NY Governor Cuomo: I Sleazed Gun Ban Bill to Prevent a 3-Day Buying Spree

abcnews.go.com: “Cuomo said in a radio interview Thursday that the one-day buying spree at gun stores would have turned into three if he hadn’t asked lawmakers to shortcut the usual waiting period for acting on new legislation.” God forbid Americans have an “extra” 48 hours to exercise their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.  Or that a pro-gun control politician should ever tell the truth about his motivations.


  1. avatar Joe Grine says:

    Gov. Cum-o does a pretty good Nazi salute.

    1. avatar AznMike says:

      He’s just asking everybody is they’ve seen Kyle.

      1. avatar Totenglocke says:

        Has anybody seen Kyle? He’s about this tall. Seen Kyle?

  2. avatar ensitu says:

    Obama has finialy found his Jew,,I mean Scapegoats and the Crypto-Commies are jumping on the train that always leads to the smoke stacks. It’s Two, Two, Two genocides in one!

  3. avatar Damocles says:

    What an azzhole. I’m sorry for you folks in NY, you have an uphill legal battle ahead. But how many of your brethren voted for this pig?

  4. avatar William says:

    Stinkin’ GOODFELLA!!!

  5. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    Question for the attorneys in the house:

    Do the circumstances for the passage of the law constitute any basis for challenging it?

    In particular: does the suspension of the normal process, with the result that those with interests at stake were prevented from representing those interests, provide any legal basis for arguing that this law is invalid?

    1. avatar Armchair Command'oh says:

      Yeah. Violating the 3-day rule may provide an avenue of attack in addition to the 2nd Amendment.

      1. avatar Mike in NC says:

        Probably not grounds to challenge. It appears to be one of the Governor’s powers to waive the ripeness requirement.

  6. avatar MNGuy says:

    Was there anything really left to buy?

  7. avatar lp3056 says:

    You mean New York still had inventory on the shelf…

    You really wish the press would fact check this guy.

    1. avatar JP in Buffalo says:

      On our local news there were people lined up to buy what was left. I think only the most expensive models were still on the shelves.

  8. avatar OkieRim says:

    scum…amazing the lemons that follow people like this, hope the payoffs, bribes and recreation centers were worth it.

  9. avatar Lance says:

    Someone make Cuomo face on toilet paper for us. We can put what he deserve on his face after every meal!

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      What I put on toilet paper looks like Cuomo, does that count?

      1. avatar Lance says:

        In a way YES LOL

    2. avatar Logic says:

      Come on, seriously? You can’t put the face of Cuomo or Obama on your toilet paper people!

      If you did, then how would you know when you’re clean?

      1. avatar In Memphis says:

        Just like cleaning your barrel, keep running patches until they come out clean. In other words if the &#!4 ummm I mean Cuomo or Obamas gone, youre good to go.

  10. avatar Casey T says:

    The guy admits to deliberately circumventing the legislative process to prevent people from exercising their legal rights. Either he is a moron or thinks he is untouchable. Just wow.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      He’s a Democrat in NY. Of course he’s untouchable.

  11. avatar Hello World says:

    Here’s a burning question, where are the lawsuits?

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      I’m sure they won’t be long in coming. Better delay a few days and cover the bases than rush in and be dismissed with prejudice.

  12. avatar BLAMMO says:

    The Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed and Cuomo would make great fertilizer.

    1. avatar SDFreeman says:

      Yes, because he is full of sh** mainly between the ears

  13. avatar Ron Jones says:

    What a ball eater. I hope the NRA sues them. Oh wait. This is the same area that you cant buy a large drink but the unlimited refills were not banned at most resturants. Fire all the New York leadership and start again. This cant be what the people want.

  14. avatar Silver says:

    Nothing short of an evil tyrant. No hyperbole. He deserves a traitor’s end.

    There’s really no old veteran out in NY who killed some Nazis 60 years ago and wants to rid his nation of one last one before he heads up to the gates?

  15. avatar FeralRadiation says:

    How much will you bet that the Liberal media and Liberal government don’t do squat about this? Let me make a note that New York’s gov’t receives an F on both respecting citizens’ rights and general intelligence.

  16. avatar Don says:

    What a dirtbag. I’m adding him to the parthenon of pictures taped inside my toilet bowl.

  17. avatar KevinYK says:

    Coumo is a tyrannt. He who passes a law to infringe on people’s rights without a democratic discussion is tyrannical. I cannot believe there are people who will be ok with this. This has gone behind gun rights. You have a politician passing laws while completely ignoring our check and balance system!

  18. avatar My name is Bob says:

    What a jerk, I hope he gets rabid butt cancer and falls down the stairs ugly-mug first. If I was in NY, I’d be packing now.

  19. avatar TacticalDad says:

    So now, with the LEO amendment in play, does that mean the NY politicians get to take a fresh look at this?

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      They will have to pass the amendment in order to see whats in it

  20. avatar Stuart says:

    so, Cuomo has violated his oath of office.

    Impeach and/or indict him.

  21. avatar KCK says:

    Million Mag March.
    Arrive in Washington by box car.
    Wear a Star of David, I mean a Pmag around your neck!

  22. avatar Ryan says:

    You mean politicians should read a bill they are passing? That would be a novel idea. I’m beginning to think most are actually illiterate

  23. avatar john hurst says:

    what a peice of garbage the the gov is. One would think that a former atty general would have more respect fot the law. Just goes to show you that you cannot trust a snake such as him. Big thumbs down for a blatent disregard for the free Americans and democracy.

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