NSA, FBI, etc) you are naive. It may not be used for very much (I think it is to monitor for terrorists, etc) at the moment, but it is there.

      • I’m not naive, Big Brother knows I own guns, and even the serial numbers of *some* of those guns.

        He (more chillingly, probably she) doesn’t know all of what I have.

        For those who don’t own any sans paper, you really might want to consider doing so *now*.

        Ask folks you know if they have any they aren’t in love with any more…

        • But now they know there is something to look for. Because you mentioned it on the internet.

        • Learn to machine! Make some guns from billet. Do I have one AR? Ten? A hundred? Impossible to know!

  2. Get ’em while they’re hot. Watch the next few days obliterate store shelves of pretty much everything.

    • I really do wonder if anyone in the president’s family or circle of friends owns a significant amount of stock in gun companies.

    • Exactly. I plan to strike it rich this time around. I went out and bought 4 of the cheapest ARs I could find along with 100 cheap mags, over the past year. The mark up I sell them for this year will be outright offensive, but the dupes will buy them. Not to mention the m855 I’ll sell for a dollar a round. Better Get em before the ban does!

  3. Long Live King Hussein! Hussein Akbar!

    He’s staking out his claim to 72 virgins in the great by-and-by as a reward for his cultural jihad. I hope he gets them and they all look like Hillary Clinton.

  4. This is what Obama does. He puts on a big show. He is unlikely to take any serious action. He wil sign a few EOs which will do little, and in any case will be repealed the morning following President Cruz or President Rubio’s inauguration. Then he can claim “victory on guns” and go to work as a spokesman for Bloomberg’s outfit on a huge salary and pension and continue watching basketball and telling Americans how much we disappoint him. Yawn.

    • You got it–this guy is about show. He had an all-Dem Congress and a 100% slavish media, and he squandered it on Obamacare, which is fast on the road to ruin under its own weight.

    • Obama knows that if he starts talking about gun control, he can make the press follow his every word, with that adoring look on their faces as though Obama’s every utterance were received wisdom the the Temple Mount. If he delivers enough rhetorical flourishes without genuflecting in the direction of his TelePrompTer, and has a sharp enough crease steamed into the pants of his suit, I’m sure that the DC press corpse will buff his shoes with their tongues.

      The press is positively filled with ignorant fools and over-educated morons, and they seem most proud of their ignorance when the subject is guns.

      What Obama is seeking to do is distract from the foreign policy hot mess of his own making. Obama fecklessness is responsible for the wave of Muslim invaders tromping into the EU, seeking to grift off the white man’s success. The sudden and widespread electoral success of nationalist parties in the EU has the EU leaders losing bladder control, and Obama (whom they previously lauded as one of them) shows not a whit of concern for their problems.

    • “This is what Obama does. He puts on a big show. He is unlikely to take any serious action…”

      Obamacare would like to say “hey there” as it’s flipping you the middle finger. And if you think any republican candidate is actually going to repeal that or any BS gun action he’s sanctioned, you’ve got other problems.

      • Obama didn’t do squat about Obamacare except make speeches and sign whatever Pelosi and Reid put on his desk. If you recall, O was ready to give up on O-care after Mass sent a Republican to Teddy Kennedy’s old senate seat… Until Nancy Pelosi decided differently. That legislation should rightly be called PelosiCare. Obama’s not a doer. He’s a talker. As for the rest, it’d be a simple enough thing and politically utterly painless for a new president to sign an EO declaring all Obama EOs defunct, and issuing a few new ones to cover any genuine issues. Lastly, don’t be a confrontational dick, Panzer. Just state your opinion without trying to start shit. The only “problem” I have is with trolls. Out.

      • I fear Panzer is correct about Congress (as it sits now) failing to repeal Obamacare. Obamacare is a disaster for we the peons. But for the DC ruling class and their cronies, it is a source of wealth and power. They might alter it a bit to make it viable longer, but history offers few examples of ruling classes voluntarily giving up power. It would take not only a sympathetic President, but also enough of the GOPe getting knocked off in primaries to really make the DC ruling class sweat.

        I’m hopeful that this will happen, but not wildly optimistic at this point. The grass-roots backlash against the establishment is on its way. Unfortunately, however, it has been split between Americans who want to restore Constitutional rule of law and Progressives who have been duped into believing that the way to win is to relinquish what little remains their individual liberty to the ruling class.

  5. So today in Atlanta a sixteen year old girl is shot in the back by two thugs who steal her hoverboard she got for Christmas. Another gun control problem. Nope as is usually the case in the overwhelming majority of incidents like this, it is a black societal problem. Think Obama will want to talk about this – yeah for sure (sarc)

    • Holy crap! Is she ok? No one in power seems to want to tackle the real problem, which isn’t guns.

    • OMG that is horrible, I hope she’ll be OK.
      no sarcasm

      Where are the cops when you need them?
      Certainly if they had been nearby….
      all sarcasm.

  6. Article said she is in hospital and will survive. As to no one wanting to tackle this issue, you can bet if it was two white boys who shot her AG Lynch would be warming up a couple of 747s to get the FBI and half of the attorney general office down there for a thorough civil rights investigation.

    Black on black, nothing to see here, move on.

  7. I don’t think that these are really going to be that bad (compared to an assault weapons ban or something). I mean lets be honest, universal background checks wouldn’t actually create a gun registry, you would just have to use an ffl to make a private sale to another person, probably paying a transfer fee of like 5 dollars, which most people do already.The NRA and Republicans used to back this proposition, but the dems voted it down because the funding it would take, and since then it appears there opinion has flipped because the NRA and others have said that requiring a background check for all gun sales would cause a national registry, which it obviously wont. Then again, if the government really wanted to know if you had a gun, they would. They could simply track down the businesses and manufacturer info and trace the gun. They have to do it all the time for crimes they could probably do it to take your guns away. I know that universal background checks are pretty much worthless due to the nonexistence of the gun show loop hole and the fact that it will only really be an inconvenience for law abiding gun owners but still, just because he dumbly thinks these will do anything is no reason to buy every ar 15 on the shelf and get the militias ready to roll. Just sayin’

    • 5 bucks? I pay 20 now, and somehow you think that price will go down if I am suddenly required to pay it. Do you understand how supply and demand works?

      • $20? Around here it is $45 to $90, and there are at least a dozen FFLs within reasonable driving distance for me.

      • Yeah, around here it’s around 15-20 dollars.(Maine) I do get that it is a major inconvenience, which is why I’m against it but it’s at least manageable. Nevertheless I hope it doesn’t happen, just to be clear.

    • Washington state has had a background check law now for a year and I have yet to hear of even one person arrested, let alone tried and convicted for making a sale without one. It’s all window dressing, no substance and they know it.

      • I have yet to hear of anyone making a private sale *with* one. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened; I just get the sense that gun owners in general are ignoring the whole unenforceable boondoggle.

    • I don’t know of a single FFL that does a NICS check for $5 here in Wyoming. The typical charge is $25, some FFL’s charge nothing if they’re selling a gun from their own inventory, which I think is reasonable.

      Since I’m not a retail FFL, I don’t do NICS checks for the public or operate a gun sale component of my business. I have many other things to do with my time just wrenching on guns. If I did do transfer NICS checks, I’d probably charge $25, because the involvement is about 20 minutes, on average, to make the call, wait on the phone, get a response, do the paperwork in/out, etc. My shop rate starts at $75/hour, so 20 minutes of my time is $25.

    • It has to include universal registration or it is meaningless and unenforceable. How do you think anybody would comply at all, otherwise? I still think nobody would.

    • I don’t see transfer fees at 5 dollars, about 20 dollars is the norm and you’re not getting a volume discount on these. Remember FFLs have to keep these records, and I don’t think they get to purge old records. In addition, when an FFL closes business, they turn their records over to the ATF.

      And don’t resign yourself to casually accepting spying by your government on you. It’s wrong. It may happen, but it’s wrong.

    • New readers/commentators in the New Year? How often do we have to go over this same basic fact: “…shall not be infringed.”?

      If you concede that the government has the authority to create, maintain and enforce a list of citizens who, in the opinion of that government, may not exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, how will you keep your name off of that list?

      The Second Amendment was written and ratified to protect US from the government, not to protect the government from us.

      • If you concede that the government has the authority to create, maintain and enforce a list of citizens who, in the opinion of that government, may not exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, how will you keep your name off of that list?

        Oh, that’s easy: I just vote for the politician who smiles during his/her campaign and promises not to put my name on the list. That is guaranteed to work. /end_sarcasm

      • The Second Amendment says A well REGULATED militia cannot be infringed. REGULATED is the key legal distinction here. Absolutely citizens can own guns, but they Constitunally have to be well REGULATED I don’t understand the confusion.

        • You confusion is about what is to be regulated, and what regulated means. The MILITIA is to be well regulated (meaning well trained) because it is necessary to the security of the free state. To that end, the PEOPLE’S right to keep and bear arms is to remain uninfringed. And those who tried to argue that it has not always been thus were laughed out of the supreme court, their arguments described as “bordering on the frivelous.”

          In other words WE know EXACTLY where the “confusion” comes from; a terrible misunderstanding of the constitution. And we have it in writing.

        • “..a terrible [and deliberate] mis-representation of the constitution.”

          With you 100%, but it’s always good to remember that the ones pulling the strings know damn well that the 2nd recognizes an individual right. They cannot give up that argument, though, for to do so would obligate them to repeal the second amendment (which they know they cannot do right now). So, they support the doublethink position that they 2nd amendment only applies to government organizations (which gives them cover to infringe as far as they can now), but that the 2nd amendment needs to be repealed to keep guns out of private hands (for when they eventually build the support for that).

        • The Second Amendment says A well REGULATED militia cannot be infringed. REGULATED is the key legal distinction here. Absolutely citizens can own guns, but they Constitunally have to be well REGULATED I don’t understand the confusion.

          It’s amazing how many illiterates feel free to hold forth on Constitutional interpretation. And how many semi-literates will actually argue back and forth with them over this false premise.

          A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

          The “active ingredient,” i.e., the law itself, reads:

          the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

          You could replace the preceding parts with:

          The moon, being made of green cheese,


          We luvs gunz, sooo,


          [Fill in explanatory, legally non-binding clause of your choice here]

          And the law would remain the same.

    • Absolutely a universal background check would HAVE to create a national registry for it to be enforced. Example, say someone bought a firearm 10 years ago and sold it to a private individual the day after they bought it. And they sold it and they sold it and they sold it. Where is it at now??
      Firearm you originally bought and sold later and used in a crime? “Man I sold that thing years a go”.

      How much would it cost the American taxpayer to fund such a registry in manpower and enforcement?

      • It’s always a wonderful thing when you buy a gun from someone for cash who dies at some time after the sale.

        Gives me warm-n-fuzzy feelings to the bone… 🙂

    • In California, it is $25 for the background check (Dealer Record of Sale or DROS) as set by staute, and then another fee for the FFL to do the transfer. Figure another $75-$100.

      • Let me amend that. For a face to face transaction on a private party transfer, the maximum fee that can be charged by the FFL is $10 (plus the DROS). If it is not in person, there is no limit except the market.

  8. So a hand picked audience by CNN is a “Town hall”.
    What a F’ing farce.

    It’s all theater to divert attention away from a failed national security policy. (Of coarse policy is a gracious term to refer to the lead-from-behind clusterfark that is the SCOAMF FBHO.)

    • Farce is the word. Maybe CNN can arrange another phony “assault weapons” demonstration with a full-auto ringer gun as part of the show.

      • If they convinced B. Hussein O. to pull the trigger on that stupid demo I might be convinced to watch CNN for that brief moment in time. On the other hand, I’d probably wait and watch it on YouTube instead.

        Other than that, I will never intentionally tune my flatscreen to CNN and I thank the TTAG staffer in advance who must suffer through this program in order to summarize it for me/us.

    • I predict an all Democrat office peopled by MOMs and others primed to ask soft-ball questions favorable to the President’s positions.

  9. I agree, this is all fluff. Why doesn’t he just go for the jugular and tell us he’s starting with a national gun registry, with an eventual gun confiscation. Let’s just put all the cards on the table. Lock and load!

  10. Drinking game for Thursday…

    Take a shot every time you hear…

    1. Commonsense
    2. No one wants to take your guns away
    3. Weapons of War
    4. Military Style
    5. Gun Safety
    6. Loophole
    7. Hunting Tradition
    8. Semiautomatic

    2 shots every time you hear…

    1. Clip
    2. For the children
    3. Ban
    4. No-Fly

    1 sip of beer for every time he say the pronoun “I”

    I bet you will be trashed before the first commercial break.

    • If I took a shot every time I heard one of those trigger words/phrases my television would be trashed long before the first commercial break, and my neighbors would be pissed. Oh, wait, you mean take a shot of alcohol.

    • “Drinking game for Thursday…

      Take a shot every time you hear…”

      I might as well have a qualified RN like Jeff The Grizz run a big bore needle of an Everclear IV in each arm…

      • Search for “Steve O” on YouTube, he did this, 5 shots and he was probably near death. The best way to take in alcohol is through the stomach, once you get too much it gives the body the opportunity to evacuate some of the toxin. Yes, vomiting is your bodies own way of trying to save your ass! P.S. aside from IV, enema is the next fastest way to get intoxicated.

    • I will be doing this!

      I assume I have a liver left but I’m sure it’s like a hi-mile Crown Vic at this point; It just keeps going and amazes everyone because it won’t break.

    • You forgot “tragedy”. No way he is giving up the chance to wave the bloody shirt. I’d play along, but that means I’d have to turn on CNN.

  11. “On the Sunday news programs, all the Republican presidential candidates vowed to repeal any and all executive orders on gun control on their first day in office.”

    What about ones that were imposed by previous administrations, does that mean they will get rid of those too?

    Will this mean I will get my 7n6, Russian AK’s, Steyr AUG pistol kits, South Korean M1’s, parts kit barrels, the abolition of 922r, no more import AWB, steel core/AP 7.62×39 and other rounds, and Chinese guns and ammo back!?

    I doubt it.

    • If ‘The Donald’ wins ‘The Trump House’, let’s hold him to that pledge…

      Just for spite, Trump might… 🙂

  12. Can’t wait !!!!
    I feel like I’m 9 years old again and it’s Christmas Eve . That’s the year I got my first 22 Marlin and I still have it of coarse .
    Go Barry go , yu da man .
    One day closer to the reboot .

  13. I wish he would just announce a national confiscation of all firearms including air soft, bb, and pellet guns.

    That would eliminate the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ and move us right along to the final act.

    How would that be for a legacy? Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro), 44th President of the United States and responsible for the Second American Civil War

      • I find that incredibly odd. I guess he’s not a big history buff. Must of never read any of Lincoln’s campaign debates. Or knew that Lincoln pushed for the purchase of land in Africa to send the newly freed slaves to, named Liberia. I could go on and on.

      • As a Texan, you should know that the last battle of the War Between the States was on May 12, 1965, at Palmito Ranch, TX. The Southern forces won. The North’s victory proclamation was not issued until August 20, but some rebels did not surrender until November of that year.

        Lincoln died on April 15, 1865, after Lee’s surrender but before the end of hostilities. In so doing, he set a standard that many of us follow by dying, at least a little bit inside, every April 15th.

        • Juneteenth Ralph. Black folks “celebrate” June 19th,1865 as liberation day. And yes the Civil War was about slavery. BTW we have essentially no private sales without a background check in Illinois(Bury Soetoro land). AND…we deal with the BS. Even FB gun sales groups with FOID in the title and you get reported(to the STATE) and booted out out if you violate these precious rules. But I guess Bury just wants us all to be “safe”. Maybe THIS will motivate millions to get off their dead azzes…are we still gonna’ hear from the Bernie lovers about what a pro-2A pol the old commie is?

        • Actually, the last battle of the Civil was was a naval battle in the Bering Sea from June 22 to June 28 of 1865. The CSS Shenandoah sank several commercial vessels before fleeing 27,000 miles around the world back to England.

  14. “He will join CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday for an exclusive one-hour live town hall on gun control at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, in hopes of mounting a final pitch to the public.”
    Ironic considering that George Mason writings, including substantial portions of the Fairfax Resolves of 1774, the Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776, and his Objections to this Constitution of Government (1787) in opposition to ratification of the constitution, have been a significant influence on political thought and events. The Virginia Declaration of Rights served as a basis for the United States Bill of Rights, of which he has been deemed the father.

  15. If he were a real out of the box thinker he would use his authority as Commander-in-Chief to order all us members of unorganized militia to go down to the local National Guard armory to take a census of our weapons. Instant registry.

      • Stop your belly laughing. The Militia is a governmental institution under the authority of both the President and your Governor. Private militias are illegal. States like Virginia which have laws or Constitutional provisions making everybody a member of the Militia by default legalize non government supported groups and if the states calls you to service you are required to show up. If your state doesn’t have that provision then your “militia”is just a bunch of guys playing soldier.

  16. Who would contribute to a go fund account for the family of anyone who ends his Presidency? Hamas does it, this administration supports them…perhaps a Jihadist could help here.

  17. Fu@k this Presudent and F Republican as well. Oh we’ll change when back the the WH. How about the house doing your dam job NOW.

    • Be on the lookout for flying pigs. When you see them, mosey over to your LGS and snag a few cheap bricks of .22LR.

  18. Here is a good idea for an Executive Order on gun control: Why doesn’t he direct the ATF to get back all the guns that Holder and Obama let walk illegally in their Fast and Furious scandal and then arrest everyone in the U.S. Government involved in that smoke and mirrors B.S. they tried to set up for gun control in Obama’s first term!!!

  19. Here’s something new . . .

    Gun control advocates are also anticipating that the administration will bolster regulations on the reporting of lost and stolen guns. Currently, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is only required to investigate a gun theft if 10 or more guns are stolen and one of them is used in a crime.

    So how are they doing right now on the currently mandated investigations? How many do they do? Compared to how many thefts? How many catch the Bad Guys? The crime victims get their property back because of all this shoe leather, right?

    Not so much? Really? Can’t keep up with the mandates they have already.

    It’s like such exec orders will only result in increasing burdens on lawful gun owners: report or your are the criminal now; report and now you’re part of an investigation; lots of opportunity to simply mis-state or similar, which is itself a felony; federalizing a local issue, which puts the enforcers further out of control of the enforced upon.

    Nah, that can’t be it.

  20. I love how the subliminal message in all this is that it’s the people’s fault not a problem at the government. It’s the people who support the NRA who have too many guns, its the people who don’t vote for “common sense” laws, its the people who have a mental health problem, its the people who shoot up schools, its the people who arm drug cartels, its the people who just won’t trust the govt enuff to give up their guns and leave defense of their personal property to the state and federal officials, its the people who won’t rat out their neighbors to a faceless and tyrannical govt, it’s the people who wont trust our sterling boys in blue, its the people who vote (generally for the lesser evil if at all). It’s all our fault.

    • “…the fault of…”
      Also known as the anti-sheeple. Just “trust your government”.

  21. How about a mass organization of gun owners all travel to their local gun shop and get a background check run all on the same day. Can you imagine the system crash and White House panty wetting that would occur from 10 million inquiries in one day? Their heads would explode!

  22. I will let George Mason make my points.

    “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”
    — George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788

    ” … to disarm the people – that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
    — George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 380


    For someone (BO) so into symbolism he picked a strange place for this town hall meeting. I wonder if anyone would be allowed to point that out to him during the “discussion.”

  23. I’ve never heard so much talk from media about how obsessed a president in his final two years in office is about HIS “legacy.” All this talk about “his legacy”… is this not enough to see what a narcissist this fraud from Hawaii/Chicago/Kenya he is?

    So, Obama gets an hour on cable news to justify an executive order and win over the public. Hey, if it was already popular, why does a sitting President need an hour to drum up support for it?

    The propaganda is strong with this one.

  24. Thursday? Can someone tape it for me? I have an appointment at the range with some of those left-over from halloween zombie paper targets.

  25. The YouTube videos has dislikes and comments enabled. Use your 1st Amendment rights! You’re probably already on a list anyways, might as well move up a little higher.

  26. How is this legally elected dictator working for you? He was elected twice, admittedly he had no competition. The same people that elected him twice will elect hillary in Nov. Again, with no republican competition. Trump may speak for a lot of voters but the minority does not win and republicans will fight him tooth and nail, he is not part of the plan. “Democrat”/”Republican”/”Liberal” are just terms for socialists to hide behind. One party, two sections, united. “Social programs” are one thing, and not necessarily bad. Socialist rule is universal servitude. “Personal agendas” are supplanting The Constitution. (I hope I am wrong, but this man has not been stopped, barely slowed down, by any other branch of the government. The power he has acquired, real or implied, will be passed on to hillary. She will make the most of it).

    • The establishment Republicans are slowly descending into the graves they dug for themselves. They know they’ve screwed the people over and over again and when the new breed of Republicans came out to put the old guard out of their misery, they put up a fight and even though they know they’re on their way out, want to take out as many of the usurpers as possible.

      Even if the Establishment gets what they want in Water Bottle or Low T, they’re bound to loose even if they’re pro amnesty. Then the Republican base will hem and haw over why they lost and come to the conclusion it was because they didn’t support abortion or marijuana or refugee resettlement. Every election they lose they move further to the left and they keep losing. The key is moving to the right and backing Trump or Cruz.

    • Do you really think that she-beast would leave her taxpayer-financed Section 8 housing without a fight? The muscular (when compared to her pencil-necked “hubby”) First “Lady” Michael, I mean mean “Michelle” would put Biden in a head lock and snap his neck like a twig while grifting granny Marian Robinson, the two hideous offspring and their ghetto gang-banging Hollywood pals Beyonce and Jay Z etc. take potshots at the Secret Service and the movers from the windows and balconies.

  27. I wish someone would ask barry if background checks work so well, why didn’t they work to keep Tashfeen Malik out of our country.

    I’d also note that she came to the US in 2014 while barry was in charge. (sorry barry you can’t blame Bush).

  28. What a dog and pony show that’s going to be. Why don’t they get Hollywood people to produce it? I mean, put a real good spin on it. Hell, get a bunch of Sandy Hook children the background crying. Get a State Trooper from each state, 50 in all to stand behind Obummer. Even better, get leaders from other countries to stand behind him also.
    Get the American flag blowing in the wind superimposed with shots of the sun setting in the ocean, eagles flying and a farmer overlooking his golden wheat field standing next to his old truck. I mean, do this up nice so I have a reason to puke in a bag while I watch it.

    • ….but, but, but IT’S for the chuilluns’ you know those 6’2″ 190+lb 6th graders with ADHD innocently slingin’ crack on the corners, committing drive-by shootings, assaulting police, trying to steal their sidearms and those that rob convenience stores at gunpoint while high on Purple Drank and weed.

  29. Dear Red states,

    Please fight this is hard as you can. I live in a blue nightmare and I want to leave it someday. If you guys dont fight, I’ll have nowhere to run to.

  30. EXPLETIVE DELETED I protect and defend my kids with my guns! You are a disgrace to the United States of America and can’t be gone soon enough!

  31. We need to start, as in right now, a “Questions for AC to Ask the Pres” collection. As the event happens, we need a real time fisking; an active counterpoint seeded with these and other responses, as the spectacle unfolds. Like on twitter, or something.

    If we were Sal-Huf-Ox (or Journo-list: look it up) we’d have that boiler room operation in place already. It’s what they do. We’ll have to create a mechanism quick, since we don’t do this all the time, because we have real lives to attend to.

    You just know it’s gonna be a carefully orchestrated pageant performance, with AC alternately groveling of his own accord, and delivering his assigned lines on cue.

    We can complain about that – and nobody will listen. Or we can Alinsky it with some political theater. An internally-focused self-congratulation listing the inanities while we laugh together is self indulgence. We might feel better, but it moves no needles, dings no crafted falsehoods, stalls no narratives, breaks no caricatures. (“There are those…” as another battalion of straw-men fall.)

    The move is help others’ see how bad these clowns look, how rigged the event, how flawed the messaging, twisted the “facts”, empty the argument, and, yes, that those clowns don’t speak for everyone.

    What we want is an outward-facing, near-real-time, media-hooking, fisking, as it goes down. Twitter may be the place. I don’t do social media, so there may be something better. A near-real-time comment thread, or “drunkbloggging” or similar is fine, but we need to get it facing outward. And we need multiple voices.

    BTW, when it’s over the RNC, every R presidential candidate and the NRA all need to sue CNN and the FCC, and put a complaint in front of the FEC for permitting “contribution in kind” to a particular party and candidate. There’s no chance of winning any of those actions (although there should be.) BUT, the fact of filing is news. And rebutting the “charges” repeats them, and you know what … there’s some legitimacy to the idea.

    As a bonus, doing this might stifle the Fed’s recurring twitches to “equal time” and “fairness doctrine” expansions and selective enforcements They get annoyed when there’s media they don’t agree with, so try to shut it down. Well, since pointing out that censoring things can go the other way has been ineffective, maybe show them. Do you really want more “fairness doctrine?” If you had gotten what you proposed, these suits would all be slam-dunks.

    Silly advocates. You don’t want to “enforce” balanced coverage when the press is all on your side. God these guys are dumb. They only win because, well, there’s a reason they’re called “The Stupid Party.”

    • Twiiter is as close as you are going to get to real-time.

      Hashtags are what make twiiter go so we need a good one that we all can use. And it is even better if we use one of their hashtags to our advantage.





  32. This “town hall” will be carefully constructed to make it appear that “most Americans” support gun control and hate the NRA and Republican Congress for enabling thousands of Americans to be murdered by guns every year. A propaganda extravaganza that would make Josef Goebbels spontaneously burst into tears of joy.
    Whatever weak tea Obama brews as Executive Orders will be purely for show as he knows full well none of it will fix problems that don’t actually exist, but he also knows his stooges will spoon and swoon over the news as they always do and the morons who vote for him and his like will believe CNN has told them the unvarnished truth. Obama’s entire Presidency is a sham (and a shame) and this will just be more of the same poisonous soup.
    During the broadcast every gun owner in the US, whether NRA Member or not, should go to the NRA website and donate $5.00 to the NRA, or call and donate. Specify your donation to defeating the Hildabeast in 2016 or fighting 2A infringements, or something Political. That may be the only way to send a counter message to BO. If, during the broadcast, gun owners do not watch CNN and raise millions for the NRA it would surely force at least some of the National News Media to report the story and humiliate BO and his sycophants as Wayne La Pierre and Chris Cox publicly thank him for generating all those donated dollars. Surely, the International Press will notice this, as well.
    There are ways to fight we can all join in, we just have to do it. The worst that can happen is the NRA will get a few million dollars to carry on the fight for our RKBA in a critical election year. To really send “the finger” to Obama, switch on Fox News for Cable while CNN is showing this faked Town Hall.
    My sympathies to whoever in the Pro Gun News has to cover the CNN broadcast to inform the rest of us about it. Think of it as being noble and heroic, and “taking one for the Team”. Thank-you. God Bless you and give you strength, or lots of anti-emetic, at least.

  33. I’m just going to say this– There’s a lot of people who will be okay with a measure to define a firearms business as selling more than ___ number a year. After all, these people don’t even sell two or three a year, if any. It quite literally doesn’t worry or concern them. You may even be one of those people right now, reading this blog. Talking about it puts a big ol’ shrug on your shoulders as you meh silently.

    To these folks, you should care. Just as the hunters should care about evil black rifles, you should care about these limits. They’re stepping stones. Consider the fact that this policy is completely unenforceable in its current form. Seriously. How is the fed going to know if I sold five or ten? Why even bother with a completely defunct law? Well, as others have surmised, it makes the panicy sort amongst us feel good of course. But more to the point, it leaves the option to install an enforceable framework later. If you can’t think of all the ways this can be abused, I’d like to turn your attention back to the attempted banning of M855 and how easily regulation can get warped into something else entirely.

    If there is an attempt to create a sales limit, please care about it. Resist it now matter how generous it seems to you and your firearms lifestyle. If only because you don’t trust these fuckers not to twist it into something else entirely… Because I sure as hell don’t.

  34. You know, this fakery that Obummer is going to put on used to work. And to a little extent, it still does, but unfortunately for the head honcho in charge, this smoke and mirrors dog and pony shows aren’t working so well anymore. People have wised up to the carefully choreographed, rehearsed productions that are designed to give the illusion of support. People have become widely aware of the assault medias biased manipulation of reporting.
    Town hall meeting, what a joke! People are not totally as ignorant as he likes to think they are. Many folks may not have a bunch of education under their belts, but they know how to read between the lines and know a load of crap when they see it.
    Don’t try to spoon feed people dirt and tell them it’s sugar.

  35. So hypothetically if he does ban private sales, what would happen to armslist? I guess my favorite gun buying outlet will be gone. I sure hope not. Sometimes i find some really good deals on there

  36. I have read people say that this is a minor inconvenience. I say it is another step too far. Obviously, it is not a call to arms. We have many more options, including one more election later this year. To imply that these executive edicts are insignificant, however, is irresponsible. This is another straw on the back of the people, and soon, We The People will have had enough. So, this is huge…and I am certain it will be engraved in history just like the Stamp Act. Fortunately, we are patient…at least for now. We have warned the Democrat Party, and they know our grievances. It is their move. They can help us stop the Obama Regime, or they get trampled onto the dirt like so many other tyrannical ideologies from the past.

  37. Obama, hosted on CNN by Anderson “Tea-bagger” Cooper and that ugly, tacky breast-baring old has-been comic- whats her name, from the New Years Eve party. This won’t bring more independent people into the gun-control fold. What it will do is alienate more people particularly the Millenial and independent voters who can see through the lying, and spin.

    I predict the NRA will get MORE new members, and gun sales will surge again.
    Never interrupt your enemy when they are shooting themselves in the head.

  38. You do know why notorious NYC gold-digging, closeted carpet-cleaner, Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, CNN’s senior degenerate (sorry Richard Quest & Don Lemon) Anderson “Tea-bagger” Cooper, bought the old Lower Manhattan firehouse don’t you? He just loves “sliding down the pole”.

  39. Some guy on a horse holding a lantern went by my house last night yelling “The Feds are Coming, The Feds are Coming”!

    These Executive Orders are the shots opening the door to the Second American Civil War.

    Hunker down and preserve your ammo.

  40. It is hard to believe that the NRA was committed to gun-control laws for most of the 20th century—helping to write most of the federal laws restricting gun use until the 1980s.

  41. I didnt read all the comments but I think it bears mentioning if it hasn’t already that “Money makes the world go round” My suspicion is that he’ll go after the transaction networks ie (visa, banks, paypal, square, etc) as being “in the business” if they process transactions involving firearms in order to put pressure on private party sales.

  42. How about we fix the security detail and hypocrisy loophole first. Then see how that goes for about a year. Every single politician that is for gun control either has a CHL or has security that is packing for them.

    Why isn’t that the first thing a rebuttal points out and soon as they stand up in front of a mic and mention gun control?

    Shannon Watts and Bloomerberg are prime candidates as is the President and Hillary. All hypocrites. Lead by example. Disarm yourselves, no more armed security, and then talk to us how living that lifestyle is somehow better than being armed.

    There simply is no logical or constitutional reason to delay, obstruct, or deny a law-abiding individual from owning and carrying a firearm. There are unconstitutional and immoral reasons to do so, and people that push those agendas need to realize that is what they are doing.

    Politicians take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution. This includes things you say and actions you take. Doing otherwise should result in swift removal from office / appointment. Especially those that uphold the Constitution to get elected, then go against it afterward. Plain and simple.

    Just as we have told them there is a process to repeal the 2nd Amendment, we should exercise our impeachment powers and get these clowns out of office. No sense arguing with stupid.

    Obama isn’t my worry since we’ve been repealing all the really silly stuff — as it should be. Hillary is crazy though. Feinstein delusional.

  43. if thats what he does i don’t see how anyone would have a problem with that. i’m thinking he is going to reinstitute the funding for the CDC to research gun violence. everything, repeat, EVERYTHING has a potential to do harm so i dont see it as a big deal.

  44. It’s always a good thing when thinking about such things is that Obama works for money, first and foremost.
    During his “activist” days in Chicago prior to bursting on to the political scene with a narrow and perhaps immoral victory for a minor legislative seat in Illinois, he consorted with people who connected him with people with money. The ultra-billionaires in Chicago heaped truckloads of money (and favors) knowing that he’d one day be their servant-in-office. Remember the so-called “private jet” controversy? Obama got caught by some reporters flying around on private jets owned by these billionaires for free and claiming on his income reports that he was accepting campaign contributions of first-class airline tickets, yet rolling a decent corp jet out of the hangar costs about twenty grand. Yet the story disappeared in a blink- I talked to one of those reporters and she told me she wouldn’t do a thing to run the story down.
    So when the billionaires want their stuff- which includes high-level gun control- their willing servant steps up.
    Soros is another money-packer with a bizarre fixation on banning guns. His money powered a lot of what those Hyde Park progressives did and are doing.
    Practically the only thing Obama did prior to his abortive US Senate dalliance was gun control. Very few of his votes had anything to do with anything else (on his way to voting present over 100 times in a few short years.)
    So it’s going to be gun control, from here on out, because it’s profitable.

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