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President Obama calls for more gun control (courtesy

“I do not accept that we cannot find a common-sense way to preserve our traditions including our basic Second Amendment freedoms and the rights of law-abiding gun owners while at the same time reducing the gun violence that unleashes so much mayhem on a regular basis,” President Obama told a the audience at a memorial for the people killed during an attack on the Washington Navy Yard. Only you and I know—from the President’s previous push for federal gun control— that he doesn’t mean it. Once again . . .

“common-sense” is a code-word for regulations that infringe on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. A right denied the occupants of the buildings where a crazed gunman unleashed carnage on defenseless people. reports that the Prez “noted that shootings in other countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom led to legal changes. “No other advanced nation endures this kind of violence. None. What’s different in America is that it’s easy to get your hands on a gun.”

Too bad Mr. Obama didn’t read our recent posts regarding the invidiousness of that comparison. Nor, it seems, [has he read] the United States Constitution.

The President also spoke of “a creeping resignation that these tragedies are just the way it is — a new normal. We cannot accept this. There’s nothing normal about innocent people getting gunned down at work.” And then called for the repeal of the Gun Free School Zones Act and an Army regulation issued under President Clinton banning firearms freedom on military installations. JK.

Interestingly, “officials closed the memorial to the public amid tight security. Some 4,000 invitees attended, many of them military personnel and members of Congress.” So, protected by good guys with guns eh? One armed military worker sitting at his desk minding his own business bad, hundreds of armed cops surrounding politicians good. Go figure.

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  1. For Obama and the gun grabbers the DC attack was a case of this isn’t the crisis you were looking for. However, vigilance is the price of freedom since there will be other crises that will have them waving the bloody shirt once again.

  2. Instead of making more laws, how about enforcing the federal gun laws already on the books? State and federal DOJs need to stop taking felony weapons charges off at the negotiation tables when a criminal comes in with a possession or usage charge. If someone fails a background check or lies on the 4473, THAT is when the ATF should come knocking.

    • With all due respect, fellow PotG, I am getting awfully tired of hearing that “we need to enforce existing law” as a response to calls for new laws. What’s so great about existing federal gun laws? It’s like saying we like paying $200 to register for a suppressor or an SBR with our federal masters. It’s saying we hope the ATF confiscates all the machineguns. Existing laws suck, and just about every one of them is unconstitutional.

      Instead of making more laws, why don’t we repeal every single one of them.

  3. “Preserve” them by severely limiting them, of course. Does he have a lying coach, or does it just come naturally with his sociopathic narcissist personality? Or both?

    We’re going to “protect” your pantry by simply taking 70% of your food from you.

  4. I”m glad he recognises the need for common sense gun laws. First common sense gun law is to get rid of gun free zones. They have a terrible record of getting innocent people killed. Next institute nation wide constitutional carry of guns.

    If you’re serious about common sense gun laws you’ll push for these barry. On the day I hear you calling for these common sense gun laws from the oval office I will address you as Mr. President.

    I figure I’ll be calling you barry for the foreseeable future.

  5. One thing that must be remembered is this: Obama is the antithesis of all that he says. Simply use the opposite of what was said and you will have the true meaning of what was said.

    Otherwise, you will only be caught with your pants down.

  6. I hate Obama. He’s a degenerate. And no I am not gonna do some violence against him, just stating a valid observation. Perhaps he really is that dim to think this is about tradition. Like all gun owners are Tevye. This isn’t about tradition, it’s about people who value the ability to keep attackers/oppressors off.

    If this was just me debating with my daughters BF whether or not it’s okay for women and men to dance at a wedding reception, that’s one thing, but guns save lives, make governments think twice about screwing over their people, and in the end help overthrow a government who doesn’t take no for an answer.

    He also ignores many other things different about the countries. Gang wars, depression, faltering education, etcetera and etcetera.

  7. The only one that’s been unleashing so much mayhem on a regular basis in America, and in other countries, is the Diaper-In-Chief, Barak Obama himself!

  8. Psycho shot up a car, nearly shot an upstairs neighbor, and called the cops saying he heard voices. Thats 3 dayum strikes for the police not doing their jobs. If any one of those had been handled using the laws in place, this would not have happened. Shotgun Alexis would have lost his clearance and his ability to pass a background check, would be getting the treatment he obviously needed in a mental health facility, and no one would have had to die.

    • True enough, but what if the voices he heard were real? The technology exists, and aren’t exactly new. Patents have been issued; microwave technology can actually make people hear voices.

      Not saying it was the case here, just raising the point.

      • Note that you could also do it with other radio frequencies — especially if the guy had filings in his teeth. You could also do it with ultrasound.

  9. “I do not accept that we cannot find a common-sense way to preserve our traditions including our basic Second Amendment freedoms and the rights of law-abiding gun owners while at the same time reducing the gun violence that unleashes so much mayhem on a regular basis”. WOW, I actually agree with the POS. The first step is understanding that the former (our rights) have NOTHING to do with the latter (criminal use of firearms). But of course he knows this already though and couldn’t care less about the Constitution. The first step to taking our freedom is depriving us of our arms. Nice try scumbag. You want ’em ? Come and take ’em.

    • It’s a self feeding machine. Bad laws turn otherwise healthy people into victims, then uses their blood to help make more. If one thing I learned from politics in general is, if something was costly in both lives and money, and was ineffective, it just means they weren’t doing it dumb enough. Cause they aren’t satisfied till everything is FUBAR”D and no longer operable.

      • I am stunned that so many people think these politicians stupid and incapable; it fact, they are very good at what they do, and they are following their game plan very well.

        But it makes you feel nice and superior, so by all means, have at it.

        • I attribute malice not lack of intelligence. The only place I consider myself superior is morally.

          But if a person has to do something foolish to get a desired outcome (say like a man who does something silly to get a womans attention), it does not negate that the act itself is stupid.

        • I agree. It’s very dangerous to underestimate your enemies. Barack Obama is not stupid. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

      • What Bill said.

        If we assume that the people currently in charge of our country are trying to make everything go right and according to the constitution and to recover as a constitutional republic and a vibrant capitalistic economy, then it would be reasonable to believe that they are incompetent and stupid, because they are obviously failing.

        But this assumption may be wrong. What if it is their entire plan to tear down the structure of our constitutional republic and to replace our capitalist economy with socialism. Look at the genius of how much they have accomplished. These people are NOT stupid. And they only have to be smarter than the mass o low-information voters and welfare recipients who keep voting for them.

  10. Common sense gun laws, it’s a myth.
    It’s a lie constantly spread by the crook Obama and his blind followers.
    Make no mistake what he intends to do infringe upon your rights.
    One more SC justice and he may get his way.
    They want to legally strip you of your freedom, to take all firearms, and to subjugate you to the will of their enforcers (LE, military, & federal agents).

    Only armed men are free, unarmed men are subjects.

    • Common Sense gun law is NOT a myth, it has been done and reads as follows:

      A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people, to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

      That is THE most common sense gun law in history and was intended by our founders to be the end of the matter. Unfortunately, I suppose they should have included the words “Congress shall make no law regarding…” since no one in the federal government (a few wishy-washy SCOTUS justices aside) seems to understand what “…shall not be infringed.” means.

  11. Obama speaks honestly for once, if we even had any doubt that he wants the US to follow Australia and the United Kingdom’s example of how to clamp down on “gun violence”. He’s not even trying to hide the fact he wants to do away with the Bill of Rights.

  12. Once again we are being blamed for the failure of the hired guns we all pay our hard earned tax money to protect us. They failed to protect the people working at the Naval Yard so the answer is to disarm us?

  13. The communist in charge now openly seeks to diminish and destroy the U.S. Constitution.
    He doesn’t even try and hide his real intentions.
    If the can take away the second amendment he can strip you of all the rest of your liberty as well.


  14. Barry, I believe it should be difficult for those convicted of violent crimes to get a firearm. The thing is, there are literally thousands of laws already on the books designed to prevent that from happening. Three words: ENFORCE THE LAW. After all, violent criminals are the problem . . . why not focus on them and the roots of their violence? And don’t turn a blind eye to folks with mental health problems and simply focus on the tools they’ve used to commit heinous acts. Don’t ignore the fact that cultural values have deteriorated SIGNIFICANTLY, and that the vast majority of those committing these crimes are coming from single parent households with few people to look up to other than the thug on the corner or the homie shouting violence and misogyny in their music.

    • Unfortunately the problem is two-fold:
      1. The Second Amendment states specifically, “…shall not be infringed.”
      2. If we ignore #1 just for argument’s sake, who decides what is a mental illness, who has it, and at what level of severity it justifies denying your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. And further, who decides when, if ever, you get those rights back?

      The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to list specific things the federal government was NEVER allowed to do because those rights belonged to the people and were not subject to modification or repeal by the government. To admit that even one tiny little law may be passed that infringes in any way on our Second Amendment right is to agree that the government MAY in fact infringe.

      Which is the worse consequence, an occasional mental case with a gun, or a federal government with carte blanche to modify our basic RKBA?

      • “So, you disagree with the president’s education initiatives. Why, only a crazy person would do that, 30 day hold for observation.”

  15. Ive run out of words to describe my contempt for O.
    If he wants to have some meaningful things done.
    He should, but never will come right out and say what he wants.
    Then let the people of the country, and I do mean this although its not possible.
    Have the Senate and the Congress actually listen to the people of America.
    One person 1 vote unless its one person and many votes where you come from.
    Put it on the next ballot come November and that’s it…………in plain English.
    No Spanish, Armenian or whatever other language is the choice of the day.
    Let the will of the country decide once and for all what is to be what.

    Otherwise just accept the fact that Barry is willing to start a real shooting war.
    Too make criminal according to his “lowness’s” dictates of the majority of American firearms holders.
    There are 80 million of us and how many of him??
    If he thinks for one second Ill go his way.
    Then he is the arrogant self centered mental incompetent I believe him to be.

    I wont be around but, Im sure the future history books will have him one notch below Jimmy Carter and Calvin Coolidge as the most incompetent Presidents this country has every had.

  16. We all better watch out for that phrase “preserve our traditions”. That’s really loaded and really re-framing the argument.

    2A isn’t important because it’s a tradition, or because it’s a piece of antiquated history that has symbolic meaning to some traditionalists somewhere. Don’t let him get away with framing 2A as something as trivial as a “tradition” while at the same time talking about “progress” and “moving forward” and “the future”. Traditions change when those things happen. Calling it traditional in that context is kind of like coming right out and saying “lets pretend to humor this old stuff while we slowly change it without anyone noticing”.


    • Don – “Tradition” is what first caught my eye. So that would make, free speech, freedom of religion, etcetera just traditions too. Wow – next thing you know, he’ll switch from calling a pump action shotgun, a traditional firearm, to calling it a “law enforcement type weapon” that has no place in the hands of non-LEO civilians.

      Again, if he doesn’t divert attention by blaming the guns, then the spotlight might fall on his political party and their failures in the major metropolitan areas that they have controlled for the last hundred plus years.

      • EXACTLY. He’s trying to re-frame cherished, Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties as mere “traditions”. Which, in the eyes of many, are subject to change by anything from being replaced by newer traditions, to the heel of a jackboot.

  17. After every act of terror we’re told not to judge all muslims for the acts of a few. Isn’t it time gun owners got the same consideration?

  18. Reducing or eliminating our tradition of the right to keep and bear arms does not preserve our traditions. How about we make an example of these criminal’s “actions” instead of regulating “objects” of possession.

  19. Well for one thing,Boobama is is communist,he was a member of the American Communist Party in the 1990’s,it is well known that the communists want to disarm the populace in a country that they want to take over,such as what Boobama is attempting with help from his communist hacks in Congress.Next thing is Gun Free Zones,like all of the places of mass shootings,save One,Gun free zones don’t work,they are magnets for trouble.Security was cut back at the Navy Yard,oops this is a government screw up,not a guns fault,plus Aaron Alexis went through a background check,but his medical records are private even though he had mental health issues,which if the gun banners were really wanting to help put an end to these shootings they would repeal the part of the Patient Privacy Act that would let medical establishments post mental health reviews with the NICS system,this is a common sense issue,but too easy for some elected officials inside the beltway to understand,or they just want to further a leftist agenda.As for Chicago it is crime control that is the problem,most of the weapons used in the shootings there are illegal by Chicago laws,so they are most likely stolen or obtained illegally.The Illinois governor has stated he will send in the National Guard if need be,I hope he does,and roots out the gangs causing the problems.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  20. “One armed military worker sitting at his desk minding his own business bad, hundreds of armed cops surrounding politicians good.” All is said in that one sentence.
    I got to say I wasn’t that politically active till this jackwagon commie got into the office, now I vote vote and vote and my 2nd Amendment is the top priority all the time.

  21. I’m more concerned about the “creeping resignation that [this invasive and ineffective security apparatus] is just the way it is — the new normal.” Kids coming up these days don’t know how invasive the current security arrangements are compared to pre-9/11. They think it’s normal to have to get groped to go through the security lines.

    Do you realize that most any kid below the 10th or 11th grade (maybe even most anyone in high school) isn’t even cognizant that there was a “world before the TSA?” All of this came about during their “formative years,” and so they’ve literally never known anything else. This is their normal.

  22. Man, that picture at the top of the article…Barry looks like hell!
    I think the job’s starting to get to him, further evidenced by probably the weakest…push? for gun control this guy’s made yet. Hell, he didn’t even sound like he believed it anymore.

    I would feel for the guy, and maybe even want to help him out if I could, if only he would quit stepping on my goddamn neck.

    • I don’t feel for him at all. He does not recieve one ounce of pity from me for his continued attempts to undermine the framework of this once great nation, nor for his feigned shock when his control schemes reveal scandals and failure. All of my pity is reserved for people who are doing good things in a tough situation.

    • WSJ article today, about how the White House staff call him “Obam-Me” behind his back. Even they’re onto his rank narcissism. Everything’s about Barry.

    • Eh. That’s just his “I’ve had it up to HERE with these tyranny-resistant gun-lovers!” face. Phony, like every other thing about him.

  23. “Nor, it seems, [has he read] the United States Constitution.”

    Oh I am sure he has read it. I am equally sure that he really cares nothing for it, thinks it is outdated and useless, and convinced that since he is such the arrogant king, that annoying piece of paper can’t possibly apply to HIS government.
    He is a lying, malignancy on this country. He, and his ilk, are the greatest danger this country faces, far worse than any terrorist in the Mideast.
    If our fearless leaders on the Hill cared anything for freedom and this country they would have run Obama out of town a long time ago.

    • Perhaps just as relevant is the Declaration of Independence, written to get out from under the rule of a brute not so different from Obama.

  24. They are chomping at the bit to get the UC through so they can create a de facto registry and list data base which ban by tied to the data collected via Barry Care. I can’t wait until this bastard is out of the WH and retired to Kenya or some damn where. Oh wait, th Gun Control isn’t working out too well there either. I guess he can go to Chicago . . . d’oh . . . well at least he has S.S. protection for life.

  25. Obama knows that he cannot become the dictator he wants to be unless he disarms the American people. He doesn’t care about these people in DC. If he did care, he would be in Chicago talking about solving gang violence. It infuriates me that more people do not see Obamas obvious agenda, that this is all about his aspirations for power.

  26. What I can’t and won’t accept Mr. President is you. You took our moral standing on the world stage and destroyed it, we the greatest nation that has ever walked the face of God’s green earth now are a state sponsor of terrorism. You have committed a willful act of Treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy (Syria). You Sir have demonstrated yourself as an enemy to the Constitution to which you swore an oath before God (in whom you have never believed) to support and defend. You Sir represent a clear and present threat to the Life, Liberty and Freedom of all Americans.

  27. I do not accept that we cannot find a common-sense way to preserve our traditions including our basic Second Amendment freedoms and the rights of law-abiding gun owners heavy-handed way to trample the people’s rights to make way for our centralized, statist utopia, while at the same time reducing the gun violence that unleashes so much mayhem on a regular basis our own CDC, NIH, and FBI studies have shown are independent of the rate of gun ownership by law-abiding people.

    Fixed it for you Barry.

  28. When he says “…basic Second Amendment freedoms…” he means very basic…. Think: Sikhs and plastic swords.

    “…shootings in other countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom led to legal changes” – Yes. Since their civil, political and legal structure did not include an enshrined RKBA, they did away with guns.
    Funny how we don’t hear about the civil confinement laws as they relate to the mentally ill in those utopias held up as “examples”.

  29. If Bush had turned a memorial for the dead into a political speech about guns, the lemmings at the NYT and WAPO would be following each other in editorial condemnation for such callous political opportunism. How they all sneered and hissed at Bush for the now famous Ground Zero moment with the firefighter.

    So…here we have Obama; the primary representative of federal government bureaucracy that he adores; that writes rules and regulations infringing on a law abiding citizens right to carry a firearm, is now consoling the family members of those killed at the Navy Yard shooting, who were made helpless victims by the very bureaucracy of the man they are hugging. That right there is the reason why Obama got elected. They’re hugging the guy whose sympathy to anti-gun policies made their loved one’s as helpless fish in a barrel. And they don’t complain when he turns it into an anti-gun campaign. Can you believe it? We have the president of the United States actively campaigning to deliberately infringe on the 2nd amendment. “I do not accept…blah, blah.” Excuse me, what did you say you little mouse-fart, Harvard educated, sniveling Marxist bastard, conceited communist sock-puppet? YOU do not accept?
    My response?

  30. Dirty, jug eared freak thinks he knows more than our founding fathers. The horror of Obummercare is just starting. I wonder how many morons on this forum re-elected him? Never vote democrat AGAIN!

  31. The violence needs to stop. Demonizing guns is just misplaced blame. Next we’ll ban propellers because planes crash, ignition switches because cars crash, handlebars because bikes crash. However I would like to thank big O for changing me from independent to Republican. Wait, that’s still legal isn’t it?

  32. “I do not accept that we cannot find a common-sense way to preserve our traditions including our basic Second Amendment freedoms and the rights of law-abiding gun owners while at the same time reducing the gun violence that unleashes so much mayhem on a regular basis,”

    Mr. Obama, I agree. Repeal these disastrous gun prohibitions, and let the people defend themselves from your trigger-happy, left-wing crackpot friends.

  33. As long as they keep this up we should be fine, no strong gun laws will pass. They couldn’t pass them after the school shooting and they won’t now, but it does make them look worse and worse and more and more gun owners will be showing up to vote.

  34. he’s not lying. he said BASIC 2nd amendment rights. I.E. Anybody who wants a pellet gun can have one, as long as its not suppressed, or semi auto. But those .17 HMR weapons of war have no place taking the lives of innocent 3 year old squirrels.

  35. “I do not accept that we cannot find a common-sense way to preserve our traditions including our basic Second Amendment freedoms and the rights of law-abiding gun owners while at the same time reducing the gun violence”
    Put a gun in the hands of every American? After all an armed society is a polite society.

  36. Once again, Obummer is too cowardly, too ignorant, too dishonest, and too unethically agenda-driven to address the real reasons for the violence in American society.

  37. Human Rights protected by the U.S. Constitution are not “traditions.” They simply exist and can be neither granted, nor withdrawn.

    Human Rights cannot be destroyed unless you exterminate all mankind.

  38. I usually never watch this assclown in the White House speak because I can’t stand the sight or sound of such an empty suit in the most powerful position in the world-however,I happened to see the end of his speech while channel surfing and I noticed extremely sparse applause when he was done.I don’t know how we can survive three more years of this bad joke on America.If the bitch Hillary replaces him,we are totally done for.

  39. Ya there is a way and it’s not your stupid liberal battle cry”common sense” .Start proscecuting without the’deals’.Stop letting aholes out of jail,clean up your gang mess that you created when unarming citizens .Get the courts to actually do there job of reporting mentally adjudicated.And stop stepping on RIGHTS that you totally don’t understand or believe in.Quit the blame game,it’s not the GUN .And STOP trying to pass more Restictive gun laws that actually creat more murders ,And ,oh ya-Grow Up!

  40. Mass Shootings not in America:

    Dec. 13, 2011 – BELGIUM – Gunman Nordine Armani killed three people, including a 17-month-old toddler, wounding 121 in a central square in the eastern city of Liege, before shooting himself. The next day Belgian investigators found the body of a woman in warehouse used by the gunman raising the death toll, including the killer, to five.

    July 22, 2011: At least 80 people are killed at a summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utoya. A man arrested also is suspected in a blast earlier the same day in downtown Oslo that killed seven.

    April 9, 2011 – NETHERLANDS – Tristan van der Vlis opened fire in the Ridderhof mall in Alphen aan den Rijn, south of Amsterdam, killing six before turning the gun on himself.

    June 2, 2010 – BRITAIN – Gunman Derrick Bird opened fire on people in towns across the rural county of Cumbria. Twelve people were killed and 11 injured. Bird also killed himself.

    April 30, 2009: Farda Gadyrov, 29, enters the prestigious Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in the capital, Baku, armed with an automatic pistol and clips. He kills 12 people before killing himself as police close in.

    Sept. 23, 2008: Matti Saari, 22, walks into a vocational college in Kauhajoki, Finland, and opens fire, killing 10 people and burning their bodies with firebombs before shooting himself fatally in the head.

    After revealing plans for his attack in YouTube postings, 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen fires kills eight people at his high school in Tuusula, Finland.

    June 2001 – NEPAL – Eight members of the Nepalese Royal family were killed in a palace massacre by Crown Prince Dipendra who later turned a gun on himself and died few days later. His youngest brother also died later raising the death toll to 10.

    April 28, 1996: Martin Bryant, 29, bursts into cafeteria in seaside resort of Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia, shooting 20 people to death. Driving away, he kills 15 others. He was captured and imprisoned.

    March 13, 1996: Thomas Hamilton, 43, kills 16 kindergarten children and their teacher in elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland, and then kills himself.

    The three links below are from three more in Germany.

    I didn’t have to do a whole ton of digging to come up with these. About 2 minutes of Google got the job done. No, 1996 was not too far to reach back (less than a decade ago). The point is, it is very misleading to say that this only happens in the US and in war torn 3rd worlds. I’m sure that if I spend the rest of the day I’d find plenty more. And what else is the President trying to say, that lives in “advanced nations” are worth more? In light of his words, I limited my own search to what I thought he might consider an advanced nation.

      • Lol. Yeah…. Decade, 10, who’s counting? Yeah, that was certainly a stupid mistake on my part there. Glad the rest of my point is taken though.

    • These goobers like Barry never listen and they ignore the historical facts. I have been pointing this foreign attacks for years. Even China has had some issues with knife wielders.

      • GREAT, another person who gets off thinking he’s clever and the gun-grabbers are fools. They’re laughing at you straight to the bank, man. But whatever helps make you feel “smart”… well, YOU’RE NOT, and THEY ARE.

        So let me see if I can get this straight: you believe that if the gun-grabbers were as smart as you are, they’d think like you. Did I get that right?

        • Great, another person that lacks reading comprehension skills. Go back and re-read what I wrote and think about it. Did you miss the ignore part? That said, just because this guys are rich doesn’t make them geniuses. They also happen to be unethical and devious. Go study how Barry won the election to get into the U.S. Senate. His main opponent from the G.O.P. dropped out. Go study why.

          Another thing ass-hat, where did I say I was clever. I called Barry a goober i.e. a dick.

        • Back atcha. Nowhere here EVER have I suggested BO was anything BUT unethical.

          What I said was that he’s not stupid, he’s following a clever plan, something a stupid person couldn’t follow. Same with gun-grabber leadership. They know what they’re doing.

        • I have been studying this guy ever since he arrived on the seen running for U.S. Senate. I made it a point to READ his books and listen to the books on tape and also listened to some of his early interviews from ~ 2000. I tried to warn a lot of independents and swing voters about this guy in 2007 & 2008 but they would listen. The trick is the bulk of his following gave him deity status and are relatively “slow” intelligence wise or have some agenda. That is who he plays to and why he talks simplistically. He uses he charisma and novelty to skate by the “wonks.” Barry isn’t a genius. He is a confidence man and has ran one of the biggest “grifts” in history.

        • Sorry, but you need to get past that. This is a big-boy’s site. Things get rough and ready at times. Sorry if you were offended, but… no, what am I saying? This is for big boys. We don’t always make nicey-nice, but in general, we reach an understanding with one another. Sometimes complex ideas don’t translate well into a couple of paragraphs.

        • I have been around here for and have made a couple of thousands of posts and the above post from you was the first such. It has nothing to do with being a “big boy forum.” You were just being an ass hole for know particular reason. I guess when you can’t debate or discuss, just throw a name or insult. You are the one that needs to get past it, your awe of Barry’s intellect that is.

        • I’ve been on both ends of it, Blue. The bad end a whole lot more. Move on and don’t be so prickly. I am truly sorry if you were offended, but you need to get over it, just like everyone else does.

        • Yeah. Not really sure where exactly your comment came from Mr. Burke. If it was directed at Blue or me, then I don’t get it. My point was certainly not my brilliance. Nor the gun-grabbers’s stupidity. In fact, they are really good at what they do. It scares me how good, more than anything else.

          My comment was purely to show that the truth (about guns) truly does exist. You don’t even have to look far to find it.

  41. I don’t accept it, either.

    Were we to “preserve” and properly honor our traditions and rights, we’d have a common sense approach to the plague of the age: lots of good guys with guns.


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