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The National Shooting Sports Foundation and their political action committee jumped aboard the hashtag mania train yesterday, kicking off their #GUNVOTE campaign aimed at getting gun rights-oriented voters to the polls for the upcoming midterms. As their email blast put it, “There is too much at stake in November not to be 100 percent committed.” While aggregates news from a variety of races around the country, as their video makes clear, the real target is the Senate. And while it seems unlikely that new federal anti-gun legislation could make it into law even if Democrats retain control of the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body, both Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy are 78 years old. Heller was decided by a 5-4 vote. There are two years left in Obama’s term. You do the math. 

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  1. If we are lucky Scalia wont resign or pass away anytime soon.
    As to Kennedy does it really matter??
    His vote leans the wrong way most of the time.
    Unfortunately anyone can drop dead amongst the court at any time.
    Im 60 and lost 3 in the last 8 weeks of my friends.
    So odds are Obama will get at least one nomination.
    Its up to us to get a solid Republican Legislature this November and toss out Reid and his ridiculous rules for passage of nominations for judges.
    O is doing his best to load the courts as is with idjits.
    Besides as was said “Its written law” didn’t stop Sotomayor from lying her ass off during confirmation hearings.
    You cant trust any of them.
    You can trust the pointed end of your rifle if it comes to it.

    • My condolences for your friends. I’m half your age, but I know the pain of losing several friends in a short span of time and how devastating that can be – mine came from stupidity, The War for one of them, and the last one to a heart defect he was born with.

      You’re right, though, we do need a Republican majority in Congress – and not a RINO majority – if we’re going to safeguard our 2A Rights from getting plowed through like fresh sod.

  2. Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg is 81 and Breyer is 76. Even Comrade Obumer isn’t likely to find anyone more libtard that those two mutts.

  3. Gun rights shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but it just is. Look at all the supposedly pro-gun Democrats who voted for us to enter the UN Small Arms Treaty. Baucus, Reid, both Udalls, Landrieu, Gillebrand and more. Democrats simply cannot be trusted on this issue.

  4. I hate how judges have become more partisan than the average senator. This is absolutely not how the judicial system is supposed to be. Maybe congress needs to choose the judges instead…

  5. All a Study you understand. Keyword: “Systems”.
    Theoretically, persons are elected to ‘serve’ in office as ‘employees of the people’. Thus, ‘the people’ as ‘employers’ hire individuals through an election process:
    without so little as a clearly written job description; proper background checks, no direct supervision; and their ‘probationary period’ is the designated term for the office.
    Additionally, absolutely nothing of any tangible value is produced; their salaries are provided via conficatory taxation; they’re paid without any regard as to whether or not they actually do whatever it is they’re presumably hired to do; and
    the best their ’employers’ can hope for is — they don’t enact any more ’Rights’-violating laws than the millions currently on the books, and they don’t get caught perpetrating criminal acts to the extent they get thrown in jail and their ’employers’ are stuck housing and feeding them as well.

    • replace “conficatory” with “confiscatory”.
      If you make words up, the least you can do is spell them correctly.

  6. I’d hate to say it, but is the NSSF really a friend of gun owners? Not one word at all about the Russian import ban and the NSSF just had a big meeting with the ATF re: importation restrictions. Not one peep has been heard about why, when, or what will be affected.

    Even if the Russian gun companies aren’t part of the NSSF, I’m sure NSSF has members that are importers and retailers like Century, Atlantic Firearms, and some other retailers who specialize in imported guns, plus the other big online stores like Palmetto State. Not to mention the average gun store who used to be able to sell Saigas and Veprs.

    And what about the ammo and the Mosins?

    • The NSSF works for the gun industry, not for gun owners. More often than not, the industry and the owners are on the same page, but not always.

      Banning imported ammo and arms hurts owners but may help domestic manufacturers by reducing competition. So, the NSSF can be expected to support the bans by taking no official position except for winking slyly at the regulators.

  7. NSSF is making a good point.

    The POTUS appoints Justices to the Supreme Court, but the Senate confirms them.

    Right now is the time for 2A rights supporters to make a difference, as individuals, to win the Senate back from Democrats.

    Here is a good site that explains why 2014 is a particularly important election- based on demographics and timing:

    Bottomline- Vote. Get out the word to 2A rights believers to do the same.

    If you are in a state that does not have a Senate seat up for a vote, give money to candidates in other states to replace vulnerable Democratic Senators.


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