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Located in Forks, Washington, the rainiest town in the contiguous U.S. and the setting of the Twilight vampire series, Beyer Barrels has been manufacturing hand-crafted and machined barrels since 2006. Custom designs aren’t a problem, but there are also plenty of off-the-shelf options for 10/22s (including the Takedown), 77/22s, and AR-15s.


My friend, “CASES4CASES,” who attended NWSSE to get photos and scoopage for TTAG, has owned a pair of Beyer’s six-inch Lightweight Target 10/22 barrels for a few years. It sounds like he’s been impressed with them in every way, from the precise fit to the sharp machining, and certainly with their accuracy. He has a 10-inch Beyer barrel in his crosshairs for another 10/22 build project, and we’ll see if we can squeeze a review out of him soon.


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  1. That thing looks perfect for my 8-yr-old grandson. He could just pull that stock up to his shoulder and …

        • Show me one instance where anyone has ever been prosecuted for shouldering a Sig Brace.

          Spoiler alert – you can’t.
          It’s all bullsh*t – 100% fear tactic, 0% enforcement.

          The three ATF feild agents who even know what a Sig Brace is would never take someone to court because they know the case would get thrown out.

        • Gerbs, there was at least one case in California where they were charged with use of an SBR during a crime, because they shouldered a sig brace. At the least, if you do it at a range and an employee sees you, they might kick you out. I’ve witnessed such on more than one occasion.

  2. The whole Sig brace ordeal is just another form of don’t ask don’t tell. Everybody knows the intention, nobody needs to talk about it. So long as everyone “seems” like their following the rules, they’ll mind their own business.

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