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“It’s time for the federal government — and other states — to take common-sense measures and ensure weak gun laws won’t continue to take the lives of New Yorkers.” Someone ought to tell Eric T. Schneiderman (above left) that gun laws don’t kill people, people kill people. Not that he’d listen. As far as the New York Attorney General is concerned, the only reason that gun control doesn’t work is simple: there isn’t enough of it!

To promote this anti-gun rights shibboleth, the NY AG’s office drafted a report helpfully entitled Target on Trafficking, New York Crime Gun Analysis. Unhelpfully, The New York Times doesn’t provide a link to the document not in question. Nor is Mr. Schneiderman’s opus online. But The Times is happy enough to wave the bloody shirt, then share the AG’s conclusions for its all-too-credulous readers.

The .40-caliber pistol used to kill a New York City police officer last year was bought in South Carolina on Feb. 28, 2008.

A 9-millimeter pistol used in a murder-suicide in a Buffalo neighborhood had been bought in Georgia on June, 12, 2010, just 102 days before the double shooting.

And a 9-milimeter [sic] pistol used to fatally shoot a couple on Long Island in 2010 was bought in South Carolina on April 10, 2009.

Those are among the 52,915 guns used in crimes that law enforcement in New York State recovered from 2010 to 2015. Of those guns seized, 34,344 — or about three-quarters of the firearms that could be traced to their purchase site — were originally bought outside New York, according to a report to be released on Tuesday by the state attorney general’s office.

Almost 90 percent of the handguns used in crimes that were recovered largely came from six states along Interstate 95 . . . The six states are Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.

According to the NY AG, the lack of New York-style gun control in surrounding states is responsible for criminals tooling up in The Empire State. In other words, it wazzunt me!

The attorney general’s report portrays the state as a victim of inadequate gun laws at both the state and federal level.

“The federal government’s inaction on sensible national gun laws, coupled with the lax laws of other states, makes states like New York a target of trafficking,” the report says.

The state has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, and the regulations in New York City are even stricter. The state requires residents to register handguns and obtain permits to buy and carry handguns. It also requires handgun owners to be licensed. The city extends those restrictions to rifles and shotguns.

The report offers several recommendations to strengthen gun laws at the federal level, including closing a loophole that allows people to buy firearms at gun shows, requiring universal background checks, making gun trafficking a federal crime and loosening federal restrictions on tracing guns. Additionally, the report suggests that states require licenses for all handgun owners.

So New York’s gun control cabal wants to eliminate gun shows, register and tax every gun in America, give yet more power to the Fast and Furious folks at the ATF, and “loosen federal restrictions on tracing guns” (whatever that means). All of which would, he says, prevent illegal gun sales in New York, thereby starving the bad guys of firearms, reducing if not eliminating the state’s firearms-related crime.

The idea that gun control laws can stop criminals, crazies and terrorists from obtaining firearms is beyond delusional. In fact it’s downright dangerous; the laws leave law-abiding Americans defenseless against criminal predation. And, lest we forget, government tyranny.

This push to “sell” federal gun control proves, once again, that gun control advocates won’t be satisfied until they degrade and destroy all Americans’ gun rights. It highlights the fact that ballistic bifurcation — firearms freedom and liberty on one side, gun control and statism on the other — is a thing, with serious implications for the peace and security of the country.

Keep your powder dry my friends. A house divided and all that.

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  1. Someone really ought to tell Mark “Space Cadet” Kelly that he could lose a thumb or finger muzzling himself like that…

    Gotta love how the same folks who know exactly fuck all about firearms are the ones who craft all this right-infringing nonsense legislation.

      • You can’t polish a turd, but you can send one into space.

        I have an alternate theory: New Yorkers are so abrasive that people come from the entire length of I-95 to shoot them. I can’t think of any other reason someone would want to go there.

  2. Sometimes I like to dream about what upstate NY would be like if we could sever ourselves from NYC and it’s politicians and culture. Then I see a post with inane yattering from a downstate progressive thug like Schneiderman and the dream becomes a nightmare and I realize that we’re tethered to them and they won’t let us escape. That’s all I’ve got for this one.

    • I hurt for you. The few times I’ve been to Upstate NY I’ve absolutely loved it, the people as well. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country and the people are definitely freedom-loving. Sucks that because of some Leviathan to the south, y’all can’t have more of a say in your own lives.

      • As our nation becomes more and more urbanized, political power shifts to the large cities and the same phenomenon is happening throughout the country. What you wrote about New York State applies as well to California, Illinois and several other once-great bastions of freedom.

        • California and New York have always been like that, and Illinois for quite a long time, but regarding Washington and Oregon, is that more due to more people of the state moving to urban areas or rather more people from California moving up into those states?

      • I live in one of the 8 downstate counties that have a greater population and impose their collectivist progressive will on the other 54. The only reason I have ANY degree of liberty is because of you poor bastards upstate.

        So, misery loves company.

        And thank you. And sorry.

      • Fellow Upstater here. I honestly don’t know if we could severe ourselves even if we had the votes, because I believe that economics-wise, Upstate is unfortunately dependent on downstate. I would stay here due to the four seasons, the beautiful countryside, and Wegmans if it wasn’t for the gun laws.

    • They banned fracking for a lot of reasons but the big one was financial. Imagine if thousands of people became petroleum millionaires Upstate. The clout would be enough to assert their desires.

  3. “The six states are Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.”

    If it’s so easy to buy guns in those states, you would think they each would have their own NYC style crime problem. But they don’t. Whoodathunk?

    • ^^^This^^^^ Sounds like a “Democrat problem” to me…… Better nationwide “Democrat control” might reduce the number of murders and shootings in this country…

    • We’ve got so many guns down here in Florida that we practically give them away! We hide them like easter eggs and if the bad guys can find them they get to keep them. Gangsters and Thugs bring their whole family down to Florida just to see if they can find them!

      Oh, before I forget…. /sarc

      Serious question though: If we have so many guns that people are coming from out of state to get them why aren’t our crime rates anywhere near theirs?

      • Ding, Ding. Ding!
        We have a winner !
        Egg Zachery
        They’re breding the gobs of POS, then they hit us with the “we’re F’d up, we need to fix you”.
        No, (D)bags, you’re an Fing Scourge wherever on the planet we find you, you prduce the same old sh_t. All we need to fix “gun violence” in America is a cholera outbreak, and a containment force around our biggest (D) cities. Why can’t you forget how to do sanitary plumbing to make up for the mf horde you let slip past Planned “Soylent Green is Peoe” Parenthood.

      • The slimy New Yorkers are coming to Florida to STEAL our guns, not buy them here. Do the idiots in N.Y. really think their bad guys are actually purchasing the firearms that are found to come from out of state ?

        • Yes, yes they do.

          Non-gun owners are that clueless about the laws already on the books yet we need more!!

  4. Unfortunately for the AG, the Canadian experience is that the guns used in crime will either be (in order of preference): smuggled in from outside the nation, stolen, or “rented” by criminal groups. To use an example- in 2010, in Toronto, a full third of firearms used in crimes were prohibited class firearms. It gets worse when you realize that 28% of the total firearms used in crimes were later deemed “non-firearms”. That means almost half the firearms used in crimes were prohibited already for ownership (yes, I know that a handful of Canadians have prohib licenses, but statistics show us that holders of the 12.x class rarely if ever commit crimes). And the antigunners up here are still demanding harsher rules versus licensed gun owners!

    If all those anti-freedom rules are implemented, the US criminals will rely on unsearched containers at shipping ports and the like just like up here.

  5. “This push to “sell” federal gun control proves, once again, that gun control advocates won’t be satisfied until they degrade and destroy all Americans’ gun rights.”

    Just part of the commie long game, fundamental transformation and what not. Depending on how the next month goes, powder may go from being dry to in a horn or some paper.

    Going to vote early today in my “when the government fears the people…” shirt, it just felt appropriate.

  6. They don’t understand firearms in general and the knee-jerk reaction is to ban all firearms. Firearms aren’t the problem the people who use them illegally are the problem but it’s easier to ban the weapon.

    • 75% of America’s Jews live in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey, not exactly 2nd Amendment havens. People also forget that there are (generally) two types of Jewish people you’ll meet in life: the conservative-leaning ones who regularly practice the faith, and the progressives who use their Jewishness as a way to claim “eternally oppressed minority” status out of convenience.

      Simply being Jewish is not an automatic qualifier for hoplophobia, as the JPFO and other groups prove, but the ones I’ve met who own guns are also deeply religious.

      Edit: the above author has edited his statement about Jews tending to be anti-gun, so my words now seem totally out of place xD

    • Oh I think they understand firearms just fine. They understand that as long as we have them, they can’t achieve the social utopia they want. And they don’t want the carnage to stop, they encourage it.

      • “And they don’t want the carnage to stop, they encourage it.”

        Typical of lefties. They have no interest in actually solving the problem because if they did their raison d’être would cease to exist. If that happened then they couldn’t throw money at “the problems” to create a slush fund of tax money for themselves and their cronies.

  7. “It’s time for the federal government — and other states — to take common-sense measures and ensure weak gun laws won’t continue to take the lives of New Yorkers.”

    Wait! So the “gun laws” are taking the lives?! Ban gun laws!!!

    • Yup, I saw the same thing. First it was the guns committing the crimes, all on their own. Now, it’s gotten so bad that not only are inanimate objects engaging in constant mass murder, but the very rules that define penalties for behavior are doing the killing themselves.
      You are right, the only was to protect ourselves is to ban laws, with laws. For the children.

  8. I believe that the NY AG is part of the cabal of AG’s trying to investigate Exxon and are seeking 40 years worth of records. It seems like these power crazed fools aren’t content to screw up their own state, they want to interfere and bring the rest of the country down with them.

    • Those investigations are part of a blossoming effort by democrat states to loot all of our major producing corporations in order to fund their insolvent social programs. They will use loaded jury pools to favor frivolous lawsuits by the thousands and Hillary’s SCOTUS will uphold the mess. Democrat court clerks routine pack jury pools with “known” anti-business democrats to rig the system in most high dollar cases.

  9. If you cant keep illegal people out, illegal substances out, or illegal trade goods out, how exactly then are you going to keep guns out?

    Lock up or terminate the 12% feral humans that are responsible for 85% of homicides and keep 3rd worlders from pouring into this country and the “problem” magically resolves itself.

    • Per Adam Smith, “The Wealth of Nations”, circa 1775 (paraphrased):

      “If the government taxes severely or prohibits a commodity that the people desire the only thing they accomplish is to create an adequate economic incentive for criminals and smugglers to provide that commodity that did not previously exist.”

      So, rather than prevent the crime originally perceived all that is accomplished is to create new criminals (the people who still demand the now illegal commodity) and a criminal class dedicated to providing the commodity in demand.

      See: Prohibition in America, 18th Amendment, U.S. Constitution, for the real-world test of this concept. Even 144 years after “The Wealth of Nations” politicians still didn’t get it. And now, 241 years later, same exact political foolishness.

      • To echo this thought, NY is a target of gun trafficking because of its strict gun control laws that prevent people from obtaining them legally.

  10. Again, and still, the globalists are pushing the UN 2030 Agenda where the U.S. is merely a “State” of the United Nations States: [which is like their BS “Agenda 21” of 1992 and we can see how they have progressively pushed their aims][see also the UN’s UNODA Disarmament goals

    NY is ground zero for that cr_p.

    FU NY in the goat a_ _ .


    (before we kick you off of there too).

      • That’s what their hoping. The evil liberal_progressive_communist_globalist (D) are always hoping for the bloodless coups, for you to constantly fall back and allow yourself to be marginalized while they take the pot.

        No, read the UN Agenda, it explains the weird sh_t your representatives have abdicated with regard to the U.S.; healthcare, global warming, gun control, immigration, loss of the space program, internet controls, etc., etc., etc.
        No one here, who isn’t an evil POS, has read the agenda, or there’d be more of a movement afoot to relocate the UN out of the US, or at least a few hundred yards East. It’s really a piece of work, and it needs to be stopped worse than Hillary and (D) voters.

        • America exports enough of its aid, if America’s values are not good enough for the rest of the World then YOU GOTTA EXPLAIN WHY YOU POS MFs ARE KILLING YOURSELVES AND EACH OTHER TO GET HERE. Funny, same goes for where OFWGs congregate in the World. Most broke (D) mfs would say it’s we’ve scraped and raped the world and compiled its best resources for ourselves. Then we export our people, even in time of war, and make a temporary haven where you are, just to leave and have you F it like a pro.
          Keep your globalist ideas, we don’t want your F’d up ideas of kumbaya, if they worked really well, we’d already be kicking down your door to get it, and that’s just not the case. Save the “we” for the mouse in your pocket, it likes scabbing off of you.

  11. They pushed all kinds of idiotic gun control on North Carolina. To what effect? Yeah None. But go ahead and keep blaming other states.

  12. They tried a little trick there. They said 90% were from outside New York. They did not specify whether that was New York City or New York State. Purposely vague. And how many gun shops are in NYC? Wouldn’t almost EVERY gun used there have to be purchased elsewhere?

  13. Gosh, A G “Gee, I can’t do anything.” might want to think a minute before declaring his incompetence so publicly.

    His job is to enforce the laws in state – a yuuuuge failure with the NYS “No guns for you!” act. Yep, upstate still armed. Compliance miniscule at best. And with all those now-illegal Cuomo-banned boom sticks, added to, one assumes, the floods of boom sticks same as down-state … we still have way less violence using guns. Also less violence in general. Indeed, up-state, which is way more gunny than down — “legal” guns, even — has less violence, violence w guns n crime in general.

    To review, A G-whizz can’t enforce that law. People do way less bad stuff with guns where that law is most ignored. Indeed, people in N Y state do far more bad stuff, and bad stuff using guns, where gun laws are most restrictive.

    I’m not sure an A G’s job is to “keep us safe”, but A G-whizz isn’t doing that either.

    If A G-whiz’s only answer to doing his job is somebody else needs to fix it, what do we need him for? He really hasn’t thought this through.

  14. Again, this is a long term Democrat strategy and has nothing to do with the flawed logic that these AG’s speak. It is only to build the argument for their actions on step at a time. CA, MA, NY… Dominoes. How many Dem states need to enact this crap, and get away with it until the Federal government uses the same and begins to legislate even over the states where 2A is gaining ground? Again, I see no reason why our support organizations such as NRA don’t slap this stuff down in the media immediately rather than let it fester.

  15. “Almost 90 percent of the handguns used in crimes that were recovered largely came from six states along Interstate 95 . . . The six states are Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.”

    This isn’t true. ATF trace data shows only 75% of all crime guns recovered and traced gun in NY came from outside of NY. So 90% cannot have come from just six states, when 49 states plus territories combined for only 75%.

    Moreover, it’s impossible to to know where all recovered crime guns originated, as they claimed, because not all recovered crime guns are ever traced. So that’s another lie.

    Additionally, ATF trace data only shows the state of the first retail sale of the gun. So what? Suppose I buy a new gun at retail legally in South Carolina, then some years later sell that gun legally to a resident of NY. If that gun is later used in a crime in NY, recovered, and traced, then that will count as a South Carolina gun, and elicit howls for stricter SC gun laws, despite the fact that it entered NY perfectly legally.

    Same story with my legally purchased at retail SC gun which subsequently is stolen and transported to NY. What do SC retail sale of guns laws have anything to do with anything? Nothing. If I bought it legally, then some time later it was stolen from me, transported to NY, used in a crime, and traced back to SC, what have you accomplished? You’ve learned only that violent SC criminals steal guns and commit more crimes, which if anything, only proves why you should carry a gun.

    • Don’t be lazy and take TAGs out of context snippets as fact. Hell, don’t even take the Times report as fact. There is a link to the actual NY Attorney General report that the article in the times is based on. 75% of seized firearms were handguns and 86% of handguns (almost 90% according to the Times) came from out of state (never legally transferred to a resident) So is you can do the math 57% of all recovered guns were out of state handguns. Also I would not trust the conclusions of the report, but I can probably believe the basic data as that came from the ATF. I love the line” Gun Safety is a State’s Right“
      I have to laugh when they think it is a problem, what the hell do they expect. If they taxed cigarettes $15 a pack, most cigarettes will be “illegal” ones from out of state. If it easier and cheaper and easier for criminals to get guns from out of state, then they will. I would bet that most of them follow the drug trafficking coming up from the Gulf. If NYC could fix their drug problem I’m sure a lot of the gun problems will go away.

  16. “Of those guns seized, 34,344 — or about three-quarters of the firearms that could be traced to their purchase site — were originally bought outside New York,”

    OF COURSE THEY ARE. And so what?

    Do you know how hard it is to buy a handgun in New York? You need a license just to look at one. If demand isn’t met locally, then demand will shop elsewhere. If getting it legally is burdensome, (See: piracy of movies and tvshows) then they’ll just get it illegally.

  17. There are some people who you just want to slap the sh!t out of the second you meet them.

    Eric Schneiderman is at the top of the list.

  18. In which bizarre alternate reality is it not a federal crime to engage in “firearm trafficking?” Let’s start with “engaging in the business” without a valid license, unlawful interstate delivery, false statements, etc.

  19. Yet the article makes no mention that those guns that came form the evil southern states were likely stolen, which in itself is a crime. instead it makes it sound like the guns were bought legally and then legally sold to criminals. I would venture to guess that 90% of guns used in crimes were obtained by an illegal act, yet their solution is to make them harder to get for normal people. Why don’t they just come out and say “we are unable to stop criminals from getting the guns, so we are going to stop you from getting them so that criminals cant steal them from you.

    • I would not be surprised if most of them were purchased by “clean” gang members and affiliates living in other states.

  20. What an idiot.
    The question is not if people bring weapons from other states to New York City. That is only the symptom of the problem. The question is WHY are people bothering with driving out of New York, buying guns more or less legal and then driving back? Why aren’t they staying right where they bought the guns and rob people there?
    Hint: it is not because the attorney general is so good at locking bad guys away or because of great police work that makes crime impossible and stops mass murders in seconds. No, that is what would happen if everybody would have a CCW permit and would carry at all times. This is about NYC failing to make laws that stop crime. It is about them failing to enforce this laws. They are horrible in crime prevention, fast stopping of crimes, finding and also prosecutig criminals. They are a hunting ground full of disarmed prey.

  21. When I was a military cop stationed in Germany some years ago, a favorite method used by criminals to get guns was to ambush military and civilian police for their guns. Criminals will always get guns.

  22. NYC pushed the state-wide “SAFE” Act because the city’s draconian anti-gun measures didn’t work. Now the state’s draconian anti-gun measures don’t work. What will they do when the federal anti-gun measures they push don’t work?

  23. It’s always been this way with NY. I remember when it was cigarettes — taxed out the wazoo in NY, even more so in NYC, so of course there was non-stop mob controlled “smuggling” from NC and VA where cigarette taxes were minimal. I don’t know what percentage the police took to look the other way but I am sure it was plenty. And of course every smoker who ever drove to Florida always stopped to load up the car in NC on the way home. Here in NC, you need a CHP or purchase permit to legally purchase a handgun. A banger cannot get one if he has been convicted of a crime. So if handguns are coming from NC to NYC, there must be a lot of bangers here without records. Yeah, right. Like they purchase anything with a permit from an FFL or even a private seller that is not a criminal himself. I look at Armslist all the time and you just about cannot find an ad for a handgun that does not say “permit required – all laws will be followed.” Pack of BS from the AG. I might have made more money if I had stayed in NY, but I am sure glad I left a long time ago.

  24. “Almost 90 percent of the handguns used in crimes that were recovered largely came from six states along Interstate 95 . . . The six states are Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.”

    And what of the crims? How many were church going grandmas versus how many were caught and released career hoods handheld through the revolving door process by people in Schneidermann’s own office? Can’t ask that question. Someone in Manhattan may choke on an olive.

  25. This should also give pause to the fudds who think that they’re safe because “we’re rural, and rural areas don’t have an issue, and even Bernie understands that there are different problems facing urban areas than there are facing rural areas, so they won’t come after my stuff!”

    If they can blame the gun laws of a free state for the ills of a single city in a completely different, non-free state just because they happen to neighbor each other, then trust me, they can blame rural gun owners for it…and use that as a reason for future gun control legislation as well.

    • Well, they specifically mention Florida, so by “neighboring” they apparently mean “existing without an intervening ocean”.

  26. Weak, morally deficient, narcissistic politicians kill people everyday by passing laws in this country that remove the ability to freely exercise our universal right to self defense in the manner we choose most apropos to our preference in firearms.

    Women, who are attacked, assaulted, killed, kidnapped, because they couldn’t legally carry wherever they CHOOSE. Children cannot carry, so their parents should be allowed to in their stead, given their age, and mental maturity, yet they are denied, as we all are.

    If Democrats really were about women’s rights, and truly lived the chintzy slogan of, “I’m with her”, if they REALLY cared about anything other than the acquisition of power for the party, like the communists of old, they would join with the idea of protection. They would heartily agree that the world we live in can only ever produce a law enforcement officer in close proximity to you in minutes if you are lucky, yet the law cannot stop a bullet, a fist, a knife, a bomb, a crash, nor injury, nor death. These propaganda pieces by the AG of NY is more of the same toilet flushing sound that anti-gun lefters produce perpetually.

  27. Lots of guns here in my neighborhood in Florida
    Collections range from from Granpas old Colt .45 to a collection of police duty pistols and my military style rifles
    No ones been shot yet
    No crime here either
    Wonder why that is?

  28. Not familiar with all local laws, BUT isn’t it already illegal on the Federal level to sell a weapon to someone from another state? So the seller and purchaser are already violating a law. Straw purchases are already illegal. So we already have all the Federal Laws in place. It’s also a Federal crime to commit a crime with a weapon. Criminals just don’t obey laws….WHAAAAAAT! What they really want is to ban all weapon sales and confiscation of existing weapons. So how did that work for alcohol during prohibition and the current drug war!

  29. It’s never gona be enough. Even if NY manages to convince other states to adopt their gun control measures, the violence will of course continue because guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Then they will shift the blame to surrounding countries, Mexico and Canada. And then surrounding continents, and then surrounding planets, etc etc.


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