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NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre is mad as hell and he’s not going to get a debate with President Obama. The chances that someone, anyone will confront the CIC on his lies, distortions and mischaracterizations about his civilian disarmament agenda. And I’m not sure that your average American has an eight-minute attention span when it comes to an “in your face” NRA harangue. Still, it’s nice to see the NRA responding more quickly and authoritatively to the assault media’s anti-gun animus. Props.

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  1. Nice call out lets see what Obama says about this. I’d like to see it.

    On a somewhat OT note, two more would be robbers were shot in Chicago by a CCW holding employee of a store. That’s 4 in a week. These guys did better than the last two, they drove to a hospital and were promptly taken into custody. Keep breaking the narrative!

  2. King Hussein can’t debate Wayne. Not won’t. Can’t. If Obama did debate Wayne one-on-one, he would be recognizing Wayne as an equal (oh, no, we can’t have that) and tacitly admitting that the NRA is not a terrorist organization (would POTUS have debated Osana Bin Laden?) or simply a bunch of gun crazies.

  3. Love it, the NRA should run a commercial from about 6:50 in to the end to expose this to the masses and it could make a small dent in the skull’s of the brainwashed.

  4. The NRA made a huge mistake by not showing up the Town Hall the other day. We all knew it was going to be a joke. They should’ve shown up anyway.

    More specifically, Colion Noir should have been their representative at the Town Hall. Who would be better to combat Obummber on guns

    • The Communist News Network heavily vetted any and all questions lest they offend the Lier-In-Chief, so I doubt that Mr. Noir would have been even been allowed to speak.

      • Ignore the rules. Look at the presidential debates, the ones that show the least respect for decorum are the ones that come out ahead.

    • “More specifically, Colion Noir should have been their representative at the Town Hall. Who would be better to combat Obummber on guns”

      Well, I didn’t think of it, I suppose I can’t blame the NRA for not thinking of it, but that WOULD have been perfect.

  5. Love it. Wayne sounded like Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the 1st Batman movie “Come on Gotham, who you gonna trust?” At least it wasn’t followed by a Prince song…

  6. Confidence, knowledge and intelligence.. I seldom see these traits anymore. I thought they had been replaced with likes, trends and tweets. I hope Obama takes the challenge because I like to see him cry.

  7. Not worth the NRAs time.
    Americans are far more aware than than an eight minutes of an out gunned debate.
    Marco Rubio for 2016.
    Let real common sense get back in the oval office.
    We all just can’t wait to see number 44 leave “our” house.

  8. OK. so independent of the content of any debate, the *fact of* the refusal carries weight. And the video keeps it in play.

    But, with no word said, “Why wouldn’t they show up?” is part of the story. Why wouldn’t they, indeed?

    Drip, drip, drip. These guys seem to be getting a clue. What, did aliens trans-reverse their brains?

  9. Sort of like how no one can get an interview with Dr Paul Offit, the vaccine designer/sookesperson who claimed babies could safely receive 10,0000 vaccines at the same time.

    • 10,000. Man, that is Vault-Tec kinda sh*t; woulda given ya some crazy perks in Fallout 3. Real life, alas, not so much.

  10. Great video, but sadly no one will ever see it except those that already follow and support the NRA on a regular basis. The NRA needs to take the last minute of video and condense it into a 30 second commercial to play on the networks.

  11. LaPierre has neither the charisma, nor the intellectual horsepower to debate a slick hustler like Zero. If someone is going to debate Obie, I suggest that it be either Colion Noir or someone like Stefan Molyneaux.

    • Colion for the win. The liberal media would run the “racism” card into the ground with Wayne. Having Colion debate takes that pillar of gun control away from them and gives the NRA another face to the masses other than the expected OFWG.

    • There is no one employed by NRA including Wayne who has the intellect to debate the President. Why didn’t he show up when the President invited him in the first place?

      Look at the scum NRA employs in Illinois as their state contract lobbyist. Donald Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 “NRA backed” carry bill, not Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The anti-gun Chiefs of Police wanted DTI, so Vandermyde handed it to them on a platter. When armed citizens get harassed, set up, arrested, disarmed, raped and killed by police criminals, Vandermyde can tell Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at ILA that he “got a bill passed.”

      Look at who NRA pays and you find liars and rats who sell out the lives of their own membership.


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