NSSF’s New Share Center Makes Useful Firearms Facts Accessible and Shareable

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NSSF facts about guns

From the National Shooting Sports Foundation . . .

NSSF, the firearm industry trade association, is pleased to announce the launch of its all-new Share Center learning hub that features critical firearm-related topics through easy-to-share facts, captivating visuals and an option for extended learning into each respective topic.

Second Amendment and firearm-industry advocates now have access to a growing library of shareable facts in the form of simple and attractive infographics meant to go directly on social media feeds, blogs, webpages and other third-party platforms within a click or two from the NSSF Share Center. These shareable facts also feature an option to visit a page with more information and more extensive infographics about each respective topic.

NSSF facts about guns

“The Share Center enables individuals to learn and grow in their understanding of gun issues and the importance of the firearm industry to America, including the millions of people who choose to own firearms for protection, recreational shooting and hunting,” states Joe Bartozzi, NSSF President and CEO. “Each self-contained fact sheet acts as a building block for well-informed learning. We encourage firearm industry members and gun owners to spread this important information, especially with those who are less familiar with firearms and the industry’s efforts towards firearm safety.”

Share Center visitors currently have access to shareable graphics covering safety, modern sporting rifles, background checks, 3-D printed firearms, conservation and more. This library of shareable resources will continue to grow. Do you have a topic you would like us to cover? Email [email protected] to submit a topic.

NSSF facts about guns

The firearm industry needs your help to correct misinformation and misconceptions about the firearm industry and gun owners to ensure that our freedoms remain protected. The new NSSF Share Center makes it easy for anyone to lead discussions on social media and beyond.

To get the facts from the NSSF Share Center, visit nssf.org/share, or find regular posts about the Share Center directly on NSSF social media pages. Follow NSSF on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter to stay connected.


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  1. What a great idea… I thought as I read this post and followed the link to check out NSSF’s Share Center.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find these “shareable facts” not particularly well written, not that easy to read, nor are they very straightforwardly clear or concise for a non firearms-literate audience to easily grasp. In fact, I found myself re-reading many of them trying to decipher just exactly what NSSF is attempting to convey to the reader… and I’ve been a “gun-guy” for almost half a century.

    I sincerely like their idea… I’m just kinda baffled by the vague presentation.

    Could just be me, though.

  2. For info – most of the links above don’t work well in locked down browsers. Direct link to the share center is https://www.nssf.org/share-center/

    That said – the shareable content isn’t going to be especially educational for those of us who have and use firearms. But, that’s not the point. This is all shareable for places like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Useful for countering idiot progressive claims. Useful for just helping the uninitiated to understand the issues.

    I approve.

    • That’s precisely my point- if it is not clearly written for those of us who actually understand the issues to “get it”, then how much less will it be to those who know nothing more than the garbage being fed to them by the media about firearms? It would be a shame to mess up a valuable teaching moment by being abstruse.

      I see this as an excellent opportunity to actually educate people in a clear, concise, and inarguably coherent way- which, from what I’m seeing, it is falling very short of doing. I want this to be successful, but so far I am more frustrated than anything else… these “facts” should be elementally more comprehensible than they are.

  3. “To get the facts from the NSSF Share Center, visit nssf.org/share,…”

    Oh, yeah? NSSF might have the facts, but the anti-gun mafia have the truth.

  4. This is just a knock of long-time vested interest in Liberty-oriented journalism that won’t be accepted because they already failed to correctly articulate the reality of their statements for legitimate factual identification in their verbiage with the initial examples here. Instead of capitulating with a compromise of language structure like “…Automatic firearms are severely rdegulated…”

    It should be written “Automatic Rifles are ILLEGALY Regulated by the Unconstitutional ’34 NFA Act (coincidentally enacted right after the ’33 Gold Confiscation scam) and Unconstitutionally violated under the 8th amendment (cruel and unusual punishment because the Registratation of NFA intems is also illegal under the ’86 Firearms Owners Protection Act, and the Fact that the crime of having a so-called Automatic firearm involved nothing more than paying a $200. tax, and the IRS rarely arrests anyone with even many Thousands of dollars tax failures to pay and usually just levys the amount owed or garnishes wages, or in the case of deep pocket businesses, sometimes a fine.

    So how does Not paying a $200. dollar tax NFA stamp for even a first time NFA item immediately get you arrested and charged with a punishment of Hard time in Prison and an Outregeous Fine Not fall under Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

    They did a bit better on the 80% receivers by at least not calling them Ghost Guns. But when defending the violations of our precious and tenuous rights, don’t say the “…this legal
    activity is still regulated by State and Federal Firearms Laws. That’s too ‘accepting’ as it’s an undisputed fact and there’s nothing to be done about it?

    It should say ” Making your own firearms is perfectly legal but the Unconstitutional Marxist regime currently in power in committing flagrant violations of our rights by intentionally and fraudulently modifying and misinterpreting laws that should prevent them from doing so. Even the ATF has already decreed withing the powers of their Faux Congressional Fiat interpretations of the definitions of firearms that judges had already rulled to be Illegal.”

    So this NSSF has a lot of Work to do with their reality fact checks editing before i would ever use their information.

    And also make sure they address the issue of this question right from the jump: Are government agents, lawmakers. and politicians, and governing officials subject to arrest and prosecution in the 18 USC 241 or 242 Deprivation of Rights Statute every time they violate the 2nd/A and 4th/A by their enforcement of illegal gun laws? And, if so…

    Why the Fuck isn’t Tucker showing a video feed of them perp walking in Shackles and Zip ties; the next time they try to raid a law-abiding business or private citizen?!

  5. I wonder if facts actually matter at all to many/most people. Just last night I was sitting around a bonfire with a couple people from my neighborhood: I mentioned how a teenager was 7 days after recovering from COVID-19 (7 days after the nasty fever disappeared) and how they should not have to wear a mask because they are immune and cannot spread the virus at that point. My neighbors insisted that the teenager was loaded with virus and was absolutely spreading it without a mask.

    They were absolutely convinced that an otherwise incredibly healthy teenager can have COVID-19 for a week with a nasty fever and then, once the fever is gone, they will be spreading disease to people even a week later.

    • You’re right, Facts don’t matter to most. Al Gore made that plain years ago relative to global warming.

  6. By all means, lets get the truth out there.

    It’s hard to work with this unless your part of the social media problem.

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