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“According to court records, law enforcement sources and the video, the encounter started in front of 1311 St. John’s Place at 2:20 a.m. when three anti-crime officers spotted the 6-foot-2 teen peering into the window of parked mini-van,” reports. “When the officers got out of their car to approach Tribble, he allegedly tossed away a small black canvas bag and took off running. The officers — one with his gun drawn — gave chase, concerned that the suspect had a weapon, sources said. Shortly thereafter . .

Tribble slows down and stops and appears prepared to be arrested. But an officer, identified as Tyrane Isaac, rushes up to him and takes a swing at his head.

The teen ducks the blow and then can be seen retreating — with his hands up — to a storefront gate.

Officer David Afanador — his gun drawn — then catches up and rushes straight to Tribble, hitting him in the his face with his gun, breaking a front tooth and chipping another.

On the video, Afanador then holsters his weapon and retraces his steps to retrieve the canvas bag, leaving Isaacs to put the cuffs on Tribble.

But before he does, Isaac punches Tribble again and pushes him onto his stomach.

The video ends with Afanador waving the bag in front of Tribble’s face before smacking him with it.

A third officer, identified as Christopher Mastoros, can be seen taking no action to help Tribble.

Gun drawn because . . . ? Investigation, suspension, prior accusations, yada yada yada. Oh and union prevarication . . .

Patrick Lynch, the police union president, said the tape does not tell the entire tale.

“As usual, the video fails to capture the offense that resulted in police action or the lengthy foot pursuit that culminated in the arrest,” he said.

“Situations like this one happen in real time under great stress. It’s very easy to be judgmental in the comfort of an office while sitting in front of a video screen.”

Yes. Yes it is.

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  1. “hands up, don’t shoot”. Wonder if Sharpton will organize the protest in his own backyard against the ULTRA-PROGRESSIVE (read Socialist) Mayor and demand a resignation and the lynching of the 3 officers????? or not.

    • The officers are being Lynched, which, in this case, means being unconditionaly defended by union pres Patrick Lynch.

    • Nothing new. European war until the 19th Century and Moslem “war” today, anything more than token resistance is license to rape, pillage, and burn.

    • Does anyone else notice that lard ass cops are almost always the “stars” of these videos? Maybe it’s a pattern? Being a lard ass must make you more prone to stupidity and anger? At least if you are a lard ass cop. Lard ass. Lard ass. Sorry, lard ass is just too fun to say!

        • They are probably pissed about the running. They obviously were not trained for that at the academy.

      • Yes, I’ve noticed this phenomenon. Whether it’s a foot chase or a physical struggle that wears them out. In the taser era, police are becoming soft and they seem to get really worked up when they have to actually move to effect an arrest.

        I used to test somewhat regularly for PD’s. Like a lot of candidates, I had my good days and bad days when it came time for the physical agility test. I wasn’t in bad shape, but I was not an athlete either. So it always pissed me off when I’d get done with one of these PAT’s and then see some morbidly obese cop out on the street. Really! Just get out of the academy and then you can let yourself go? Look, I know shift work can mess up your lifestyle, but no protective services employee (police, fire, ems or security) should let themselves go. And if a cop does let himself go, then don’t take it out on suspects!

  2. They will probably loose their jobs for that. If they had just shot him they might have gotten a promotion. And the police wonder why they are not trusted.

    • What the hell have you been smoking to think that they’ll lose thier jobs for this? Cops regularly murder people and get off scot-free, and you think they’re gonna be fired for pistol whipping somebody’s teeth out?

    • Loose their jobs?? What are you talking about? They will get paid vacations (surreptitiously called “suspended with pay”).

      • From the huffpo article…
        “Afanador has been suspended without pay. Isaac was placed on modified duty, stripped of his badge and gun.

        Both officers have been on the force for nine years and now face possible criminal charges and dismissal, sources say.”

    • Does the phrase “acted within department policies” sound familiar? Besides, even if they were fired, they’d just get hired by the PD the next county over.

  3. Judging by the responding officers waist lines, I think “a lengthy foot pursuit” is a total fabrication.

    • Well, considering it takes all of fifteen seconds on the video for the cop to walk back to retrieve the bag and return with it, I’d say the foot pursuit was pretty un-lengthy. Probably didn’t even burn a single donut worth of calories.

  4. A roomate of mine from college recently contacted me regarding his application for the NYPD and the hiring background interviews. If anyone I’ve ever known would turn out to be a serial killer it would be him. The dudes emotionally unstable, conceited, quick to frustration and anger.

    If he makes the cut my opinion of police will be vindicated.

    • Well now you’re in a conundrum…..if you tell the interviewer that your ex-roommate is a psycho you have no idea if that will help or hurt his chance of being hired.

    • This especially because more than half of the current NYC administration, including the mayor, reputedly like to smoke the stuff. Do they believe you should give it to them, not sell it?

      The occasional recreational consumption of pot and the disdain of strong alcohol have become widespread among US political and scientific elites. The notion that the selling of pot is a heinous crime justifying brutality is hypocritical in the extreme. Police know that alcohol is the substance behind a large percentage of shootings, knifings, and wife-beatings….and that pot is not. But pot is still on the books as a controlled substance so….beatings. What amoral rubbish.

    • Bloomberg endorses the sale and consumption of pot:
      See quote made by bloomberg:

      Selling pot may be illegal, but it is the officer’s job to arrest them – not to enact judge dredd style justice on the spot. Justice is fairness and that we all live by the same rules. In what place can you repeatedly punch a guy in the face, knock out his teeth, and face no charges? That place is called “law enforcement.” Each and every unjustifiable action performed by LEO’s further reduces everyone’s respect for them and “their” laws.

  5. What possible basis could they have to suspect he was armed? Guns are illegal in NY. Not just regular illegal, but like super duper illegal.

    No sympathy for car burglars though. He deserved to have his teeth knocked out, just not by cops.

  6. “anti crime officers”? The question must be asked: do we then have “pro crime” officers? I suppose the beating that dude took answers my question.

  7. hey its just another misguided yoot, churned up and spit out by society. nothin to see here folks, move along….

  8. A recent excessive force case in Hammond IN. An officer busts a window, tases a guy, hauls him out of the car in front of his two kids. He was the passenger and he refused to get out of the car. And… wait for it… the two officers in question had previous lawsuits filed against them (in which the city paid settlements) for excessive force. Me thinks the Union rep and city lawyers will be on speed dial again to settle and keep our men in blue employed.

    Yep, cops should be the only ones who have guns. ‘sarcasm’

    • Hammond

      Hey, I was born and raised in Hammond. Seems like I’ve read Sgt. Turner’s name before, and not in a good light. If he’s who I think he is, he doesn’t have a good reputation.

      • And I just saw a report of the cop and the excessive force suit settled by the city of Hammond in a previous case against -you guessed it-black folks. They interviewed a Hammond alderman and he thought maybe the cops just need more “training”LOL (from Fox 32 news at noon in Chicago).

    • The City is defending on the basis that a passenger is required to leave a vehicle if ordered to do so by the police, and this gentleman’s failure to exit the vehicle was just cause for the use of force to compel his compliance.

      • The city will lose on this one. The cop is a complete a###ole. I didn’t any probable cause in the cell phone video. Not moving fast enough to get his ticket out? Bust his window and taser him. For a freakin’ seatbelt( oh yeah and being an uppity black man). He wasn’t even driving. I cross the border into Hammond every day. Very similar to Chicago except for the large percentage of white hillbillies.

      • We’ve all seen a video of a black driver who was ordered out of a vehicle, complied, was asked to produce a driver’s license, reached back into the vehicle to get it, and was shot by the very same cop who gave the order. I can totally see why a black dude would think that the best strategy is to just sit there and not make any moves at all.

  9. Been a long time since I was in the academy, but (Officer #1) striking a suspect who has ceased evading and stopped to let the officers catch up is a bit of a liner to my recollection. Though his hands are clearly visible, and not raised in arguably threatening matter. Or even a matter perceivable as threatening

    Striking a suspect (Officer #2) who is down and isn’t resisting (Officer #1 doesn’t have hands on him and isn’t attempting to restrain or cuff him) is a definite no-no.

    Pistol-whipping a suspect who is down and isn’t resisting (Officer #1 doesn’t have hands on him and isn’t attempting to restrain or cuff him is assault with a deadly weapon, is it not?

    Striking a suspect (Officer #1) who is down, not resisting, and has already been struck in the face twice (once with a pistol which knocked a tooth out of his damn head) is assault, is it not?

    Smacking him upside the head with the bag once he is prone and cuffed is assault, end of story…

    Tell me again how the foot pursuit leading up to this video is at all relevant to the gang-beating we have in front of us? Unreal…

    • As a former legal use-of-force trainer for police, I have to agree with Matt.
      I don’t see a single strike here that is not excessive force or could be reasonably justified in any way.
      This is shameful.

    • Clearly a case of eating too many sugar coated donuts. If the guy had run anywhere other than into the side of that building they never would have caught him.

    • Im all for decriminalization of it. I don’t know about fully legalizing it, but at least bringing down the consequences of it down to the level of a traffic ticket.

  10. This post needs to be linked with the post over on TTAK. 60K folks arrested by the same NYPD for having a folding knife. Only one more reason to avoid having anything to do with NYC run by Sandinista guerrilla Mayor and his communist wife.

  11. Abolish unions for government employees, and you’ll go a long way toward fixing a whole lot of different problems, one of the least of which is excessive force.

    • There’s something terribly wrong with your tax dollars being used to pay the legal bills of the police who have just beaten you without justifiable cause. On another note, maybe if they weren’t beholding to the government, they would be less likely to behave like this, where they know they can escape punishment for their violent abuses?

  12. This is news why? In Chicago last night a police captain was shot by a real-life fugitive. You would have thought a president was shot instead of a careless cop. Most of the time no one sees a gun but the PO-leece. I am also not surprised there is still unrest in Ferguson Missouri or people get a mite upset when babies have their nose blown off by lazy flash bang using cops. I’m in my sixties and it seems to me respect for cops is back to 1960’s & 70’s levels. And that ain’t good…

  13. You guys gettin’ all irate, remember this: situations like this have always been happening. The difference is that now there are cameras everywhere catching the action.

  14. We live in a giant Stanford Prison Experiment. I acknowledge that there are good cops, just as the students participating in the SPE were all normal well adjusted people, but in the end, exercising your authority on others lulls you into an us VS them mentality and intoxicates even the best among us.

    This cycle is reinforced every single time the establishment covers up the results from the intoxication of its membership. It say to the membership, “why get sober when you have an irrevocable license and a virtual bondsman on retainer?” A swift certain guarantee of accountability is the ONLY thing that will convince them to sober up. Each and every cop who has succumbed to this authoritarian drunkenness must hit bottom and hit it hard, lest the entire system burn to the ground. For if we cannot trust them to police themselves, they do not deserve to police us.

  15. I think it is uncalled for to assault a suspect who has given up. Punching him in the face with his hands up is unacceptable. One law for them – one law for the rest of us and this is another fine example. When will people start getting justice for rights infringement performed by police officers.

    P.S. Bloomberg smoked pot – see quote made by bloomberg:

  16. Yes, it can be hard to turn off the aggression when a chase ends. But when you sign up for the job you need to know that sometimes it’s hard. A tackle I could understand, but not repeated strikes to the face despite what appears to be compliance. I couldn’t see a gun in the officer’s hand, but if he had one that’s even worse!

    The only thing I take issue with in the article is: “Gun drawn because . . . ?”
    Because criminals carry guns (yes, even in NYC) and action is faster than reaction. If you wait for the bad guy to realize he isn’t getting away and pull his gun from his waistband before drawing yours you will die.

    • The cop doesn’t need to draw his gun – because criminals follow the law, and they don’t have guns. It is against the law for people to brandish, draw, open/concealed carry in NYC without appropriate permits, etc. So… no reason for the cop to draw.

      If the cop has reason to draw, then the people of the region have reason to own and carry firearms.

      • And once you convince the politicians (and I suppose voters) of that then we’ll all be better off. But cops know better than anyone the realities of guns and crime…

    • Don’t worry, somebody will.

      Because you don’t vote for their guy, it’s for the other guy…

    • It’s not often posts around here get an audible giggle out of me. The above got my weekly chuckle award

  17. Don’t blame the cops for Glock-blocking the dealer, yo. That dude was passing off ditch weed as Ghost Train Haze, which is a serious breach of the City’s consumer protection laws. Plus, the fool was drinking a big soda. He’s lucky he ain’t dead.

  18. These guys are f’ing pigs. For every pro-cop article you’ve posted lately, there’s a thousand of these you could post. These clowns should be held civilly accountable because, you know, they’re just citizens, just like everyone else, right?
    The guy’s just lucky they didn’t get him in an illegal chokehold. Could’a been goners.

  19. I’m do not condone any (possible) actions from the officers
    involved. That said has anyone thought that this is the most
    punishment the kid may ever receive from our illustrious
    judicial system. Chances are this kid has been through the
    ringer more than once and never gotten more than a ‘tsk tsk’.
    Again this does not condone action, but it may show where
    those actions may stem from. Yes, the LEOs need the spotlight
    on them, but let’s not forgot the parties legally responsible
    for handing out punishments that all to often fail.

  20. before this is all over , the police union will get these guys a commendation for good police work.
    the prosecutor will “forget” about this case as soon as the hoopla dies down and a judge will drop the charges ,
    Why? you ask . because in modern politics a public sector union can bounce any local elected official they want. The just cant do it as long as the press is on them about it.
    but the officers hearing will be months away. and we all know about the short memory of the press.

  21. To qoute Chris Rock,”If you make the cops chase you, they’re bringing an ass whipping with them.”

    • If chasing people makes you angry, you shouldn’t be in a job where you’re going to have to chase people. I really don’t think that chasing people makes these guys angry, I think it makes them happy, because they know when they catch the person they’re chasing they get to beat on that person, which ALSO makes them happy, They signed up BECAUSE they knew they’d get to chase people, and as a plus they’ll be forgiven for beating that person up, because all the blue nosers on the jury will nullify their crimes, because as Chris Rock said…what you said. Bottom line, if they can’t enforce the law without breaking it they’ve got no business in that job.

  22. “When the officers got out of their car to approach Tribble, he allegedly tossed away a small black canvas bag and took off running.”

    75 comments as of 7:49 PM EST.

    And I’m the first one to make the “Trouble with Tribble(s)” connection.


    In all seriousness, I hope he sues that PD into bankruptcy.

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