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NRA (courtesy

“The nation’s largest gun rights organization declined Wednesday to send official representatives to a nationally televised town hall with President Barack Obama on gun violence — just days after the president reignited a discussion over this controversial topic,” reports. “‘The National Rifle Association sees no reason to participate in a public relations spectacle orchestrated by the White House,’ NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told CNN, which is moderating the live town hall Thursday evening in Virginia. The NRA strengthened its comment after initially saying the White House had ‘organized’ the event.” Ohhh. So . . .

CNN organized the event – and that’s totally different. According to CNN . . .

A CNN spokesperson said that it was the network, not the White House, that proposed the idea of a town hall on guns, and noted the audience would be evenly divided between organizations that support the Second Amendment including NRA members as well as groups that back gun regulation.

Which pro-gun rights organizations might that be? Stay tuned! TTAG will be live-blogging the Town Hall tomorrow for S&Gs. Meanwhile, right answer for the NRA?

[h/t DrVino]

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  1. Right answer? Oh, hell yes.

    “Hello NRA?

    We have a nice hole for you to jump into, with shovels at the bottom. Would you mind digging, while the leftists throw in dirt from the top?”

    • As a JPFO member since 1994, take a good guess why the JPFO is never invited to any of the television news gun events.

      Answer, the anti gun jewish members of the media don’t want to show a different jewish opinion on the second amendment.

    • NRA’s still suffering from its origins as a gun control organization. It might be a decade or two before it finally manages to purge all the fudds that are still waving the old “Legal enough” banner.

    • NRA is loaded with traitors. Look at NRA contract lobbyist for IL Donald Todd Vandermyde. When the U.S. Federal Court in Chicago overturned IL’s concealed weapons statute in Dec. 2012 and forced the legislature to pass a carry bill, Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 “NRA backed” carry bill, NOT Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

      Vandermyde cut the deal for DTI with Orland Park police chief Tim McCarthy, who was the Secret Service agent when President Reagan was shot. McCarthy was president of the anti-gun Chiefs of Police at the time. Deliberately setting up armed citizens to be harassed, arrested, set up and murdered by police criminals is what NRA is all about. Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA pay Vandermyde to do this.

      • funny how someone who wasn’t there has no idea about what they are talking about.

        The agreement on DTI was reached with all the groups in Illinois between the Chiefs Assn and the Sheriffs Assn.

        McCarthy was no where to be seen, and had no imput.

        Funny thing is since the passage of the law, haven’t had a single complaint come in on any carrier being mistreated over DTI. No proned out felony stops, no seizing of firearms.

    • The NRA is not only weak, they are average. Look at the NRA staff like Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham and I doubt you will find anyone who attended much less graduated from a top ten institution. NRA does not employ a single person who could stand in the room with the President and engage on any sort of intellectual level.

      Look at the people they hire. NRA contract lobbyist Donald Todd Vandermyde represents who NRA members are perfectly. White baby boomers from lower class backgrounds and dying small towns like Chatsworth, where ISRA’s Richard Pearson hangs out, slapping each others backs, downing shots, pissed off at the world with huge chips on their shoulders, secretly cheering when cops shoot down blacks and wishing they had a badge. Too stupid to actually read the bills lobbyists like Vandermyde put up when their own lives are sold out with Duty to Inform. Above all ignorant and mediocre losers who are too stupid to look out for their own self interest.

      • That is the most stupidest thing I’ve heard anyone say on this blog since I started reading it from day one! The NRA is over 5,000,000 people strong across the world is the oldest civil rights organization On the face of the earth. Charlton Heston walk with dr. Martin Luther King Back in the 60s. 5 million members they’re not all lower class white Country bumpkins. There me and everyone else in the country. You obviously have never been to an NRA function If you had you would realize the walks of life go from the extreme wealthy all the way down to the people you were talking about the lower lower class Americans. But we all have one thing in common that brings us together as a family we all enjoy the shooting sports and the 2nd amendment that protects us so that we can do so. For you to come on here And spread your propaganda bullshit is enough to make me puke What are you 25 years old Live in a big town big city I grew up in Orlando Live in St Petersburg Florida now Lived in New York City for a while. When I worked a small time add job. I freaking hated it Big cities suck!

  2. Good on the NRA, CNN found that the FUDD’s can be the “pro-gun” folks.

    Id send Ted Nugent just to watch their panties bunch.

      • Well. I mean. From an objective, entirely heartless, rational perspective…the best way to stop people from taking hostages is to act exactly the same way when they are taken as when they’re not. If they go from being a useful bargaining chip/shield into being nothing more than a potential liability, people would theoretically stop taking them.

        That would be insane though.

        • Worked for the Russians… How many Russian hostages have been taken? They kill everyone. Hostages aren’t hostages, they are at best… a door stop.

        • I get the look from my friends when I take this stance in my arguments. The looks I get when I say “Fvck your feelings” are hilarious.

    • the only reason I would watch this Kubuki theater is to actually see Shannon’s panties get all in a bunch. . . . mqybe the NRA should send life member Dirk Diggler and see how that changes her thinking??

    • And you can just bet that there will be plenty of ” I own a gun and hunt, but . . .” Fudd’s in that audience.

      • I was unfortunate enough to hear public radio’s report on Obama’s impending manbaby moment yesterday morning en route to work, that ended with a visit to a Virginia gun store. Not only was the “other side” moment much shorter than its interview with the NYPD chief, they only aired FUDD statements! There’s no way they couldn’t have run into real gun owners.

  3. They already said: Gun Owners of America and American Firearms Retailers Association. Everytown and Brady are the main anti-gun orgs. If the audience really is evenly divided, and if CNN evenly moderates-big ifs-it might actually be worth the popcorn.

    • I do not consider any of your “ifs” to be even a remote possibility, I don’t think CNN would even know how to present a fair discussion. Just to begin, there would have to be cutoff switches on mics, the anti-gun morons will never shut up for a moment.

      • One way or another, I think this is going to be a complete s#!tshow. I’m completely unsurprised the NRA took a pass on this, there is no upside here. I am surprised the White House agreed to a townhall that they aren’t moderating and where half the audience (if CNN isn’t playing fast and loose with “evenly divided”) strongly disagrees with their message. From either perspective, It’s a monumentally dumb idea to say yes to something like this. It’s possible CNN could completely loose control of the audience and it just devolves into a huge screaming match or maybe even fist fight.

        • As a practical matter, I don’t think there would be much difference between CNN “moderating” the discussion and the WH emceeing the thing themselves. So I’m not surprised the WH would agree. Hell, CNN has probably already given them an advance on what the discussion will be.

      • I agree, Larry.

        Anyone who tells a producer they have EVER owned a gun will be counted as pro-gun, even if they are a Fudd, obvious anti-gun plant, or actually a non-gun-owner. I figure the crowd breakdown will be around 80-20 (anti-gun/pro-gun). And some of the pro-gun folks will no-doubt be happy to embrace certain “common sense” restrictions on eeeevill assault weapons or high-capacity automatic pistols, and of course EVERYONE loves them some UBCs, right?.

        I’ll try to watch this crap (I take my duty to “know my enemy” seriously), but my blood pressure is a limiting factor; I can’t do any good for the pro-gun side if my head explodes due to an overload of idiocy…

    • It could be interesting if Larry Pratt is there. Charles C.W. Cooke would be good too but I am sure he won’t be invited.

      However, I have no delusions of this been a reasonable debate.

  4. Amen to that brother I’m so sick and tired of hearing this president talk about gun control and gun violence I’m about to puke!He’s a liar Many times over.I wish Everyone in the country could see who was actually at that event, And they would realize it was a total leftist set up!

  5. Hmmm-I dunno, maybe the NRA rep could have reminded folks about that fake “assault weapons report CNN did –I know it’s old, but so is that “40% no-BC gun sales” figure the newsies keep throwing out. Then again, maybe not. So far, other than the usual Obama arse-kissing by the media and some cheering from hopeless moon-bats at Salon, the response to Obama’s weepy gun-control speech has been pretty underwhelming as far as I can tell. Maybe it’s best to leave him and his cheerleaders with themselves.

  6. It was a no win for the NRA. Either they got go and antis say “they don’t care about safety”, or they go and antis say “see, even the NRA admits there’s a problem”

      • CSPAN? Really?

        There is NO media “neutral party”. Fox is, at best, slightly left of center or not quit as left wing as MSNBC/CNN/XYZ. Their BS “fair and not balanced” is so much nonsense it is laughable.

  7. The anti’s will now shout loudly how the NRA is not open to discussion and is acting badly. I think it was a mistake for this reason, it gives free ammo to the anti’s.

    • It created free ammo either way – as it was designed to.
      CNN just executed what in chess in known as a “Fork”. Either you have to give up your queen, or your best bishop, you can’t save both.

      Or, to let admiral Akbar summarize: “IT’S A TRAP!!”

        • I would have to say you are incorrect in saying that. I say this because, Once They set the stage With 95% anti-gun representativesThe deck was stacked from the get go it would hurt us much more had we shown up And participated in that apocalyptic event Of bullshit Pardon my french.

  8. Unless the subject of the Town Hall is regarding Constitutional (Article V) ways to repeal or revise the Second Amendment it is a huge waste of time and pure political theater.

    And need I point out that none of the amendments in the Bill of Rights has EVER been repealed, revised or further amended? That would be an extremely dangerous precedent.

  9. With CNN moderating, they will start with questions like,

    “So, gun owners, have you stopped beating your wives? What does it feel like to be directly responsible for all the gun violence in America?”

    I would take a pass on that.

  10. I think they’re exactly correct, except I would have suggested that they completely ignore the suggestion, so silly it does not merit a response of any kind. As in, extremely insulting to Osama and his media lapdogs, just ignore them.

  11. Smart for NRA to blow this off. Hosted by CNN is all you need to know.

    Imagining their selection process for this ‘Town Hall’ audience makes me wince. Egads.

  12. The NRA knows it would have been a stilted verbal minefield of a “town hall”. No point in showing up when the aftermath will be the same regardless of them showing up or not.

    It’d be akin to Sam Walton showing up at a CPUSA meeting.

  13. I think it’s a good move. It denies Obama and CNN any legitimacy. To participate would be to tacitly endorse the notion that the whole thing is something other than coordinated propaganda. Public opinion is already largely with NRA, so what do they stand to gain by helping Obama do a TV special on gun control?

  14. There is no benefit to be had by attending this foolish dog and pony show. They don’t want a debate. They want a scapegoat.

    As for CNN organizing the town hall vs. the White House, what difference does it make which anti-gun POS is behind it? It amounts to the same thing.

  15. Has anyone heard if GOA has accepted the invitation?

    I agree, likely an opportunity for more emotional rhetoric from the Antis but also a chance on the national stage to, however briefly, get some dispassionate facts supporting our side into the debate. Shannon et al are masters of the emotional sound bite and are I think ill prepared for an actual discussion.

    It was heartening to see that even in the CNN story about this, they did mention their own CNN poll showing a majority of Americans opposing stricter gun control laws.

    • With the exception of someone as forceful in an argument as Ted Nugent, any of the more “civil” gun-rights representatives are just going to be convenient targets for left wing moral assaults. The Nuge’ on the other hand would end up eating them alive.

  16. Fun unofficial question of the day: Who would be on your pro-gun dream team to represent you in the gun debate olympics?

    Mine: Allan Gottlieb, Ben Shapiro, John Lott, and Thomas Paine

  17. I’m with the nra…. pass.

    This whole thing is one big set-up. CNN and all the pro-state side is lining up a giant heads-I-win-Tails-YOU-loose scenario.

    The moderation will be anything but.

    The questions will be slanted in favor of one side and one side will get plenty of face-time while the other has to ‘cut it short for commercials.’

    Yeah….. I’m going to pass too. I’ve got a date at the range that I am not going to reschedule.

  18. As others have pointed out elsewhere — we now have Saudi Arabia and Iran itching to go at; North Korea may or may not have a hydrogen bomb, or at least an “enhanced” atomic bomb; and it is well documented even in the MSM that the State Department is clueless how many people are in the country illegally. But Obama is going to waste his own time on a charade? This sadly shows the priorities in the waning days of this regime.

    • North Korea in no way has an H-bomb.

      The seismic signal indicates perhaps a slight improvement from a simple fission device.

      Current speculation is they tried to ‘boost’ their firecracker with tritium and likely failed miserably at it. Their current design is only good for 10 kt or so.

      If they ever get it right, they could boost their yield up to 100 times.

      The good news is, China isn’t happy right now. That will impact North Korea directly.


  19. Smart move. We already know we cannot trust CNN to organize a fair debate. We have seen this kind of crap before. It will be a lot of theatrics orchestrated by CNN to make Obama look good and the NRA look bad. If the NRA said yes, I would have called them foolish.

    • She and Ann Coulter would definitely make it worth the time.
      And I might even turn off the mute button and listen.

      • How about a ‘PMS Tag-Team’ of Dana Loesch, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin?

        Actually, it would be fun to sic TTAG’s Michi (Michelle) on ’em… 🙂

        • Yeah that’s it! That’s the ticket! Sadly I can only stand Dana for any length of time(I guess that IS the point Geoff…

    • Well, yeah, both could easily hold their own against any combination of Libtards. Having both there at the same time would be interesting . . .

  20. This absolutely was the right answer for the NRA.

    Progressives don’t want a conversation. They have no interest in ‘conversation’ at all. They just want opportunities to vomit their propaganda and lies, and there was no-win for the NRA (or us) in this.

    Glad to see the NRA not playing their stupid game this time around.

    • “Progressives don’t want a conversation. They have no interest in ‘conversation’ at all”

      Yep. Period. Full stop…

  21. “Evenly divided” based on common core math, and all approved by the President’s handlers because he won’t appear in an unfriendly environment. Totally not orchestrated by the White House.

    I predict that there will be a lot of “I support the 2nd Amendment but..” No, you really don’t.

    Not a Trump supporter, but maybe he should do his shtick on Fox and suck the air from the ratings.

    Saudi Arabia and Iran are practically at war, North Korea explodes an atomic bomb, and Latin America is going to crap. Not to mention the U.S. economy has been in the crapper for 7 years. But Obama is like a magician, he’ll distract you with the shiny object in his left hand.

  22. Good move why give Hillary, CNN or Obama any sound bytes? Don’t fight the battle on their terms whatever happens. I think it would behoove them to record the event and fact check it point by point though.

  23. It sounds like it would be like when Bill Maher invites a lone conservative guest who immediately gets lambasted on all fronts – including a hideously left-leaning audience comprised of idiots. You can’t win an argument based on facts when your audience is filled with unreasonable people who wear their ignorance and confirmation bias like a badge of honor. It’s like trying to argue with your wife – when she’s secretly angry about something else. Truly a lost cause.

  24. If CNN were hosting a “town hall” with the KKK to discuss minority rights, should the NAACP attend?

    This is the same thing.

    • No, it’s worse, because CNN would purport to be “objective” vis a vis the NRA, whereas they would not with the KKK.

  25. This is the worst thing the NRA could have done. The democrats are turning this issue into an effort to slander the NRA and this was their chance to show America what we all know in that they’re an organization of common sense and reason. I see why they did it though, it would have ended up being a witch hunt with the other side making up their own realities and facts so it could very well have ended up being a lose-lose situation for them.

    In reality they should have sent Colion Noir.

    • Wow, you are so wrong on all counts . . . The presence of the NRA—or any gun-rights formal organization—will only be used for target practice by The Left. That’s the only role that they’d be allowed. People supporting 2nd amendment gun-rights have absolutely nothing to win and much to loose at this “Townhall meeting”. I hope all the gun-rights organizations boycott it.

  26. What would the NBA do if they were there? Give Obama a noogie? Have Wayne do a touchdown dance? Obama’s “message” on guns has failed comprehensively and hilariously, now he’s throwing himself a televised pity party. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be part of that hot mess.

  27. It’s CNN has about 23 viewers. If our side shows up for the dog and pony show (NRA, GOA) the progtards get an exponential increase in viewers, CNN rakes in ad $. Same as the morons at the RNC putting their presidential debates on CNN. So why give aid and comfort to the enemy. Freeze them out and left them wallow/drown in their irrelevancy.

  28. I won’t be watching because I know it will be nothing but a load of bullshit. I respect all who do not participate.

    Anybody know the odds on a repeat of Barry bawling? I’m bettin he do.

  29. This whole thing is a distraction from real policy issues, and the best thing anyone on our side can do is blow it off.

    There’s a reason Obama is doing all this NOW, it’s to get peoples’ minds off his foreign policy failures, his crime policy failures, his healthcare policy failures, etc.

  30. They are not going to be able to operate as one half of a legislative pissing match forever. Eventually the NRA is going to have to persuade voting anti-gunners who have never heard a strong gun argument before that the facts are on the side of gun owners. This may have been an opportunity to do that, but only with the right spokesperson.

    • “This may have been an opportunity to do that, but only with the right spokesperson.”

      Sorry, but if you really believe this, you simply have not been paying attention.

      The NRA had precisely ZERO chance of getting any kind of message to anybody in this circumstance. This was not to be an even platform for reasoned debate. It’s CNN and the Progressive Controlled White House, for crying out loud.

  31. Smart move NRA. We had a local gun shop owner that has his business destroyed by an interview with the St Petersburg Times 16 years ago. The reporters insinuated that Wayne had agreed with the need to ban certain firearms, and that all sides needed to compromise. I knew it was a lie because my family had been doing business with him for 20 years. But the newspaper succeeded in cutting the mans business in half within days of the report. He told me a few months later that the Times had billed the interview as a chance for a prominent gun guy to give his side of the story. He never said that ” assault weapons” should be banned. When he was asked if machineguns should be available to everyone, he said no. Those few sentences created the headline .

    Prominent Gun Shop Owner Supports Assault Weapons Ban

    • Mike I also live in St Petersburg Florida, & I do remember that story. And the repercussions of what it did, they edited His thoughts Quite an appropriately That paper is a total rag they call me all the time and scream at me on the phone when I tell him I’m not interested because they’re biased. Then they say why aren’t you being bias for not reading our paper And I’m like No I’m a Republican conservative and I like guns you people do not so I’m not interested in your paper not even to use it in my fireplace.

      • I’m not sure if that’s the same store. Its been so long ago I do remember the knucklehead trying to rob a gunshop with a samurai sword though lol. Maybe Mike will know.

      • I don’t remember that. We lost contact with Wayne after my dad died. Not because of anything the St Pete Times wrote. It was simply a matter of economics and inventory.

  32. Good. Now let Fox organize an event as well. But start it with a “truth or fiction” segment before the debate begins.

  33. I hate to suspect the NRA is getting a clue, but … Wow. When did aliens trans-reverse their brains? I missed that.

    Dear CNN:

    We have plenty of media for our position, and with you and the Pres making it such a thing will get more. Because we think the despicable, slanted coverage (If the shoe fits…) is an issue, we get a three-fer by declining:

    – Not props for your hackery. Sorry. Get another punching bag.

    – We get tons of free press for not showing up, in which we will be able to actually state our position. (If we thought we’d get that last part from you, we might agree to show up.)

    – And we get to make your hackery the issue. (Seriously, why would *anyone* show up on your air after the Pres Candidate debate? Even Wm. F. Buckley gave & allowed people he disagreed with a chance to state their case, nay, he encouraged, even required it, on his show.)

    It really doesn’t work as well when people catch on to your game, does it? So, in case this wasn’t clear, we’re not playing Johnathan E in your rigged game, in your sabotaged stadium, with your bought refs, your cheating “competitors” to provide a spectacle to reinforce your agenda, which, incidentally we disagree with.

    The real question here is, have you got anything else?

    – NRA

    P. S.

    In the interest of making a positive counter-proposal we’d be glad to participate in a gun issues town hall on your air provided:

    – We know, and agree with how the audience is populated. Blind draw from a representative population would satisfy us. How about you?

    – We know, and agree with how the “questions” and “questioners” will be chosen, and “orchestrated.”

    – We get rights to the material: 100%, all shots, all angles, all mics, publish and distributed however we want.

    – And finally, we don’t want to limit your choices of “moderators.” So, if you pick one, we get to pick their playing partner. For example, if you want “musket”, we get to pick Dana, this time without his controlling the questions, the mic, the producer, the production, the edit, and etc. We’ll see how he does.

    It’s not so easy when the game ain’t rigged, is it?

  34. Perhaps Wayne LaPierre is sufficiently self-aware that he knows he looks like a madman to a mainstream audience?

    Either way, good. Hopefully SAF will show up (Gottlieb? Maybe even Gura?) and present a respectable pro-gun side that doesn’t look and sound nutty the moment someone opens their mouth. Something that NRA has long forgotten how to do.

  35. Oh look everyone CNN wants a townhall meeting on guns…Of coarse it will be a gun free zone.. Just mind the pitchforks and torches.

  36. Gun Owners and NRA Members should not tune to CNN for either broadcast (8PM to10PM Eastern and 8PM to 10PM Pacific). Don’t encourage or support CNN or Obama in these types of pure propaganda charades. During these broadcasts either join the NRA or make a donation to fight gun control Laws/EA’s/EO’s or any further infringements on Americans’ 2A Rights.

    I support the NRA’s decision not to participate. I think the “issue of gun control” is no more a legitimate topic than would be the issue of restricting freedom of speech and is closer in nature to having a “conversation” about legalizing child molestation.

    I don’t like to imply criticism of the gun rights organizations who have decided to participate, but there’s no way around it.

  37. NRA should send in their contract lobbyist for IL Donald Todd Vandermyde. Who better to represent what NRA really is then the “man” who sold out Otis McDonald by placing Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” HB183 carry bill? Let America see the unshaven beard and J.C. Penney suit that is so well known on the floor of the Illinois House.

    Perhaps Vandermyde can cast dirty looks and make threats to the reporters, some of the skills he practiced as a lobbyist working for William Dugan at the Intl. Union of Operating Engineers local 150 in Countryside, IL, before Dugan was convicted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in 2010. Maybe the press can look into Vandermyde’s background to see if he has any criminal associations. Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham don’t seem to have done a resume check.

  38. Hey it’s CNN – Commie News Network what did you expect? I really don’t believe there are any “free” news outlets anymore. I believe content is restricted/controlled with set guidlines provided by the USG. I believe the last “true” news we heard was from that Snowden guy and you see how that turned out.

  39. I am debating watching it. Bet the “pro-gun” side will consist of a mostly Fudds though. Would be awesome if some true pro-arms people there could ask questions to Obama to expose his nonsensical claims.

  40. I am the NRA! I would have been there to give an alternative position. Not being there looks childish and gives the other side more ammunition to use against the NRA.

  41. Listen close to your local news this weekend to how many deaths due to alcohol and driving there are…and this bone head is whinning about who should or should not be able to own a gun. Really? It cracks me up.

    • We lose in the United States alone 3 people every hour to drugs and alcohol. And these clowns are worried about The people that are killed by handguns and firearms Which 95% of them were criminals to begin with there even counting the people that police officers killed in the line of duty its absolutely ridiculous their statistics and their reasoning behind them. Bunch of clowns!

  42. I am so surprised That today’s gun culture turns their back on the NRA. They have spent billions of dollars Over the last 60 years To protect the Second Amendment and to protect our right to keep and bear arms. And if you have a problem with that you shouldn’t probably be a gun owner. I don’t see any of you guys talking shit about the NRA raising millions of dollars in fighting in office in campaigning across the country with grassroots support from their members To stop the Obama administration from taking away our constitutional rights and freedoms. The reason why They’re not hired professional Litigators, is the simple fact is there people just like you and me there not some high priced rich Nutjob Like Bloomberg. That’s in fact why it works Is because of the memberships and the people behind the NRA. I hear you guys talking a lot of mess about the NRA And I find it quite Retarded in fact That people that are worried about losing their gun privileges would turn on one of the few institutions that we have to defend our rights to keep and bear arms, No matter if Wayne is a little bit off the charts I would say after battling the Democrats and the liberal lefties for so long I’d be a little off the charts myself!

    • That people that are worried about losing their gun privileges

      There’s the problem. Enjoy your privileges while the rest of us fight for our rights.

      Please tell me how the NRA is ever going to get out of the corner they’ve painted themselves into by supporting gun control. How can they ever really back “shall not be infringed” without turning around on all that they’ve done and said in support of gun control? If the NRA ever denounces support of any and all infringement on the individual right to keep and bear arms by the federal government, they will get me as a new lifetime member.

      • Very good point. As you know Times have changed people have changed the support for gun control Has dropped Quite a bit since the 19 sixties and seventies. The only way for us as NRA membersTo make a change Is to join the NRA and voice our opinions as the grassroots Sponsors of the NRA.The only way to change something and improve upon it Is to actually participate in it and not make fun of it And write comments That are off the wing. We need more responsible law abiding gun owners To join the NRA.I’d like to see 10 million members by the end of 2016, And really put a foothold in on the fact that our rights are being discriminated upon And we as members Can say to the president hey this is what we want you to do the president of the NRA not the country he doesn’t listen to what the people want lol!

        • January 5, 2016…

          I’m not making fun of it. I am protesting it! I used to be an NRA member but, as a matter of conscience, I could no longer remain a member. I could not continue to belong to an organization that continued to support gun control. It is a matter of integity. Also, the NRA does not make sense in the “long game”. Its stance buys time for the government to indoctrinate the people by way of the mainstream media and public schools to this notion that the federal government can rightfully infringe upon the individual right to keep and bear arms after all. Even some of our fellow gun owners now believe that background checks and other gun control are just fine under the 2nd Amendment. In future court cases, current NRA acceptance and promotion of gun control will likely be used to further the notion that the federal government is right infringing upon the RKBA. This is damage perpetuated, and some of it inflicted, by the NRA. So, no, I cannot agree with the NRA because I do not believe in gun control. If the NRA strongly and publicly reverses its course, it might find a very strong supporter in me and many others.

  43. Big Jim- look at what NRA does, not what they say. NRA is one of the largest lobbies in D.C., they have millions of dollars to give to candidates, and they don’t have anyone who can show up to debate the President when they are invited?

    They are not looking out for you and the members, they are running away like cowards, so that’s how gun owners look to the outside world. What’s the problem, Wayne LaPierre gets paid $1 million dollars per year and he can’t show up for a debate? Cowards run away from the enemy, people with principles run at the enemy.

    Here in IL the very worst language in Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 carry bill like Duty to Inform was put there by NRA contract lobbyist Donald Todd Vandermyde. If Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham pay him, what does that tell you about NRA?

    Nothing on earth is more dangerous than a traitor, that’s why grammar school children still know that Benedict Arnold almost lost the American revolution to the British. Look at the rotting core of NRA and the rats they hire to sell you out, not the fancy Wizard of Oz show you see at conventions.

    • Wow, It’s clearly you’re all over the place without one. And that you do not like the NRA I got you on that. But when you talk about them controlling lobby is of course they do Every player in this game has lobbyist Even moms demand action you have to put the line in the sand somewhere. And if you’re not going to stand With your fellow Gun owners in the lobby is that represent them Then you might as well stand with it mothers demand action brother. You have to make a choice The NRA might not be perfect but really they’re all that we have right now Until mr. Trunk takes office


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