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AR-15 exchanged for cash from the NYPD (no less), no questions asked (courtesy

The New York Daily News recently revealed their anti-gun stance—again, still—with their embarrassingly erroneous cover story Same Gun, Different Slay. The article claimed that the Navy Yard killer used the same gun as the Newtown spree killer (an AR-15). In fact, the D.C. shooter used a shotgun. So it’s no surprise that they’ve latched onto the single (as in one) AR-15 surrendered at a recent buy-back event. ‘Firepower frenzy!’ the headline screams! . . .

An AR-15, the same deadly weapon used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School and Aurora, Colo., movie theater massacres, was anonymously surrendered to authorities Saturday for a $200 bank card during an NYPD gun buyback event, officials said. The frightening piece of firepower was one of 96 weapons collected at Calvary Presbyterian Church on Castleton Ave. in Staten Island that included 33 semi-automatic pistols,40 revolvers and 13 rifles. Eight B.B. guns were also collected.

What’s really frightening: a “populist” paper championing civilian disarmament.

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  1. THE HORROR!! Only racist bigots would own AR-15s!!! What sort of low life mongrel scum would think this is good for hunting?!?!?!? Where is the wood?

    • At the same time offering money AND amnesty for stolen guns without returning them to their lawful owners. “Crime pays, if committed for the motherland.”

  2. So where are the images and text from the knife buyback event…”The kitchen knife, same deadly weapon used by Jeffery Dahmer to slay and dismember dozens of people”?

    Or pressure cookers….gas cans…baseball bats…pointy sticks…etc, etc.

    When can we have a defective human buyback?

  3. I don’t live in NY so you’ll have to excuse me.

    Is NY Daily News a newspaper that people actually read? It seems an awful lot like The Sun or Enquirer. Is that what passes for news in NY?

  4. What a terrifying sight! One of he many reasons I don’t like gun buybacks is that unlike donating to the Goodwill or giving blood, the object in question is destroyed afterwards. It really hurts when it’s a beautiful gun like an AR-15 with M16A1 upper like the one pictured.

    How many M1 Garands and 100 year-old side by side shotguns have been needlessly melted down because of some figurative idea that “guns are frightening”?

    • I always cringe at the classic S&W revolvers that are sitting in their piles of buyback guns.

      Do they really destroy the double barrel shotguns they collect? I thought those were on Uncle Joe “Double Blast” Biden’s list of approved weapons? Now I’m confused.

  5. what idiot turned in that gun for $200? These buybacks are nothing more than clever ways to launder guns at taxpayer expense.

    • Only someone who paid less for it (as in stolen property) or someone disposing of evidence. Are there ever any ballistic checks on these turned in guns to determine if any are crime relate, or do the gun buy backs second as an amnesty program as well?

      • They generally do ballistic checks to see what crimes any are associated with, which they count as a success, as they goT a murder weapon off the streets. Remember to them its the gun that kills, not the person.
        Ive seen numerous buy back articles flaunting that they linked some guns to crimes. Now the people are safe!

  6. Why is this happening at churches, the last bastion of unabashed conservatism?

    Oh, I forgot. New York….where common sense went to die.

    • The churches are revealing themselves as mini political parties out to control the lives work and property of the people bamboozled by their mystic promises. Just a tip, avoid letting religion get in the way of your spiritually.

  7. The frightening piece of firepower

    Frankly, I’m glad that libturds find the AR so frightening. Run and hide, you little leftist peabrains. Go cower in a corner. And don’t forget to change your panties after you soil them, you dumb commie sh1ts.

  8. They always seem to show the same configuration of an AR 15. I wonder if they would recognize one with a different style hand guard, stock, sights, etc. Or one in a different color.

  9. I’ve been reading the NYDN since I was a kid. Their decline from newspaper to trash can liner has been steady. Sad…

  10. You could buy a dozen of those easily right now in my hometown and there’d still be plenty to spare.
    And… wait for it… we haven’t resorted to shooting at each other with them yet.

    And I’d imagine the only one who’d sell that rifle for $200 would be someone ditching it to get rid of it after a crime. So the police likely paid a criminal $200 for evidence that could have been used to convict him. Yep, brilliant.

  11. It was probably stolen and they were looking to get rid of it. Gun grabbers like criminals surrendering gun owners stolen property so they can further the disarming agenda.

  12. I think all the editors of this newspaper should get a background check and pass an exam before they can continue to exercise their First Amendment rights.

  13. damn I want to do a gun buyback right across the street from these.

    200 for an AR!

    I could make a mint selling those at the gunshows in dallas.

  14. The NY Daily News- the libtard urban trash version of the Sun/Star/National Enquirer. What frightens me is all those pictures of fat celebrities and the three headed alien babies, right where THE CHILDREN can see them in the checkout line. Maybe Bloomberg could pass a law to protect their brain cells.

  15. Are we sure this is legit? Look at some of the other junk that was turned in, and then there is this AR. I’m thinking the NYPD just grabbed it out of their armory and tossed it in for the picture of collected weapons to make it look like their making the world safer.

  16. I am thinking of starting my own Church of some sort and having a gun buyback. Heck I bet I could get several folks of like mind and offer $200 for these evil, evil Assault Weapons, $50 for a pistol. Here in Texas, I probably could even get local Law Enforcement on board to assist me in getting these guns off the street. We would just have to figure out how to divey up the proceeds. Well, all except Austin that is, there I believe I could be all teary eyed, read Liberal, and get the Austin Chief, he is from San Francisco after all, to go along with the gun buy back, I would just have to figure out how to keep from mentioning that I aint going to destroy all of em.


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