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On the same day that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence let the Obama administration have it with both barrels for not naming a new head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (and oh yes Explosives), the Obama administration has named a new head of the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (and oh yes Explosives). Well, as good as. “The Obama administration, just 18 months old, may be about to nominate someone to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Buzz is the leading contender is Andrew Traver, who now heads the agency’s Chicago office.” Hang on; what’s with the “just 18 months” routine? Is making excuses for President Obama? Meanwhile, here’s something you may not know about Traver or the ATF . . .

The ATF has been busy computerizing the records of ALL U.S. gun purchases—even though federal law specifically prohibits the creation of a national gun registry. And who do you think’s gung-ho on this effort? Barack’s man Traver.

While the 2008 (Chicago) interview with Agent Traver is no more, the excerpt description tells the tale:

In the wake of a rash of shootings in Chicago, Traver will tell us how his office works with local authorities to trace illegal weapons, and where those weapons are coming from. He’ll also tell us about a new computer that he calls a fantastic resource in tracking those weapons.

That computer also discloses instances of people buying a dozen guns or more, which could be a sign of so-called straw purchasers buying many guns, then selling them for big profits to juveniles, felons, and others who can’t legally buy them. Mayor Daley has been fighting for a one-gun-a-month buying limit, to prevent straw purchases.

Switching channels to, we learn that Agent Traver is also anti-home defense modern sporting assault rifles.

They see them in movies, they seem them on television and in video games, and it’s like, “Ooh, let’s get one of those. It gives them a lot of street cred,” said Andrew Traver, the Special Agent in charge at Chicago’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives . . .

Traver says the power and randomness of the heavy caliber, military-style weapons make them so dangerous not only to people, but to police. They’re so powerful, body armor can’t withstand a hit, and they’re so difficult to control, their bullets often get sprayed beyond the intended targets, striking innocent victims even when they’re in their own homes.

Oh wait! There’s Andy again, as a member of the anti-gun International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Oh look! The above picture shows Mr. Traver palling up with Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins (a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns) and Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence Executive Director Thomas Mannard.

In short, The Brady Campaign should LOVE Traver. Gun rights groups should be up in arms, metaphorically speaking.

UPDATE: Traver finally got the nod (November 2010). Click here for analysis of his forthcoming confirmation battle and a fresh look at his gun control connections.

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  1. I've said it several times. The government can have my gun and ammo. I bullet at a time coming out of the barrel around the 2400 fps range. However this supposed nominee if enacted, is not surprising from this administration.

  2. These weapons are exactly what the people need to keep the government in line. They should always fear us, we should never fear them.

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