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As you may know I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the NRA Freestyle show Noir. Must…not…snark. That said, I really like Dom Raso’s Media+Lab Hollywood re-creation show. Although . . . his pro-police militarization video means he is not my friend and I’m not inviting him to my party. Anyway, here’s what NRA media does best of all (lobbying aside): teach shooting. Their entry into the newbies-guide-to-guns genre is way overdue, but most welcome. And perfectly produced. Not to put too fine a point on it, the NRA Firearm Science series is the bomb. The fact that Jessie Duff fronts the firearms instruction gives the program mega-bonus points. I can’t believe we missed all the other episodes. Time to catch up!

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  1. You do know that the NRA is a really big organization, and that they do a LOT of good stuff? Not just political stuff, but all the other stuff you could possibly think of in relation to shooting. Glad that you discovered these videos.

    • All of the training/safety courses I have taken over the years are NRA-based courses. They are pretty fantastic.

  2. The NRA has really been doing some great things that have nothing to do with politics but strictly gun safety and instruction for many years. I have enjoyed many of their productions and apparently need to check out some new ones. Good deal.

      • I’m not talking about how she looks.

        Use your google-fu to find the scandal she was involved with.

        I don’t like women (or men for that matter) who do vindictive shit.

  3. Once they stopped talking about what they were going to do and started actually doing it, Noir has started to get pretty entertaining.

  4. Kinda lost me at the pythagorean theorem. And, I’m a math guy. As a rule, readership is inversely proportional to the number of equations exhibited. Probably extends to viewership. Line up the sight picture and shoot, dammit. Nothing about grip?

    Speaking of grip, Jerry’s Miculek has some great videos on how to shoot revolver and pistol. You can tell hes having fun even showing the basics.

    I know, I lost you at inversely proportional. .

    • I *think* she was referring to the fact that the bullet will drop slightly. A projection of the bore axis would be the long side of the triangle, a line directly from center muzzle to point of impact would be the hypotenuse…but i’m not sure. That bit confused me. The recoil/momentum video is better.

  5. Not for nuthin Robert, but NRA has been conducting valuable firearms training to newbies for thousands of years now…or some number…via their certified instructors; 50,000 or so nationwide. And it is effective in both bringing folks to our side AND in reducing firearms accidents and negligent discharges. I know because I’m one of NRA’s Training Counselors.

  6. This is an example of the NRA finally getting back to their “First Principles” using current methods and technology. NRA certified instructors have been doing this locally for (I guess) more than a century.

  7. If you haven’t attended an NRA basic pistol class, you should. I had to for my CC permit, and it was actually pretty fun.

      • Yeah, a lot of it is stuff most of us already know. Still, I don’t mind people talking about guns for a couple hours. I can honestly say that’s the only powerpoint I’ve stayed awake through/

  8. They get all the geometry stuff wrong. She is talking about deviation from aim point and the graphic is about bullet drop. Also, the Pythagorean Theorem is not about the angles of a right triangle, but about the length of the sides. It’s Trigonometry, not the Pythagorean Theorem.

    • It just dawned on me. Maybe a good way to reach out to the liberals and make things more accessible is to redo these videos to incorporate interpretive dance. This way, hysterical mothers who demand things be done can feel “more gooder 4 stuff yolo” about it. #oogaboogainterpretivegundance

  9. If they are going to commit Math in Public, they should have a high school geometry teacher review the video before they post it. The errors are fundamental, but easy to correct.

  10. Damn, those are good.

    I predict those will be used in some upcoming classes we teach.

    Frankly, they are clean, crisp, and short – just like attention spans. Better than I recall the “official” training videos they offer to us as instructors.


  11. The video was well done, particularly what they did with showing how the rear site blurs when focusing on the front. The video was crisp, modern and fun. It would be a great training aid.

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