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  1. The Michigan Militia in 1977? According to Wikipedia the Michigan Militia was formed in 1994.

  2. Wow, RF, where do you FIND this stuff? I mean, to score Ted Kaczynski's illegitimate twin brother! I'm impressed. Much respect, and all that.

    Seriously…where did you find this guy? Central casting for Deliverance?

    His case #1 – I don't care WHO you are…if you're drunk and with a bunch of your buddies, and you show up at my house, meeting you at the door with a gun, ready to defend yourself is Standard Operating Proceedure in my neck o' the woods.

    His case #2 – This guy is fixated on 3AM. Perhaps if he'd stop jackin' around at 3 AM (especially under the influence) he might run into fewer people that are looking to put a cap in his sorry ass.

    Further observations….get a job. Get a shave. Anybody that lives in a trailer might want to take a step back and consider that moving to a little more upscale neighborhood might be a good idea.

    Anybody in the NRA has likely gone through gun training. The first thing you learn is that you NEVER screw around with guns when you've been drinking.

    Oh, and the idea that the NRA is gonna send people to defend you is…partially true. They do have a legal defense fund. But I wouldn't stake my life on it.

    I've met a guy like this before. His main problem was he refused to take his lithium.

    I would like to meet the guy that gave this idiot a video camera and told him how to upload his screed to YouTube.

  3. I like him. Can I keep him? Oh please. Please please please please. I'll wash the dishes for a week. Please?

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